The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 01, 1907, Image 6

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Pawnee City Man Killed.
I'awnio City, .-Job., b'vu. 115. I
Lohmlllcr of this city wnn lolled ny
' fmit Rtock tr-.In. IIpIii'5 n " trim
j-omowhero nnd tho ttnin not ptoppln,',
Lohmlllcr jumped off nt a cross. us .
Just east, or the dopot, striking ou
his head.
Rock Island Files $6,500,000 Mortgage. '
Lincoln, Fell. 20. Tho Chlcatj),
Hock Island and Pacific Uallwny com
pany, acting for tlio Itock Island Im
provement company of New Jersey,
filed with the secretary of state a
mortgage for $(5,fT00,000. Thc mort
gago runs to the Hankers' Trust com
pany and, under the ngroement, the
money Is to bo used for tho" purchase
of equipment.
Ashland Is Told that Farming Com
munity Mas Reached Its Growth. J
Ashland, Neb. Feb., 25. -Ily invita
tion of the Ijuslness Men's association,
W. II. Munss of Chicago, Industrial
commissioner of the Hurllngton, vis
ited Ashland and conferred with the
morchants of tlio town concerning tho
futuro growth of this city. In hla
talk to them Mr. Manss impressed up
on their minds the lact that the future
of tho small city In eastern Nebraska
dopeuds solely upon tho changing of
the character of Its buying community.'
Tho agricultural community about
tho town has reached Its full growth
and tho business men can look to ilt
tlo increase In iho iuturo in tho popu
lation of their surrounding rural dis
trict. Increased railroad facilities
have developed tho mall order houses
of tho larger cities which are limiting
serious inroads upon tlio local mer
chant's sales. This problem can best
bo mot by converting tho small city In
to a factory town. Many manufact
uring concerns are leaving tho larger
cities on account or high rentals and
tlio difficulty in obtaining labor and
aro looking to tho small towns In Illi
nois, Iowa and Nebraska for suitable
locations. Mr. Manss demonstrated
that the financial returns from tho lo
cation of even one factory would bo
great inasmuch as such an Institution
employing 100 persons at an average
price of $1 a day moans a payroll of
$000 a week. Mr. Manss held that this
was a larger sum than the entire
amount of money spent in Ashland or
any town of similar slzo in Nebraska
by tho farmers of tho surrounding
They Differ In Many Ways From
Those of Our Own Country.
Hot water i not "laid on" (piped) at
foreign hotels, says tho Travel Maga
zine. If you hear a gentle tap on the
door In tho morning, you may Inter
pret It as meaning that u copper ewer
of hot water has Just been set down
outside for your personal use.
If you tinier a bath. It will be pre
pared for you accordingly, and a sweet
voiced maid will give you notice when
Hie fi&tt&nift
(U i m t kI u
position to wait and watch ami yet pre
serve hla dignity.
It wns early In the afternoon of
March 2!) that Loder, in response to a
long standing Invitation, lunched (juici
ly with the Fraldes. Helng delayed by
some communications from Wnrk, he
was a few minutes late In keeping his
appointment, and on being shown Into
the drawing room f mini the little group
of three that wok to make up the party
already assembled Frnldo. Lady Sa
rah and live. As be entered the room
they ceased to speak, iflid all three
turned In his dlrcrtbn.
In the first moment he had a vague
Impression of responding suitably to
Lady Sarah's cordial greeting, but he
knew that Inimod.av.y anil uncon
sciously his eyes turned to live, while
n quick sense of and satisfac
tion passed through him at sight of
her. For an Instant he wondered how
she would mark hi avoidance of her
since their last eventful Interview: then
instantly be blamed b'mself for tho
passing' doubt. For, before all things,
he knew her to be a woman of the
He took Fralde's outstretched hand,
and again he looked toward live, wait
ing for her to speak.
blie met his glance, but said nothing.
