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Mr. Blacklcdfcc Gives Some Information
Regarding the Barker Case.
County Attorney Mlncklcdgc has pre
pared tin: following statement for
publication concerning the Marker in
Minilty ttiul. While the result of the
trial is a disappointment to Mr. It luck
ledge and nine out of ten people in the
county, it is no fault of his that the
trial went the way it did. lie went
to Lincoln and gave the attorney gen
eral all possible assistance, remaining
there until the verdict of the jury was
announced. Mr. Hlncklcpge said that
the ease would be fought to the finish,
. but at the same time he realizes that
it will be a dltlieult matter to secure a
jury of twelve men in Lancaster coun
ty who will say that Marker is sane
within the meaning of the law. In
our opinion the time will come when
T.uucustyr county will become so tired
of these insanity cases that no attor
ney will care to appeal to the court of
that county to save the neck of a cold
blooded murderer. Following is the
statement of Mr. Mlncklcdgc:
"To the Publisher So much interest
has been shown by citizens of the
county in the recent trial at Lincoln
in the matter of Frank Marker's in
sanity that a statement from me might
be of interest to your readers.
"The trial lasted one week, and was
before Judge Frost of the Lancaster
county district court and a jury of
twelve citizens of that count v.
"Marker testified in his own behalf
and produced as witnesses a number
of employes of the broom shop at the
pen, where he has been working, who
testified they believed him insane, as
lid also a number of convicts three
of them under sentence for murder and
two for embezzlement. Mesidcs these
there was one physician and the
prison chaplain who were' of the same
"On the other hand the prison phy
sician, Dr. Holvoke. and Dr.. Ilav.
Kern and Young, .superintendents of
the three insane hospitals of the state,
wlio examined Marker.. all slated that
in their opinion he is sane, as did also
a number of Lincoln doctors who had
examined him.
"Marker was proven to have told a
different story of the crime after the
trial In Webster county than what he
now says he remembers of it, and
seven witnesses from Webster county
who had known him well here testi
fied that there is no noticeable change
in Ids looks or actions from what they
wre at and before the trial, and that
from their knowledge of him he al
ways has been and still is sane.
"The general impression of those
who followed the trial of the, cast was
that the state had made very cleir
proof of his sanity.
"The jury was unable to agree on a
verdict, however, standing six for san
ity and six for insanity. They were
discharged by the court and another
trial of the same matter set for Sep
tember H, when a new jury will be
"I expect to be there to assist the
attorney general.
"It Is reported that in the meantime
Marker's attorney will try to get the
sentence commuted to life imprison
ment, but I do not tkink Governor
Sheldon will interfere.
"The costs of the hearing amounted
to about 8.100, which probably Lancas
ter county will have to pay.
"We have all learned something by
this trial, which was the first of its
kind in tlio state, and I think the state
can make a stronger ease next timo
than it did this. '
"L. II. Ill.Al'KI.KW'K,
"County Attorney."
To show the general trend of opin
ion we publish a few editorial extracts
from the Lincoln papers:
Lincoln Star: "No doubt the people'!
he is condemned to ,ue are a lutie in, -
patient over the law's delays, but they
must remember that these delays are
a natural part of the administration
n justice and that the laws must be
..'nrcme. It may be irritating to those
vLu feel confident that Marker ought
to pay the penalty now to know that
because of the insanity jury's disa-
greement he is to have a respite of
many more weeks, but here is a tunc
for a display of that noble patience
which criminal procedure tests so fre
quently." The Evening News says: "It has
got to a point where many level-head-
ed citizens believe a halt should be '
called on the activity of the peniten-
tiary otlteials in aiding criminals to
escape the punishment Imposed upon
them after being fairly tried ami con
victed. Chaplain P. C. Johnson has'
prouauiy none more aiong mis mie
than any other. He draws a salary
from the state for looking after the
spiritual welfare of the convicts, but1
apparently conceives il ins uiu.y to
assist in freeing them from the conse-
quences of their, crimes. Johnson is
the man who made the original all!
davit two years agv, expressing a be
lief that Marker was insane. The law
specitle.s the warden as the otllcer to
make the allldavit, if he holds such a
belief, but Warden Meemer refused and
Johnson obligingly stepped into the
breaeh. J he chaplain testified for
Marker in the later hearing, saying
the latter was "mentally and morally
deficient." Johnson also lent his as-
sistance in getting a pardon for .Mrs.
