The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 27, 1907, Image 8

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(From tho Loader.)
Mrs. Ned Grimes was a passenger to
Red Cloud Tuesday for u" short visit
with her parents.
a r At. . xi .,,. ..i ...... wl !,. 'l'liii..u1(ii.
... , . . ,,
from Ind ana where ho spent a month
.... ... . i ..
visiting scenes of his younger days.
William Bostwiok's new residence
,,.,.. , . .
west of Mrs. Newcomer's is nearly com-
, , . . lit .11..
P otod. Carpontor work is about flu
!,,,, . i.i....
is hod and plasterers are now taking
their turn at it.
, ..
Wednesday evening of last week nl
the home of Wev. Sohubkegel occurred
tho marriage of Mi-s Anna Kuhn to
Louie Schmidt. Tho cei oniony took
place at 7:I!0 in tlio presence of a tow
friends and relatives, and the young
couple were waited upon by Frank
Schmidt as bridegroom and Miss Ber
tha Kuhn as bridesmaid.
Otto Ortman had a runaway last
Thursday which terminated in his got
ting bruised up qulto a little and losing
considerable cuiticlo from tho side of
lilu fund On who lrtultiw i'nv tlin llvni-f
Imm r.,,,1 linil rrovntinr, ni,.fnr mm. I
us a passenger, and they had got to the
Mmool house on thoir way to the conn-
try when a couple of the tum camo
down, lotting tho tongue drop and thou
trouble commenced right. Tho buggy
was upset and tho top torn off and the
Wiorses getting loose from tho buggy
wont through sovoral wiro fences and
wore cut up pretty badly. Tho picture
man was bruisod up a little.
(From tho Enterprise.)
Frank Ilallcraud Miss Tessio Novak,
both of this place, wero married at Red
Cloud by County Judge IOdsoti, Tues
day. Mr. uud Mrs. James McRrido and
children, of Cowlos, visited with M'??
and Mrs. Charles Spoiico and Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Horn, Sunday.
Charles Spenco and Rov.Foutch wont
to Red Cloud Tuesday, taking tho cor
nerstone of the Methodist church to
Ovoring Bros, to bo ro-chisolod and
polished for the re-dedication of next
Sunday. They went down in Spouco'b
unto. '
J. N. McCuuo has a largo picture of
tho Red Cloud baud, separate pictures
of the orchestra, saxophone, cornet,
rood and horn sections of tho band, all
mounted on ono card, which was pre
sented to him while in Red Cloud this
weok, aud he has it on display in his
More window this wook Mr. McCune
was a member of the Red Cloud baud
nt its tlrst organization. Tho Red Cloud
boys are a lino looking set, well uni
formed and good musicians that any
town should bo proud to possess. They
will play hero for tho fair.
(From the Signal.)
Martial band boys have
Robert (iarrison and wife aro homo
after an extended ttip in tho west.
Sam Doming arrived Tuesday eve-
ning to visit relativos and friends here. !
Mis. Aultmau is moving away and
Jake Loper will occupy tho house va
L. A. Globo is walking with a cane
us the result of being thrown from a
Neighboring jouins 1
T. II. Mann and family tiro moving
to Formosa, Kan.4. They have boon
living on a farm south of town.
A.J. Mofford, brother of James Mef
ford, left for Iowa Tuesday morning.
While hero ho bought propoi ty in Ked
.,, ........ .... , ,
Cloud, and will movo to that plaoo inn
,,, . ,, ., , , .
C lay ton Cassoll, a small lad two years
,, .. . . .in
old, fell faco foremost on tlio sidewalk,
. ' .. . . . , . . . '
driving a stick he had in his month
,,,.., , , 4. ., ,
bailly. The little fellows have to learn
not to do such things by hard knocks.
During tho tent mooting Friday eve
ning an exciting runaway occurred.
Mr.Nash's horso and buggy was hitched ,
to tho rack opposite tho tent. It bioke j
loose demolishing several other bug. '
gios that were stauding in close prox
imity, j
Rov. Martin, tho now Christian min
ister, will move into tho Hunter prop
erty recently vacated by J. A. Shoeloy.
