The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1907, Image 8

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Vhe Great Western
Tribute to the
Aprin5 Manure Sprea
w ws&IrSiIy
h i i Aifi i'-nUrii.ir4-u.'viv--.ii''XV7' "Lr:..w--
'V& '"'"
M..r-- ti.. "
'cstcrn spreader because wo S
hot. We know this because
'K have selected for our trade the Grocvt W
1.WXV it. tu Mm ln'st, siiroader on the uitirl
i... lmtri. l.witnwl .ivi.f tlin iitlllT IllllkcH Of hni'l'lldui'N lllld Compared theiliplccc
for piece, and wo know there is no othur .spreader that is as good as the Great
Wcstorn. We have found this out just the. same as you can 11ml it out; and
when you buy a manure spreader you should know how the machine is made,
us a spreader is a machine that must stand hard knocks and a biff strain. The.
Great Western will never be found wanting.
"It Is made for the man who wants tho best. "
ThA main frnmft !? "'. '"1? '"! Zk Thft55ftVfintV-hl!.sl!filr',!r,:'1;!::,!
heavy Mftfi irnni Mini iiy rods wlilrh M'i' liu wi- ifcuiiiii imiii u iiilih'fiOi'iminb. Musi other !
' ..-. I ..... I.... r.nlllr ...Willi, l.l..ll..l llf.fl.ll IKI O fllillllflu III
runic piniHri! 111 ru in wiiLMr iiuii-r ""i'
cim full iliiwii Mirny n iiniifiiitarcr-" nirtkfllii'lr
Miri-ader fiiiMii'diiiit nf iiliiu nil do tint ue it
MnyrotK Tltti lriitii.tiiintciiriluN thu iiimsIiIii
-ry khuii iwlHt imt of Minpe, imcb frletlun,
MtiiliiiKiunl lircitklm?.
The Front axle ttriS
tlm lull I' imiii liiiiiH.i in the axle is ii lil'.
heavy 10 inch niiilluiiiiln Iron llflli win el bra cil
frnnt iiml ri'Mf. 'I'll llftli wheel Ik oh'IIIh line.
hi thni If mil) wheel iltnpi liim n rut thu hnily N
Even John PhMip Sousa, the great bandmaster, who has no use for
I honographs, has been forced to recognize the Phonograph as a for
midable competitor. The two-step king saj's that people will no
longer go to concerts if they can have music in their own homes so
v. sily and so cheaply as ihey can with the Phonograph. This is an
unwilling tribute, but it is nevertheless a tribute. The man who has
a Phonograph has a concert in his own house. Even a king could not
have more. At our store you can hear them any time.
The Victor Gramaphone.
H'U'iit) liu-hel imu'liliidi wcIkIi iwoimiHIhIh In
VAa 1rirtiu Hiu heavy itnirliltio rox(s more
?YU KllVJtf HitimbKi we know It N irouc
er: vc know It will pull lighter with till! mmo
lorn tiiiiii ii llcht iniititirc pri'ii(U'r. lii'cntl-u nil
ol the 1'iirtx nre tilwios In iluu; there in no
Mliillllk' or IwlMini;.
oil net wtiiit
When von huv ,WrKZ
niinnl iriiim wnt'i'l ill(ip' iinunnii inc in u f ,,; ,,. r..r. I v.lTi.ivili(. iii.fv (n- m-ivIic
S"urirl,Cfl.K,U'",,Sr 1UV"1, ",t-'r0 U "U ' " ItlH-nr
iiinoi dimpt. .... , In iiimlu furiho mini who unul iliu In hi. Wo
Above the Fifth f:;.J.i;,-?,0ert".Vx7,
li.fihi'M Tln iMnv tin' fintit 1'tlil (if thi inn
flilne. Tho front nxle N n;t liMok liiiclcr the rhino thitl will keep u rhtuliiK oulintli'O n
front nnl of tin-hnily no iho lonil It Hourly try to koop It In ropulr.
equally ovor thu front iiml roiirwhii'lH
You know 111 u von te SwT'iK You can aFford
I I Victow S J ) J lv
"His Mn.tpfH Voice'
The Victor Junior .$14.20
The Victor Z 21.20
The Victor No. 1 26.20
The Victor No. 2 34.20
The Victor No. 3 44.23
The Victor No. 4 54.20
The Victor No. 5 64.20
The Victor No. 6 104.20
trout 1'inl ill tin-iMMi'hln Ih IxIIitIIhii tho front
(nil of 11 liiHchl 10 with iiu united ii.xlo, ItcntiiM!
jotl know It won't pull out.