Lillie. His aid was enlisted more than
once in securing paroies unu cmuinu-
tations for prisoners during the Mickey
The Journal caustically comments
on tne uniairness oi maicing i.uncusicr
county bear the expense of the trial. ! managed to get to second, scoring on a accommodating treasurers the' county discharged Sunday morning after luiv
amounting to S3U0, saying it is impos-' dean single into right field. They got j has ever had, will have no opposition , ing announced that they were unable ti full Iwiw iTititii filmic .Tiiilir., .....1.. . l I.... .... '..... .. .1. . ..
sible to tell how many times Judge
1 lamer will insist on bringing the
case up.
A Good Result.
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doubt explains its greatly increased
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Careful housekeepers are
advantage of the protection
laws afford, and are u.viiiui
rcadinir matter on the back of the label
before adopting any brand for use In
the home. batted .the visitors and earned their
When In tbe place of cream of tartar victory. '
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Indians Defeated Wednesday In a Fast
Game on Red Cloud Grounds.
There was a splendid turnout
Wednesday to witness the baseball
game between the Haskell Indians and I
the Med Cloud team. Of course nearlv
everyone predicted that the Indians
would have a walkawav. but when tin.
sU)ju. f battle cleared away it was
the Indians who were found to have
been scalped instead of the palefaces.
"Doe" Nclsonjind a "bum" arm as
result of the game at Cowles on Mon-1
llllVf ,lIlrt ., Ued Cloud team was I
strengthened; by securing the service of
"Doe" Fulbirs. the Chester twirlcr.who
pitched a heady game and had the In-
,.,aus ut i,,s UU!ruy n, critical points In
the game.
Ued Cloud started the fireworks in
the third inning when Nelson and
Saunders both hit safe after two men
were o'.t. With Saunders on second
and Nelson on first, lloyd Smith hit a
clean two-bagger that scored both men.
' r. tbe last half of the fifth the In-
diims had not sueceded in getting a
man past first base.
In the sixth inning the locals again
took a batting streak. Lane mid Graves
singled, and both scored on Smith's
two-bagger. I lines got a safe oneand
Saunders hit one into the trees which
the Indians could not find, and liotli
mcn scored.
It looked like a shut-out up to the
first half of the ninth, when one of the
redskins hit one into the trees and
a couple more men on liases, lint tlie
Heady pitching of l-ellars anil the fast
fielding of the Med Cloud boys preven -
ted their scoring again. The last In-
dian went out on a dilllcnlt foul fly
which narry mown captured niter
' '""R' through the crowd along the
, 'K1'1 "" ' "-
1 " 1U-'11, "' I l,ailMlu l,,u
,iftn' WMun t,,e I"lii"s ' men on -hst
and second. Fellars fielded a hot one
which he slummei to Lane at second,
"iK 11 lllli runner, ami i.ane got
lt lwn to Mrown at first in time to
'-'ut ,v the hatter, retiring the side.
With the exception of a collision be-
tween Nelson and Graves in left Held,
a which the the ltcd Cloud boys played an error" i the race for the Republican noinina- turn I exhibit premiums have been grenk
ning all the less game, while the Indians had two I tion. Fp to the present time we have ' lyinurcnscd. and a good tiinu is proin-
to their credit.
