The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 06, 1907, Image 7

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Watch Specials
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ly strong line of good
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ver, Silverine, Gold
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west nntl north of the Iowa creok,
which Imb Its conllucncc near Poncn,
In Dixon county, comprising Dixon,
Ccdnr, Knox, Pierce, Antelope, Holt
and Brown and counties west, besides
part of South Dakotn.
At tho time this treaty was made
the Sioux tribe were In such close
proximity and bo hostile toward tho
Omahas thoy declined to occupy tho
alloted tpultory and appealed to tho
dppartment for another home. In tho
Inst agreement or treaty the govern
ntcnt gave the trlbo 300,000 acres,
comprising Thurston, part of Cuming
and Hurt counties as their poriiinuont
homp. As the tribe now claims, the
government promised to pay them In
lieu of the dlffproncp of territory, up
proximately amounting to about 3fiV
000 acres, 110 cents per acre, besides
$40,000, tor the transfer and moving
Horn their abodes to tho now home.
Those claims they avow lme tiovor
been paid bj the government.
Kcllignr Decides
Must Die Then.
Heat rice, Nob., Nor. 30.- -In tho
pieMiieo ot nltornoys, newspaper men
,iiiil oHloem, Judge Kclllgnr Hontoncod
It. .Moad Sbumway, convicted of th
inurdor of Mrs. Sarah Martin, to bo
banned in the penitentiary between
I 1m bonis of 10 and ." o'clock, Match
l.'S. ".t'is. Shuniway was hi ought be
fore tin' couit and when ashed if lie
ftci The Kitoeys An
Weakened by Over-Wtit.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
It used to be considered that only
arinnry nud bladder troubles were to lw
j-vn. irai tu in i hi; hiiuiup,
but now modern
science proves .that,
item I v all disease
have their beginning
in the disorder of
these most important
oi gaits.
The kidneys filtc
and pit. if v the blood
that is their work.
Therefore when voor ki-ineysaie wealc
or out of order, you e.iu utidorstiitid how
(juieklv your entire bodv is alfeeled and.
how every organ seems l fail to do it
ilutv. , .
If ou are sick or " feel badly," begin
taking the great kiiluev uwoily, Dt.
Kilmers Swamp Root, because as soon well they will help
.ill the other eugnus t health. A trial
wil' convince nuvoiic.
If jolt .tie hick m eoi m.d.e no mis
take' 1v fust docloimg oi. kidneys
The milil .md the olr.i"nliu.ity cfleet of
Dr. Kiliuu's Swnmp-Ruot, Hie great
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druggists in fifty-cent.
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f Aw
ltlaruP"n ih- nt -m niai
i.ii.m fSTTinnp-KooL
Bring1 us
work of all
kinds. We do it right
If lr.'rTmrfNr?-;Tr:t-J
Pf rvttJjr' till fc V 1A
invlhlug to say, ho remaiked: when wiitinglo Dr. Kilmer iv, Co , Hint!
Iiamtoll, .. . 1 'oil I iiiiiue any iuisuikv
but reiiifinber the name. Swuinp-Koo:,
' Di. Kilmer's Swaiup-Uooi, and the ad
ucss, niugliaiutoii, N. Y.. on every bottle.
Newhouse Brothers,
Burlington Watch Inspectors.
Jewelers and Optometrists.
irsttrr, Part Has Become Beet-Grow-incj
Liimojtj, Die. J. The spelu 'fop is
lighter 'his year than .ait. .o do
t'Asuti l.alioi CommN-Ioner It) nor in
a rej'oM The proline'. ion .!.b ear
was . .'",: 74b bushels. wl..l .ast yeai
inoit t);;.i. J.OOi'.'JOu bu.-h. i? rt ;""
ilmti. Stiiridan couir.y, wi'.h li.'itl
busbeis the .t'tulaiu oua'y
Biott' H'.uttt and Holt eov.ntb'i luims
TIa Niliinska taniie: rai.-eil -uo.-2h
tons o; Hiir.uurluu ur.l'.o' and 1 '.
33!) tons ot sorghum ui.d ean---. The
utiiiilitr oj ton.i of simar iieots pro
iIiilpi! w:i- an.iio'i. The tirod'iitiou of
hatlti u:n amounted to :0jo um.
ItiMl W.ilow (ounty wa.s '.he loahng
.oinr.x n the produdtou of Miar
beets. ;.,71'i tons being srown. Mall
couiit es.nie next with '.!"$ 'oils.