Wo hollow. In fnrt we know, wo cim show you
U you will cull, tlnu tho front rnd or this inn
chluo c Ih Al IcmhI J.l or f I more limn Iho chcup
iirohed hxIi) H)lo of lutichlnos. Wo wiy It ih
wotth $ IU mora.
This machine .lon'MiuriovoVilcro ih I!
wituoti in tul L'lHintrj that Iiiim n pluo pule: yot
lino polos tiro put on many inttktN of Hproiulor".
It Is Just mm OMH'iitlnl (Imt 11 ni'iiiliro hiirvailor
hwt 11 uo'iil 110I0 its 11 wiikoii i'no kIiikIo tr os
an; miiili' of lilokory iuiiI mo wiikoii tuli not
Miwcd out Miinro like cultivator 1iikIo trtis.
to pay a little more
mniiov lorn nuiohliio
Hint vMtti't i'iiiixo yon a. y trouble hucutoe It will
iiIwh)s tio rciiiiy to niioii to.
M ri'inlH 11 I kl 1I1 of multure It Iiiih h hooi
anil 0111I kuIo to koi-p tho mimujc tiwty from
tin' home whllu lo'iilltiK. It Iiiih an i-nlM .n
apron (not a hal' iiproit) It Is o ultiiplf that a
buy oiiii opciate It If you want a rotil uoinl
mauuro i-pr-it.k'r uti ntul hi u show yoiutll
tho Ko il pulii x. A o have mli u urntt ninny of
tlio-i; inutilities ami wo luivo mvor miIiI any
other mnchlux or Imnlomont thitt has ulven us
mi little trouble. Wherever jou llml a (SIli: T
WI'.S'l'KUN (.prouder on Hud a Mill lied otth
t (liner.
SOlil) UY
Sawyer 6 KnteBst, Inavale, Neb.
JUvliUUlilUilil(l'lLlUiUVlitlU(U !tl't(ljltliv!;(tjvl(tlivliltLd;tlili I;l.lnJlitl'VI'tiiUi!iliiliill"tliji.
The above prices include 12 8 -in. records with each machine
The Edison Phonograph.
The Edison Gem Phonograph $10.00
The Edison Standard Phonograph 20.00
The Edison Home Phonograph 30.00
The Edison Triumph Phonograph 50.00
Records, 35c each; $4.20 per dozen.
Compare these prices wilh anyone's, and
remember we save you the freight.
) -3i5Sii2r
1 Jlemsy flotes prom Neighboring Tomns
boon thfuiili a sie'e ol'diphtiieria and
no iiiipreltetision was folt. as to lior ul
tiinutu reeovery but 'J'iie.duy mornini;
wliilo her motlior waslil'tinu her onto
11 cliair hIio expire I very sud leitly
Newhotise Brothers,
Jewelers and Opticians.
Burlington Watch inspectors.
(From the Citizen.)
(loo. Rutt cituKht, his linger in a corn
hhollur, Monday, injuring t Mivuroly.
Tho of Catuphull is installing a from huart i'aiitue
Itratid new safe, which is expected in '
today. .33.1X1 Z.
Frod ITunt.wlio is attending htisiiiess 1 (From the iixpress.)
college in LiUie.oin, is jusc leeoveiin
from a mild attack o" smallpox.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo DoTonr closed
their visit with X. DeMius and family
Wednesday, returning to Ked Cloud.
Wult Anderson and Chas. Nelson
loft WednoMlay for Riverton, where
they k to oporato a saw mill for llnyh
Grant Usher's baby boy was veiy
' sick last week. 1
Miss 1C. Iirodstouo is now at Gins
Kow, Scotland, for a few days.
' It is reported that there will b t,n
ice plant erected here this year. I
On February 8U1, a son wa3 born to
l Art. Clitmuy and wifo of Jit. Clare. i
, , ,, ... 1 Charley Webster is here from Hill
Jos. Chevalier and daiiKlilor, Jliss nu ,. , ...
, ... . ... , tty, Kaiisns, to visit his mother, who
Blanche, were visitors in Upland over is (1(iito sick
night Tuesday, on business connected '
with tho new Imiik. which opened its' Dl'- S 0,.,,lfr ,,,ls """"y up u up-
doors Monday. ' p',rat,s,s h,ss co U Ulu I'n'so
I of giving hotttiriiaths.
X. Lnl'orto. who has bren .suffering m,.u n m i i 1 i .1 r .
, .. r Alis. II. M.Abliot had the misfortune
for a number ot years from some com i , Mi i . 1, ... . .
