The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 20, 1907, Image 4

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Stops Hair
Ayer's Hair Vigor, new im
proved formula, will certainly
stOD falling of the hair. Indeed,
we believe it will always do this
unless there is some disturb
ance of the general health.
Then, a constitutional medicine
may be necessary. Consult
vour ohvslcian about this.
Poet not change the color o) the half. 1
Formula with etch bottlo
8hoTr It to your
w itIJ)(A1i
Auk lilm About It,
thenlofl lininjr
The reason why Ayer's Hair Vigor stops
JatlinR hair is because it first destroys the
cerma which cause this trouble. Aftct
mis i3 done, nature soon brings about a
lull recovery, restoring the hair and
scalp to a perfectly healthy condition.
Matti by tho J. 0. Ajror Co., Lowoll, Moon.
Brief Mention.
The ofllees of the county treasurer
mil olork of tlu district court lire be
ing repainted and rcpaporod, improv
ing their appearance greatly. As the
Taxpayer are too poor to pay for the
work, tho otllcers are paying for it out
of their own pockets.
We wirth to urge our correspondents
to lm more regular with th-ir commit
.licutinns. For the next few weeks
there will not be much doing on the
arm nor anywhere else, for that
matter and wo hope our assistant od
ttotft will tind more time to write.
The Itcll Telephone company has
MadO' arrangements to furnish the
weather indications each morning to
nil itA patrons who ask for them. The
report is received hero about 10 a. in.
Indications for today are: "Warmer
tonight, with increasing cloudiness."
Tho business college students held a
meeting Wednesday evening and or
ganized a base ball team witli the fol
lowing membership; Sutton, catcher;
Anderson, third base; Hutchison, first
babe1; Watson, pitcher and captain;
Vox, center field; Carpenter, right
Hold; It. (iarber, shortstop and coach;
Wolfe, loft field; Johnston, second
1kuo; Steward, manager and treasurer.
Any 12-Year-0ld Girl
win malto those delicious Lemon, Choc
olate and Custard pies as well us tho
more experienced cook if she. uses "OU R
I'lK" preparation, which is now sold
,by ucsirly all grocers at 10 cents per
jiaokngo. .lust the proper ingredients
n each package. 1
Poking Fun at Brother Tall.
A couple of weeks ago tho Argus had
an extensive write-up t of the Texas
?anhandle, and last week's Campbell
Citizen expresses its opinion of the
urticlo in tho following language:
'"Tho editor of the lied Cloud Argus,
tvh dabbles a little in real estate, has
n illustrated article in his last issue.
no doubt intended to arouse onthusi
stin in some land in the southwest
which ho has recently visited and
which he is now otTering for sale at
rfumdalouH bargains Wo aro fearful
that Mr. Tait has not greatly assisted
ais laud boom by the use of tho cam
era. Ills southern corn Hold in par
ticular looks to a Nebraska man for
all the world like a patch of popcorn,
tlut as we have tho writer's assurance
that one has "only to strike tho iron
into tho heart of tho land and tho
Ostri In
nUllm f
It is put up under the
chemist, from tho finest
insuring tho user light, wholesome, easily digested food.
Therefore, CAIiUIflET is recommended by leading
physicians and chemists.
Perfect in Quality
Economical in Use
Moderate in Price
Calumet Is bo carefully nnd scientifically prepared that tho
neutralltation of tho Ingredients Is absolutely perfect. There
fore, Oaluuiet loaves no Kochelle Malts or Alum in the
food. It Is chemically correct. "l'or your atumucli's)
a Ice" uae Calumot. For economy's suko buy Calumet.
Jurious to health
fountain will gush forth" wc become
reassured. There can't bo anything
wrong wtth a country where you can
do a thing like that."
Llkt Marrying a Title.
Old Auntie Mnndy, who did the wash-
Ing, was Hitch u happy, brave old soul
thnt, although she worked very hard
early and late mid must often have
been weary, nothing could depress hor.
In everything that occurred sho saw
only "good luck" for herself. One day
she brought home the wnsblug In a
high Htnto of glee.
"Jos' think, Mis' Arnold," she snld,
Ts goln' tor git married. Isn't dnt
Jos' Hue luck fo' poor, old black woman
like me 7"
"I Hhnll ho very sorry to lose you,
Mnndy," Hnld Mrs. Arnold, "but I'm
glad If your life will he easier."
"Lose nit!" gasped Mnndy. "Lor'l
Mis' Arnold, I can't afford to lot you
lose me Jen' now. Why, I':i goln' tor
tnti try Ilr'er Johnson nn' his five ohll
lim. I's got tor hustle now, fur ear
tin." "Hut I fall to see where your good
hick Ik coming in from such n mar
Huge, Mainly."
"Why. chile, if I tnnrry dnt man nn'
his chlllun he's promised mo six mo
big washes his fust wife done hnd!
