The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1907, Image 7

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A Splendid
100 Eight-Day Clocks
. .To Be Given Away. .
V wai" mi ndil i,(XH) now sitlmiM'iiim's to I'lIK ClMi KS lit before tlif
first of Fohnnuy, 1!)()7, and 1 1 that end wo mnkt Mm ofr-r blow. TIit
will b mi di-iippo'intol -tatiti. 'Phis ii a pnin ln-diii'ai proposition
and tI',t school district, every chinch society, very bulge and wvory
individual can -euro on of thts splendid Uegohoors liv sending in
ten nw ynrlv nisciiptiuiiH. The retail price of this Clock is $7.00.
fcp-0 jjj
Address all communications to
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
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House Recommends Identical Bill, but
to Save Time Will Concur in Cenata
Messure Lccder's Double Shift Bill
and Voting Tax Measure Passed.
Lincoln, Feb. 20. The 2-ccnt pas
Rongcr faro bill passed the state sen
ate and may become a law and Us pro
visions effective before the end of the
month. A bill identical with the one
passed by the senate has la en recom
mended for passage by the house, hut
to save time the house, It was said,
would, before the end of the week,
concur in the senate bill. Governor
Sheldon is known to favor the legisla
tion. As either hill tarries the emer
gency clause, the law will become op
erative with the approval of the gov
ernor. There were no votes in opposition to
tlio bill when the flnnl vote was taken,
but for two hours the senate fought
over a substitute motion of .McKussui
or Iincaster to delay consideration of
the measure until tomorrow, to allow
the house to act on the joint commit
tee hill. The debate was dianiatlc and
was lls'ened to by a crowded gallery
and lobby. Before the vote was taken
McKesson withdrew his motion to
postpone and voted for the hill,
The house passed the Leeder doub'
shirt fireman's bill and the Tries $3
voting tax bill.
The plant of the Alpena (.Mich.)
Portland Cement compn:i was hurtled.
The loss Is estimated at $4iil),0u0.
William A. Thrall, fur fort, year
connected in an oiu d capacity with
the Northwestern and the lllfnols Cen
tral rallronds, died at Chicago.
The personal bond ot John D. Rocke
feller tor tfl.'iiii). Insuring his appear
mice at the next term of court in the
Standard Oil cases, was filed at Find
lay, O.
The lower house of the California
legislature passed Assemblyman
nobleman's bill prohibiting gambling
or betting at racetracks. The vote was
44 to .'ill.
Blockade conditions on the railroads
caused by the recent storms in the
northwest havo been fully oveicome,
according to reports received by tlio
Croat Northern.
Attorney GeueraT Bonnparte has ill
rocted that suits ho Instituted agalnsc
a number of railroad companies to re
cover penalties for violation of the
(safety appliance law.
Congressman John E, Itoyhurn
(Rep.) was elected mayor of Philadel
Description of the
Dl)d, dillllK tel
Ue'iiil piice.
;tT inches.
. . . Ill inches.
.Mohlen Oak.
Tin: Cim.r bus mad. jirnnnreinents
for lociiring 100 nf the above hiiiid
boinc eight-'ln, Hoi.miI itor.-, and they
wiU he given away itli-olutcly 1 1 ,
npon the following plan:
Each perin M-nding in 10 iimw year
ly subscription?, to 'I'tlK ClIIllF will ho
entitled to one of the clocks.
Each person sending in 15 renewals
to .lanuary 1, 100s, will he entitled to
one of the clocks.
Nobody barred! School districts,
churches, secret societies and individ
uals are entitled to enter the nice.
phia, defeating William Potter, Demo
cratic and City Party candidate, bj
about .'.".,(100 plurality.
Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul
and the Chicago and Northwestern
railroads will accept the Wisconsin
rnili inula commission's order reducing
passenger fares to '."'j cents a mile.
Tim American National Red Cross
through the courtesy of the Paclll
Mail Steamchlp company, will he able
to transport to China free of charge
the ."i.OnO bushels of seed wheat at
P.irtlr. id and 2,500 bushels at San
Senate Forces a Report on the Rail
road Measure.
Lincoln, Feb. 19. The state senate
practically took tlio 2-cent passenger
fare hill out of the hands of the com
inlttce by Insisting on an immediut
report and advancement. Later tlio
action was rescinded, when the com
mittee voluntarily reported. The bill
was then placed on general file ana
nindo n special order for this morn
ing's session. An Identical bill Is me
special order in the house of repre
sentatives for this afternoon.
The house indefinitely postponed the
county option bill. It has already been
defeated In the senate, and this kills
II to i this session.
The .lenlson anti-lobby hill was
passed In the house without the emer
gency clause.
Vermillion Experiences Higher Water
Than Since Flood of 'Eighty-One.
Vermillion, S. D., Feb. P.). Not slnco
the Hood of 1881 has such a vast vol
ume of water swept over the Missouri
bottom as that now submerging every
thing In Its path. An Ice gorge which
foiiiicd lust night cannot be broken
and the flood is sweeping everythlnj
before it on the lowlands. The river
Is still rising slowly.
