The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 06, 1907, Image 6

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The Spoilers.
Copyright, 1500, by Ilex B. Ilcacli.
(Coutiuuod from Page 1'hrce.)
lit the
to llio.
it ml on lifto tholttroot.
Whenton addressed tlits bunker:
"Mr. Morehouse, we've got orders
rind wrlt.s of one hind or another from
the circuit court of appeals nt 'Frisco
dlrci'lfiii; that this money he tin-noil
( vor to us." Ho shoved tin papers to
ward the olher. "We're not in n mood
to In lie That gold belongs to u.s. and
we want II."
Morehouse lool;ed carefully
"I ean'l help you." lie said,
documents are not direcled
They're issued tit Air. MeNainara and
.Judge Klllliiiiin. If the circuit court of
appeals eoniuintids me to deliver it to
you, I'll do II, but otherwise I'll have t
hoop tills dust h-'tv tiil it's drawn out
liy order of I he court that gave It to
me. That's the way It was put In here,
mid that's Hit way it'll ho taken out."
"Wo want It now."
"Well, 1 can't let my .sympathies in
lliiouee me."
"Thou we'll lake It out anyway."
cried (lloiilsrer. "Wo've had the wort
of it every where eKe, and we're sick of
it. Oorne on, men!"
"Hiatal hack, all of you!" cried "Don't lay a hand on that
Kill. I'oys, p'ck your men."
Ie called this lat to his clerks, lit
tho snnio Instant whipping from liehind
the counter n carbine, wiiidi lie cocketl.
The assayer brought into view a shot
pin, while the cashier and clerks
armed themselves. It was evident that
the deposits of the Alaska bank were
uhunihinlly safeguarded.
"1 don't aim to have any trouble with
you -all," continued the southerner,
"but (hut money stays here till it'a
drawn out right."
The crowd paused at this show of
leslstauce, but Glenlster railed at
la his ey
not ho balked.
Helen felt that a crisis was cotnr
and braced herself. 'I hose men were
in (loudly earliest -the white haired
hanker, his pale helpers mil time
prim, quiet ones ouMile There stood
brawny, sun hrowuul men with Mt
JiivH and frowning fn'-es and yellow
haired Si-iiii..luuvlaus in h--i l'ue
eyes danced the llame f b.ilile. These
had been ba tiled at every turn, goaded
by repented failure, irid now stood
HliDiilder to shoulder In their reslst
nmi! to a cruel law. Suddenly Helen
heard a command from the street and
the quick tramp of men, while over
the heads before her she saw the glint
of ride barrels. A file of soldiers with
lived bayonets thrust themselves rough
ly through the crowd at the entrance.
'Clear the room!" eonimanded the
"What does this mean?" shouted
"It means that Judge Stilliniin has
called upon the military to guard this
(old, that's all. Come, now, move
quick!" The men hesitated, then sul
lenly obeyed, for resistance to the bluo
to grant them.
Whenton called n meeting of tho
Sweden and their attorneys, advising a
Junction of forces. Dextry, who had
returned from the mountains, was
present. When they had tlnlshcd their
discussion, he said:
"It seems like I can always light bet
ter when I know what the other fel
ler's game Is. I'm going to spy on
that outfit."
"We've had detectives at work for
weeks," said the lawyer for the Scan
dinavians, "but they can't find out
anything wo don'l know already."
I Mostly said no more, but that night
j friii 1 li in lnnlcd In the building ad
Joining the one wherein McNniiinra had
' his olllce. He had routed a back room
j on the top tloor, and with the help of
his partner sawed through the eotlhg
Into the loft and found his way thence
to the roof through a hatchway. Kor
tunaloly, there was but little space be
tween the two buildings, and further
more inch boasted the square fronts
coiiimo i In mining camps, which pro
jected h'g'i enough to prevent observa
tion from ajmns the way. Thus ho
, was eii!il)hd,wlllioot discovery, to gain
th' roof adjoining .mil to cut through
Into the loft. He crept enutio".aby hi
tlro'ig'i the opeid' g ,md out upon a
Hour of Joists soiled on the lower side,
then lit a caudle, and locating Mc-X-iei'ira's
o !lce, cii' a peephole so that
by lying lint on the timbers ho could
o'.i.eve a c msldorablo portion of the
ro'iin I'uioath. Here, early the follow
ing morning, he camped with the pa
tience of an In llan. emerging in the
, ., , ,, ., .. crime Is biyainy, or mayhem, or a
lo on! Cone on! What's the , tnln(kl. of troaso 8(imoUlIn An,
with your And Iron, the lis ,t , w lh . t , , Jn ,um- tIj
yo t was evident that he would ,, t, wimt- T, n ,, . u
"Out of my waul" he cried.
'of llncti Sam comes only at the coat
of much consideration.