His family consists of a wife and ono
child. Rov. Aydolot, tho present min-
,,,tert wiM l)reU his flirewoll SOrtllOll
on the ''flth
T-J- Malonoy, manager of tho cream
station at this place, tolls us that ho
made perhaps the highest; cream test
that has been made in the state. The
cream was brought in by Chris Hanson
and tested ('). Croam was brought in
hy D. C. Morris tested Gl. Tho average
cream test is 38.
(From the Citizen.)
Tom Logan was up from Republican
City figuring on a deal to disposo of
his property hero.
Hildroth has voted J10,000 to put in
waterworks and Upland will vote on a
similar proposition next Tuesday. ,
John Oansinoie. who tins boon down
to Lincoln for tin- past month taking
treatment, came homo Rat.irduv sliiM.t. !
Iv imnrovec' I
,, ,-,. . , . . , , . ,
(.eorgo Hrkins has ,ust completed I
extensive improvements on Ins resi-1
douce property, a handsome addition
now being ready for occupancy.
Mr, aud Mrs. Lon Watson have given
Fred Jacobson a contract for tho build
ing of a generous addition to thoir ros
denco property here in town, work on
which was commenced yesterday.
Alcid Chevalier has located in Macon,
whore, in connection with his brother,
R. C. Chovalior, ho has opened out in
the well and pump business. R. C. is
absent on an oxtondod tour, having
visited points iu Idaho, Montana, Al
berta and Manitoba, aud is now in east
ern Canada.
(From the Review.)
1-M McAllister of Red Cloud' was on
our streets Wednesday.
Stewart Albright of Reil Cloud, was
transacting business in our city Wedn
esday. t
Miss Lonnie Thompson and Clyde
Coake have gone to Kearney to attend
Rov. T. W. Owen pi cached his fare
well sermon last Sunday. He has not
been assigned as yet.
Frank Shopherdson left Tuesday
morning for Lexington, Mo., whore ho
, is the only
High Grade Powder
offered to the
consumer at a
Moderate Price
It should not bo
confused with,
the cheap, low
grade powders
on the one hand,
nor the high priced
trust powders on '
the other.
o military academy.
Mr. and i
s. John Patton was f)wn
to thoir tidy
home on the Cftrlea
James farm
last Sunday, and nit pro
paring to nilvo soon.
Mrs. Car
iihati and
hor dachtor
have boon for till past
s visiting with Mii Ada
miiurou roi
mn , i i
whore they
threo mont
An af tern on party was given iv Mrs.
B. Shcplier son Tiiursday, in lfnor of
Mrs. Otto Vollonburger of ljuooln,
who has be i a guest at hor lif no for
the past we k.
A very deightful wedding to
at John Jalios'at which plnl Miss
Myrtle Jam
tor Shelton
k was married to It (lies-
'!'!.,. ,.n...i..tinv At. .,.,..
formed by R
v.T. W.Owon.aftiwhicli
a bountiful -1
le'lding dinner wn
I erved
in courses.
n tho Messenger)
John Ideiiroturned the first
I" last
week from Stipulpa, I. T., whertfe has
boon visiting a son for several vfeks.
I Charlie Ajlams and son Clyde
if tho
' Lebanon oouutry, were in tt
i Thursday tjreparing Charlie's
hold' effects, for shipment to C
, having trailed his Oklahoma f ax for
Colorado initiated land. I
mi !.... m.. ..
" r I
L1IU UlUlllUUiy iHUUIlUb LUUL )IS uu
this market in tho shape of mttor!
would pass much bettor as a jecoud
hand samplo of oleotnargeriue. t sells
for .10 cents a pound aud is nut
good as- tho common countrj mtter
brought into tho stores at 15 to: cents
a pound.
