The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1907, Image 6

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The Diff'renco Detwocn tho Sexes In
This Important Stnto.
One source of wo.iion'rt happiness la
1.) ho fo'.n.d, wo think, In tliolr lovo of
rtelnll. They enjoy every ilclnll of ho
xBJifll life. ILey love the minutiae of
'"llielr work. They do not love It ns n
man loves his, for the iinke of an end.
They look cloo at what they are do
lilt,', and they do not look forward.
They take pleasure In their children
nit they are. A defeet, even though It
lie a serious one, destroys their pleas
ure In them far less than It destroys
that of a man. They are not constant
ly oppressed by the thought of what
Hint defect will mean In tho future.
If a woman Is by nature apprehensive
lier feats apply for the most part to
little things. If a man Is upproh'nslvc
he fears when the lit Is upon him tho
debacle of heaven and earth. For wo
men time goes n little slower. They
lake pleasure In each Jewel of that
mosaic which makes up happiness and
nre not fretted because the pattern is
not complete. Of this quality they
have, no doubt, the Inevitable defects
much brilliance, little grasp and a
tendency to frivolity. They are apt to
fritter away their lives and nilnd-i on
little things. They become engrossed
with the details of play as well as the
dolnlls of work. Men no doubt have
more opportunities of koi'ii pleasure
Until women have, but the-e opportuni
ties are short lived. Tho happiness of
Uie moment they aro less lilted to take.
T'ho difference between the sexes in
lids particular might, we believe, be
thus summed up: A man Is happy
whenever he has anything to malic him
happy, but a woman is happy when
ever she Imp nothing to make her tin
liappy. London .Spectator.
Theso Pcculinr Fish Aro Mostly Con
fined to Tropical Sons. 4
Tho Idea of shells b.Mng found any
where else except upon the seaheach
or In river beds is a little startling.
Yet the naturalist who pursues his
work from a stitp in mldoceau can and i
does collect shells by the thousand at
every dip or his net or bucket.
Swimming shelld-di are mostly eon
lined to tropical The most fn
inlllnr Is the nautilus, which is, how
ever, not :t shellfish at all, hut a near
relation of the euttlellsh; also it Is
only seen on the surface at a certain
time of the year. The real o-ean shell
llsh are mostly very small. In the In
dian ocean they may be seen by mil
lions. One which bears the appalling
name of Cavollnlu trlsplnosa has the
odd peculiarity of coming to tho sur
face at ( sharp every evening. An
other, the Cloodora tridentata, rises
at 7.
Frail as these tiny shollllsh are, no
Rtorm ever injures them. They all
possess tho peculiar power of being
able at will to sink a few feet below
the surface of the sea. and there they
remain when gales blow, perfectly
safe, and ripe again when the weather
The largest of these ocean swim
mers Is about three Inches in length.
Almost nil are most brilliant In color
and their shells far frailer and more
filossy than those found upon the sen
.beach. Puzzling Measures.
Wheat is sold in Omit Hrltaln In
twenty different ways by the quarter,
roinb. load, boll, bushel, barrel, hun
dredweight, cental, wludle and bobbet.
Further confusion Is nlso caused by
Uie fact that the bushel of wheat va
ries from sixty-two pounds at I.lrinlng
liam, (Jlouccster and Taunton, to eighty
jiounds nt Monmouth and Abergaen
ny. while at Aberystwyth It Is sixty
Jlvo pounds. Shnlllarly, the boll weighs
three Imperial bushels at Newcastle,
four throughout Scotland, six at Her
wick, 201 pounds at Olasgow aud 1210
pounds at Hamilton. A quarter mens
tires -llii; pounds In country districts
jukI .)()! pounds in London. London
Unique Advertising.
A tale is told of Itobert Itonner and
of his belief In advertising. One day
'lie engaged a whole page of a newspa
per and repeated a two line advertise
ment upon It over and over again. It
must have been repeated 5.0M) times
upon the page in the smallest type.
"Why do you waste your money,
Itobert?". asked a rrlend. "1 noticed
that same line so often. Would not
half a page have answered your pur
pose?" "Half a page would never have
mused ou to ask the question," re
idled Mr. Homier. "At least llvo peo
ple will ask that to every Hue was the
Avny I ilgured It."
Opening His Hand.
