The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 22, 1907, Image 1

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( TTiyPTTV VfPA8C, A ft t! .Viinty, in session
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r Items of News Found in Tho
Chief o( Twenty Venrs Ago
This Week " V " 3
.lulwi .uli.T returned frniu Superior
s .tarda, .
Trenches iin' 1h1iik tlitfr fnrtheso.ith
ful water mains.
.IihIrc V. A. Sweeny will onn move
Ins I'ntnilv to Red Cloud.
Wo iui informed Unit lli' street will-, n tho mutter of tlie road putitlun of
.iy eoniMiiy will in n '.ny r tv-nentn- .imues .Mei'.ty and olliers. the eoimnlt
n.iiiv work on the road. The eon I ruets , jtn, i-pjuvtiul favorably andtlie road be
(r building will be let at mee
. V. K n ley Is Iniildiiiir mi addition
I., one .if lib tenement Imuses.
The standpipe is emnpleled and ev
.i.vtblnjr Is about ready f.r the test.
MH' foreman at Orleans drew
r l "i.i too from the I.otilsiana Lottery the
nt her day.
on Wednesday a lire that ..r!tflnated 1lff ,.., owrswm wvn, approveil:
ii the postoilteeatlSloomliitoneiiiiM'dj f)njn ;nn.. niHriet It; .Ins. Koli
ii to the tuwu of AtiMMin. Thepasl,., nj,t. ;(;,. (is .V,,v..eli. Hist.
i.niee nmt Its eonleiits were luiriieiinnu
w.-ri- .in euui-i- ins...
The Knifrlitis of Pythias banquet at
11-iily-s (late City restam-iint last iiitfhl Tin-follow Inr ollleial bonds were ap- f(in.lrn lm.lvIUiii and tahe whatever ' vs Webster Couulv. Matitl.itc. Ac
was one of the most elegant wwinl proved: .lohu Sutton. II. lloldredKe. ,.hl(I 1f ,wU thiy uny m.,.iv,.. Lli!iiU-' (ion dismissed.
i veins oi in.-season, i un. i.i.rjr"' "s present.
Tony (larlt and family thif weeh
. i tin. to lied Cloud, whieh they will
ii. il;e their home for the future. T.fny
'....viiiff obtained a situation in the
charitable assoeiation was formed
-.ii Thursdny ufternoon tit Mrs. f. Uic -
... rs. to lie known ns the lied I'
: uevoleiit Society. Mrs. Anna M.
W.illaee. Mrs. C. Wiener and .Mrs. t .
. ICa'ey are tflie ehbf tbiers.
The snndnv seliuol boani of the M
a ehnreli has til rend v weuivd a beaut-
i Mi I evergreen Christmas tre.1 for the
t'lnistuias eve entertainment. '
.1. P.. Wriyhl is the liuppi father of u ,'""'' 1)U- P
little baby jjirl. Sehool Dist. :t.
, ,,,., Nation
inn i .it w nan a mm ruuuwa.x on
Indian Creek hist nijylit. unit now wears
I. ! i I ii t, fn tut it ti mi IISu tnitrii'
'"; '"" """-
was sliyhtly damared.
t has. Potter's barn burned down this
Mrs. R. It. Pltnoy has hceii quite sick
with rheumatism for a nuiiiberof weeks
. C. llosmer went to Petilrlce this
. .... .. . ..!..
imi ninir. e.neeiinir in orint: u new
ail road home with him this evening.
I.'. V. shlrey. cashier of the First
National bank, left for New York last
s.itiirdav nijht. where he will remain
for a month. Eslnlu TransTcrs.
For the week emliii" Tuesilay. Nov.
l'.i. furnished by the Fort Abstract Co.
),. II. Fort. ManiiRcr.
.1 M sellars to William F Wutsuii
wd Is 17-ls 1. IT Smith A Morrisadd
lie si an'
I! Ii Pitney to orrin II Pitney wd
s ne sw a.vv-r.' ij
Miner Wellmnn eec to He-. W
lliitehisoii wd Is P.'-lft b P.' i owles. in
Hied si'iiiiio
released, pft'ieo
pedal Offer
Ten full size
packages of
For Only $1.00
TI.U i the Auortintnt.
Snnitcl T.mth Ponder . !