Tho first of October Kansasjioople
will have a flat two-coiit ratifif the
railroads obey the ordorof tho qtlroad
commissioners made at tho heng in
Topoka recently. Tho railroadvofus
od to accept tho order of tho rllroad
commissioners to present any ouilonco
which might bo thought to bo npessa
ry to show tho reasonableness f- tin-
reasonableness of the two-cent Ire in
Kansas. State housoofllciais goarally
boliovo that tho railroads willj
Ul0 rilto- T,Iy 800" to have
h hint
f some other place tlmt this
I)0 ,loM0 atto1, tho proper show
k ro
s'stl"o was made by tho road
,ds,ki t
two cent faro is confidently
to Octoboi. lst
(From tho Argus.)
A. J. Forgoy was in Esbon Wednes
day on business. I
Isaac Myers wont to Clyde, Wins.,
Monday after another car of watermel
ons. Miss Eva Myers returned Momlay
evening from her visjt with her rela
tives in Nebraska.
Mrs. Doc Nelson of Rod Cloud, came
up from Gaylord, whtro she has been
visiting, Monday morning, aud drove
f i om hero home.
O.S.Stanley was so unfortunate as
to got his foot in tho way of a corn
cutting machine, last week. Ho has
been gotting around since by tho aid
of a pair of crutches. .
As Norman Hutchinson was at work
ill a well for W. S. Avdelot. a nli.mi of
. v .j .. .-
CM... I I!.... .....1. .).... ....r..l I.. .... 1.1 I.
iiilHIUI I u- lllllIJIUli III M llllll IUUIV-
ing a scalp wound that took seven i
stitchos to dose it up. Ho is about
again and a weok or so will see him as
good as over.
(From the Sentinel.)
Tho little girl of Mr. and .Mrs. V. O.
Kiuikin died Sunday at their homo in
this city attor a short illness. Tho fit-
noral withhold Monday forenoon, inter
ment being in tho llloomington oeino-
lory. '
MissKato Richard, daughtorof Mr.
and Mrs. William Richard, and Mr.
Chester Uutnbaugh, wero united in
iniiri.igi Wednesday evening of this
week, ut the bride's home southeast of
j llpll0(.
1 Miirrlego licenses granted Would
0. Uoudicau, Campbell, OuronoKchain-
peau.l iimpboll. Chester Shelton. Wiv
ertou, Myrtle .lames, Wivorton. Wool;
.1. Frost, Campbell, Lena M. Mareollle,
Campbell. Charles II. Feller, Camp
bell, Anna M. Hourich, Campbell.
(From the Advocate)
The Douglas -Paulson breeding barn
is now up aud enclosed.
Mrs. K. L. Jones has touted tho
Moore property ill the north part of
town and has moved into the same.
J B. McGrew of this place and C.
Hildreth or Franklin, wero in Umauu
this weok attending a bankers' conven
tion, Rev, Leouard aud wifo are lu Mo
Cook this week attending tho Method
ist conference. It is thought that he
will be returned here,
will attend t
What Dees a Hlfth School Do For a
Younft- Nan?
(A. E. Wintiliip in Neb. Toucher.)
One of the most absurd of the old
fogy notions Is that high .school docs
not pay.
First, that it does not pay the stu
dent. Second, that it docs not pay the
Look at the absurdity of those prop
ositions. Without the equivalent of a high
school education one cannot cuter any
college, university, or class pro
fessional normal school, cannot become
a physician, lay wor, preacher or teach
't civil engineer, mining engineer,
lllvllltl'C.t. Ill" I'lltl'l1 IIIIV III llll' 1IIVlflii.ltiti
"- "- --.--- ...... ........ . ...... ;..,.
Hereafter, not to go to a .school or
academy is to close the door of hope,
prospect or aspiration for professional
There arc a hundred thousand of the
best business positions in mercantile
houses. mntiufacturimr nhiuts :inilrni1-
mm! iti-iwii-ittfiML. !. ti... i ..:..! ci,.i , !
loan coi potations in the I lilted .States
for which no young man will be eon
. sidercd at all unless lie has the equiv
alent of a high school education.
