The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 09, 1907, Image 5

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W. W Good was over from Lebanon,
thto week.
On Wednesday a two-inch rain fell
over iu Walnut township.
There will be services at the Kpiscr
jiiil church next Sunday morning.
Mr. anil Mrs. Lawrence MeCall are
the parents of u son, born last Sunday.
Wan n:i Small second-hand lire
proof safe. Address II. N. I.eui-. Rla-
Ion, Neb. 2t
Mrs. Hart Wright of Xoligh. Neb., I
is visiting with her brothers, Kd and i
Tracy Sherer.
In this Issue of the Chief County
.ludgr K(Im)ii auuouuees his eandldaey
for re-election.
Charley Fort of Omaha and Mrs. Xel
lie (Jardnerof Orleans were among the
vinitors this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Oiner Doling of Nor
folk, Neb., are parents of a daughter,
born last Friday morning.
For a short time we will receive
subscriptions to The Delineator at 75c
per annum. F. Newhouse.
Mrs. Charles Hunter and Mrs Davis,
of Inavale, were the guests of Mrs.
Mnry Arneson the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. K. It. Mercer of Gibbon,
Neb., visited the first of the week with
the former's brother, M. A. Mercer and
Do as the rest will do, see the Ruth
Craven company's fine plays. Opera
house, three nights, commencing Mon
day, August 111.
Dwight Wilson came home from Lin
coln this noon and will remain until
tins first of September, when his vaca
tion will be over.
Hail did considerable damage to
crops south of the river Tuesday eve
ning. Rev. George Hummel was again
one of the worst sufferers.
Md ttobbins and wife leave for l.o
villa, la., in the morning, called there
by a telegram announcing the serious
illness of Mrs. Robbins father.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henderson and
Mm. R. J. Skeen went to Verdou, Neb.,
the first of the week, being callodjthere
by tho serious illness of a sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thomas are the
parents of a daughter, born last Wednesday-,
at the homo of the mother's pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Evans.
Mr. and Mrs.C. II. King and daughter
of ludiauola and Mrs. I. Evans and
daughter of Denver, were guests at
the home of Will Parkes, Sr., the first
the week.
Charley Godsey, one of the most
popular barbers who ever worked in
Red Cloud, came in Friday and will
'work for Dal Sheard. His wife accom
panied him.
A. T. Walker, our rustling real estate
man, took a party of six too Hayes
All kinds of
Staple Fancy
Your Patronage is
Solicited by
All tho Phonos
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough!
Bears tho
Signature- of
, . .
county last Tuesday evening. Horo-j
cently sold over 520,000 to buyers from
Thayer county.
You say ha'lm, and then you laugh
some more when vou see the comedians ,
with the Ruth Craven eomoanv at tho I
opera house. three nights, commencing
Monday, August 12.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Curtin of Hill
ings. Mont., were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Arnold of Rluo Hill tho
first of the week, and they came down
to take iu the Chautauqua.
Mrs. E. .!. Culbertson and Mrs.Grace
Culbertson of Peru, mother and sister
of Mrs. L. H. Fort, stopped oil' in Red
Cloud Thursday on their way home
from a trip to Colorado.
Hear Miss Thelma De Hccque. Amor-'
lea's youngest prima donna. Her vocal '
selections are alone worth the price of )
admission. Opera house, three nights, ,
commencing Monday, August 12.
U C. Olmstead and daughter Rial, of ,
Inavale, were In town yesterday. Mr
Olmstead will have a sale a week from
Tuesday, after which he andMissOlm
stoad will go to Colorado on a pleasure
SJ . SI-X7-i--
Quite a crowd came up from Superior Hedge, J. Holsworth, .1. Havel, Ed
Wednesday evening to celebrate that Amack, W. II. Tuber, Charley Walter,
town's victory in the baseball game. l). ltimten.
and they brought along with them' Knights Ren MeFarland, Paid Pope,
Superior's little German band to help Charles Leuzler, W. Scrivner. A. H.
make a noise. j Koi ney, Ed Walters, R. F. Muntz,
The Knights of Pythias and the , Horace Urown, .John Mutz.
Eagles are playing a game of baseball, Umpires "Lee" Graves, "Doe" Nel
this afternoon for the benefit of the son, J. Lain, G. Rradbrook, Harry
band and baseball boys, One of the ' Gilliam, Oscar Rurroughs:
agreements is Unit each player has to Scorers Oscar Teel, George New
pitch one inning. house and one or two others.
TIih Union m,...t.lnLrs will nrrain be
F..M11.1...I n...vt Snndav evenimr. Rev.
C. H. Smith will preach the sermon.
Mrs. Clara Hazelrigg and daughter
are expected to be present and take
part in the program. A welcome ex
tended to all.
Frank W. Cowden, of the Cowden
Kaley Clothing Co., loft for the east
the first of the week to lay in the firm's
fall and winter stock of goods. Tho
firm's business the past year shows a
big increase over that of last year,
which was a record-breaker.