However, the Ued Cloud team out-
C. E. Putnam, Two Sons and Two Other
Gentlemen Severely Shocked
During the storm Saturday afternoon,
near Cowlcs.thc barn on O.K. Putnam's
place was struck by lightning, and
splinters of wood were thrown in every
direction. .Mr. Putnam and his two
sons, N. C. and Miles, and George
Denton and a gentleman whose name
we did not learn had taken refuge
from the storm in the barn. Mr. Put-'of
nam was badly injured from the shock,
and the others were more or less sha-
ken up. The lightning burned a blis-1
ter nearly a foot square- on Mr. Put-
nam's breast, and he was rendered un
conscious. The bolt, ran down his leg,
tearing his clothing and burning his typewriting. Mrs. Steward graduated
flesh, it went through the heel of his with highest honors ut the Columbus
shoe, piercing a hole as clean as a bill- Mnsiness College In Uio. iiml now holds
let hole. His shoe was torn from his an unbeaten record on the Underwood
foot anil thrown quite a distance. A typewriter,
silverine watch which he carried in i ,,, ,,f h, ..!,.,,,, m..,.i..i,i .f
his pocket was melted.
George Denton was also struck by
the bolt and badly burned ami shoek-
. ed. though his injuries were not so se-
i rious as were thoseof Mr. Putnam.
' No 0l)OSltlon.
It begins to look as If the present
( Republican olllee holders were all going
, to be given another term, witli the ex-
" ception of County Assessor Turner,
, whom the law docs not permit holding
olllce another term.
j County Treasurer W. C. Frahin. who
has boen one of the most ellleient and
within his own party. He represents
i the northern part of the county on
' that ticket.
Sheriff ). D. Hedge has surprised his
friends and confounded his political
enemies by his exceptionally good work
-m tin otllcc of sheriff. Oliver has shown
that, though he is a giant in stature.
I he can get around over the country and
round up the lawbreakers with surpis -
lug ease and swiftness. He will go in-
to the campaign this fall with as j-ood
a record as any sheriff of the county
has ever had, and he will have no Iron-
' j,,. ; n.llK re-elected.
Mrs. Nellie West Caster, county su-
' perintendent, will have a clear field in
heard of no other candidate for iioin-
ination, and it is bertain she will have
no opposition within the party. The
olllce is by no means a sinecure, and
with the possible exception of the
ollice of county clerk there is more
work attached to it than to any other
county olllce.
i i
L. M. Steward Will Nannie Business
College the Coming Year.
Mr. Lewis M. Steward, who came
here recently from Columbus, ., has
taken the management of the lied
Cloud Musincss College. Mr. Steward
formerly was manager of the Columbia
I Commercial lTniversityof Lnnenstcr.O.
lie received a commercial education at.
the famous Columbus Mnsiness College
Columbus, ()., anil since his gradua-
j tion has taken a very active part in
commercial life.
Mrs. LewisSteward will bepriueipat
of the shorthand and typewriting dc
niiriments. teaching the' (iiee-ir svsteiu
of shorthand and the touch system of
... . L. .... ... ... ... --.-,h .!'
short, ha nil, .Mr. Steward claims that it
is the greatest and simplest system
ever placed heforu the American peo
ple. The school will open September II,
and everyone Is invited to visit the
college headquarters tent during the
Another Fiasco In the Case of the
Webster County Murderer
The jury in the insanity ease, which
was tried at Lincoln last week, was
to reach a verdict.
They stood six to
six against insanity.
It would be a ditlicult matter to con-
vince any citizen of this county that,
' Marker Is Insane within the meaning
of the law. The case will be brought
j up again in the district court of Lan
caster county September 0. It begins
to look as though Marker would escape
1 the death penalty.
The Webster County Fair,
L. K. Snence was down from Mhuleir
this week soliciting advertising for the
I premium list of the Webster County
Fair, to be held at Mladeu, September
211 to y.H. Moth the speed and agrlcul-
iscd to all who attend.
I'he people of
Mladeu are very hospitable, and they
, do not look at the expense account
when getting up an entertainment. As
, this is the only agricultural society In
the county, every one who can possibly
do so should make arrangements to at
tend .