I ri'l i i.. . -i .i i ...
i l,0,v are 'I nunilred thousand of the
Ul,!,t phtc-es in industrial establihhments
1M w"cli a young man will get extra
k'00'1 "fiw and a sure job immediately
"P" K"lnation, because he has grad
Andrew Carnegie has given as a rea
son for the great .success of his steel
' plants that he was the manufacturer
to buy scholarships and pay a pre
mium on it.
I When a prominent railroad man said
that he would employ no young man
for a n j' position that had promotion
ahead who had not at least a high
school education, was asked what he
meant by it in view of the fact that
neither he nor his associates had such
an education, he replied: "There was
no high school for me when I was a
young man. but today a high school
education is so easy that a boy who
will not get it shows that he cares
more for getting to work than ho
does for getting ready to work."
The four years that a boy works
while he might be in a night school
amount to little. Few boys of this class
have a hundred dollars in the bank by
the time they have graduated, and that
means not more than six dollars a year
for life, whereas, in any line of work
a fellow can earn ten to fifteen times
six dollars a year more if he had made
good use or his high school opportun
ities. There are several cities in wnieh
the business houses have a standing
offer for earnest high school graduates
whom the principal will recommend,
and at a wage greater to start with
than they would be getting if they had
been out at work for the four years.
I.n a variety of ways it is easy to
deo.onstrate that a young man gains
for life, financially, by getting ready
for life work.
$cond, does it pay the public?
)it the average graduates of the high
suhiols pay ten times as much taxes,
dirtotly and indirectly, as those who
haj. not had any education above the
gra ninar school, taken as a whole.
T em"'M' this can only be applied
w,v'v tntv ,ms bt'l'n "(,(h1 fm' P"1'-
liclliigh school for at least thirty years.
but it is true wherever there h is been
a lnh school for ten years, if we take
onh persons of the age that would
haw given them
an opportunity
haw gone to the high school.
Or, if you confine the comparison to
thoe who actually graduated from the
grammar school and went to school no
more, with those wjio did go to school
for a higher preparation for work, and
the taxes they pay into the treasury,
directly and indirectly, are decidedly
greater than that by the former class.
This is easily demonstrated when wo
i'""hlur the taxes on the houses in
which they live, the places In which
they do business and on the various
places of business and professional
men whom they patronie.
Indirect taxation is all too little con
sidered iu educational economies.
Do you know that l'incsalve Carbol
i.ed acts like a poultice in drawing
out inflammation and poison? It is an
tiseptic, For cuts, burns, cracked
hands, ccenia it is immediate relief,
i.'ie. Sold by Henry Cook.
Wo want a good news correspondent
at Inavale and one at Cowles. We will
furnish all the stationery and postage
riwintnfl mill will wmiiiI 'Pin. Plitof v...
iury to eaeh correspondent without
charge. Call at this oflieo or write for
' instructions.
Your skin should be clear aud bright
if your liver is in normal condition.
Dade's Little Liver Pills uct on the
liver, and headuche, constipation and
biliousness disappear. Price 25 cents.
The last Kansas legislature enacted
a law "requiring tlyj school otllcers 6'
uvery district in ine siaie mj pruviuu mu
American Hag for the school building.
Notice of Tax Sale.
Nollco In hereby given that the tinderslRiieil.
on the Flxlli ilar of November. lti, pnrc-biu-ed
of the county treasurer' of Webster county. Ni
brnskn. nt nrivntt' sale, the following described
real eMnte. fold for dtdlinjucul tHXUH for the yent
1WH. Hiid hltunted In Ked Cloud. Wt'bMereoiitil).
NcbniKfcn. to wit- I.otH slxtten (10) and iwveii
teen (17). block eleven (11 . Smith Moore'i ml
dltlon to Ked Cloud. Webster eoiinty. Nebtimkn.
mid liixeil In the nHineof K I. Anderson.