Dili's clnr luck, Mis' Arnold, chtr luck,
'sides linbln' du honor oh nmrryln' In
Ilr'er Johnson's fnmhly!" Philadelphia
When Goctho Dictated.
In Wlllielni Ihuie's "Sluillw With
Goethe" mi Interesting chapter Is made
up from the recollections of his lust
secretary, Christian Schuclumlt. Of
Goethe's method when he dictated
"Williuhn Melster" Schuchurdt snys:
"Up dictated with a eortiilntynud ra
pidity which made one fancy that ho
was reading from a printed book. If
this had htji'U done In quiet and with
out lu'erruptloii, I would not have
marveled so much. But while tho
work was proceeding there came the
bnrhcr, the hairdresser Goethe had his
hair singed every other dny and had It
dressed dally the llhrnry servant, of
ten the former secretary, his clerk, nil
of whom had nccess to his study unan
nounced. Friends called, the barber
gossiped, the librarian told about books
newly received, some member of the
family would enter and join In the con
versation, nnd finally, when nil was
again quiet. I would read Uio last
sentence, and tho dictation would pro
ceed as though there had been no In
terruption. Talked Too Much.
In a certain village of New Hamp
shire there is n quaint old character
known us Hoss Mellin keenly alive to
the truth of the old snylng, "Silence is
golden." Melliu's gift In this respect
approaches genius, though he was ful
ly aware of what ho deemed his short
comings therein.
Mellin used to make mattresses for
n living. One day n native of the place
entered his shop nnd asked. "Boss,
what's the best kind of n mattress?"
"Husks," was the laconic response of
Twenty years later, so runs the tra
dition, tho same man ngaln entered the
shop nnd again asked what, in the
opinion of Mellin, was the best kind of
a mnt tress.
"Strnw," said Boss.
"Straw? You told mo husks was the
Boss Mellin emitted a sigh. "I've al
ways ruined myself by talkln'," said
Not an Outing.
"Ever been In Siberia?" asked the re
porter. "Kr yes," answered the distinguish
ed Russian refugee. "I took n knout
lug there one summer." Chicago Trib
une. Very Likely.
Mr. Hogg Here Is some fool says In
the paper that women have forgotten
how to laugh. Mrs. Hogg I guess he
means married womeu.--Clnclunutl En-
supervision of a competent
materials possiblo to select,
crlven (or anv suhgtnnrn In.
found in Calumet
Mice U BkMers.
Scaled proposals will be received at
tho office of tho County Clerk of Web
ster County for furnishing supplies to
said County during the year 1908, to-wit:
8-quirc Plain Uecords,inedlum, per book
" printed head records ' "
" printed page records "
" tax lists, double-demy,
44 " ,4 double-cap, 44 44
Patent backs, per book.
Canvas covers, per book. '
All n cor"s to be made of Byron Wes
ton's best Linen Ledger pupcr, extra
Tax Receipts for 100H.
Tax Ueceipts for 1008 for carbon.
Extra for printing year in red.
Chattel mortgage files.
Assessors' schedules, per 1000.
Assessors' schedule files.
I.ithogr tphod warrants,iper 1000.
Reversible document on velophs, per 100
Poll books for election 1008, per 100.
Poll book envelopes, per dozen. i
Ballot bag for votes ea-t per dozen.
Instructions to voters per dozen.
Election pencils per dozen.
Whole sheet cap blanks, per 100.
Ilolf sheet cap blanks, per 100.
Quarter sheet cap blanks, per 100.
Eighth sheet cap blanks, per 100. '
Ink. DiHiunnd. Carter's, Stnffords or'
equal, per quart.
Pens. Ctlucincum Spencerian, per gross;
M. V. Ground Point Pens, per gross;
Esterbrook's or Gillette's, per gross.
Pencils. Perfection Nos. U to 4, per
gross; Faber Nos. 2 to 1, per gross;
Itardtmuth Koh-i-noor, per doifcn:
Hanltmuth Koh-l-nooi copying, per
dozen, Ilurdtmuth Mophisto copying,
per dozen.
Penholders. Tower's Bank No. 300,
per dozen; Fabor's cork-tipped, per
dozen; plain polished cedar (swell)
per gross.
Era-ors. Rubber No. 10'J, per dozen;
Rubber No. 104, per dozen.
Letterheads, 12-lb. Franklin or equal,
per 1000; uotehends, 7-1 b Franklin or
equal, per 100; envelopes, No.GiNo.l
rag, per 1000; envelopes, No. 10 No. 1
rag, per 1000.
All of said supplies t be first-clnss
in every respect and to be furnished in
accordance with tho requirements of
tho various county otllcers. Said bid
and bond, in the sum of Two Thousand
Dollars, must be filed with tho County
Clerk tm or before 12 o'clock noon, on
tho 31st day of December, 1007.