The Skaggs Jewelry Co., of Lebanon
has replenished its stock and will soon
be open for business. Mr. Skaggs was
in Red Cloud this week and informed
the Chief that the announcement stat
ing that he had retired from the jew
elry business was a mistake.
County Commissioner II. G. Sawyer
has announced his candidacy for re
election. Mr. Sawyer lias made one of
the best county commissioners we have
ever had, but we had understood up to
a few days ago that on account of his
extensive business at Inavale he would
not be a candidate for re-election.
Frank Henderson has bought the
J. II. Railey place in the western part
of the city. This is a beautiful subur
ban home, with twelve lots and good
cottage and outbuildings. Mr. Railey
gives possession September 1, when he
will move Into his beautiful new
home, corner of Chestnut and Fifth
streets. Consideration, fc.'OOO.
Ren P. Ranks and brother Arved,
from Catherton precinct, were in town
Wednesday. The former came down
to accompany his daughters liome.they
having spent a week here attending
the Chautauqua. Arved Ranks, who has
been employed for the past year on
George Cather's place will leave a week
from tomorrow for a visit in Sweden.
Fred Hansen, a farm hand, was ar
rested Tuesday night upon a warrant
sworn out by W. .1 Scrivner, charging
him with buying and delivering in
toxicating liquor to Al Scrivner, who
is barred from purchasing liquor for
himself. Anderson pleaded guilty to
the charge and was fined .10, which was
reduced to 817 and was paid Thursday
During tho second game with the
Topeka Giants, Pitcher McCIosky of
Nelson, who was playing right field j
for Red Cloud, lost his pocket book
containing about 80. The purso'was '
found Tuesday evening near the right
field fence, by Geo. Miksch, sonof Ru
fus Miksch. At the time it was thought
the purse had been picked up by one of
the colored players, but In the light of
the present circumstances it is plain to
be seen that an injustice was done f
Prof. Alvin Snapp is organizing an
other band, to be wholly made up of
new beginners. Tho first meeting will
be he'd next Wednesday, and all par
ties interested are requested to see Mr
Mtapp before that time. Thoobio'f
of the new organization is to furnish
subs'itutes fur the present band, and
in time it is expected that all of the
new players will be taken Into the old
band. Mr. Miupp is certainly working
hard to give Red (.'loud a first class
musical organization.
Asa Gurnoy, living four miles north
of town, received a kiok from a horse
Sunday evening that came near putting
hlm ol,t ,)f '"lw- U ems he was
"ut ,M ,,is h"K lot ''Hng the hogs and
il ,,rsi' tlmt as running "found in the
lot made a kick at a hog and lauded
his hoof In Asa's stomach. Mr. Gurnoy
walked to the house and telephoned
for his nephew. Tina Gurnoy, who lives
on the F. Newhouse farm, then ho lost
consciousness. He was so badly injur
ed that he had no recollection what
ever of having called anyone by tele
phono, lie is now getting along nicely
and his recovery is assured.
KnUMs of Pythias no Natch for the
Hl$h Flyers.
That was a great game of baseball
pulled off Friday afternoon for the
i benefit of the band. The teams wer.
m!ule up ()f uwn rtfpresi!lltltlK tlie
Knights of Pythias and Eagles, the hit'
ter winning the game by the close
score of 4f to HI. Tho teams were made
up as follows:
Eagles F. Hurdon. Lee De Tour, F,
ll W"H "uxl " impossinie u. Keep
traok of t,R' brilliant plays made by the
various players, for sometimes the
playing was so fast that even the um
pires could not tell what the players
were trying to do.
The Eagles were very naturally the
best ball players, as they could soar
into the air and catch the flies (and
other Insects). Tho way Ed Amack
and Ren Muntz flew around the bases
was one of the features of the game.
Amack missed several chances in left
field by lying down on the straw stack
and going to sleep.
Rill Tabor played a star game in
center field, he having managed to
dodge all the balls that came his way.
Paul Pope distinguished himself by
making the only two lly catches that
were made. He also hit the ball once
in a while, though in this he was no
different from the rest of the ball play
ers with the exception of John Havel,
who was not able to solve the slants
. and benders of tho speedy pitchers
1 whom he was called upon to face.
During the first two hours of the
game the playing was fast and furious,
but for the next two hours and a half
things rather dragged, as the boys
were getting tired. Somewhere along
about the -third hour of play Darrel
Rurden got a nice hit, but he had to
stop to rest lie: ween first and second,
and by rolling the ball along the ground
Judge Keeney managed to catch him at
second base.
It was great to hear the Eagles scream
when one of their side a brilliant
play. The Knights were no less loyal to
Complies with all requirements of
' S
"Our food was good Bear
steak, flapjacks, frcsli bread, etc
but nothing seemed to warm and
strengthen us as much as a cup cf
ARIOSA Coffee, which wc kept in
the original package, and ground as
needed.' Tron a centlemw now Ira Dctlilelvm.
