The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 01, 1907, Image 1

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I School Notes
The literary society 1ms been organ'
i.ed and meets in the main room every ! best legal talent in the state and is do
Tuos av ovenine-. olarod to be constitutional. If this bill
The high school has been organ
into u chorus with .Miss DtteUer as
leader. The chorus sings three limes
a week during opening exercises.
Red Cloud needs an athletic Held.
The high school has already received
challenges for base ball games, but
has been compelled to reject them be
cause no grounds are available.
Miss Ward, who was out of school a
few days on account of the illness of
her mother, is again in school. Miss
Albright had charge of room three du
ring her absence.
Superintendent A. A. Ueed of Supe
rior has lately been appointed State
high school inspector by the board of
regents of the university. Mr. Ueed
has already assumed the duties of his
new olliec, though he will be nominal
superintendent of the Superior schools
until the close of the year.
Attendance in the south ward du
ring the last three months has been
verg light. ''' two weeks the total
attendance ranged about fifty. The
mam cause, of course, was the diphthe
ria case that terminated fatally. Had
the disease spread the board would
quickly hnvo closed the school. How
ever, this one case was not sulllciont
justification fordoing so. I f the schools
should be closed every time a case of
this sort occurs, regardless of the prob
ability of its becoming epidemic, our
schools -vnn''! 1ir'iyjJtnj(.df,'!ippcU.
Many south ward parents whose
children are in the primary room do
not seem to feel that it is necessary to
send them every day regardless of
whether or not the sun is shining. An
attendance of 10 to r0 one day and lfi
to 20 the next certainly approaches the
limit in the way of irregularity. Pupils
in the primary room should be taught
by their parents that thoy should at
tend every day. Punctuality and reg
ularity are certainly commendable in
business, and if these virtues arc fixed
firmly in youth they will cling through
Senator Hesse reports that the bill
providing for free high school tuition
for country people has been recom
mended for passage by the committee
on education, hence it Is reasonably
safe to assume it will readily pass. The
bill provides that a tuition of three
If you want to
drink real coffee,
buy a sealed pack"
aee of Arbuckles
ARIOSA and grind
it in your own
kitchen as you want to use it.
Roasted coffee loses its strength
and flavor if exposed to the air,
and even its identity as coffee
after finding. Loose coffee sold
out ofa IjagTbin or tin is usually
dusty and soiled by handling.
Don't take it! s
Coniplici with iOI rrquirtrnf nil of the NJool PofB
Food Law, Guuantco No. 204 1 , filed l WcAiotfoo.
dollars u month, porpupil.shnllbe p:itl
to the high school district in which the
pupil attends. The money is to he
raised by a county levy, based upon the
prospective number of pupils who ox
Ipect to take advantage of the provision.
The bill was drafted by some of the
goes through it will mean u much
heavier enrollment in our high school,
as well as increased revenue.
We have heard but one man say the
bonds would fail to carry. It scarcely
seems possible for them to fail. Usually
the average American looks after the
school first of all. Improvements in
education usually precede all others.
Red Cloud has lights, water, comfort
able churches, good walks and cheerful
homes, but her school buildings are
not such that one would care to point
the stranger to them. If there is one
thing that a prospective citizen of Red
Cloud who has a family of children
would consider above all others aside
from peculiar business advantages
that the city might all'ord him it
would be the schools. The vital point
is not that our school buildings are not
ornaments to the city, though if any
building should be beautiful both with
out and within, that building should
be the school but it is vital that chil
dren's health should be jeopardized by
being crowded together, deprived of
plenty of pure air, in rooms that can
not be adequately heated
1 r (iTit'mii
.. ...v
.i,..,i.i.. i.,. i..i.ii ,.r nil.. iim, .mi. nt inf.
t 111 ll if t-n 1.11,; n ,.iii . ,.... i iiiu.i.niMiw v
him investigate. If every voter will
visit the various rooms, before the
April election, the bonds will carry by
a big majority. 1 1 is very evident, from (
the spirit of public .sentiment in the ,
South ward, that many will support I
the bond issue on the ground that the
Houth ward buildingls unsafe. Many
of us believe that the building would
stand many years yet. unless Red
Cloud should experience an earthquake.
Rut be that as it may -and only the
opinion of a practical builder is worth
consideration herethe sentiment is
general thai the building is unsafe.
That alone justifies its abnndonnient.
School cannot be successfully conduct
ed there so long as many of the pat
rons persist in refusing to allow their
children to attend every time a- storm
threatens or a wind of even ordinary
violence prevails.
Pay Your Bills at the Superintendent's
This is a city plant, and all should
be interested in seeing it a paying
proposition. To do this it is necessary
we should all put our shoulder to the
wheel and push. It is pushing when
you come to the olllce and pay your
bills. For if you do not come to the
olllce and pay it will be necessary to
hire more help, and more help moans
more expense, and more expense
means a higher rate for lighting or
involving the city. And none of us
cares to do either of those. Again, it
is not right to ask our taxpayers who
do not use the lights to help pay for
extra help to collect your individual
bills. We have made a few rules that
we are going to enforce if wo have to.
but we hope we will not have to. as
All bills paid within the first three
days of the month in which they are
due, 10 per cent oil'.
If all bills are not paid or provision
made for payment to the superintend
ent before the first of the next mouth
after they are due, the superintendent
will disconnect the subscriber from
the line, and before the subscriber
can again have light he or she will
nave to pay a line oi i in aiivuuce
with the light bill.
We hope none, of these rules will
have to be enforced.
Ospaii ISrititoniiis, Supt.
. -
Send Your Cattle and Horse Hides
to the Crosby Frisian Fur Company,
Rochester, N. Y., and have them con
verted into coats, robes, gloves and
mittens; better and cheaper goods than
you can buy. Never mind the dis
tance, "Crosby pays the freight." See
our new illustrated catalog, page Itf.
