The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 29, 1907, Image 3

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The Spoilers.
-: Copyright. 1005. by Hex E. Bench. -:-
3 Doils Given Away Dec. 24. SSSttSBS
a number with every 25c ourcliase entitling von to a draw on the nnii. Tho
l A
. 1
111 .) .' pun: !l ()!' fil.s rly(!i,.. !i si
j!'U-m of (!(. I In ((net I'he
l:Vyor l"il iuJllnr fine i(.r- f)po!
h:nUv for i'jhkijIii:oii. for )!eiilslor
I1't(Hled u wilNe 1111,1 wwop! iulo It
IHlcr of (liK'iliuciKrt from (lie table.
"flurry tip. man!" he yelled, n tho
lawyer (lived frantically iilt)ttt li! t of.
li-v lit a rabbit lil . hini! ir fioin-..
"V'i he-ivoris. arc .ou dead? Wake
'.' Tho ship's leaving." Willi sloop
'ifl lu IiIb'.x, Who.Hon was tlr:ij-uotI
lowu tho street to the beach, where a
Kuril hail assembled to witniMH the
n A.r the.v tumbled Into the skiff.
vMHu hands ran It out Into the suit"
on the crest of a roller. A few lifting
hi'VM ami they were over the bar
with (lie men at the oars bonding tin;
white ash at every kwIiik.
"t niiess I (lhlii't forget nnylhlnj:."
Nhjej When tnu us he put on his coat.
"I tro ready yesterday, but I couldn't
Hod you last nljdil, bo I tliouidit Iho
deit wan oil'."
Uteni.-tor .stripped off his coat ami,
P;mj tilt bow. piirilusj upon (be oars
ut every stroke, thrw milling his
Ntntigtli to that of the omwinen. They
iK-epf pnhliy out from tli- boaeh, eat
ing up'lho two miles Mint lay lownnl
WieMijji. II urged Ju men with all
IiIh tyjroor till tlio Bweat soaked
Mirwjgji their elottien ami. under their
oIit'rtlujT Hldrts, the nuwdos stood out
tl:e iron. They hurt covered half the
d'hl,mee uium Whenlon uttered a cry
iiihI (ilcntater desisted from his work
vW.h turxe. The Itonuokc was niov-
(slowly .
The rowers rested, tint tlie younj;
ifwin shouted at them to bcln npiln
ii nd, tictaltiir u boat hook. ntuek It Into
!ie arm of his coat. He waved this
m in'tdt while the men redoubled their
-offorts. For many moments tliey hum;
in tNisjieiiKo, wnti'htnj: (lie black hull
in ft gathered speed, ntni the:i.ns they
were nttout to cease thHr effort, n puff
-of fe:iin burst frmn lis wliistlo and
Miirwcxt moinent n tfliort toot of recog
nition tvndiod them. CJleiitster wiped
the (iioistiire from his brow and grin
ned tit Whentoii.
A quarter of an hanr Inter as they
1ny fieavlng 1h1ow the shfpV) idoel sides
tie thrust a heavy htidtflktii sack Into
the tuwyer'a hand.
"'1'ieveV money to win the light, Rill.
J don't know how much, but It's
wiouuh Ood bless yon. Hurry back!"
sailor east them u whirling rope,'
n which Wheutoit clambered; then,
lylui: (lie gripsack t Its end, they sunt
It utter.
'Important!" the young man yelled
m the otllcer on the bridge. "(Jovcrn
ii'ent bushiess." He heard a mutlled
rhiiiK In the engine room, the thrash
x" the propellers followed, and the big
Sldp glided past.
As Glenlster dragged hinrelf up the
h':ii upon lauding Helen Chester call.
t to him and made nwHii for him bc
tittle her. It had never been necessary
to call1 him to her side before, and
iuully inifamlliatvwiLs the abashment
r perhaps physical weariness that led
the young muu to shik back in the
warm sand with a sigh of relief. She
notoM that for the Hrst time the nu-
daelty was gone from his eyes.
"t watched your nice," she began.
"It was very exciting, niul I cheered
for you."
He smiled quietly.
"What made yoa keep on after the
Wilp started? I should have given up
and cried."
"I never give up any thing that I
want," he said.
"Have you never been forced to7
"Tken It In because you are a mnn.
Womcu have to sacrifice 11 great deal."
Helen expected hhn to continue to
the effect that he would never glvo her
up- It wns In accordance with his ear.
Her presumption but ho wns silent,
uutl she wns not sure Hint sho liked
hhn as well thus as when ho over
whelmed her with the boldness of his
-wult. For Glenlster It was delightful,
nfter the perils of the night, to rest
lu the calm of her presence and to feel
dumbly that she was near. Sho saw
hhn secretly caress a fold of her dress.