Sianilol I'nco Cream . I
23j ?5:
fcar.itol I ucth t'n'te ,
S.-vnitol To. let 1'owdcr .
Snr.Itol L!q -.ii Antiieptic
Snlntul Bnil. J'owJjr
Snntlol ToatU U.-.h .
Snnltol Shovini Cmn .
Sc.nilolVoil.Ll:v.3.)'.p .
."Simitol I-aco FMwdor ,
Rosulur r'.'ttvil pries ,
II i.' vill ell at v r Mrs to I iv -M vv
t-m u uvail joi r II f ihr 'Jv v !l-i, , i 4t
ir.l.oil iclniv o.Vr r, t.lI( ( s iU.-i ; j.-n-jaj
lor . .c ujji.1 ;ivc J v n.
Cnas. L. Cottingv
Red Cloud - - . Nebraska
tUonimlsslcncrs' ProccctllrUs.
Treasmer was iiisteiieted to correct
11. ..,-.,. in Ha. Ii,x,.h of P.. Peters, as
properly was assessed in tho vilh.Ro f,
(inkle lbelc by mistake.
tn tlu petition f N. 12. Harvey ami
others. itsIthiR Unit a mail In opened.
..ii See. yi-M-.'. thooludriuun appointed
It i: .....,,. .1.! iiv..i.iiinliiim 1 V. .
Anderson committee fur invesllRiillon
Tin county assessor was Instructed
lo adjust tin? taxi's on uw M 1-0. sumo
1t'lliir school land.
tween M'elions 1ft and 10 was ordered
opened and platted.
.Novemlier ..
imiiiii I'iirwui iisni'.i in im- ni.- .i.--..
, . , m .. II. I
....... i i t ... i. . .. "ii. i .ii :
(innilUNl'tl lor sail' ailU 01llUllSS10Uei'.S
Sawyer, thallln and lMehards were ap
j pointed as appraisers.
I The nnmiiil statements of the follow -
.,-. p,,,i i iiimiiiitiii .list lie Simon Von
... i i en ijiinipintiu. nisi. is'.r.niion ""
I Itneltlnjr. Otst. '!'M K. K. Slilppmilll.
Dist. ,V.'.
lv. t, vw, t, . t. i,useuow. i. o . r.uson.
.Nellie West taster.
V.iveinber U'U
.j.j(, f,i (xx isiyf eliiimn were allowed
' n, u..,mmt nr, drawn for Mime:
j j M (.,.. jj on
' piovd trow IV nil
' nr c j.- Moraitvllle
i .lt-tV t'arawa. redueed to.
j j. (Jrice
1ft tit)
!'. 01)
Mi if.'
( j, UliwUleilire
II o
Saunders llros :ttm tft
W K (leer
1 (H)
t) P lledg
o I) lledg.
() 1) lledjfe.... T. ..'.." 21 Sti
c--:----- ...
10 on
HI (10
lift (ii)
ft (K)
s 00
ftO 00
Oft Ul)
School Dist. -.'11.
.1 t) Caldwell...
aiief I'nb Co..
I ); j,. uusl)11 ID
I Marshal! Oil Co
) . Francis...
, Ufouk
1. K Talt
Chief Pub Co. ..
' l.'.l l I.
Ii ."ill
ft (HI
Ill 00
P.'T i:
s .sft
10 00
t 00
ft (10
m. ..niuvu
M Dunlin
M'hool District 3(1
( Seo. W. 1 1 utehlsnn lili On
tJeo. W. Hutchison 'i" Oft
Xellie West Caster
Jury fees. November term....
Clarence l"1cr
iliic I lerburyer
ftS .(!
'.'(II 00
1ft 00
0 all
ft (10
' j 'I'm-ncr. .
The remainder of ilu'couiuiissioucrs'
procei iliii'.'s will be printed week-.
io UlC Lovers illld of fiOOtl Mll-
sic of lied Clotiil and Vicinity.
The Ked Cloud Uiisluess C-jIIoro has
au-ain made a stop toward the ndwuico-
- iii-Mit of success by seeuriiiR tlie s(.-.
iees oi Mfs.Mutlie lliiuderiip who i.s
know., throughout the country lor her
talent as a musician.
.. . . . ...