If interested send for it.
Business College Notes
The glee club has its new books and
from now on will do some good work.
Fred Spenee was a visitor Wednes
day, lie is on his way to Trenton,
Neb., where he is going into the ab
stract business.
The spring work is going to take
some of our boys soon, but others are
planning to start, so our numbers will
not be lessened many.
Prof. Dietrich irave an entertain
ment in Uosemont Friday night and
in Lawrence Saturday night, besides
speaking in the Lawrence Methodist
church, in the Runnel school house
and in Mt. Clare Methodist church on
The social given by the A. O. T. S.
(). It. to the college students was the
finest thing of the kind ever held in
the college rooms. The Ancient Order
of Ten Sweet Old Roys knows how to
entertain and serve an audience. The
stereopticon program, the guessh.g
games, the refreshments, the toasts
and all made us say, '"Twas the best
time we ever had."
When Prof. Dietrich came home
from the Commercial club meeting
Tuesday night he found a real nice
., basket full of the best good things
! i. i ii... ...!. l 1.....1 i...
iresu irom uiu tsiirisiuui ivmifimir no-
, t
. -"-k
Did he enjoy it'.' Nothing but
the dishes was returned. Ask him
what became of the rest. Such little
things as that arc what makes life
w irth living, especially the life of a
nrin who tries to cook his own break
fast. Mr. Dietrich is sorry he could
not give the Indian club drill, but will
give it some other time.' Thanks!
Frank U. (Samel gave the last num
ber of the college lecture course last
Wednesday night, and "The American
, Roy" was surely the cap sheaf of the
I whole course. He understands the boy
! bettor
than anyone we have ever
heard. He told the real truth about
the boy. his parents, and all. The
pictures were the best we have seen,
and the lantern man is an expert.
ICverything drove home the responsi
bility of the parent, the teacher and
the pastor with telling force. We love
to be told our faults and Mr. Camel
certainly showed us where we stood.
Of course we twisted, but that was
j because the shoe fit. We will try to
' be bettor, Mr. (Samel, next time you
come, as we want, you to come again.
The college lecture course closed last
Wednesday night. It has been a good
course, as the Midland is the largest
and best, lecture bureau in the land to
day. The ijyccuilto gives it the high
est rating of any and each town where
the numbers appear puts them at the
top notch also. The college wants to
thank those who have by their encour
agement and attendance helped to
make this course a success. One thing
is real interesting, perhaps. The very
people whom you think would be most
interested in something to upbuid the
town did not attend. Frank II. (lam
el's lecture, "The American Roy," ought
to have been heard by every profess
ing Christian, every school teacher,
every Sunday school teacher, every
pastor and every other person inter
ested in boys. Rut was it? Figure
up how many school teachers and how
many parents or pastors were in last
iVediiesday night's audience, and see
if what is said is not the truth. Some
of the leading (V) people of Red Cloud
never darkened the doors of the opera
house during the whole course. Rut
to those who did attend, we can say
that we more than received our
money's worth and thai each of us Is
a better man or woman, a better boy
or girl, because each invested so small
an amount in the course. It seems that
Wednesday night's lecture hit the fel
low that wasn't there. The course has
been a success financially, besides giv
ing all school children three of the
best numbers for 15c each, a treat that
no other course gives. The city of
Red Cloud is beginning to see that
when the college takes hold of a tiling
it is sure of success.
Frank W. Kpkcs of Ayr. Nebr., and
Oracle Johnson of Rlue Hill. Married
by Judge Kdson.
Oliver W. Hudson, of (Snide Rock
and Delia M. (Sarduer of Rlue Hill.
Married by Rev. Priestly.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative- Dromo quinine- tab
lots. Druggists refund money if it
fails to cure. E. VV. Grove's signature
is on oach box. 25 cents.
Thelabel on this
by examining the label to see
that it says
For Pure Food
Cream Baking Powder
Burlington awl Union Pacific Tax Casrs
Decided hy U. S, Soprano Court.
On Monday the I'nited States Su
preme Court handed down a decision
in favor of the State of Nebraska in
I he cases wherein the Kiirlington and
Union Paclllc Railro id Companies have
for three years sought to evade the
payment of their just taxes, and dis
solved tin injunction n gill nsl the col
lection of the Haine. The court upheld
every contention of the state, and as
a result the Kiirlington and Union
Pacillc railroads will have to pay
something like StlOO.OOO in back taxes
and interest in the counties through
which the roads run, together with
about $17,000 in court costs.
This decision will give to Webster
county something over S-7,000 with
which to pay outstanding claims,
which sum will more than sufllee and
leave a handsome balance in the treas
ury. For more than two years the
county commissioners have been han
dicapped oy a hick oi iiiutiswiiii which
to do business, owing to the long de
lay in deciding the tax cases, which
has greatly embarrassed the member.
of the board and county olllccrs. The
decision will also cause a better feel
ing among the taxpayers and greatly
aid the new court house proposition.
For a 'i)t:clu1 Election.
At the regular meeting of the Com
mercial club Tuesday evening the
question of the court house bond elec
tion came up for discussion. After
thoroughly canvassing the matter the
members voted to ask the county com
missioners to call a special election
for some time about the middle of
April. Wu do not wiub-t'j Hst up our
personal judgment against that, of so
intelligent a body as the Commercial
club, but we believe that the lost,
haste there is about this matter the
greater the chances for carrying the
election in favor of the bonds. Pile Remedy put up in coif
venient collapsible tubes with nozzle
attachment so that the remedy may be
applied at the very seat of the trou
ble, thus relieving almost instantly
bleeding, itching or protruding piles.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money re
funded. Sold by Henry Cook's drug
Can Says
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you protect