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Superintendent DuilIcV TftllS Why One
Should Br Built
City Superintendent (). V. Dudley,
who has labored faithfully tt bring
the Red Cloud schools up to the stand-
ard set by surrounding cities and has
,., - ,. . ...!.,... ,,. .
succeeded so far as it is within the
power of an individual to do so, has
the following to say concerning the
proposition for a new building:
"The board of education unanimous
ly decided to call for a vote, at the
April election, on the proposition t ! case, throe' grades under each teacher,
issue SM.O!)o bonds for the purchase of , ,ut UlJs ,H (1)0 Wy t,u. 1(JS ,m, ur.
site and the erection and furnishing rft (1 ,u ;,f flve m. hJx tL,.lch.
of a school building in the South...... ,,.,. P -.,..,.. ,,..,, ,
ward and also to place a heating plant '
in the North ward building.
"As to whether or not the bonds
carry rests now witli the voters. The
board of education has don all it can
ofllcially do.
"Many in the North ward have boon
ssatisHcd with half time for the Hrst
and second grades. The occasion is
now here for this condition to be alle
viated. The new building will cer-
tainly relieve the North ward, else the high school faculty with that of Su
born! proposition could not justly I perj01.: Superior has five teachers in
claim the North ward vote, for cer
tainly the North ward needs help as
greatly as the South. Rut the pro
posed building will benefit both wards,
as it should. As a prominent North (
ward patron remarked, some few days
ago: "The people of Red Cloud have
too much confidence in the board or '
... ,. ..
education to suppose they would erect
. .,,. , , J .,
ji omming as inr irom bin: ecu-1 ,( t lmve it . I here is nut one way
ter of population as is the old j to improve the high school: add at
building." Nor is there a man in t.ast one teacher to the present nuui
tlu South ward who would desire this. hmr Hitherto this has been impossi
With a building located within a reus-. hie. Three high school teachers are
onable dislaileft rtf -qhe ward line, it ni we.liow have l'oom for. Rut now
would be possible to transfer pupils
from one ward to the other without
objection on the part of anyone.
"One of the main results that can be
gained by building will be the con
centration of the teaching force. One
grade to each teacher is the end in
view. This will increase the teacher's
cilicieney to a great degree. Such a
train is a train to the community a
gain which no patron can afford to
overlook. i
"There is no patron in Red Cloud, in !
either ward, who should not vote for
the bonds, unless it would be someone
who would put at. naught many mod
em improvements to secure fresh air
constant, even temperature, and sani-
tation. We are greatly lacking in
these respects. Other cities of the size (
of Red Cloud enjoy them. Let us not
deceive ourselves by the delusion com
mon to every town and city that the
axis of the universe sticks out visiiuy
, ., , .. ii
doesn't. Red Cloud's schools are not
what they should be. The reason is '
not that we haven't good teachers, '
nor a sulllcient number, though we
are handicapped in this latter respect
in the high school. ,
"Refore plans are accepted the loca-,
tion of the high school is important,
Wilber, Neb., a city employing twelve
teachers, two years ago completed a
building at a cost of S'.'O.OOO. In this
building the high school occupies the
second floor, while below are Jive or
six grade rooms. We can do this also.
T Vand use the North ward building for
part of the grades. The great disad
vantage in tills case would lie tlie
same division of the teaching force
that is now troubling us a condition
that we can now remedy.
"We think tlie bc,st plan of all would
be to segregate the high school from muster Hacker's dog. and was known
the grades, a eondititioii'that is in it- to nearly everybody in Rod Cloud,
self a good thing. The North ward J Someomv lo'ft a dose 'of poison where
building could well be used for the tho dog could get hold of it, and he
high school and the eighth grade, died Saturday afternoon. About the
With a few necessary improvements in ' meanest, low-down skunk in creation
the way of a heating plant, new fur-' js the dog-poisoner. He not only de
nituro, and removal of partitions, this stroys the good and bad dogs alike,
building could be made reasonably
..... .i.i,. I
"The seven remaining grades ami
the kindergarten could well be pro
vided Tor in the new building. Ry
this arrangement wo could attain some
very desirable features: A special
kindergarten teacher, which we al
ready have in the North ward; one
'4rrad'e for each teacher; the separation
of the high school mid eighth grade
from the grades that need recess; a
fairly uniform number of pupils under
l!llc" lL'ilu"ur; ruliei for tlie ovorcrowu-.
cu rtHiui vwuu. i
...1 XT 11. 1
i if in t..if .r ti ...i fil.....i t
. ..e popumuo.. o. iu-u .m.., ....
"""- to justify having two bodies
of achers. one in each ward, doing
exactly the same work. This condi-
tly the same work. This condi-
tlon is justillable only in ease the
wards have school population averag-
ing from SS to 10 pupils to the grade.