Aibuckle' ARIOSA was the first roasted
packaged cofTec,- packaged for the cojumcr s
protection and the pores oi each berry sealed
after the routing with frah eggs and cugar to
keep the coodnoa ia and make the coffee icttle
dear and quickly.
Men's, Boys' and Children's
at Real Bargains
20 Per Cent Discount Sale
now on
HATS AT COST. Straw Hats at
One-Half Price.
Come and get your slhare of the good things.
315 Webster St.
First Door North of Post Office.
their men. and when one of them made 1
a run like Damon racing to tho rescue '
of Pythias he was lustily cheered.
County Clerk Lee De Tour was one
of the best players among the Eagles.
Whenever he got an opportunity to get
the ball in his talons ho soared around
until he found one of thebravoKnlghts
trying to make a score, when ho would
put him out. '
One of tho most thrilling plays came
in the second hour of the game when
Eagle Amack was making a short fly
to first base. Something got tho mat-
ter with one of his wings and he fell I
to the ground. Hi1 managed to repair'
the damage, however, before the
braves could find the ball, and Hew
Ren MeFarland did some fine playing
for the Knights, he having managed to
stop one grounder.
Taken altogether, the largo crowd at
the game were not disappointed In the
playing of either side
is it was not
much worse than they expected to see. see and leave the opera house with a
As a result of the game the l)and boys 1 satisfied feeling. The plays are all
will have about thirty-dollars to put' new and up-to-date, presented by a lino
in their treasury. company of ten players who are well
a , , 'known iu the theatrical profession,
Orrln Hedge's House Burns. Alonft With
All the Contents.
Sunday night about ll o'clock fire
broke out in the house on the old Win.
Holsworth property, thre e miles north
of town, which was recently bought
by On-iu Hedge. Mr. Hedge was sleep
ing in the house alone and was awak
ened by smoke. He r.ushed out to give
the alarm and his cries were hoard by .
George GrllVeth, who called the neigh-
bors over the country phone, but be-, at the county fair at Rliuleu, must
fore sulllcient help arrived the fire got make application to the secretary, D. 8.
beyond control and practically every- Phelps, at Rladen, not later than Sop
thing was lost. The house could not I teniber 1, and send stall and pen fees,
be rebuilt for less than 81.100. The in- as the association must know this in
surance on the house would not begin j order to know how much more to build,
to cover the loss.
the National Pure Food Law, Guarantee
'-T-V I
Talk about "roasted fresh daily," the
way to get a cup of coffee that tastes
like coffee, with all the delicious flavor
and aroma intact, is to buy Arbuckles'
ARIOSA and grind it as ycu want to
USS it. V.'a.-:sa it a Lie Jvlw t!w Diver (.oj
yV Hf-. fSwy
A Jr&V' Vffiwr nm ram s&ect S
I . y T-'-" lr V...-vX V-s. Rs'jti l!e crxi'na cs:y. Co? Icaei iti identity ai
I U J --At U n- 1M js ccLte a::cr licna
i aSoV sW
I X- ,-
Speed Program of the Webster County
Fair Association.
Tuesday. Sept. 21 -2:40 trot, $100;
2::il) pace, $100; riiniilug, one-half r.ille,
8.10; mule race one-half 111110,81.1; pony
ninnlnir one-half mile. 8:10.
j Wednesday, Sept. 2.1-2::iO trot, $100;
free-for-all paeo.S 1.10; running ono-nalf
mile, 8.10.
Thursday, Sept. 202:20 pace, 8150;
free-for-all trot, SlfiO; novelty raoo,8l0;
consolation race, 8.10.
Friday, Sept. 27 -2:110 trot8100; frco
for-all pace, 8150; pony running one-
half mile, 82.1; mule race, one-half mile,
Entrance fee .1 per cent .1 per cent
additional from money winners.
Consolation purses for horses tlmt
have not won a first money.
American trotting rules to govern.
Three Good Plays.
Hie plays to lie presented by the
Ruth Craven compauyare the kind you
1 fafwwl II ti tit tJ twittl rt 1 if li ti mm t tt4 w
v wwn iir-i.w-tMiii.- rtirwv,itii ivu i tn u biu
duoed between acts making the per
formance practically e-utinuous. Lov
ers of good clean theatrical entertain
ment cannot afford to miss l,Her Fatal
Error," "Ross of Idaho,"and "The Sen
ator's Daughter," as presented by tho
Ruth Craven company, three nightii
commencing Monday August 12. Se
cure your seats early.
AH persons wishing to enter any
horses, cattle, sheep, hogs or poultry
as nearly all built are taken.
No. 204 1 , filed at "Washington.
: sround
Never buy loose coffee out of a bag,
bin cr tin. If it were good the roaster
would not be ashamed to sell it in a
package with his name on it.
Tlio ule of ArbuclkV ARIOSA exceed thow of all
tlio oilier packaged coffer) combined. Il it tho Lett coHea
for you, &nj coiti ycu leu.
If your grocer won't supply, write to
New York City.