Doilto county and Matlison county,,
whi'it formerly weie ra:eu th' thou
haiius uf tons (onsumed in ;he Ames
and Norfolk sugar factories, ulieilj
little or no s-tgar beets. Doiu couu-i
ty 'is ct'ditod with seventy-two tons.'
while Maill-on county bus but eight
tons uedlted to It. The western puitj
of the ftato is now the areat sujsur
sloin rs are not sme ihey hau j'liis
diction in the ase, inasmuch as. part
of the shipments involve iuteis'ato
buiiH'.-,s. but they took tho matter un
der consideration. The ipn-siiou is
alreath p iidiug befoie the inl'istaie
(ommeice ominisslon.
Charged With Attempting to Wreck
Train Near Pender.
West Point. Neb., Dee. a. Mlehnol
llldo.-y wa round guilty of aitnnpt
ing to wr( 1; u southbound Chicago,
St Paul. Miumapolis and Omaha
train. Ii'-uuen Pender, and Haueioll,
on ,I ii j, -'(. Tho eviileneo develop d
that lllckoy was put off tho blind bag
gage of a train nt Thurston tlo- evn
' ltis heloro, that In looted It to Pender
i and then started for Hamiolt, that
four obstructions were placed on the
' Hack soni" little distance apart, that
the (list obstruct ion, being pa.-d In
salety, served as a warn lug and the
otheis wnc discovered in time lo pie
vent a disastrous wreck. lie was;
j posltivolj identified by the tiain eiew
j who put him off and by the operator
. at Pender.
;Leet prrdiu ing portion.
Report to Railroad Commission Shovs
Business In State Has Slacked Up.
Lincoln. Dee. 3. The report of the
railroads to the railroad eouimisaioa
hIiowh fewer cars on track in liutitilt
tind more cais waiting for louds. at
Mebias-ka stations. Dotvveuu um dates
or Oi t. 3u and Nov. 27 the
otoek Chris fell from '2 15 to 137
Over Quarter of a Million to Distrib
ute to the Public Schools.
I.lueoln, Dee. 2. The report of
State Trcasiuer Hrian, tiled with the
state auditor, shows the loeoipts or
the genotal fund for the mouth ol No
vember n mount Pit to $r?t,3ti! sr. Thp
receipts paid Into the temporal"
school fund amounted to $27,040.73.
making a total in this fund or $'.:,
221.1... This Is; Iho sum which will be
certified to the s-tntt siipeilnteiiiient
today for dlxtilhutiou auioim the
s liool districts or the stat". In the
loaded i permanent liool luml uulnvcsteil
; curs 1 i here i only $1 OS. The cash, chocks
loa.leii witti irraiu fiom 231 to ti7. and ! tuid cash Iipiiis on hand amount to
bOMur. ordered lor other iimpo.-es ! $j 8,054.43; cash on depoilt. IIOU,
liom 1,014 to 814. in;t.7t; sm-eial and unlvpisH v rund
Complaint was filed with the ,-iate . wanaiu, $J23.J.5 SO; Idaho bonds,
iiiilniO .ominisslon by Hip Cornell-' JtjO.oOi).
"Yule Lumber company of llolilrege, '
ebuiglng the Hurllngtou raiboad with
enforcing a reeoiiulgnmeiil charge of Fireman Uses Torch and Is Felled by
b a car on luuiner. ii wa.s auegeu
tiiut the Burlington had exacted V-.M'.j
Ju rccoDBlfcnmont charges from th"
.... ..!,..,.. ...(rir.o l-iv 1 nnnfrriri In
thfVbn.h-,11 law." The state commls-he Union Pacific ongaged in a bloody
,wc 'Tr"'""1 fiqht on their engine. Cluik ashaulted
Chunk of Coal.
Beatrice, Nob., Dec. 2.
Noah Clark and Fireman
Benson of
P.-iisi,n vv ih a 'oi'h, Inllbiliig ."vie Ml l.i-. head. Heii-oii l.imckeil
Clark down with a chunk ol i oul, cut
t!nu his toif-lnad badly.
The n. n weiv r-ovi led wit 1 1 bloofl
when laKen lioill the engine ),y
friends Tl.iii niiuries woio -ueJi that
extra m u win sent out on their : un.
Money for Rosebud Indians.
ValeiitiiK. Neli., Nov. ::n Thlriy
eight ihoiisind silver dollai. weigh
ing 2,.'!mii pounds, left Valentine, in
charge ot a sipiad of join I 'i mounted
police foi the lll't ians at llie Kneliiol
agency. Th" uinupy is the (list in
stallment ol the. $ii,iiimi which will
rei ompeusp the Indian loi the laud
sin icu le iei by ilieni in III'' Boiu -teel
liai i Kvi'v adult and i h I lit on tho
les'-ivallou will roeilve $.!u. Th" re
niaiinler oi i ho money niu.-l b sent to
the agency beloie Jail. 1.
Brakeman Eastwood Killed.
