The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 05, 1907, Image 4

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Cure Your
Why? Because it is annoying,
untidy. And mostly, because
it almost invariably leads to
baldness. Cure it, and save
your hair. Get more, too, at
the same time. All easily done
with Ayer's Hair Vigor, new
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formation of dandruff !
Does not change the color of the hair.
formula with tub bottle
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Aik him about It,
then do ai ho aaya
The new Aycr's Hair Vigor will certainly
do this work, because, first of all, it de
stroys the germs which are the original
cause of dandruff. Having given this aid, l
nature completes uic cure, hicsmihh,
restored to a perfectly healthy condition,
UadobythoJ.O.AyorCo., Lowell, Xmi.
'Jo the voters of the Tenth Judicial
I hereby announce myself a can
didate at the Primaries to be held
tfoptember :i, 1H07, for the Republican
nomination for the oillce of Judge of
the 10th Judicial District of Nebraska,
comprising the counties of Webster,
Franklin, Harlan, Adams, Kearney
and Phelps. Hespectfullv submitted,
K. lT. OVl'KMA.V.
To the Voters of Webster County:
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the Republican nomination
for Ciituitv Clerk of Webster Coitntv.
Nebraska, subject to the primary elee-
tion to lie held September .'1. Mill'
K. W. Kox
A Opportunity for Women's Clubs to
Do Real Good.
(Worn Colliers' Weekly).
)skulo"sa, Iowa, has many claims to
Vstinction besides a beautiful name
jind the otlleial residence of Kissock,
Patriotic Instructor of the Grand Army
.of the Republic. It has what Carbon
dale, Kansas, has not and what every
town needs a "rest room" where
farmers' wives may stay while their
husbands are indulging in man-talk.
Mrs. 1211a Peattie. who crowns a suc
cessful literary'career by painstakingly
reading tltese editorials, thus writes
oi 'A glimpse she had of this beneficent
chamber when she happened to be in
Oskaloosa one hot spring day: "I
wandered about the town "for to ad
mire'', and chanced to observe the farm
women turned into the basement of
the City Hall. The place was a "rest
room." 1 think I went down a step or
two into a beautifully clean white
washed room. There was a rug on the
cement iloor, and there were muslin
curtains at the window. Half a doz
en rockers and several other easy chairs
were in this room; the table was spread
with the latest magazines and the local
papers; there were a few shelves of
books m the wall, 'and some more than
agreeable pictures, and a clock which
was really keeping time. Out of this
room opened an apartment supplied
with three long tables, twenty or
more dining chairs and a sofa. The
tables were covered with clean news
papers, and on them were spread the
luncheons which the farm women had
taken from their baskets. Openingout
of the sitting room was a large toilet,
generously supplied witli clean tow
els, soap, combs, etc. A motherly wo
man presitb d over these rooms, and
supplied me with a drink of water, a
fan, and some excellent information."
The "rest room" idea in Oskaloosa
originated with the woman's club of
tiie place. A delegation had visited
the town council and secured an appro
priation and the attractive basement
rooms. "I do not know the division of
expense" writes Mrs. Pontile, "but be
tween the club nud the council, the
matron and her wage, the place was
heated, supplied with literature, grow
ing plants, and clean linen, and not
only the farm women but the girls
from the telephone otllce, and the ste
nographers from the city otllces and
the clerks from the shops had this for
their place of meeting. Here they
could enjoy that sociability which is
needed for the Christian digestion of
si meal and refresh themselves. The
pictures were reproductions of master
pieces. The books were good enough
for the best to read. The erndle was
dainty enough for anybody's baby. It
gave me, a sojourner, a very friendly
feeling, It not only rested my body,
lint what was much more to the point,
St warmed the cockles of my heart. I
fancy that the women's clubs, which
have, and renUzo that they have, too
little connection with reality, often
would be onlv too glad to Imvc such
an honest, disinterested, practical
piece of work to do, if only the idea
occurred to them, It's a piece of be
nollconcoof a distinctly feminine order.
And any town could have a rest room
any town with merchants that want
the trade that women bring,"
Some Radical Changes Made by
Last Legislature
If there is any one thing in which
the city man as well as the farmer is
interested it is the question of good
roads. The last legislature made some
important changes in these laws that
are not generally known, and we give
a brief summary of them for the bene
fit of those interested.
One of the new laws provides that
the county commissioners shall appoint
ft rtliSinteivstcrt c.ector to ttcl ,, colll.
. . , . . .
missioner to view and report upon the
expediency of a proposed new road,
alternation or vacation.
Another provides the road fund cre
ated by a tax levy for road Improvements
shall be used in the road district, pre
cinct or county without the aid or ex
pense of employing a county surveyor.