Hut the average number in the South
ward is not more than 15. This makes
I il nooi'ssnrv In tilnee two and. in one
t()WnH of tmt syM m, Jn tlli(l
ti n. in- ni'.iiiiiii.-t ill i iiiiiii' iiiii:iv iiiiii
way. This is the way we are situated
in both wards. Hence it is idle to
elaini that our schools are what they
should be or what the money we spend
on them can make them. Nor is our
1,1, school what it should be for a
c-,ty of :,)()(. We can come up to the
standard in the grades without spend
ing a dollar more for teachers. Not
so in the high school. Comp-ire our
the high school, Red Cloud three. To
be sure Superior lias more pupils en
rolled in the high school. Rut since
Superior has no greater population.
the reason for this condition isevident.
0ur high school already has more
than its facilities warrant. We need
,,., ontional course need it trreatlv.
no opiiomii uiiiiN mill ii- j,ii.iiu..
yu lose nunils evcrv vear because we
" ' l' l'"!'" - '. .c"' '-'i "
that we have a chance to make room.
let's not fail. Vote for the bonds."
G ildc Rock Man Marries Former Sweet
heart In Michigan,
From the News-Letter.
In a St. ilohns (.Mich.) paper of last
week we find the following item which
will be of
interest to mary of our
"Lust Monday saw
the culmination
of a pretty romance right in our midst
when Mrs. Kuima I1. Travis was united
in marriage to Charles W. Corwin of
(Juide Rock, Neb
Ihih romance be-i
ti ti 'l t.u,.h! .ifr.t tt'liiili lint i.mii1ii
..... , , . , ii , ,
were little boy and girl sweethearts. I
,, ,, . " . . , ., ,...,
.ill. v oi win went iiwii.y. ium uu: iiliu:
girl grew to womanhood and was mar
he years passed until A. were I
liiiirkcti oil on tuiuss circle. Mr. or-
I i i i it 4 i n
like to visit his old home. So a week
ago he returned to Michigan from his
home in (5uide Rock and found that
his former sweetheart was a widow,
and the result was a pretty wedding,
The all'air was a very happy one.
About thirty guests were piesent, and
.dainty refreshments were served.'
Death of Mrs. BlanUcnbaker. i
Mis. I'Jliaboth Rlaukcnbiiker, widow
of Felix Rlankenbaker, died at her '
home in Walnut Creek last Tuesday, I
at the age of 7.1. Funeral services
wore held Thursday. The deceased is
survived by four children Thomas.
Frank and (!. M. Rlankenbaker, and
.Mrs. Charles Rinkor, all of whom live
in Walnut Creek township.
Toby" is dead. "Toby" was Post-
hut endangers the lives of other do-
u i i i ....... ,
iiicmic uiiiiuuin, nun even nuiuau Do
ings. It's a good old world after all:
If you have no friends or money,
In the river you can fall:
Marriages are quite common and,
More people there would be,
Provided you take Rocky Mountain
Tea. C. Ii. Cutting.
Former Red Cloud Preacher EnftnftCtl In
Hininft Vmturc. '
,. Willi.,.,, Ifmitit.inimii. former
pllhll)l. of lho Congregational church,
ms 1(t l)eon
,u en ,,
, .,,., ,
abent from lied Cloud
for bis imnire to fade
. f, ..,. nf . ,,,,,.. ,,,,,.
Ham MU1,111UIUI WIIS one of those
Iuinl.hl.luU,,l nllU;hnion who cared lit- i
Ue f()1. Ule (,1Mm,ms of )thors. Tllls I
, ,,, , ,,.,...,.,.. sll'11.j.d wi-mnrles '
with certain members of his flock, and ,
(horrible to relate!) it wus finally dis-,
covered that in tlic privacy of his own i
home he occasionly indulged ii. the
soothing influence of a good cigar, bill by a vote of U0 to 0. The Senate heated argument followed about the
This convinced some of his parishion- had already passed a U-eeul. fare bill, mutter, and finally Harvey swatted
ers that he was not cut out for a mln- and both branches will now appoint Russell on his dial. Russell swore out
ister of the gospel, and when he asked conference committees and get to-' a warrant for H.irvey's arrest and the
for a raise in salary and didn't get it got her on one bill. The vote in the case came up before Judge Kdson for
he resigned, lie went from here to House shows Iho overwhelming scnti- ( adjudication on Monday morning,
Alma, where he preached for a time, incut in favor of lower rates. when Harvey was given a line and
finally drifzing out to Searchlight, I - - costs amounting to SUMO.
Nov., where, according to the follow- J It's the highest standard of quality, Query: If it costs only Si.'lM.'i for
ing story from the Searchlight Rulle- a natural tonic, cleaneses your system, violently resisting an o Ulcer, and you
tin of recent date, he seems to be , reddens the cheeks, brightens the eyes, nre taxed $10 for swatting your neigh
doing well: gives flavor to all you eat. Hollister's bor when he insinuates that you are
"About a year ago there arrived in Rocky Mountain Tea will do this for a lhir and no gentleman, what would
Searchlight a little man with quiet, you. .'15 cents, Tea or Tablets. C. L. ni the approximate cost nf the cupola
deep, shrewd gray eyes, introducing ' (Jotting. I for the new court house?