I She is u coruetist, teaehiiiR the Minn'
., .,i,.i. i .1
nil. i .-. ii 1 1? . iiyi i'l inv i iuiiii. ill......... Ill,
'.miini. nuri nin.iM
,r '
The music studio is in connection
with the college ami all those wishiiu,'
lust ruction on any of tliealmve insti it
tllitlltw W'HI li!fl' mill nt I In. iinlloiro
o.llcn an I nn.lo, ,.,.,.,...,,.... 1 1... ..
Is a chaucii to learn music at Itoino.
The school bond muddle is gradually I
clearing up. Those who circulated the i
petition nskhiR the board to cancel the
bunds tiekiu.wleilRed at the last meet-
jir of the board that they knew when
they presented their petition that the
board could not IcRnlly do as their ju-I
tition asked theiu to do and of such '
actions perhaps the less i. aid thebetter.
Now lot us all Ret behind the bmul
wagon enu Pumi mis tmnR iiI.uir to a
Hie suRRostioti of rother
I L1."! ''?.''' 's' wu ,M'liin''. Um best one of
fered yet. There it, in the bank's ol
'this county npproximatolv one-half
million dollars on which the depositors!
obtain iin interest. Now should n few
or then, liny these bonds they would
"!. aft,,- pa.vh.R their lax.-, n net
""""" "' i" "
and certainly they can R--t no bettor
1.. ... ....I Kit. limit llti ... ..,. ......I
illy those bonds.
I'lto board
lias lu'iMi unjustly accused or holdiin
secret sessions ami of other irroRuliirl
lies. Now we would surges! to thcui
l,,,,lt ,,"'.v "veeuts made of Hi.- build-
'"R "I'H-ii ini-.v ...........n
also jr.. some of the spe. lllciitioni. so
that all may Itnow what this building
will lo..h liUe.
Trade at Kisuie.
If you want to down thedepnrtmeul
hoitsrs. tin- liiUirs. ete.. v''t the people
fl'ht by 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 i ii o- them to patronie
hoiin institutioiis in prcii'ienee t fur
eijfn shops. 1 1 is all I'ljjhL, to hollef
si i m i lo.. r " iwii hi i in. k-iiiii. 1 1 ii ii. I. ' i.i I
cIil people ousrht to be fur lied t loiul
.. ii ,1.. ...... i . i .. ..
mi in.1 iiiiii'. lie ui i u nt'iii.y
..... ..!.. . l! I .? I.. .i ....
imu imir iu.u-s.nn .u n-u lu-iiim- iii
en peon
send out of town to buy tronits e.nil
buy them just as elieap in lied I'hmil.
ami perhan.s eheaner. -t o'.i ,l
N.s. brother llosmer. it is business
to p.itroni.e home people as well In
1hi.Iiiit one hind or mereluo .Use as nii -
other. Those who seiul toother tilaees
r . . ....
r,.. jr,,u(s seldom jjive the hoinemereii-
- i
, mil mi eipial ehauee with the foreltrn
Thev semi an onler to the
nrt.v ,nv(. saved mnnex on .heii
I puicluiM s. How iiiimn pcinl. . .iy
I know the x,. m the fliffe...,! ..iuds
of meieliiUMllse? We belie, ,., are
saf.- in snvinr that noi iiio.v H'inii one
in litt or .venm.iie Unow tfif differ-
enee in MHue of dl'fereiil .-InssuN bf
, merchandise. It is our eonlnl opinion
tn.u not more tnan one peis.,1 . wiictli-
er in. rcluiut or otherwise, can tell the
dllleiciici. between drir.-iviit kinds of
! ooflVes: nor more than one person in
one hnndud can tell the difference In
' price of two pieces of dress fdN(.mli
;ut no enstiiiK about tlfty cents per yard. In
ti iojfaet. yesterday we took three uieeesof
. --
floods around town lo llml iPtnis wore
' not true ami loituo mat tlie proportion
was really too larjfe.
Court Pruccsdins.
Mimo (ions vs C. II. i- (,). ttyCo.
Appeal. Jttiy found plaintifl $iz(j.
Maty M. Petty vs I.. J. Perry.
IJivoict;. Dropped from docket,
i pldui'iifj costs.
