The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 29, 1907, Image 1

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Red Cloud
Council Proceedings
At a regular adjourned of meeting
of the city council helil last Saturday
evening in the. otllce of city clerk luirt.
Members present Mayor Caldwell and
eouncilmeu Wolf, Dicdorioh and Met 'all
The report of L. 11. Hlucklodgo in
tho matter of the sale of lots l.'t to Ul
hlock 7 Harbors addition to lied Cloud
wus read uud aeo.nitod. The vote
standing Wolfe and Diederieh for and
MeCall not voting. The net proceeds
wore, ordered turned into the city
treasury. ordered the night watch
to lirre-!. the propietors of tho gamb
ling and pohe.r dives and take them
before the police judge ti bo dealt
w'.th according to law.
The council ordered the mayor to
hire Mi-. L. II Hlaekledgo and toheuiu
leal ji-oceeding uuninst Air. I.. t'ra
liill to compel him to raise the -tree!
car trucks li grade ami put in crossings
Council adjourned.
While hunting on the Hedge farm,
north of Hod Cloud one day last week
Otis Logget picked up what he at lirst
wipp.)-od to be all ordinary icd colored
stone but on closer examination proved
to be a tomukawk. The stone was
very neatly bored and well shaped.
.Mr. IJrea Hedge informed us that he.
had Frequently .seen such stones while
plowing in the Held on this but
that as they were so numerous he had
laid little attention to them.
Commissions' Proceedings
(Continued from lu-t week.)
November ',".'. I0o7.
County commissioners met with
.JI nienjbers present
The following claim wore
from tlio. general fund:
Wolfe ti Heardslee
W H Anderson .
W Rich inls
J 0 Overman
H ! Sawyer ,
T.I Chaplin ,
.fid to
:. lo
Is uo
.V I'm
77 :to
:.i on
A A lforeu i (10
C Hoed '.'I OS
.1 M Mills ti 00
John Anbushon ! .' 00
( leo Chuison 1 :i r.'i
Al Turner :;.' 00
Klins Lock hart :si 00
C McCoy . r. :.()
Western Hridgc Co tooo 00
(Jhis Hunter :t7 77
tins Novoe.k -'. II .10
Chicago Humbor Co 1SS 1)11
Saunders Hros ;i 10 tft
J II Coply ti 00
Fred Lampman '. I') 00
V A Good . .' OsO 1 1
Chls Hierhous ; I :.';.
eo(S Holt 7 Or.
Melt Michaels 'jn ,,',,i
W Johnson ir. 00
.7 VV Knight : ' 17 VO
35 F Hudson ot al
V hflull ' .'07 !
Tho notice to bidders for bridges
and bridge work was ordered publish
ed. This notice will be found in another
part of this paper.
Tho contract of H. W. Coplen as
Hitperiiitendontof the county poor farm
was extended from March 1st, loos to
1000 and his salary, was raised from
$150.00 to 51100.00 per. year.
Hoard adjourcd to meet Deo, !lrd
The following claims were rejected:
00 I
70 '
Stole Same Tools Twice.
Last Friday night Ernest Moranville
was arrested by SherflT Hedge- on a
warrant charging him with having
stolen ii grip from Doe Nelson contain
ing veterinary tools valued tit SCO.
Ho was takon to county jail, where
ho confessed to tho theft and told
where he had hidden thorn in tho
alley back of tho livery barn. At his
hearing before County Judge Kdson
Saturday morning lio entered a plea of
guilty and tho value of the tools hav
ing boon reduced to Sill ho was given
a lino of 320 and costs. This was tho
second time that. lie had taken tho
tools, he having taken the same grip
the daybel'o-e.
A Guaranteed Attraction.
Theater parties from all surroiiiuliug
towns as in tho city will bo numerous
Thursday Uoeomber ."ith, when Fred (1.
Conrad's notable revival of the ''Two
Orphans" will bo at the opera house,
lied Cloud, Nebr. Many have seen this
gieat play, but those who have and
those who havo not, felt the power of it
will be (dually attracted, for Mr. Con-
I rail will reveal it. to us just as the auth
Jois wrote it and Kate Claston plays it.
J I lor own version, with especial author
j ity from the one MY. Conrad uses
The de-ire to see this play may well bo
keen for no play-portrait gallery of the
mom ry Is complete without the fam
ous blind girl, tho crippled Pierre, the
j beautiful sister, the She-wolf Frochard
the countess, thu self-sacrificing Mari
anne, the Ministnrof Policoand Picard.