himself as a minister of tlie gospel. ,...,. - . ' .--... js-
Jlo represented no missionary society;
he paid very little attention to raising
a salary for his services; he gathered
the children into Sunday school, and
on hunduy nights preached in the little
school house on the hill. The boys
, ,. , ., .,
it.!n.m.(i to love the "little parson, as
., ,, , , . , , f , , .
thev called him. and men who had not
been to church for iiinnv years went
week after week to hear him, and!
spent hours talkintr over his blulV. ec
centric manner of speech. The parson
sppkeittle about himself .butgmdu-
any ii was learned
that he was the
Rev. William Ilauptmauu, and had
held important pulpits in Nebraska. I
He was afllictod with wander-lust and !
a desire to practice law. "I want to
quit preaching and go to practicing,"
is the way he put it. It was notice-
able that whenever a group of men ,
Leathered to discuss some new strike or
a sample of some good-looking rock,
the "little parson" was in the crowd,
an interested spectator, eternally ask- ,
ing questions in an unobtrusive man-.
' ner. "I am no miner, boys, but 1 just
want to know, that's all." he said, j
Rut many persons have spoken of a
certain sly look in his eye. It sccniid '
to some ns though those gray eyes, set
. far back in the massive head, showed
a strange sparkle and hid a trcinend-
,.,.,.,, . .
ously secretive brain, but the secret is
out. It is true the "little parson"
I .... rill 11... .m..wl 4ll.. .;,.i.-
, , , , ,
iiiil liitlmi.l ilui intu itl lit i iri'itnr
l . . "
niiuiy ways ingratiated hunself, nut
quietly and constantly he was study
ing conditions and learning tlie forma
tion of the surrounding country. It
is remembered now that he has been
in the habit of taking long walks in
the hills for exercise," he said, and
all this time ho has been getting in
formation, studying mining law, fa
miliarizing himself with mining in
general, until now lie is considered
one of the best informed men in the
district in matters pertaining to all
that interests miners. ,
"Rut the studies of Mr. Hanptmaiin
have not been merely academic. He.
formed valuable associations and now ,
he is fledged out as vice president and
chief counsel for the Khlorndo Mum
moth (iold Mining Company, corpora
tion owning excellent property in Kl- '
dorado canyon, and it is whispered by
the wise ones that the parson is on ,
the straight road to great wealth."
Frank II. (Jainel, who is soon to de
liver, in our city, his popular illustra
ted lecture. "The American Roy, His'
Pranks. Perils, and Possibilities," is.
considered by those who know him
best as peculiarly fitted to speak upon '
his chosen theme. He knows boys. '
For more than eighteen years he has
"lived among them" in a very special
sense. He has superintended boys'
clubs in some of tlie larger cities, has
been a successful pastor and Y. M. C.
A. secretary. He has had large ex
perience with boys of all classes, from
the homeless street gamin to tlie sons
of some of tin best families in the
hum. Mis keen sympathy, coupled
with his ability to remember the do-
"1'rs OI uu' ,l!,ys o lus own lioyliood,
win for him the eonlideneeof the boys
who know him. Hundreds of lads,
scattered all over the l'nitod States,
delight, to count upon him as a special
friend and advisor. College course,
next Wednesday evening.
" " ' "!
Yesterday the Nebraska Rouse
ReprcsentatUcs passed the '.'-cent fare
iiCJTiT- K 1
. 1. j: i
x- AJr Hu:
r?33rT;3y wj.
'jm K
StUinuCll U.13UIUC15) JLLi) tUIl- l . ,, '-j ;. -jyH
tlnued use means
injury to health.
t?ii i 1..!
yroiiownig ineauvice or meaicai , ,-Sgg
scientists, England and France have w',Wl1
passed laws prohibiting its use
in bread making.
American housewives
should protect their house
holds against Alum's wrongs
by always buying pure Grape
Cream of Tartar Baking
Pure Grape Cream of
Tartar Powder is to be
for the asking
Buy by name-
Elmer Hnru) Pais Dearly forSwnttln
His Nclililior.
I'W sonic time past there has been
more or less friction up in the Harvey
neighborhood, north of Inavale. Not
long ago Kliucr Fogg had Mrs. It. I).
Russell arrested for threatening him
with a gun. There was also some dif
llcully over the disappearance of some
One lay last week a couple of tiliucr
Harvey's horses got loose and were
taken up by Mr. Russell. When Mr.
Harvey went alter his horses Mr. Rus
sell demanded iW for their keep. A
jrrrrrr -i. isrzzr-
-i r i-t- -n-K-'Jfcrit'jii .. -tM
juuivas. ytry;j-jr,.vJVTvV.'Fi
.-: r zr-rssir- ar.-rms:
j-EI -VS- TZZZ i !X---L? 3TT
if.rrr.-J J firJm
r-. 1 1 - jtx i-;t.j
i. r irftr ? irsr--.3S
in food causes t '
T . V?J1 tilt.,. iiVII l.-".fl
I fr -v ' i .
nermanent $ffliMMj5iM
r -j; i t i.WifJL-fhSS
ft n !T??5I
j8A (
3IV dz
iMr tm.i'f
u w I