William 1'euii was once urging a ' the llrst hint of daylight had slipped
man he l;uev to stop drinking to ex- j through the heavy window curtains he
oss when the man suddenly asked. hud arranged a plan of action a plan
'Can you tell me of an easy way to do' wherein, by the simple method of alto
ItV" "Yes," l'enn replied readily; "it get her avoiding her, he might sootho
Js Just as easy as to open thy hand, i his own conscience and safeguard Chll
frlcul." "Convince me of that." the cote's domestic Interests,
man explained, "and I wll promise up-i it wiin a satisfactory If a somewhat
on my honor to do as you tell me.' negative arrangement, and he rose noxt
"Well, my friend." Penn answered, J morning with a feeling that things had
"whenever thee finds a glass of liquor , begun to shapo themselves. But chance
.in thy hand open that hand bofore tho sometimes has a disconcerting 1 .ck of
glass touches thy lips, and thee will forestalling even our best plnuucd
never drink to excess again." j schemes. He dressed slowly aud do
litis ftasperader
(Co tu. i li I go hif.)
session of my reason, the full knowl
edge of my own capacities. Tho man
you have known In the last three
weeks, the man you have Imagined In
the last four years, Is a shadow, an
unreality a weakness In human form.
There Is a new Chllcote If you will
only see him."
Eve was trembling as he ceased; her
face was HuMied; there was a Strang
brighlnou in her ees. Site was mo".
oil beyond '..orsolf.
"Hut the other you the old you?"
"You must be pal. eat." lie looked
down Into the lire. "Times like tho
last three weeks will come again
must come again; (hey are Inevitable.
When they do come, you must Mail
your eyes you must blind yourself.
You must Ignore them -and uie. Is It
a compact V" lie still avoided Iter eyes.
She turned to him quietly. "Yes
If you wish It," ehe, below he.
lie was conscious of her rlance. but
he dared not meet It. lie fell sick at
tho ptrt lie was playing, yet he held
to It tenaciously.
"I wonder If you could do what few
men and fewer women are capa le
of?" he asked at last. "I wonder 11
you could learn to live in (he pre out";'
lie lilted his head slowly and met hei
eye. "Tills Is an an experiment," he
went on. "And. like all experiments,
It has good phases and had. When
the bad phases come round I I want
",Y, 7 lmvcnH jot the right."
you to tell yourself that you are not
altogether alone In your uuhappiuess
that 1 am suffering too in another
There was silence when lie had
spoken, and for a space it seemed that
Kve would make no response. Thou
the last surprise In a day of surprises
came to him. With a slight stir, a
slight, quick rustle of skirts, she step
ped forward aud laid her hand in his.
The gesture was simple and very
HWOfl. Her eyes were soft and full of
light as she raised her face to his, her
lips parted in unconscious appeal.
There is no surrender so seductive as
the surrender of a proud woman. Lo
der's blood stirred, the undeniable sug
gestion of tho moment thrilled and
dheoueertod him in a tumult of
thought. Honor, duty, principle, rose
in a triple barrier; but honor, duty and
principle aro but words to a headstrong
man. The full significance of his posi
tion came to him as it had never come
before. Ills hand closed on hers; he
bent toward her, his pulses beating un
evenly. "live!" be said. Then at tho sound of
his voice he suddenly hesitated. It was
the voice of a man who has forgotten
everything but his own existence.
For an Instant he stayed motionless.
Then very quietly he drew away from
her, releasing her hands.
"No," ho said. "No, I haven't got the
HAT niglit for almost the first
time since he had adopted his
dual role Loder slept 111. Ho
was not a man over whom Im
agination held any powerful sway. Ills
doubts aud misgivings seldom ran to
speculation upon future possibilities.
Nevertheless, the fact that, conscious
ly or unconsciously, he had adopted a
new attitude toward live came homo
to him with unpleasant force during
the hours of darUness, and long bofore
if WM
seended to his solitary breakfast vMth
the pleasant sensation of having put
last nlfjit out of consideration by the
turning oyer of a new leaf, but scarce
ly had he opened Chllcote's letters,
scarcely had ho taken a eurwory glance
at (he morning's newspaper than It was
borne In upon him Unit not only a new
leaf, but a whole sheaf of now leuvoi.lmd
been turned in his prospects by a hand
Inllnttely more, powerful aud arbitrary
(ban his own. He realized within the
space of n few moments that the lei
sure Hve might have eb'in'o.d the lei
sure he might have been templed to de
vote to her, was no longer his to db
pise of, being already demanded of
Iiim from a quarter that allowed of ni
For the first rumbling of the pilltlca'
earthquake that was to ' "ti.e the co tu
try made Itself audible he.wntd denla'
on that morning of March .V7 when the
news spread through England that, In
view of the dNoi,"iini:'.eii tate .of the
I'ei-ilan army nt,1 th" shah's conse
quent Inability to suppiess ths open In
I'irrectlon of (lie b'irder tribes In tho
mrlhoastern d'iM'ictn of Me'hed 7'
ula, with a great show of magnanimity,
had come to the rescue by dispatching
a large armed force from her military
station at Merv across the Persian
frontier to tLo s;t of tho disturbance.