Money in the Dairy Business.
That there is money to be made iu
the dairy business is shown by the
results obtained by our old friend
Sam Liudsoy. He has the cream check,
which ho received for the past ten
mouths, during seven mouths months
of which he sold the cream from live
cmv.s and the balance of the time of
only throe cows, and at that his chucks
foot up to more than three hundred
dollars, beside which he has had cream
and butter for his own family and the
increase from the cows.
School Methods.
Switzerland, to which many point
ti.s having a model government, has
ideas in the conduct of public schools
which might well be adopted by this
country. In the city of lieriie, for
instance, a permanent exhibition for
school hygiene lias been established.
In the city of Hasei the hi bora 1 School
union has adopted a resolution doinan
ing obligatory instructions in swim
ming for upper classes of the public
schools, the erection of school sanitar
iums and tho completion of an insti
tute for school physicians.
Much one of those improvements
moans that Switzerland is taking care
of the bodies, as well as tho minds of
the children of that country. Kaeh
one means that instead of pushing the
childien through their hooks, orov ding
them from grades high school as rapid
ly as possible and high .school into tilt
ing world, care is taken of their physi
cal well'aio. of their general health,
comfort and safety. Switzerland 'sovi
dent purpose is to give to the world
young men and women who are well
rounded iu something beside algebra
and geography The natural hurry
up methods of America mark our
school work. Too much attention is
paid to the. task of making graduates
and too little to the infinitely greater
and more impnrtaut' duty of making
men and women. Perhaps we may
borrow some of the Swiss ideas. I5y
all means lot u-. absorb a higher re
gurd for the boys and gods than we
possess now. Unooln Star.
Wo. wonder what would happen if
tho .school board of lted Cloud should
attempt such improvements iu school
methods, even if we had plenty of room
iu the school building. Would not
Some one circulate a "petition protest
ing" against the hno.vrio.N. of improve
ments, or tint enforced baths? Or
would there be found enough public
spirited citizens to purchase thu bonds
soi that even a much smaller improve,
monts muy he made whether the
Location suits them or not'.'
C K Vaughn SUO
15 V Hudson witness fees H
.loft" Caraway cut from S'.'tl 00 to. HJ
F J Uerlaoh 3
JHCarr putting up election booths 10
I. KTaiteut from 127 lft to 1!M
.1 MM ills putting up election booths 1
The following claims were rcferr
to the city of Hod Cloud:
John Athcrtou '..... tft
Koon Itros ft
Itohiuson&Hurdcu IS
.1 V Moranville 113
Tohu 11 Osborne 7
To the Lovers and Learners of Good Mu
sic of Red Cloud and Vicinity.
Tho Ked Cloud Buslnoss Collego has
again made a step toward tho advance
ment of suocoss by securing tho ser
vices of Mrs.Mattlo Hutidorup who is
known throughout tho country for her
talent as ti musician.
Sho is a coruotist, teaching tho same
and isa to ichor of tho violin, mandolin,
guitar, and piano.
Tho music studio is in connection
with tho collego and all those wishing
instruction on any or the nbovo instru
ments will pleaso call at tho college
olllce mil mako arrangement e, Hero
Is a chance to learn music at homo.
Crescents, 0; Hlftli School. 0.
The Hod Cloud Husincss Collego had
arranged for a football game with
Smith Center to be played on tho homo
grounds Thanksgiving afternoon, but
that team backed out after all arrange
ments had boon made and tho game ad
vertised, and the Hod Cloud high school
agreed to take their place. In order to
overcome the dilllculty arising from tlio
difference in weight between the two
tennis, a written agreement wa- ' vn
up and signed by the captains i loth
team- . the principal ot the hij.-'' hool
and tho president of tho busim --
i.-gr. smuiig uie mies ui-u sii.mi.i j wns p,v,l(.iu.,niV IJi'v. Mr. White: the
observed during the mime and pmvid-, ,IllUcd lJrothroii pastor, tn tho Molho
uig penalties for their violation. M ,, ,.,. Monday afternoon at
I lie nay was rather cold, and the sky
clouded, making it an ideal day for a
football game. boul three hundred
spectators witnessed the game. Music
was furnished by tho Citizen's Concert
The high school got the Icic'volV and
the game commenced. I hiring the tirst
half neither side scored, nor made any
decided advance, the high school boys
surprising everybody by their ability
to hold their heavy opponents. Tho
second half was much harder fought.