P.urnliam, Ilunnnli. M linger - Co. ' anwi-lim not only votetinnry .piesl
, ,t i I. i 1. . . ,. Ions, till leasoii dde qnoiies in ieanl
vs Alfietl lladell. Aiipejl. Low- .... ,. ., . .. ,.
to the breeding', the cine and looditi
tinned fui new trial, jury failed to f ,, dl,llUslU. ... he taught how
I'. C. tlitutl vs J.J. Ricliaidson.
Cotnfirtuntion. Sale Con ft
iitned an.l .I. il...
, ,
I,. P.. Lowles vs J. t). Vetner,
ax deed
bale Lt'iifirinud.
W. J. Reed etal vh Hcuiy Shel-
ton etal. Petition finding for plain-
John P.. Stnncer vs C'lius. Calhei
j Petition (Continued.
I Flic Sttmplinvr Cloak (o. vs A!-
; i red iisuitfii. .ppeai ontiuttcd. i
Kvjin A. Koss vs Clinties I. Say
lot. Ciiiuishec, Continued.
j Million T. Jiidiou vsM.liyS.
,. . ,,." .. . r, . .'.
LteiRhtoii and I',. A. LicirIiIou.
,, .
Petition, Continued.
('hailes S. Olmstead vs The t.'ilv
' ....,
; of Ked Llottd. DefeU'lunl given .o
j days to file answer.
Otnino (loss and l'.inio Coos vs
' ' Ial,l;c (',,,OS iUl(l Uewi' (J8.
ttity. Judgement for S.S45. j
Pioviilence Jewelry t'o. vs V. A. '
Smith. Petition. Continued, costs
taxed to piaintift. j
Churles I1'. Smith vs I he City of
Red Cleud. Damnije. City jjiveti
to days to file answer.
W. II. Fisher vs J. J. Ryan. Con
Atiges Vonderfecht vs I'tit. Undo
! JinT fi"vt! plaint. If 36.66 l-'otty
! days lo'file bill of exceptions. ,
!.. II. Andei.on vs AnmeL- ...n.l
Clianev. i'oieclo.siue. jo davs to'
Allen II. Coopei vs The Kannei's
Cieek Telephone Co. Appea
Action scltkd, tlisiniseii at plaintdls
City of Ueil (!loml vs Km inn J.
Diii'kct et nl. .nncation. Ku.ii
fin City decree as prayed for.
Clias. II. I'utlei vs David Mini
son. Appeal, ilismiyseil.
Koht. Dameiell vs S. II. Hentoi
Jr. Specific jierfurinanrt. Plaint n
i;ivcn to (layn lo file amended tv i
l'oyil Munsi'U vs Miles Povle.
Appeal. Jttiy luiurncd vetdict foi
Klijheth IltiRhcnvs Merrill. Di
vnrro. iJefendcnl allowed jodajs
to answei. Ii Kdwnrds vs A. II. Kee-
Ilex . J1, tition. C.'nnliuiteil.
,.l,f. f l
s. I). Rnascll. A ii-
lt Cotitinttcii.
I una Sell wen V a vs Aiulrcw Kiich-
son. D.nuage. Coii'iliueil.
I Chas. II. Potter vrt David Moni
(Slin. .j,K.a. Cominuecl.
I . ... ,, .. .... ,, .. ,,
i . i iiiiiv'r-i-A't iwr-iias ii iviikiui'ii
"I V'- v """"'
. I f ...-! .1
nisi .Minimal ihiuk oi nine inn
f'iiv r II... I f'lM.i.l va 'I'l... M!-l,.
, ' ,
'Pilu I,!8t ('- 5ne Loiihrmcil.
He fl ordt K(l.
IhlJ KllW York Trlbumslvirnifir.
When The New York Ti Puttie Asn.
ebMon si jours :u.i ? !! to pslnb-
U , i ,e Xi.w .irk 1P..i....rt...
H noil political imtionid j.iuriitil to
be devote Uo iwerv briijii'l. of titfrienl-
turn mid other interests of t ho fiiimer
mid his family in evety pail of the
fouutry. mi-it -f the hiUinst millioritv
ft, mety biaiieh of inim work and
evnoili.tico were eonsulted i.h to iviiC.