Farmus are unable to get stock to
safety, and l ho loss will ho appalling
Ho sudden was the overflow that resl
dents barely escaped with their lives
and It is now impossible to save stock
and the rallioad guide east to Bur-
hank is washed out and trnln service
will ho delayed. Water stands from
five to seven feet in many of tlio
houses Cattle and hogs are dying
by thousands. Dnless the gorgo break.i
soon many homes sire sure to be swept
away. Tho Vermillion river Is out
of lis hanks all along Its course.
Subpocnr for Harriman.
New ork, Feb. P.). A subpoena
was served on Ii. II. Ilarrlmnn, heal
of the Union Pacific and Southern Pa
cific .systems, calling for his appea
anco before tho Interstate lonunerco
commission on Monday next. Mr.
Harriman accepted service.
Elliott Rejected as U. S. Attorney.
Washington, Feb. 19. The sonato
judiciary committee, of which Sonator
Kittredge is a member, reported a J
versoly tho nomination of James D
Klllott for United States attorney in
South Dakota.
Fire In Tulsa Oil Field.
Tulsa, I. T., Feb. 19. Fire broke out
in the rulsn oil field and thirty we Is
are icported on fire. The property is
owned by various companies. The
loss is estimated at $75,000.
Donation for Wittenberg College.
Tivuinsoh, Neb., Feb. 15 In tho
transfer of 1,700 acres of laud near
Tecumseh for n consideration of $01.
000, It hecamo known that the pro
ceeds will ho donated to Wittenberg
college of Springfield, O. The donor
Is Michael W. Hainnin, a resident or a
New England state, tho purchaser of
the land being John N. Carver of
Rccjcnts Would Buy Books.
Lincoln, Feb. 18. According to a
Eeml-ofllekil statement the regents ol
the state university ate aiiMous .o
buy text books and sell or rent them
to the students at cost. They ate also
anxious to hold open meetings and
have Instructed their employes not to
lobby for or against any uuasure now
pending In the legislature affecting
the management of tho university.
Irish Blames Labor Unions.
Lincoln, Feb. 10 Jiflin P. Itlsh of
San Francisco, who came to Lincoln to
deliver the University of Nebraska
charter day oration at the anniver
sary celebration, In an Interview, ills
cursed the Japanese school question.
He was severe In his indictment of
the labor unions, which be said domi
nated San Francisco and which ho
held responsible for the whole Japa
nese tioublc.
Will of Count Creighton.
Omaha, Fob. IS The will or tho
lale Count John A. Creighton, which
Is to be filed for probate, was lound in
his desk alter his death. It was writ
ten two yearn ago, and disposes of un
opiate valued at about : 00,000. The
principal bequests are 52.ono.00O to
Creighton university and $1,000,000 'o
St. Joseph'p hospital. This latter
the Kd Cnighton memorial. Join
Sch click is given $25,000 nud Mary
Cotter is given $15.0 0. ' Many other
minor bequests are made.
Employers' Liability Act and Intcrur
ban Measure Meet Approval.
Lincoln, Feb. 1(5. The senate passed
without opposition Senator Gibson's
employer's liability bill. It also
passed Thomas' bill, to allow street
railway companies to own aril operate
lnterurban railway companies. Tho
vote stood 21 to S.
The house voted to take up the 2
ccnt rate bill and the ant! pass bill
as special order for 2:. '10 o'clock Tues
day. In the meantime the Republicans
will hold a caucus meeting Monday
night to decide on a mode of proced
ure. The judiciary comniitte'! or tho
house decided to recouinn'ii.l for in
definite postponement the county op
tion bill.
Land in Four Nebraska Counties May
Be Filed on May 1.
North Platte, Neb., Fob. IS. Tho
secretary of tho interior has served
notice upon the officers of the land
oflico in this city that they should fix
a date and cause notices to be pub
lished of tho restoration of what hn-i
heretofore been an Irrigation reserve
located in Lincoln, Keith, Deuel and
Cheyenne counties, along both sides
of tlio North Platte river. This tract,
was reserved under tho national irri
gation law from homestead entries
under tho Klnkald law. and It has
never been subject to one-section
homesteads and no entry whatsoever
is now permitted upon this tract until
May 1, when tho order restoring the
land to entry will take effect.
O'Fallons and Northport to Be Name
of North River Branch.
Sutherland, Neb., Feb 10. -It Is offi
cially announced here that the North
river branch of the Union Pacific,
railroad, which Is now completed from
O'Fallons to near Lewellen, will ho
called tho O'Fallons and Northport
rallioad and all stationery has boon
so printed, it Is expected that work
upon this branch will soon be lesumcd
and tho work of completion to North
port across the Ninth liatto from
Bridgeport will be hastened and fin
ished by early summer.
Several or the deep cut.i In the vi
cinity of Oshkosh have, dm lug tho
winter, been filled with sa.i.l, making
necessary tho work of redtgglng and
In ono or more. Instances the cuts will
he widened It Is undors'ood ihut
regular train service will begin July
1 on this branch.
