The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 20, 1907, Image 5

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Rocking horsotj at Cottlng's.
lftckwhent lien at Fultou's..
rmll cabs, cradles, etc., at Cottlng's.
8'lj. A. Huskius for ilno potatoes.
Crauberrien for Christmas tit Fulton's.
K. Ij. I'errymuu was in Hastings
District Clerk Hutchison In in Texas
this Wl'l'll.
A. K. C. coffee's us good as the bout,
at Fulton's.
Ooorge. Van Camp of, Colo.,
1s in Urn eity.
statimt Agent .1. F. Kdwardn was in
Ilatintr thi m--k.
Mrs .1. M. Carnaliiiu was down from
Rivet-ton Thursday.
Charley Hants came in from MeCook
tin tlrst of tliu week.
Ductus Fribble is home from the
WesleyMi university.
Dan L'omoroy of Itivertoti was a Ked
01 mid visitor Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. l'oter Hose of luavale
were iu town yehturday.
Colonel Isaac Shopardson was down
from Uiverton yesterday.
W. K Rife of the Rlim Valley Fruit
,C. wa in town Wednesday.
Mrs. It K. MoFarland went to Me
Cook Thursday for a short visit.
Newhotiho llros. carry the eomplete
list of Edison I'i.onograph records.
Krauk (Joble returned to his home
in Kiist St. Louis Tuesday morning.
Threo curs lump coal for sale, $7.f0 por
ton if sold iu ten chiys. J. O. Caldwell.
Dresser scarfs and table covers in
Austrian fillet work at F. Nowhouse's.
Ladies' all wool underwear at F.
Newhou.w's. Now is the time to buy.
Moore's Nou-Leakablo I'ouutain I'en
is the best. Sold by Cottiug, the drug
.gist. l'etcr Hansen's little girl is very sick
stnd it is feared pneumonia may de
velop. Kruerifc Woods, formerly with this
paper, has accepted a position ou the
Mrs. (). A. Nelson is confined to her
bed with a threatened attack of pneu
monia. Mrs. A. M. Walters of Mue Hill,
mother of Mrs. W. C. Frahm, is seri
"ottsly HI. '
Ray Oard came over from North
Dranch, Kan., yesterday, to spend the
A handsome line of Mexican linen
drawnwork at reasonable pricen. F.
Dr. E-. A. Thomas is making; a tour
-of the. southwest on a homeseeking
Oscar Hmick underwent a surgical
operation yesterday and is getting
along- nicely.
chpshas Tree5
MiHehoe and
Candies 10 to 50c per pound.
Nuts 20 to 25c per pound.
(Cheaper in largo lots.)
Oranges, Apples and Bananas.
Ben Davis Apples $1.50 bu.
Fine Baldwins and Genetins
50c per peck.
High Patent Flour $1.35.
Second Grade $1.25.
The Grocer
All the Phones
Henry Pharcs will go to Topcku,
Kan., the first of next week for a visit
with friends.
Mrs. (corge I lea ton and son Kd will
leave soon for an extended visit iu
Frank Mizor left Monday night for
Portland, Oregon, where hu expects to
spend the winter.
Mrs. Morton of Crown Point, Intl.,
visited here this week with her sister,
Mrs. W. C. Frahm.
Mr. and Mrs. lien Olmsted and Mrs.
Charles Stoner of luavale were Hud
Cloud visitors yesterday.
The semi-annual apportionment of
the state school fund gives the Web
ster county schools $a,88 l.Dfl.
Mr. and Mrs. Pen Kshclman came
home Saturday from an extended visit
to their old home in Canton. 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kubiek of
Republican City are the parents of a
U'j-pound boy, born a few days ago.
F. NowhoiHe went to Hastings yes
terday noon to spend the. holidays
with his daughter, Mrs. L. M. Vanre.
Newhonse Pros, have placed a fine
flashlight sign, an illuminated clock
dial, in front of their jewelry store.
Mr. and Mrs. Kd (Ullard of Naponee
art' expected to arrive Sunday morn
ing to spend Christmas with relatives
and friends.
Urn. W irlek & Uiddilo, Eye, Ear,
Nose and Throat Specialists. Glasses
irtt d. Ovor Gorman National Dank,
Hastings, Nobr.
August Itingling, head of the Ring
ling Kros., Itanium it Pailey and Sells
Forepaugh shows, died Wednesday at
New Orleans, La.
Stephen Claggett returned to his
home in Kirwin, Kan., today, after a
three weeks' visit with his brother-in-law,
Dr. O. A. Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Trueblood left Fri
day evening for McDonald, Kan.,
called there by the serious illness of
Mr. Trueblood's father.
Charlie McMillian wont to Blue Hill
the first of the week, where ho took
charge of the harness store owned by
W. A. Holmes of this city.
Prof. A. A. Edwards, state inspector
of schools, was in the city last Satur
day, and while here was the guest of
his aunt, Mrs. D. M. Abel.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Pabcock and
son of Denver and Mr. Charles Pab
cock of Arizona are guests of their
sister, Mrs. William Martindale.
Hereaftor'The Chief will charge the
regular advertising rate for all noticcu
of church and other entertainments
where the object is to make money.
The snow and cold snap eame at tin
right time to stimulate holiday trade
and as a consequence merchants ii
general are enjoying good business.