---... . ......
eis whose services lr would bo most
deirable to secure.
When tlio lute I Jr. C.J. Currier, of
M innesota.lheniiUiorol 'llorn'Seiisy,"
was asked to name the best writem on
horses and on vetm innry pracliee ho
he named only one: "Dr. ), .Smead,
living in l.ofjuii, N. 1. just the one
von want il vou can irot him." Ur.
Currier's opinion proved lnm as mil
a judtfe of men as of nurses.
Uf. Htnu'i.l undertook the uoi k of
lo keep them well and Unit hcse-ls
seldom need tnedicilie if proporly look-
' seldom need inedicliie if proporly look
" l,f,tu' -N'ot ,,1 pesli.ners alone
prolitod by Dr. Hmead's depatL.neut.
'. , .... ... ..
' mo vtiMie oi wuifii leeeivon iniuieiiiaio
'U 0.U'iido I roi-nKiiH'oii. Thoro is
....I. ...,i i.l. ,,.
, Kod toason for this.
Dr. ttutoii.l didn't take iti his pio-
fo-sion as mi easy way of emnitiR a
If9s a
That's whv it fits so
looks so stunning and
such good wearing
0 fljjJtysSjfYtt
These are the garments that
are designed and tailored for
Young Men only. Very popu
lar with the college boys and
ali young fellows who want
to appear stylishly dressed.
to $2.00
Paul Storey
Fifty Years the Standard
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Made from Grapes
uicr an
II.. his I.e. II
til' 1 1 flits
' lll'lll hN
i i.l is mi
ni fail in
li ! I.i i I
I i ln.''. aiiiM ds
luinnv when they utl'-r
lnmltli, si many yeiiis in,'.. Ii-decided
to leai u how to eire for and . ure IhVlii;
he dropped work, look a eoiirso nttrt
beeiuiie a do.-tor hlutwlf- n t for tho
money he mijild oirn. but for lliosnku
of l ho iitvloelud and suiiVi'iuh'iiniumls.
And he didn't slop study when lie left
school; he has studied buohs-, repuitJ
antl, hot er still, tho utdnrils tliem
Helves .neiy.lay since. No wondrr liu
stteeeeds ami Is to day. birvly on m't'
ouiil of ld work lite New York Trll
une Fanner, tho best known wtorfiiury
sttryeon m uiOiliM. Wo enii Ret you
the Now Y 'fji I'ribuu Farmer nnd tin"
Chief for :.00n y. nr.
W.U.T. Urates.
Durinix a Sunday afterintoii xv-mienV
uieetinif held in the auditorium l Lin
coln by the noted evanne'nt. tlins.
Heiyn Seoville. W. C. T. I . eardH wen
passed ainou the JitijJjUiye. tvhk'h re
sulled in one hundred and tlftcetuiddi
tions to the unions.. f l.aiicastertotmty
On the openinj,' nifrlit of the W.C. 'I.
F. national convention rerenlly held
at Nashville. Tetin.. uddressen of wel
come were Riven by the Rovernor, tin
uin.xor. the superintendent of public Ju
st ruction, the president of the Anti
saloon letiRUe nnd the president of till.
Tennessee W. C T. F. Prohibition
j'tilns were reported everywhere.
Oinaha has beRtiii woiIcIiir for tin
state W. c. T. IV convention for M(i'..
That city does not propose to submit
to another defeat.
At a lecent Purity coiiRfess Tield at
Mtiitii. iViii.t.' ttiii !i ifiim. ii ii . .r
. ul.,v,lt,.s nm, present, all of whom
I were entertained at the Dr. KelloRR
, sanitarium and tlie Mera.lden llenltli
",,mi'- ,,N"U',1I werepiesenf ,
anion" them beiiiR Anthony ( oinsUn-k.
who told of the destruction of tons, of
stall' unlawfully passiiiR throiiRli thi
inalis. Carrie Nation was there, anil
nil l.iiii;.'li not on the program sptic
three evelliims lo ai'di.-nces limited
only by the si.e of the buiidiuR.
1 1
win give
r. ijiMi iwit
nu'.j. m rfi.iMi i. (v.
The Clothier,
-roiEftftv m (h:ix?mm
.' to
i ' i I!
- i :. - M
: f .. &
. wft.u-