! Some disputed points left the final out
come In doubt in the minds of many of
this spectators, oven ufter the game was
over. The score was ollicially given
after the game as .' to 0 in favor of the
business college, but this was later
amended to 0 to 0, on account of what
was at first called a safety play by
Henry Pharos fortius high school hnv-
ing been a touchback. The game was
spoiled for the spectators by an almost
continuous rag chewing performance.
Carl Jurnberg. the regular center of
the high school team, was accidentally
shot through the leg while outhiiuting
yesterday morning and was unable 'to
play. The lineup of both teams was
as follows:
iifsi.NK.s.s coi. 1. 1:01:.
Marsh re
It Kill Sl.'IIOOl..
Walt 01s
It I II Kellogg
l.oy Tool
Heck with
(has iceiiogg
m o 1 iu 1, ur
Harbor lo
Jones quarter
Hnrroughs. cap Hi
Nelson full
Lane Hi
II 1'i.ares, cap
Slier Pharos
Phil Sherwood
Time of halves, as minutes. Ucforcc,
Haines; umpire, Palmer: head linesman
Minor; timekeepers: Sherwood mid Low-
don; ground olllcer, Miner Sherwood.
New Harness Shop Established.
Al Slaby has opened up a harness shop
iu the building formerly occupied by
Win. Latta for a rostiiraut. Ho will
carry a full llneof harness of all kinds.
Wliile all of his stock has not yet ar
rived he is looking for it at any time.
He will have a competent man' to do
all kinds of harness repairing. We
bespeak for him a share of your pat
ronage. 1 Accidentally Shot.
1 While. Carl do.rnborg and his cousin,
Arvid Anderson, wore out hunting yes
terday morning tho former was acci
dentally shot through the right leg by
the latter The bullet entered outside
of his leg between the hipaml the knee
and passed through iu front of the bom
making only a flesh wound, ami long
ingsu Ids clothing. Jernborg was im
mediately brought to town and the
wound was dressed, and ho is getting
along now as well. ms could bo expected,
The'injnry is not thought to beserions.
Jernborg was the center of the high
school football team, and his place
was takon iu yesterday's game by Heck
with., .Ternbcrg Is saving tho bullet
which cansed his Injury as .a souvenir.
Interostintt Items Gathered
by Our County R.oportors
Mrs. Minnie llierhausand Miss Clara
Hicrhaus departed last Friday evening
for Slater, la., where they will spend
some time visiting relatives.
Fred Watson of Kiverton visited at
the homo of his aunt, Mrs. .1. W. Mc
Coy, ii few days the tirst of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Hoffman left
Monday morning for Lincoln, where
they expect to visit relatives for some
Herb and Allen McCoy were up from
Covvlos Friday night visiting at tho
h to of tho former's parents, Mr. and
. - .1. W. McCoy.
1211 Collotte wont to Concordia. Ivans..
Monday morning to see his daughter
llcatriee, who is attending school at
tho convent there.
tJoorgo Uoss was a Campbell visitor
Monday night.
Chas. Spencc and K. !. Soloman wont
out to Trenton Monday evening on
Miss lllauohc Uiggins, formerly of
this place, died at MoCook last Satur
day evening of tuberculosis and tho
liodv was shinned here Monday morn-
I :,,,,. ,-.,.. 1,. ,..;.,! MM... f...i..,...l v...n.,.ii
1 ill LI I'll illll llllt Ill, II, 111, 1,1 .-III111W1I
1 o'clock and the body wirs laid to rest
in the I'lainview cemetery south of
town. Miss Uiggins was nineteen
years, ten months ami tiiree oay.s old.
IiavJVi u h,Js (f fl.fni,K t() ,,.
her loss.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Uiuld went to
Omaha Tuesday morning, where Mrs.
Itudd will cuter the Mothodisthospitnl
to bo operated on for appondioitis.
Mrs. August Morkemoyor and little
daughter went down to II ickinan Tues
day morning to attend the wedding' of
her brother.
Long Distance Telephone Rates.
The state railway commission has
ruled against the proposed discontinu
ance of the present night schedules of
long distance telephone wires.