Instead of speaking she smiled at him
a sinllo that was far more re issuiin-,'
than any words, a smile that in a
single second conveyed forgiveness,
approbation and a warm, nliuiMt tea
dor sense of sympathy and comprehen
sion. The remembrance of that stnllo
stayed with him long nfler they were
seated at table and lar Into tho future
the' remembrance of the lunch itself,
with its pleasant private sense of sat
isfaction, was destined to return to
him lu retrospective moments. The
delightful atmosphere of the Fruidos'
home life had always been a wonder
and an enigma to him, but on this day
lie mwiiioiI to irrasn Its meaning by a
Persian gulf, round which British In
terests and Influence center, and the
consequently alarming position of hun
dreds of traders who, Hi the security
of British sovereignty, aro fighting
their way upward from India, from
Afghanistan, even from Ihiglancl her-
Following up his point, he dilated on
these subjects of the British crown
who, cut off from adequate assistance,
can only turn In personal or commer
cial peril to the protective power of
the nearest consulate. Thou, quietly
deinauiilng the attention of his hear
ers, lie marshaled fact after fact to
i.omonstratc the Isolation ami Inade
quacy of a consulate so situated; the
all Siit arbitrary power of Itussla, who
In her new occupation of Meshed had
only two considerations to withhold
her from open aggression the knowl
edge of Kugluiid as a very consider
able, buf also a very distant, power;
the knowledge of Persia as an Immi
nent, but wholly Impotent, factor In
the ease.
Having stated his opinions, he re
verted to tho motive of his speech his
desire to put forward a strong protest
against the adjournment of the house
without an assurance from the govern
ment that Immediate treasures would
be taken to safeguard Liitlsh Interests
In Meshed and throughout tho province
of Khorassan.
The Immediate outcome of Loder's
speech was all that his party bad de
sired. Tlio effect on the house had been
marked, and when, no satisfactory re
spouse coming to his demand, lie had
lu still more resolute and Insistent
terms called for a division on tho mo
tion for adjournment, the result had
been an appreciable fall in the govern
ment majority.
To Loder himself the realization that
lie had at last vln Heated and justified
himself by Individual action had a pe
culiar effect. Ills position had been al
tered in one remarkable particular.
Before tli's day he a!o:ie had known
himself to be strong: now the knowl
edge was shared by otlici-a and he was
human enough to be susceptible to the
Tho first nnnreclutlon of it came Im
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Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
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Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
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"' d
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new light us he watched Kve often nioatoly uftel. llu L.Xl.itement of the
It is ready. You aro not expected to
under Its Influence and I lit hlmseir
drawn Imperceptibly from the position
of a speculative outsider to that of an
intimate. It was a fresh side to the
complex, fascinating life of which
Fralde was the master spirit.
These reficotions had grown agree
ably familiar to his mind. The talk,
momentarily diverted Into social chan
nels, was quietly drifting back to the
Inevitable question of the "situation"
that In private moments was never far
from their lips, when the event that
was to mark and separate that day
from those that had preceded It was
unceremoniously thrust upon them.
Without announcement or apology,
the dour was suddenly Hung open and
Lakeley entered the room.
His face was brimming with excite
ment, and his eyes Hashed. In the
first haste of the entry he failed to see
that there were ladles In the room and,
operate tho water valves at all, and It crossing Instantly to l-raiue, lam an
Is doubtful If you would succeed If open telegram before him. "Tills Is
vou tried. olllclal, sir," he said. Then at last ne
From a variety of vacant rooms at a glanced round the table.
Ladv Sarah l" lie exclaimed, "uun
hotel shown you you select the one
you prefer, with a definite agreement
as to price. You are not required to
you forgive meV Hut I'd have given
a hundred pounds to be the first with
accept humbly and thankfully, in bHnd, this!" He glanced back at Kraide
faith, whatever room the clerk deigin
to assign to you. as in America. It Is
expected, however,, that you will order
your breakfasts at the hotel, being free
to get your other meals elsewhere ir
you prefer.
r.lectiie light switches are not com
monlv turned on by a push button or
Ladv Sarah rose and stretched- out
her hand. ".Mr. Lakeley." she said, "1
more than understand i" There was a
thrill In her warm, cordial voice, and
her eyes also turned toward her hus
band. Of the whole party Fralde alone was
perfectly calm. Ho sat very htlll. his
a Hal key, as In our buildings, but by a small, thin figure erect and dignified,
division, when Fralde. Mingling him
out. took his arm and pressed It affec
tionately. "My dear Chilcote," he said, "we are
all proud of you!" Then, looking up
into his face, lie added, in a graver
tone, "but keep your mind upon tlio
future: never be blinded by the pres
ent, however bright It seems."