Mrs. Winiield Palmer of Inavale pre
uiuct is staying at the home of he1
brother-in-law, 0. S. Palmer, whih
taking medical treatment in this eit
The Congregational Sunday School i
preparing a box of Christmas to,
and clothing, to be sent, to the Chi'
dren's home at Council PluiTs, Iowa
Prof. Alvin Snapp and Marion Mer
cer "went down to Superior Wednesdii
to meet the musicians of that cits
with a view to organizing a ban
The Red Cloud high school footbn'
team challenges any high school teai.
in the Republican valley. They clain
the champioship and are looking for
Next Tuesday evening the children'
Christinas exercises will be given n
the Congregational church, followin
which there will be distribution o
Division Superintendent Young cam
down from McCook Monday mornim
in his private car. He v entfrom hen
to Oberlin in the afternoon with n
special train.
Harry, Peal, who hasfbeen located
In Phio Hill for about a year, visited
relatives here Monday and loft that
night for California, where he will
probably locate.
A large audi once greeted "Pickings
From Puck" at the opera house last
Friday night. While at times the play
grew rather racy, tho majority of the
audience enjoyed it.
Just now, during tlio holiday rush,
when the ladies from the country are
tired out with holiday shopping and
have no place to rest, shows the neces
sity for u "rest room."
The Methodist Sunday school will
have a Christmas tree and present the
cantata "Christmas Messenger," at the
church next Tuesday evening. Every
body is cordially invited.
Percy Mcltridc has sold his jewelry
business at Kearney and, altera short
visit with relatives here, luft tho first
a$s&K& t'm:mBmikmemm:!Bmmmimmmmm
. -V
. -is
What About Christmas
Presents ?
We point
with, pride to
our choice se
lections of
Convriaht 1907
The Home of Kupjwnlicimer
JHen's Furnishings for the Holiday Trade
We've exclusive and elegant NECKWEAR, the best makes of GLOVES, perfection in
SHIRTS AND COLLARS, the best brands of UNDERWEAR, choice HOSIERY
ably priced.
Men's, Boys9 and Childrens Suits and Over
coats, Shoes, Hats and Caps.
Men's Suits $5. SO to 25.00. All good reliable goods and backed by our guarantee.
Men's Overcoats $550 to 30.00 Meltons, Vinccnnes, Kerseys, Friezes and Furs.
We invite Christmas shoppers to visit our store. We are sure you will find what you want.
The Comden-Kaley Glothino Co.
Door North of Pos
A I M HA U 4 I . k MA I I . I - L J f
pjjirau u u u r xh u r b u. 01 ros DOIIice
f the week for Los Angeles, Cal.,
vhere he expects to locate.
Rev. A. A. Cressman, pastor of the
ongregatlonal church, will preach a
peeial Christinas sermon next Sun--
ay evening, and tho music will be
vpporpriate for the occasion.
Mrs. T. C. Htickcr returned the first
f the week from a visit in Nemaha
:ounty. She was accompanied by her
ister, Mrs. Pradfield of Custer, Okla.,
who will visit here for awhile.
J. M. Purgess has moved from his
'airview Stock Farm, near Inavale, to
ted Cloud. He ami' his family are
iow occupying the residence just south
if N. Longtln's, on Elm street.
On January 14 Unhid' Master A. M.
.Vailing of the A. O. U. W. will meet
vith No. CO. A class will be Initiated
and a supper served. -Every member
is earnestly invited to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kralik and daugh
ter Katie left Thursday morning for
Des Moines, Iowa, for a visit with
relatives and friends. From thero
they expect to gQ to Ohio for a visit.
Seven inches of snow Monday night
and the mercury hugging the zero
mark Wednesday morning was quite
a change from the balmy weather of
Saturday and Sunday. However, If
this cold snap holds out for a few days
longer wc can feel assured of a "white
Christmas" always a good omen.
Por Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signaturo of
1'r.if. Alvin Snapp of Red Cloud
will hold a meeting in this city next
Wednesday night for the purpose of
organizing a band. Everybody int r
ested should be present. Superior
Capt. P. Houchin came home last
Friday from College View, where ho
has been taking treatment at a bani
tarium. The Captain's health was
greatly Improved, and he said he "felt
like a boy again."
Suunders ltros., the enterprising
lumber and coal dealers of this city,
are presenting to their customers and
friends who call at their oftleo a hand
some souvenir, in the way of a beauti
j ful wall pocket calendar. ,
' F. E. Coble and Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Ooblo returned to their home in Fort
Cobb, Okla., Tuesday morning. They,
took with them the little babe of Mr.
and Mrs. Vie Fulton, for whoso life
the mother gave up her own.
Rev. F. M. Hranlc, who has been
pastor of the Christian church for the
past few mouths, has resigned his
charge and, In company with his fam
ily, will leave next Tuesday for Far
ragut, Iowa, where ho has a call to
J Mr. and Mrs. Will Tttlleys will ar
rive Monday from Salina, Kan., to
spend tho Christmas holidays with
relatives and friends, This will be
"Hud's" ilrst visit to Red Cloud In sev
eral years, and his old friends will be
glad to see him. f
N. Longtin and son Warren went to
Clyde, Kan., Monday morning, being
called there by the serious illness of
Mr. Longtln's brother, Lcphfllc, who
was a resident of Red Cloud about
twenty years ago, and was better
known here as "Phil" Longtin.
Blue Hill -:- Nebraska
Will bo in Rod Cloud Saturdays
at Smith's barn.
Grocer Co
Headquarters For
Telephone Your Orders
Call at Store and
Leave Your Order.