To many hundreds of Huglishmen
who read their papers on that morning
this announcoiuent conveyed but little.
That there Is such a country as Persia
we all know, that KnjJIsh Interest-? pre
dominate in (he saiitli and Russian in
terests in the north we have all super
llcialiy understood from childh.iod, but
In this knowledge, coupled with the
fact that Persia Is comfortably far
away, we aro apt L rest content. It Is
only to the eyes that see thruig'i lo:.g
distance ghssos. the minds thai regaul
the present as nothing more or les-i
than an Inevitable link joining the ui
ture to the past, that til..; c.i uaut. de
batable laud stands out In Us true po
To the luei'.i-e reider of new i the
statement of Hutu's in v seeni I
scarcely more Important than h d the
llrst report of the bonier rising., in
January, but t. the men who had
watched the growth of the disturbance
It came charged with portentous men
lug. Through the entire r.inl.a of the
oppasltl )ii, from Fralde himself down
ward, It caused a thrill of expectation
that peculiar prophetic sensation that
every politician has experienced at
some moment of his career.
In no member of Ids parly did this
feeling strike deeper root than in I.oder.
Imbued with a lifelong Interest in the
eastern question, specially equipped by
personal knowledge to hold and pro
claim an opinion upon Persian affairs,
he road (ho signs and portents with In
stinctive Insight. Seated at Chllcote's
tabh, surrounded by Chllcote's letters
and papers, he forgot tho breakfast
that was slowly growing cold, forgot
the Interests and dangers, personal or
pleasurable, of tho night before, while
his mental eyes persistently conjured
up the map of Persia, traveling with
steady deliberation from Merv to Me
shed, from Meshed to Herat, from Her
at to the empire of India! For It was
not the fact that the Ilnzaras had risen
against the shah that occupied tho
thinking mind, nor was It the fact that
Husslan arid not Persian troops wero
destined to subdue them, but tho deep
ly Important consideration that an
armed Uusslan force had crossed the
frontier aud was encamped within
twenty miles of Meshed Meshed, up
on which coetous Uusslan eyes have
rented ever since the days of Peter the
So I.oder's thoughts ran as he read
and reread the news from the varying
political standpoints, and so they con
, ulL. , "'
hours later,
tinned to run when, some
an urgent telephone message from the
St. Ocorgo's Gazette asked him to call
at Lakeley's oillco.
TO uu continued.
sha1 Urges Church Union.
Chicago, Keb. 20. Secretary of
Treasury Shaw was the guest
ol' honor at a banquet of the Intordcnom
lnatlonal Social union of Chicago
IIIUilUIKU JW1I1 aaaua . vawt-Dw
The gathering was coinposed of ren-
rcseiuauvus 01 1110 lueiuuuisi,
hyterlnn, Congregational and Bnptis!
churches. Secretary Shaw delivered
tho principal address, urging that the
organization of tho union bo made
It Is only because each man Is so dif
ferent from his fellows that we are
inblo to endure one another's company,
t Florida Times.
tdk Laxative Brcmo Quinine Tablets.
Sevm MOSonikaxM soH In past 12 months. This Signature, -
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rVregdablcPrcnarationror As
similating UicrooilatulRcgula
ting the SlQinochs antiBowcLs of
Promotes DigcsHon.Checrful
ncssandRcst.Contains neither
Opnim.Morphine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
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Apcrfccl Kcmcdy for Constipa
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I !. I
Tac Simile Sicjnnhifc of
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periods, weakening; drains, backache,
lieaJacho, nervousness, dizziness, ir- Vi
rltability, tired feeling etc. The cure is M
Hie Semale KegUlaiOr
that wonderful, curative, vej;ctable ex
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U It is Uie best medicine I ever took."
Morton I.. Mill, of I.elmtion Inrt . nys; "Mj
wife liiul Intliimmatorr lihoumntIm It) ever)
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AU IlUt U"IJ II 1 1 It liV UUU niTUtlCJI IWIIllllIir I
J JJJJJH!kK,,,,;i ijMH ' .!"i Z K '
bciiollt until htm tried tlio Myntlc Cure rot I
TMicunuMlim. It Kim Immediate relict Atid
she whh able to walk xhout In three c)rvh. i hit
mire it fcnVfd her Ufa." Sold hy II. "e. Orlec
DriiSKlst. Red Cloud.
A nnrantccd Care for Piles.
Itching, blind, bleeding, protruding
piles. Druggists are authorized to
refund money if l'azo Ointment falls
to cure in 0 to 14 days. r() cents.
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Cocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
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