It shall not be necessary for the board
of cpunty commissioners to advertise
for bids where the levy is live mills or
Another provides that the road over
seer in each district is authorized to
have work done on the public high
ways by use of the road drag. The
road overseer shall cause all public
roads to be improved, giving piece
deuce where necessary to main travejed
roads between towns and cities
road overseer may, when in his
judgment it is necessary, call out any
able-bodied man .10 years of age or un
der, or team owned by any person in
the district, to perform such work, not
exceeding two days at any one time,
good wages to be paid such men and
tbams. Any person failing to respond
without good cause, shall be subject to
a fine of Sit). Ten per cent of the road
funds shall be set aside for use in keep
ing In repair and dragging all highways
along which the I'nited States rural
free delivery mail routes have been es
tablished. Any road overseer who
shall chdiver to any person his receipt
giving credit for work done whensueh
person does not actually work, shall be
guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not
less than S10 nor more than S-r0 for
every such receipt issued.
In our next issue we will give a fur
ther summary of the new road laws,
some of which are even more important
than any of the above and require a
more extended explanation. The leg
islature has certainly awakened to the
fact that, next to good schools, good
roads are more benefit than anything
else to the people of the state.
E. W. Ross For Clerk.
In another place in today's paper we
publish the card of K. W. Uoss announ
cing himself a candidate for the otllce
of county clerk, subject to the will of
the republican voters at the primary
election to be held September 'i. Mr.
Iloss was a candidate for nomination
two years ago but was not successful.
Mr. Hoss is too well known throughout
the county to need any "boosting" by
the newspapers, but a few words to
those who do not know him will do no
harm. For several years he operated
the only dray line in this city and at
the same time was agent for the Adams
Kxpress Co. He was twice elected
mayor of Kert Cloud, and during his
incumbency of that office the afi'airs of
the city were administered in a busi
ness like manner. For the past year
he has been the local agent for the
Beatrice Creamery company, and his
fair dealing has won for him a host of
friends among the farmers with whom
lie dealt. lie has had considerable ex
perience in clerical work, and is fully
competent to look after the business
of the county.
If you have not painted your gaso
line can red ami labeled it with the
word "gasoline," it Is time you were
doing so, as the law is now in effect
and you are liable to a fine of S."i0 if
you disobey it.
Hlsewhere in this issue Mr. John M.
Chatlln lias nn article setting forth the
qualifications requisite for a district
judge. We can heartily recommend
the article to our readers, believing as
we do that Webster county's candi
date, Mr. F. U. Overman, fulfills the
requirements as set forth in Mr. Chaf
fln's article, and a few others which he
does not mention, among them a keen
perception of the points in a case at
law and the brain to give an accurate
summary of the case.
Mrs. CJ. W. Dow and daughter Ava
eft Saturday for Colorado City.
If you suffer from bloating, belching,
sour stomach, Indigestion or Dyspcp
.sin, take a King's Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal, and overcome the
disagreeable trouble. It will improve
the nppctite, and aid digestion. Sold
by Henry Cook's Drug Store.
Pineulcs are for the kidneys and
Itladder. They bring quick relief to
backache, rheumatism, lumbago, tired
worn out feeling. They produce nat
ural action of the kidneys in filtering
waste matter out of the blood. :tl)
days treatment SI. Money refunded
If Pineulcs are not satisfactory. Sold
by Henry Cook's Drug Store.
The base ball boys have raised
enough money among the merchants
to pay the rent and fix up the grounds
in Moore's pasture, east of town. The
diamond will be "skinned," and the
boys are doing some good practice
work preparatory to the big game
with the Haskell Indians on the 17th.
In the meantime there will be two
or three games with teams from sur
rounding towns. There is plenty of
good material here, and all the boys
need is practice and a little confi
dence in themselves.
Extent of the Deep Waters and Their
Tremendous Pressure.
More than half the surface of the
globe Is hidden under water two miles
deep. Seven million square miles lie
nt a depth of 18.000 feet or more.
Many places have been found five
miles and more In depth. The greatest
depth yet sounded Is I'l.'JOO feet, near
the island of (iuani.
If Mount Kvurest. the world's high
est mountain, were plucked from Its
seat mid dropped Into this spot the
waves would still roll 'J.000 feet above
Its crest.
Into this terrific abyss the waters
press down with a force more than 10.
000 pounds to the square Inch. The
stauchest ship over built would be
crumbled under this awful pressure
like an eggshell under a steam roller.
A pine beam fifteen feet long which
held open the mouth of a trawl used In
making a cast at a depth of more than
1S.O0O feet was crushed flat as If It had
been passed between rollers.