If only she had uot the memory ot
Hint one night on the shin. "Still, he
Is trying to make amends lu the best
way he can," she thought. "Though
of course no woman could care for a
man who would do audi a tiling." Yet
she thrilled ut the thought of how he
had thrust his body between her and
danger, how, but for his quick, Insist
ent action, sho would havo fnlled In
(Heaping from the petit strip, failed lu
hoi mission mid met death on the night
of her lauding. She owed him much.
"Did you hear what liuppoued to tho
good ship Ohio?' Hhn-Kt&ed.
"No. L'tc beeji tit$ "iflUK to Inyjiire..
I was told the health ntllcers quariin
tined her when she arrived, that's all."
"She was sent to Kgg Island with
every cue aboard. She has been there
more than a mouth now and may uot
get nwny thN summer."
" a dKuppoJiitment for the poor
devils 011 her!"
"Yes, and only for what you did. I
should be one of them," Helen re
"1 didn't do iinieh." he said. "The
lighting part Is easy. It's not half so
hard as to give up your properly and
lie still while"-
"Dld you do that because I asked
you to-hoc.'iiiM I asked yon to put
aside the old vn.wV" A wave of com
passion swept over her.
"t'ertalnly." he nnsuered. 'It didn't
come easy, but"
"Oh, I thank you," said she. "1
know It Is all for the best. I'liele
Arthur wouldn't do anything wrong,
and .Mr. MeNamara is itu honorable
Ho turned toward her t speak, but
refrained. lie could not tell her what
he fell certain of. She believed In her
own blood and lu her uncle's friends
and It was not for him to speak of
McN'ainnm. The rules of the game
sealed his lips.
She was thinking agalu, "ir only you
had not acted us you did." She longed
to help him now in his trouble us he
had helped her, but what could she
do? The law was such 11 confusing.
Intricate, perplexing thing.
"I spent last night at the Midas," she
told hhn. "and rode back early this
morning. That was n during holdup,
wasn't It?"
"What iMildup?"
"Why, haven't you heard the uews?"
"No." he auswered steadily. "I just
got up."
"Your elnlm wns robbed. Three men
overcame the watchman at midnight
and cleaned the boxes."
Ills simulation of excited astonish
ment was perfect, and he rained 11
shower or questions upon her. She
noted with approval that he did not
look her in tho eye. however. He wns
not nn accomplished liar. Now, Me
N'amara had a countenance of Iron.
Unconsciously she made comparison,
and the young mnn at her side did not
lose thereby.
"Yes, I saw It all," she concluded,
after recounting the details. "Tho ne
gro wanted to bind me so that I could
not give tho nlarm, but his chivalry
prevented. He was a most gallant
"What did you do when they left?"
"Why. 1 kept my word and waited
until they were out of sight; then 1
roused tho camp nnd set Mr. McNn
inara and his men right after them
down the gulch."
"Down Uie gulch!" spoke Glenlster,
off his guard.
"Yes, of course. Did you think they
went upstream?" She was looking
squarely at hhn now, and he dropped
his eyes. "No; tho posse started in
that direction, but I put them right."
There was an odd light In her glance,
nnd he felt the blood drumming in his
She sent them downstream! So that
was why there hud been no pursuit!
Then sho must suspect she must know
everything! Glenlster was stunned.
Again his love for the girl surged tu
multuously within him nnd demanded
expression. But Miss Chester, no long
er feeling sure that sho had the situa
tion In hand, hod already started to
return to tho hotel. "I saw the men
distinctly," she told him before they
separated, "nnd I could identify them
At his own house Glenlster found
Dextry removing the stulns of tho
night's adventure.
"Miss Chester recognized us last
night," he announced.
"How do you know?"
"She told me so Just uow, and what's
more she sent McNamnra and hlb
crowd down tho creek instead of up
That's why wo got away so easily."
"Well, well-uln't she a brick? She'd
oven with us now. Uy the way, I
wonder how much we cleaned up, any
how let's weigh II." Going to the bed,
Dextrv turned back tho blankets, ex
posing four mooseskln sacks, wet and
heavy where he hud thrown them.
"Thero must have becu $20,000 with
what I gavo Wheuton-," said Glenlster.
At that moment, without warning,
the door wns flung open, and ns the
young man Jerked U10 blnnkets into
pluco ho whirled, snatched the six
shooter (lint Doxtry had discarded ami
covered (ho entrance.
"Don't shoot, boy!" crled (ho nojiv
(Conttnned on Fkt riix.)
one holding the most tickets gets the largest Doll. The ine holding the first
lucky number gels the next Doll. The one holding the second lucky number
gets the third Doll. Call for your tickets when making purchases.
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