... ,11 r 1 1 1 liiiiid caught in one of tho hot
Jllllllll llHMl lliu liuiuii-wi Miniu (Mi.ini
Tutors was forgot fill of tho fact and Chas. Stonor is building a new house
the little lapse of niouiory will cost on tho lot just south of Guy Barker's.
him about Hfty dollars. ' ('. .. Waldo and W. L. Xorris re-
turned ft om Kansas City this morn
ing. ;
The people over at Pleasant Prairie
aro talking of building a new church
in the near future, the school house
having become inadequate to uccoin-
(From tho Leader.)
Mrs. Smith has tho frame work
her new house nearly finished.
Mrs. A.L. IVontieo has been quite modato tho audienoos.
sick tho past week, but is recovering
Uonry Miluor came in from Fresno,
broke horses; spotted Indian pony
years old. a great little saddle hore.
consisting of cows, heifers and steer.
I yearling I fed Polled hull. Some of
these cows have calves at side and
some will he fresh soon.
weighing from 40 to l.'.O lbs. Also.
1 farm machinery and a ouantitv of
Tho concert given by tho Chicago white seed oats.
Concert Trio at the Christian churoh . TEH.MS The usual terms will lto
Wednesday evening was tho bo-.t of its ! ,n.,,t..,i i.,...i, .,., ti,.. .,,.... 1
,... ,. v. I ...ill ..!. ! .. f..... . . ' ' o " "" ri" "'
V..UU., yeoteruuy uiiu win iimt u . kind over given in Iimvale. Everybody,
days with friouds. who attended was pleased.
l T. Hopka has beau confined to f Presiding Elder X. A. Martin hold
his homo several days this week with a the .second quarterly conference on,
bad case of the grip. tho Inavale charge at Kverelt Bean's
Fred Kruger is erecting a new house Monday afternoon. Ho also preached
and barn on his lots in west Blue Hill, jit Inavale in tho evening
Col. (.'. L. Winfrey,
K. T. Foe, Clerk.
near tho ball grounds.
clans do not appear to agree, lolt. yen
terday morning for St. .Joseph's hospi
tal, Omaha, where he will undergo an
ironing mangles at tho laundry Wed
nesday, and iujtiied it bad!;
It is said tho late Lord Scully only'
paid 48 cents an acre for his holdings visitor on Monday.
.Tallies Kincado is quite sick with
Grandma Hnldrego was a Hod Cloud
Notice of Application for Divorce.
Those who i' J'ntict iu it wuimit county, no-
Thomn,T. IUhIkcm, l'luiiitlir. 1
I.orctia lnitii't-. Defntiliiiit. I
ToLorullii Koilgi'i-N Nun ItuHik'iu Dcfumlnui:
Yiitiiirc huruliy uoililiM tluit mi thu l.'lih dnjr
of .Inly, tl il. TlioniHs .1. ltod);er liled tctitloi
iiKHiiiKt you hi tho DlMrlct. Couit of Wubhter
Cotuity, Ncliriifiku. tlic oliject nml jryt'r of
which tire to obtain a llon:e fnin miu on tin
of land in this western country, and
that in government scrip. His -lOOOO
acres of Nuckolls county land are said
i to not him 81 per acre each year.
(From the Xows Letter.)
Win. Itykor is getting material on
tlm ground for his new residence.
Win. Jlontgoiuery informs us of his
intention to at ouco commence getting
' out the cement, blocks for a now build
ingon his lotssjuthof tho Guide Kick
Tho bigcottonwoo.l tree in front of
Montgomery's little fnmin building
I n
(From the Advocate.)
A. V. Monk has rented the Commer
cial Hotel.
One day last week Dick Richards,
the teueiit on tho Brown farm west of
town, threshed twenty bushols of flue
alfalfa seed from a little less than uix
Lust Tuesday night Mrs. J. B. Sum
ner gave a dinner party in honor of
Mrs. C. H. Harris and I. B. Hampton,
who are soon to leave for their homes
in tho south.
Chris Olson returned last Friday
.. .. .... . . . . '.....11. ..141... -1..I1.. 11
night from his visit, to ins old Home in "'"" "' mo uiuuo uocic houso. was
Deuniark. Ho had not been back citi-uowu last week and niado into llro-
hinco ho loft there twenty-six years
Representative Win. Renkel
homo from Lincoln this morning.