In Kansas and Iowa the companies
recently abolished the night rates and
made the day rates apply to all long
distance service. In those states, it is
said, the railway commissioners have
no authority over telephone linos. hi
Nebraska telephone companies are
classed as common carriers ami are mi-
dor the jurisdiction of.the railway com
f.. ...... ..!... !. .1 . f t ., ,,
1 1 11 iioiioiiiicnig ii.s decision ine .no-
j braska commission said that iu cases
whore orders are lmvoii before 0 i. m
ror connections after that hour the day
rate might be charged. ,
I 11 111 TmM tfH
A Pure, Wholesome, Reliable
Cream of Tartar
The crcm of Urtar used in Dr. Price's Baking Powder
is derived from grapes in the exact form and composi
tion in which it occurs in that luscious, healthful fruit
Improves the
To the Healthfulness of the Food
Its Use a. Protection and
ec Guarantee Against
Notice to Bidders.
Notice is hereby given, that tho Hour.;
! oi louniv i;oininissinncr.H oi woimitr
County, Nebraska, will on Jnnusrji X'i, .
11108, open bids for the building and re
pairing all wood and stool bridges i. -quired,
for the period of one year.
All bids must be made according J.
plans and specifications on tile in tl
county clerk's ollloe and shall snociJj,.
separately, the sum bid forsnporstoiM -turo
per linear foot; piling and tubub.
piers per linear foot: lumber in cap,
sways and bricking per thousand b
place; all other steel in Nubstriicttrrx
pound price in place. Itids for reput
ing work to be bid per unit quutitilr.
in place.
So farasknowu the following briilgv
will bo built: One steel span hrilj,n-.
.'It) ft. long, across Willow Creek ntvt
others as may bo determined by tin.
County Hoard at contract price for Urn
year 1110s", and such other bnsino.-H j
may bo ordered by the Hoard.
All bids must bo aocompaniod by ;.
certified chock for SS00 and tiled wit
tho County Clerk by Hi o'clock, uixu.
December ','7th, MI07: said check to Jv
forfelted to Webster County in cast
successful bidders fail to sign eontrav:
within ten (10) days from datoof uwiuc
ing said contract.
The Hoard reserves the right to rejovX.
any or all bids.
Lrr. DnToiit. County Clerk-
Real Estate Transfers.
For tho week ending Tuesday, Nor;-.
U0, furnished by the Fort Abstract tji .
I.. II. Fort, Manager.
Lincoln hand Co In Silas A Fin- ' ,
eher vvd Is :t I b .". Is IS ft. Ml MO
'.' I '.'I b s Is fn 17 '.'0 VI .,l-,.,0 b l U
IS ad lied Cloud S
liilbort S Uroutt tw Hymn O
Hent wd uinl 'j sw sw is-'l-y .
Hdith Hryiuit et al to M'ary J
Mcintosh vvd Is 1-0 b 10 Lel)uo.-s
ail lied Cloud
John lirccnhnlgh to A J CraiL
vvd pi n no I -'MO. also bs f and tt
Sidney . Pounds- to Frances
Hiieek vvd s ne It-I-O
Lincoln Land Co. to ClaasUoMo
wd a lot of lots iu lloseiuoiit ...
Oscar W Fmiok to WiliianiLane
vvd n 11 w :i0 M0
Malissa hunt to Pardon IBFafr
tleld wd Is .'Il'.'.V.'ObStfuideltbck
(loorge F Hunt to I 'union K.
Fairfield vvd Is-,V.".'I blMJnidoICook
Joseph Hunter to James Wattr
vvd Is 10 pt 1.1 b 0 (hiide Uock...
Martha l Horn to James Watt
vvd I 1 1 pt IS b ii (luido'Koeki...
Laura M. Thome ct al to Pivif
erick Homhiigcrqcdpt nw 18-1-1 V
L II Fcls to David S Phelps wd
I IS I) 17 Hidden
Knunu H Hichcndc rfcr to IavId
S Phelps Is 1-1 b .1 1st ad Hindoo
John H Hlaiue to John N Hnt
chins wd s 111: .':.' Hi
Lorenzo I) Thomas to John H
Hlaino qcd Is S ii b ft Cowlcs ....
William llolsworth to Alfnif
Decker Is 1-0 b I Lutz ad f.'C ..
II C Chevalier to Jemima Jli
Collum vvd Is 17 IS b ;t Spence'it. tf
ad Hindoo
Jrl -
Mortgages tiled. Sir.Oiitl.SI.
Mortgages released, ?ati00.0O.
Baking Powder
Flavor and Adds