"They're robbing us with our own
soldiers," mild Whenton when they
were outside.
"Aye," Hiild Glenlster darkly. "Wo
have tried tho law, but they're forcing
s bade to firat principles. There's go
ing to be inurder hero."
GLHNISTHIl had said that tho
judge would not dnre to dis
obey the mandates of the cir
cuit court of appeals, but he
was wrong. Application was made for
orders directing the enforcement of
tho writs, steps which would have re
stored iwssesslon of Jthe Midas to Its
owners as well as possession of tho
treasure in bank, but Stlllnmn refused
Mill of that night stilT. hungry and
atrie'-tiMy onx. Meanwhile, there
had bee i another meeting of the mine
owner:, and It had been decided to
fiend Whoa ton. properly mined with
allldavits and transcripts of certain
court records, back to San I'randsco
on the return trip of the Santa Marin,
which had arrived In port, lie was to
Institute proceedings for contempt of
court, ami It was hoped that by ex
traordinary effort he could gain quick
At daybreak Dextry returned to his
pott, ami It wiis midnight before he
crawled from his hiding plnce to see
the lawyer and Clenlster.
"They have hud a spy on you all
day, Whenton," he begun, "and they
know you're going out to the States.
You'll be arrested tomorrow morning
before breakfast."
"Arrested! What for?"
"I don't Just roinemlKjr what the
crime Is biyainy, or mayhem, or nt-
hey think you're the
only lawyer that's wise enough to '
cause trouble and the only one they
can't bribe." i
"Lord! Whafll I do? They'll watch
every lighter that leaves the beach,
and If they don't catch me that way ,
they'll search the ship."
"I've thought it all out." said tho old
mail, to whom obstruction acted us a
stimulant. .
"Yes; but how?"
"Leave it to me. (let your things
together and be icady to duck In two
hours." I
"I tell you they'll senrch the Santa I
Marin from .stem to stern," protested
the lawyer, but Dextry had gone.
"Hotter do us he says. Ills schemes
are good one.i," recommended Ulenls
tor, and accordingly the lawyer made
preparation. I
In the meantime the old prospector
had begun at the end of Kront street
to make a systematic search of the
gambling houses. Although It was
very late, they were running noisily, i
and at last lie found the man ho want
ed playing black jack, the smell of tar
In his clothes, the lilt of the eon in his
boisterous laughter. Dextry drew him
aside. '
"Mac, there's only two things about '
you that's any good your silence and ,
your seamanship. Otherwise you're a
dlsreppltable, drunken insect." j
The sailor grinned.
"What is it you want now? If it's J
concerning money or business or the '
glowed up side of life, run along and i
don't disturb the carousals of n sailor- .
man. If it's u tight, lemme get my .
"I want you to wake up your fireman
and huve steam on the tug in an hour,
then wait for me below tho bridge.
You're ohnrtered for twenty-four hours,
and, remember, not a word."
"I'm on! Compared to mo the splnks
of Kgyp' is as talkative as a phonograph."
The old man turned his steps to tho
Northern theater. The performance
was still In progress, and he located
the man ho was hunting without dif
ficulty. Ascending the stairs, ho knocked at
the door of one of the boxes and called
for Captain Stephens.
"I'm glad I found you, cap," said he.
"It saved mc a trip out to your ship
in the dark."
"What's the matter?"
Dextry drew him to nn isolated cor
ner. "Me un' my partucr want to send
n man to tho States with you."
"All right."
"Well er-here's the point," hesitat
ed the miner, who rebelled nt asking
favors. "He's our Inw sharp, an' the
MeXumnru outfit Is trylu io put the
steel on hhn."
"I don't understnnd."
"Why, they've swore out a warrnnl
an' aim to guard the shore tomorrow
We want you to"
"Mr. Dextry, I'm not looking for trou
ble. I get enough in my own busi
ness." "Hut, see hero," argued the other
"we've got to send lilin so ho can makt
a powwow to the big legal smoke In
'Frisco. We've been cold decked will
a bum Judiio. They've got us into o
corner an' over the ropes."
"I'm sorry I can't help you, Dextry
but I got mixed up In one of youi
scrapes and that's plenty."
"This ain't no stowaway. There's tic
danger to you," began Dextry, but the
ollicer Interrupted him:
"There's no need of arguing. I won'!
do It."