The body of the man who should at
tempt to venture to such depths would
be compressed until the flesh was
forced Into the Interstices of the bone
and his trunk was no larger than a
rolling pin. Still the body would reach
the bottom, for anything that will sink
In a tub of water will sink to the utter
most depths of the ocean. Exchange.
Some Things That Balk the Ingenuity
of Civilized Man.
The head was no bigger than nn or
ange, the black, bearded head, perfect
ly preserved, of a man of forty or so.
"The Dynks alone," said the ethnolo
gist, "have the secret of taking an
adult human head and i educing It, like
this, to less than half its size. Their
houses are ornamented profusely with
these reduced heads of enemies slain
In battle. No one knows how the re
duction Is accomplished. It Is a mar
velous secret that the Dynks refuse to
give up.
"Savages, degraded as they are be
side us, possess n number of marvel
ous and unfathomable secrets. One Is
thu making of fire by the rubbing of
dry twigs. Only a savage can do tlint.
"Another Is the construction of fish
skin suits. The nntlves of the Siberian
const make suits of flshsklu that are
softer, finer and far more waterproof
than any fabric known to us. What
could be so waterproof as flshsklu?
"A third is the secret of arrested
life. There are aborigines In India
who can die temporarily, can be buried
a week or more and on being dug up
come to life again.
"The best blankets, the best baskets,
the best canoes and the best dyes are
nil made by savages." New Orleans
Hicks I owe you an apology. The
fact Is, It was mining, and I saw your
umbrella, nud, supposing you had gone
homo for feood, I took It.
Wicks Don't mention It. I owe you
nn apology. You left your new hat,
you know, and wore your old one. Ad
I had no umbrella und ns I didn't wnnt
to wet my hat. 1 put on yours. Hope
you don't mind. Pearson's Weekly.
The Dust.
Thoy were celebrating their engage
ment by dining at n swell cafe.
"Do you believe," she queried ns the
conversation lagged, "thnt man la real
ly mnde of dust?"
"Well," ho rejoined, glancing nt the
dinner check, "he wouldn't bo nble to
travel fnr In your company If ho
wasn't." Chicago News.
Tho mnn of grit corrles In his prea- '
enco a power which snares him the
' necessity of resenting Insult. Success. '
I Get Ready 1
w 9
fl Porto Ricans, $1 to
Take a look at our line of Soft Shirts,
50 cents to $3. Be glad' to show you.
Paul Storev. cSkr
I). Nelson, commander of Colony
Port No. 14, Fitzgerald, (ieorgia, ar -
rived last night for a visit with his
sisters, Mrs. Younglove and Mrs. Mary
Serl of lllue Hill, who came here today
... ,, v , . ,
to meet him. Mr. Nelson was one of
the early settlers, having located near
Inavale in 187(5. He left here in 1880
and went to Harvard, Neb., where he
resided until about twelve years ago,
when he joined the Fitzgerald colony
of old soldiers who- went to (Ieorgia to
establish a colony. Mr. Nelson has
evidently prospered in his southern
Here Is Relief for Women.
Mother (J ray, a nurse in New York,
discovered an aromatic, pleasant herb
cure for women's ills, called Australian
Leaf. It is the only certain monthly
regulator. Cures female weaknesses,
backache, kidney, bladder and urinary
troubles. At all druggists or by mall
r0 cents. Sample free. Address, The
Mother Gray Co., Ley Roy, N. Y.
Albright Bros.
We cannot afford to do
less than satisfy in
quality, style, price and
give to you our person
al service and careful
Calls Answered
Night or Day
Rural and Bell phones
at store and residence.
Probably be hot
later. You can get f
l i i '0
the best selection Ay
now and be ready (t
r j .v
ioi warm uays.
line is very attract
ive this season.
Sailors, 50c to $2.50 (f
Notice to Bidders.
' xotict, is m.rel)V KWvn thnt sc,lltMl
bids will be received at the otllce of
, ll'c county clerk at Ited Cloud. Neb., up
l"1A;1,,f,1'!;1",;k.I1,,,,.ll1 July, - the
building of a sidewalk ti feet wide on
, weht si(U of Cmu.t OMStf SijUlllVi Sl(.h
l a walk must be constructed to comply
with city ordinance. Hoard reserves
me ngnt to reject any or all bids,
hi: Dr Tout.
County Clerk.
Canon City, Sunnyside,
and Genuine Nigger
Head Maitland
You may bo particular or wlint
some coll "cranky," but OUR
COAL will please you.
Our cool is clean and we deliver
Boll Tel. GO.
Rural Tel. 71
Barber Shop
Basement of
Potter Block.
a Specialty