Four Victims of the Flood at Colum
bus Are Burled Together.
Columbus, Neb., Feb,, 18. Tho fj
neral or the family of Sidney K. Mo -
Cone, who met their tragic death in
the flood on Tuesday, was held In the
Manuerchor hall and was attended by
n large concourse of citizens. Tho
services were In'chnrgo of Rev L. R.
Dewoll", pastor of the First Methodist
church, and Rev. 10. J. Ulnier of tho
Baptist church.
The McCones were among the enr
lhst settlers of Columbus and hui
lived continuously Just south of the
Union Pacific tincks. In the flood or
1.SS1 they were taken from their homo
In boats, the water being very high
During this Hood, IT the family had
remained In the house, they would
have been sare, for none of the water
emtio Into their home in the famll
were Mr. McConc. aged sixty five; hh
wile. Illty-three: their daughter Luel'a
nineteen, and Miss Delia Ball, a slate
of Mrs McCoue. aged llftyone Tin
bodies were Intel red In the Columbia
Six Union Pacific Trahi3 Are Marooned
at Fremont.
Fremont, Neb., Feb. 13 Late last
nip ht the water began rising and is
hl-.iicr than at any time since lite
Hood Ihthii. Tho Union Pncllle from
hero to Columbus Is blocked and
trains aio miming over Burlington
tracks. Six Union Pacillc trains are
marooned here.
Ten Thousand Dollara Raised by tins
Missouri River Promoters.
Omaha, Feb. 111. Ten thousand doi
lars has nein raised to start a steam
boat on the Missouri river. A meev
Ing for election ot directors and of!l-'
ceis will ho held by the I In I
of the Omaha and Missouri River Nav
igation company tomorrow In tho
Commercial dub rooms. The $10,000
iiiiki set as a nrerequisiin io uicorpo" i
nllon was completed by a 32,000 sub
uciiptlou Irom Henry T. Clarke.
Gacollne Explosion Fatal. )
Omaha, Feb. 19. Charles Kammcr,
who was seven ly burned by an ex
plosion of gasoline In a lunch wagon,
died at St. Joseph's litis ital from tho
effects of tho injuries received.
Carpenter Instantly Killed.
Omaha, Feb. 19.--Janus Meniligott,
a carpenter, was crushed and Instant
ly killed beneath a heavy derrick used
in the construction of tho new addl
tion to the warehouse of the Express
men's Delivery company.
Oriflin of tho French Title as Applied
to a Fino Cook.
The Ordi'i of the St. Kiprit was cre
ated in l.'iS", was suppressed by the
revolution and was revived by Louis
XVIII. In ISM. To speak rightly. Louis
XVIII. considered that the order had
never ceased to exist, for he had given
two collars iluring his exile, In 1810,
the one to Francis L, king of the two
Sicilies, and the other to his brother,
the Prince of Salerno, the father of his
brother's wife, the Duchess d'Aumalc.
The ribbon of this order was a light
blue color. It was worn around lie
neck In the reigns of Henry III. and
Henry IV.. but was changed by Louis
XIV.. when It was worn across the
elicit. Tlio Chevaliers of the St. lisprit
were always known under the name of
Les Cordon Bleu, and this was the su
preme honor during the monarchy of
France. It was from this that the title
of "cordon bleu" was given to a llrst
class cook. A gentleman one day de
clared after a good meal that he who
had cooked the dinner had proved him
self a "cordon bleu" among cooks In
other words, the muster of hli art. The
title became quite the rage and Is now
always used to designate a good cook
without the persons who use It know
ing what it menus or still less the ori
gin of the title.
Do you know that it will pay YOU. as
well as US, to buy your Building Ma
ferial and Coal at ouryardsy Not only
that, our piicos aveiiaok lower, or at
leasl as low, as thoso of our competit
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of and protect all can bo classed as
I '
City Dray and
F. V. STiroifiliATCUll, LIt01
Goods Delivered to any part of the city.
Charges as low as the Lowest
Residence l88.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailing in this
country most dangerous because so decep
tive. Aianysmulcu
deaths are caused
by it heart dis
ease, pneumonia,
heart failure or
apoplexy nre often
the result of kid
ney disease. If
kidney tioublc U
allowed toadvnuce
the kidney-poisoned
blood will at
tack the vital organs, cattpitig catarrh of
the bladder, or the. kidneys themselves
oteak uown and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder tumbles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys ami
a cure is obtained quickest by a "proper
treatment of the kill nevs. If you are feel
ing badly you can make no mistake by
taking In. Kihncr'n Swnmp-Uoot, the
great kidney, Iher and bladder remedy.
II cot roots inability to hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it, and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
and to get up many times during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
eftec f Swamp-Hoot is soon realimf.
It stand1 the highest for its wonderful
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one-doilar sie buttles. Vou may have a
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writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make any
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Gi 6-
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I II 1.1 11 vi-
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