McCooli, N b.. Dec. :',.- Itrnkemnu
lohu W. hiistvvood of this city was
Wiled at Akion. Colo, laM niglil whlln"
vwitehiug a Height Haiti on a Killing.
Botli hgs weie cut off. Tho body was
brought to MeCook for buiial. llo re
.ently moved here Horn Osf:rd, Neb.
Omahas Go to Prosecute Claim
Against Government.
Penue-r. Neb., Nov. 30. -The Omaha
Initial. s have b?en holding nuiiK-rous
toiiin lis the la-it month wit Ii refer
elite, to u ilauu which they have
against the government- ."Saturday
Uiev held a general council at the
ageiuv, at which as a tiibe thev elect
en a delegation, whivh left for Wafch
ingtoii to be pre.ieiH .it he opening
ol onpress. The deiepation coiisiB's
of uigl.t nietnljeis, llhani Chase and
Thomas I.. Sioau no aitoinyi tot the
iilbe and abo atioiuevs tor the dele
gKtmn. They will present their
claim, amounting to $127 OUO and in
terest. This laliu dates from lb54, when
the I'nlted States government made
Its first treaty wi'h the Omahas, who
at thai lime claimed all the teiritory
west and south of the Missouri river
on the east and west and all north of
the Platte ilver we.t as far as the
sandhills east of the Rocky mountains.
In this treaty the Omaha tribe ceded
to the government all tho territoiy
i uoi guilty. on are piinlsiitug
tin wrong man." .lodge K'-llignr In
lornied lb" prisoner that ho had beon
given the In i of counsel and that tho
veidicl ot the jury was in accordance
wltli law and jiislli- Shuinway was'
taken to the penitent Inrv. The nttor
iipvs foi I he deb ndiint will flic a mo
tion lm a new trial. I
Drainage Case in Supreme Court. I
Lincoln. Dec. J. Objectors to oper
ations under tho Kuowles drainage
law appealed ti tho supreme couit
for the puipioe ol testing the const i
tiitioualllv of tho law under wlilc h
ilv l,c are to lie built to pioteCjt land
at oi near Fremont from the overllow
ii tli" I'lntte ilver. As riilboad plop
1 1 v is m ihe proposed di-irici. mil
ir I leirpniationK ami their olllcoi.s
,il no 'le-ll 'I. I II" I'ltti I i o in il
i ni il ill tavor o the legality or tie
iliiniiaeo di-iriei organizalion. I'nu:i
Mti an tipjii'iil Is ttiki'ii bv .b '.in .
Hair.- .md titheiM. I
Packers Dcclnic It Will Result in De
priving Them of Property.
Lincoln. Dec. I!.- Answer was made
in lb" di-triot court by Swift & Co.
and tln'li Lincoln representative, Will
lam Huxt'ilile, charged with violation
of the Nebraska pun food law. It is
declared that if tlie law Is construed
by tho i oiii I to mean that It will be
cou.-idcn"! a penal offense to hill to
pine i i ho net weight on packages by
Ho del'tnilant oi olhei packer.- il will
result In depiiviiig them of llieii prop
eily. Tin' law is attached on the
ground that ii Is uii onslitiitional. Sev
eral reasons rue given whv il in
claimed that it is Impossible to com
ply vviili the law by the defendant
siii'h as shrinkage-, arying weight of
rover-:, etc.
.Mr. lliiMabl" was arraigned and
pleaded not guilty.
Examinations Came Too Late.
Hustings. Nob.. Dee. 2 Chailes
Boss of Prohsei died in Hie dislint
cloik's ollleo oi Hie coin i houct In ebv wiiile he was being PViunlimil
to be s' in to the Lincoln avs,liiin un
der th" dipsomaniac law. He was a
butelcr ami became violently drunk
in Prosper, when Dr. Baxter or that
place took steps to have him commit
ted. But a few questions had been
asked him, when he was seized with
an epileptic fit and died in the room.
Barber Shop
Basement of
Potter Block.
a Specialty
F. NewHoxise'
Adv. cm page 6.
When you aro hungry i:nl
want somolhig nice in the
meat lino, drop into my
market. We have tlieniceht
kind of
anil meats, fish, and game
in season. Wo think, mid
almost, know, that wo can
please you. Give us a
Koon Bros.,
Successors to
Do you know tiiut it will pay YOU, hs
well ns US, to tmy your Kiiilding Jlu
toriul and Coal at onrynrds? Not only
that our prices average lower, or at
least as low, us those of our competit
ors, but nr.CAL'SK we tnko especial cure
of and protect all can be classed as
Coal. Lumber.
City Dray and Express Line.
Goods Delivered to any part of the city.
Charges as low as the Lowest
Residence 188.