The tibou- limned person iind hII otlur petsoriH
uhocinlm hii luterc-it In the iibovc lain will
tnkc nollco Unit the time nf redtniitlon of. snlcl
hind from mid tax Mile will expire on thcTthdny
of No ember. A 1) il ".after which I u III imply
for n tux deed to nil of the nboie ImikI which I
not rediemed .1 8. IIoiikiitmin.
Puled llilMVd duy of .July. 1IW.
Notice of Tax Sale,
Notice l hereby kIu-ii tlmt the underiliriied.
on ihu (ith duy of November, 1W5. ptirrliiiteil i.f
the eoiint trwiHiirer ol Weblir cotintv. Nehru
mi. nt prlvntc Mile, the followlnu tlcM-rloe'l tenl
etnte Mild for iluliiiqiiMit bixes for the veiir 11KII,
mid sltiuitid In Ked rloud. Webcier coiiuiv. Ne
brHk'i, to wit- Lots tour 1 1) live (fi)nnil 'lxiil).
in bhi'k ten ill'), of I.eDne'h iidilulon to l(e
riouu. NehriivkH, tiixcd In the iiiiuie of Kditlt
j 'I be iibove nnnied person mid nil otlie win
DiiilcotliHt the tlineoriedenptlonof Mild hunt
from Mild tnx Mile will expire on theTih dny of
iiniiii Mil iiuuil in llllMinove IIIIIII Will ItlKO
Nmi'lllher A.I) Ill7 iiII.t I ulllm.i.U-
tor h ihx ilfed for nil of theHbove Iniid tlmt fit
not redeemed. I.ouia Hanky.
IbitedthN llth iIhj of July, MOT.
Notice of Tax Sale.
Notice Ih hereby given that the umlerMmieit
on the 2d duy or Jnminry iwm tiurchiiK'd of the
county treasurer of Webster county Nebrnskn nt
prlvntc unle. the following described renl cetiite
sold for delinquent tHxei for the yerh lHMi to
KH)I Inclusive, nnd Mtunted In Ited Cloud. Web
Mt-r county. Nebrnskn to-wlt: Loin Uk-ien (M
nnd Twelve (12) In block Fourteen (II) In HhIcv
t JHCkcon'H addition to ked Cloud. WcbMer
county. Nebrnskn, nnd taxed In the name of Im
U Martin.
The nbove unuicd person nnd nil pernon ubo
claim nn Interest In the above premlsex will Inki
nottre that the time of redemption of unid hunt
for said tax sale will expire on the 2d day nf
Jannary 1WJ8, nfter which I will apply for a Imx
uitcu iu uu vi inu ouove uesenneu tiremise .
which arc not redeemed. It. I)LL.
uaiea sepiemoei 18, ID
Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Ind.. gays; "My
wife had Inflammatory Rheumatism lu every
muscle and Joint: tier Bufferlni? waa terrlblu
aud her body and face were Bwollen almost be
yond recognition: had been In bed six weekn
and had eight physicians, but received mi
benefit until she tried Dr. Detrlioii'a Ktllef for
Rheumatism. It gave Immediate rellet mm
she was able to walk about In three davs. i nm
sure It saved her life." Sold by U. "E. Orlee.
DrugKlfct. Red Cloud.
Just Received, a Car of
You can save money by
taking 500 pounds of him.
T5he Medical
Chemical Co.'s
Hog Powders
are the best on the market.
Expell the worms, allay the
fever, sweeten the. stomach
and place the hog in a healthy
They are sold on a guaran
tee, or your money back.
Parties wishing any of these
will consult our agent,
W.H. WALTER, nod cioud, meb.
Agents wanted. Write Super A: Wil
cox, Rivet ton, Neb,
v'RWldence: 'First door South of
lted Cloud Mill, 101 South Wobster
Can be found'at home every fore
noon. Terms reasonable.
"; imAxs. i -..?
.... .-.-.,
! . wtoutsmamur wwp?
vrj-vJ-u jiJuii-iU
zMnmwft-'r..iawutMMc- -hmi
MiMM iMiwNff"rt61'--'''"'' i w