At tho touch of ids hand, nt the spon
taneous approval of bis first words, Lo
der's pride thrilled, and in a vehement
rush of ambition bis senses answered
to the praise. Their, as Fralde In all
unconsciousness, added his second sen
tence, the hot glow of feeling suddenly
In a sweep of Intuitive reaction
the meaning and tho danger of his
falsely real position extinguished his
excitement and turned his triumph
cold. 'With an Involuntary gesture bo
withdrew ills arm.
"You're very good, sir," bo said. "And
you're very right. We never should for
get that there Is-a future."
The old man glanced up, surprised by
the tone.
"Quite so. Chilcote," he said kindly.
"Hut we only advise those in whom we
believe to look toward It. Shall wo find
my wife? I know she will want to
bear you home with us."
Hut Loder's Joy In himself and his
achievement had dropped from him.
He shrank suddenly from Lady Sarah's
congratulations and Kve's warm, silent
approbation. - v
to be continued.
It will pay you to take Rood care of
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reliable liver medicine,' and that is
small brass lever. Many ol the best
hotels have a reading light in tlio
headboard of each bedstead.
A theory as to the origin of Picca
dilly was put forward by Archdeacon
Hlckerhteth many years ago. He had
discovered a Piccadilly among tho
. Chllterus, tho central one of three con
leal hills near Ivlmrlioe. and ho learn
ed that this hill had at one time been j mot
as his eyes scanned the message that
meant so much.
Kve, who had sprung from her seat
and passed round the table at sound of
Lakeley's news, was leaning over his
shoulder reading tho telegram with
him. At the last word she lifted her
head, her face Hushed with excitement.
"How splendid It must bo to bo a
man!" she exclaimed, and without
premeditation her eyes and Loder s
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known alt-o as I 'caked hill. Might uot
London's Piccadilly likewise be a
Peaked hill? No doubt the hill lu Pic
cadilly la not remarkably peaky, but,
then, the same tiling might be said of
tho Derbyshire peak Itself. There la
another Piccadilly near Aberystwyth,
and yet another near Holton. Hut In
the provinces one always suspects bor
rowing from London In such cases.
.There are Hyde Park Corners in pro
vincial towns that have no Hyde park
io Justify them. London Chronicle.
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wo nre.-Gnrlnnd (Tex.) News.
In this manner came the news from
Persia and with It Loder's definite
call. In the momentary stress of ac
tion It was Impossible that any thought
of Chllcoto could obtrudo Itself. Invents
had followed each other too rppldly,
decisive action had been too much
thrust upon him, to allow of hesita
tion, and It was lu this spirit, under
this vigorous pressure, thnt ho made
his attack upon the government on the
day that followed Fralde's luncheon
That Indefinable atlentlveness, that
alert sensation of Impending storm,
that is so btrong an Index of the par
liamentary atmosphere was very keen
on the steady southward advance of
Itus;da Into Persian territory from tho
distant days when, by a curious irony
of fate. Husslan and Hiitish enterprise
combined to imiko entry into the coun
try under tho sanction of the grand
duke of Mosovy to the present hour,
when this great power of ltussla long
since alienated by Interests and desires
from her former co-operator had tak
en a step which lu the eyes of every
thinking man must possess a deep slg
ulllcauce. With his usual quiet persistence ho
pointed out tho peculiar position of
Meshed in the distant province of
Khornssuu,. Jts vast dlstaiiee. from tho
An Infantry soldier named Selielber
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home in a little village in upper Aus
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ment should be notified of the death,
and he proceeded to do so In tlio fol
lowing letter:
"The undersigned village burgomas
ter requests on behalf of the soldier
Selielber two days' more leave, as oth
erwise his Interment cannot take
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