"Oh. you won't, eh?" said the old
man, beginning to lose his temper
"Well, you listen to me for a minute
Hverybody In camp knows that me an1
the kid Is on the square an' that we're
gettln' the bunk passed to us. Now
this lawyer party must get away to i
night or these grafters will hitch the
horses to him on some phonv charge m I
h can't get to the upper court. It'll be i
him to the bird cage for nine' dips i
He's goln' to the States, though, nn' !
he's goin'- In our- wagon! I'm talk
In' to von- man to man. If you don't
take hhn. I'll go to the health Inspector
- lie's a friend of mine an' I'll put n
crimp in oti an' your steamboat. 1
don't want (o do that -It ain't my reg
Mar graft by no means but this bel
goes through as she lays. I novel
belched up n secret before. No. sir. 1
inn Hie human huntiu' case vaoh. an
I won't open inj face unless you press
me, but if I should, yoi 'II see that It's
time for you to hunt a new Job. Now,
here's my scheme." lie outlined his di
rections to the sailor, who had fallen
silent during the warning. When he
had done. Stephens said:
"I in" er had a man talk to me !lk
that before, sir never. You've taker
advantage of me, and under the clr
vuinstnnces I can't refuse. I'll do this
thing not because of your throat, but
because I heard uliout your trouble
over the Midas and because I can't
help admiring your blamed Insolence.'" j
He went back Into his stall.
Dextry returned to Wheaton's olllce
As ho neared It he passed a lounging
figure in an adjacent doorway.
"The place Is watched." he announc i
ed as he entered. "Have you got ii
back door? flood! Leave your light
burning and we'll go out that way.'
They slipped quietly into an Inky, tor
tuous passage which led back towaro
Second street. Floundering through al
leys and over garbnge heaps, by clr
cultous routes they readied the bridge
where in the swift stream beneath thoj
snw the lights from Mac's tug.
Steam was up, and when the cuptulr.
hud let them aboard Dextry gave bin.
Inst met Ions, to which he nodded ac j
quiescence. They bade the lawyei t
adieu, and the little craft slipped lu .
moorings, danced down the current .
across the bar and was swallowed uj
In the darkness to seaward.
"I'll put out Wheaton's light sc
they'll think he's gone to bed."
"Yes, and at daylight I'll take youi
place In McNumaru's loft." said fllen
lster. "There will be doings tomorrow
when thoy don't find him." I
They returned by the way they had
come to the lawyer's room, extinguish
ed his light, went to their own cubit
and to bed. At dawn Glenlster arose
and souirht his nlnco aliovo MeNie ,
mnrn's olllce.
To lie stretched at length on a sin
gle plunk wllh eye glued to a crack Is
not a comfortable position, and tin.
watcher thought the hours of the next
dnv would never end. As they drag
.-..1 .......M. .tiuf litti lutltfio lulfviltl ft-
gOll MC.IIIIJ Hli " """" ..f..." .-
ache beyond endurance, yet owing tc
the flimsy structure of the building lu
dared not move while the room below
was tenanted. In fact, he would not
hnvo stirred hnd he dured, so Intense
was his Interest In the scenes being
enncted beneath hhn.
First hud come the marshal, who re
ported his fullure to find Whenton.
"He left his room somo time Inst
night. My men followed him In anil
saw n light lu his w'.ndow until 2
o'clock this morning. At 7 o'clock w
broke in, nnd ho wus gone."
"He must have got wind of our plnn.
Send deputies aboard the Santa Mnrln.
Senrch her from keel to topmast, nud
have them watch the bench doso oi .
he'll put off In u small boat. You look '
over the passengers that go aboard
yourself. Don't trust any of your men
for that, because he may try to slip
through disguised. lie's liable to make
up like a woman. You understand
there's onlv one ship In port, and he
mustn't get away."
"Ho won't." said Voorhees, with con
vlctlon, and tho listener overhead
smiled grimly to himself, for nt thai
moment, twenty miles offshore, lay
Mne's little tug, hove to In the track ot
the outgoing steamship, and in her tiny
cabin sat Bill Whenton eating break
As tho morning wore by with no
news of the lawyer, McNamam's uu
easiness grew. At noon tho marshal
returned with a report that tho pas
sengers were all aboard and tho ship
about to clear.
"By heavens! He's slipped through
you," stormed tho politician.
"No, he hasn't. He may be hidden
aboard somewhere among the coal
bunkers, but I think he's still ashore
and aiming to make a quick run Just
before she sails. He hasn't left tho
bench since daylight, that's sure. I'm
going out to the ship now with four
men and senrch bur again. If wo don'l
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bring him off, you ciin bet he's lying
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tho Hhoro for two miles."
"I won't hnvo him get away. If lit
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Thive hours later Voorhees returned.
"She sidled; without him."
Tho politician cursed. "I don't be-
llevo it. He tricked you. I know lie
Glenlster grinned into a half eaten
sandwich, then turned upon his back
nnd lay thus on the plank, Identifying
the speakers below by their voices
IIo kept his Mfjt all day. Lnter In
the evening he hoard Struve enter.
The man hnd Loon drinking.
"So lio got away, eh?" lie begun. "I
was afraid ho would. Smart fellow,
that Whenton."
I 9 was worth its weight in gold
to mc, and I recommend it to fl
all women." I
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