Dated Reel Cloud, Nebr., December
2d, 1007. Lkk DkTouii, County Clerk.
Notice to Bidders.
Notice is hereby given, that the Board
of County Commissioners of Webster
County, Nebraska, will on January 15,
1U09, open bids for the building and re
pairing all wood and steel bridges re
quired, for the period of one year.
All bids must be made according to
plans and specifications on file in the
county clerk's ollice and shall specify
separately, the sum bid for superstruc
ture per linear foot; piling and tubular
piers per linear foot; luiuoor in caps,
sways and bricking per thousand in
place; all otlier steel in substructure
pound price in place. Bids for repair
ing work to he bid per unit quantity
in place.
So far asknown the following bridges
will be. built: One steel span bridge
.'10 ft. long, across Willow Creek and
others as may bo determined by the
County Board at contract price for the
year 1008, and such other business as
may ho ordered by tho Board.
All bids must be accompanied by a
certified check for SliOO and filed with
the County Clerk by 12 o'clock, noon,
December 27th, 1907; said check to tie
forfeited to Webster County in case
successful bidders fail to sign contract
within ton (10) days from datoof award
ing said contract.
The Board reserves tho right to roject
my or all bids.
Lr.K DkTouii, County Clerk.
Don't Buy land nor Loan
Money on Real Estate
without getting one of Tool's
perfect Abstracts of Title. The
oldest and most reliable set of
Abstract books In Webster Co.
S10.0C0 bjnd filed and approved.
RoprtHcnts six of the best In
surance companies doing busi
ness in the state.
Red Cloud, Nebr.
Office in Ovorlng Block.
Phonos: Boll 98, Fartnors3S
nas made special effort to please Christ
mas buyers.
f .TPiirtrrn a r-. 'Pi...
iNkllS.WC,Ar trilrt;Vff colorings, the neatest W
9J of single boxes that we could find. JJ
'0 in silk and wool in the new shapes. 55
W to
jjj Two-Collar House Coats, to
to Gloves, Mittens, Slippers, to "
to Handkerchiefs to
,!; and all the other little things that go to make the jk
j- most valued gifts for a man or boy. -J-
if r Tr, ,
that give satisfaction we always have and this year
more of them than ever
if I would appreciate your business and wiil give you (f
f satisfaction or return too cents for every dollar. (jV
! Paul Storey, i 1
The undersigned will sell by public auction at his farm four miles
north and two east of Red Cloud,
Tuesday, Dec. 3107
beginning at 10 o" clock a. m.
57 Head of
8 Head of Horses
One bluo-mau. team of maros weight, 31.10, coming eight ad nine years old
with foal by puro bred Perchoron Norman. One red roan baggy horse, weight,
1200, coming oight yours old Two six-mouths-old colts, blue roan, weight 725.
Span black mule1), (lvo nnd six years old, weight 2500. One black mule, six
years old, weight 1200.
4 Head of Cattle
One miloh cow, woight 1300, coming fresh in spring; two yearling calves;
oue three-mouth old calf.
45 Head
9 gilts weighing 2i0 I s , black; sows with pigs woight 300 and 400; 34 shoate,
weight about 75 lhs.
Farm Implements
1 low hay wagon, wide wheels; 1 Molino 3J4 Inch wagon; 1 new spring f
wngcn; 1 top buggy; 1 two-row stnlk cuttr; 1 three-section harrow with bar- '
row cart attached; I hand comsheller; 1 Van Brunt drill; 1 Rhode Island com
planter und evouoi; 16xJ6 dlhc; Standard C foot mower; 10-foot 22 tooth hay
rake; Ohio 0 shovel corn plow, 4 extra largo shovels; 1 Ohio tonguolehs walk
ing cnltivntor; 1 Emorson gang plow; 1 fourteen-iuoh walking plow; l.flvo-
tooth cultivator; i hiuiock weetier, x miy tenner; j. aunsoii pa Kor; l barrel
eort; 1 grindstone, nnd other smnll articles. Will also soil three stacks of
alfalfa, 1 stack of prairie hay, 800 bus. new corn, 2 stacks of oats.
TJEy OAf CT All samB of $10.00 and nndor, cash. On sumH over
I J-IirIJ tlO.OO a credit of 10 mouths will ha given on note
with approved seeurity. uonring 10 per oeut interest from date of bnle. No
proporty to bo romoved until Bottled for.
i J. II. ELLINGEB, Auot.
0. J. POPE, Cleik.
This sale will also Inolurlo 3 thoroughbred Shorthorn bull calves; yeur
vrlth good bono and color, owuod by T. J. Shoror.
liigs, with good
U. :tUo fl,a mncf nr
, T,, A n
Live Stock' A
of Hogs
to HI
3 il
to Ml',
to til
- -
r tbwiV- f