Fred Stonor is driving tho mail on
route II while Mr. Koolmel is in tho
Kvorybody is glad they got their ice
harvested boforo this warm weather
I W. A. Carpeutor and wife are rejoic
ing over thu arrival of a nine pound
baby girl.
' Mr. and Jlrs. .loyce of Alma were
visiting their son, C.t E. Joyce, Wed
nesday and Thursday.
Mr. Daily and family departed for
Richtleld, Mo., on Thursday, whoio
they will make their home.
Mrs. Sadio Holdroge was very sick
failed to hear him missed a niro treat.
Some of the sports wont to Uivorton
on Saturday and brought home a
quantity of liquor which Ihey distri
buted quito freely on Sunday and
niado tho day, hideous with a drunken
brawl. Not smtislied with drinking
themselves they tried to forco young Knimiii thut you Imvo wll'.lully iiusurteil nml
canio boys to drink. It is about timo that l'mlonoil iho .l,.li.titv. without kooiI came.
'"""' " fur lll Infill .if lll'n I n i-u un.l ...r..f. !... ......
these fellows should bo taught that y0IinreruaH,lw, to ,,.1,1 ,,o.l.lod or
such things will not be tolerated in a , bufoie .Mua.lay. ihu nth Uvof .March, im?.
i w ---.--.
civilized community, When inon bo
come so depraved that they can Unci
pleasure only in drunken reelry thoy
should at least bo satisfied to let
decent folks alone, and not parade
their shame in tho street on the Sab
bath day, to disturbo the peiico of those
who desire to make better use of it.
Ily J. C. Snylor. IiIk iittorncy. fel2
Stock Sale
Wednesday, March 6,
Legal Notice.
In thu Dlstilrt Court of iVebMur County, No-
Hunty fiCiuTctiz. l'lnlutltV, 1
Alury CieiieiL'itx. Ilufuiiilaut )
To Mai) Ociiuh'Iix, Nun Ileshleut Dcfumlaiii:
You arc lurel) ltotltlou tliat on tho Kith day
I of I'Vliiuary. lt'dV. Henry Ccnciciix filed a pell
tlon BKiilittt )ou In thi PlMrlct Court of 'vt
iter Coiiaiy, Nvbrnhlca, the object and ira)cror
which me to olitnln ndlvojcu fiom you on the
(,'runtnlsof pliyslnit Incouiiieicury and ostroimr
mid roit'iucd cruelty.
You me rt'ijulred to tnihwcr mid iitititlou ot
at 10 a. in. sharp, the undersigned will or luforu Monday Utey.'ithdayof Mitreh, 1H07.
sell at public auction at his farm six
loft there twenty-six years " "i tree, it we remember right- last week. She Is improving, however, mlle.i east of Bed Cloud, two miles east
ago, and ho reports that lie found ' w,lM l"td there by Chas. Corwin under tho cat u of Ur. I'liU lps. f Amboy. and four miles west of
many changes, and that lie saw notli-; lwuMb' tour years ago this hpiing. I S. B. Carpenter in on tho sick list. (! utile ItocU, no head of stock, consist
ing during his long trip thut looked us h. Pot era htirprUod himself one day , this week. Hisson-in-law, I'Vank Kool- ing ot
uood to him as Nebraska. last week by throwliiL' u uliwn ni- i. mel is lookiiur after the nost-ofllce. ' 20
Our cltl.ens were pained last Tuc8.1IiK togh one of the phi to glass
Dated thl8 l.'illi tiny of Kebiimry, rT.
1IHNUV (JKNKltKU.V. I'hUntiir.
Ily I'.. U. Oviriutui, Ills Altotney. nicliK
day morning to learn of t ho death of
Jittlo Ethel Reynolds. Sho had just
Myktlo Cure for HliciimnlUm nml Ni'tiralglit
rnillcally uttrfN In 1 to.lilnyH. Its action upon
tlwi kVRtfini Ik rrmHrkiilil; nml mvutn.l.i.. t.
. ..,.,. . ,i l :.i. i.. ..," " : ... .uu.. iv
LOOK out tor llio IjIIICOUI iliUOiiiar- most 01 wiem i-iihkk iii .-ikiiiiik reinovef at onco Uir raiiHoimd thedlseato tin
windows in his new building. The t otto, March !i. This is going to be tho from . too to 1200 lbs, and from t toil
glacis had just been put in, but Mr. greatest eutortalumout of tho soason. , years old, well acclimated; 1 span of
mediately dWaiipenrn. Tho llrnt iIomi Kretitly
null III". i tiiiii mm , aillll Iiy 11, IS.UIUCK,
dnut'lbt, Hed cluud.