The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 15, 1907, Image 1

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Painful Story of Mr. Payne's Deal In
J'Vom the Campbell Citizen.
V. K. 1'iiyne, living southeast of town
dwn Inavale wiy, was formerly the
proud owner of a eow. Shu wax a good
cow, but one day she died, and, while
Air. Payne was pained at the loss, like
a prudent man he concluded to realize
what he could from poor fcossy before
she became n memory only.
Mr. Payne did not know as much at
the time of the occurrence as he has
since learned, else this story would
.never have been written'. Hut Mr.
Payne was innocent and trusting. He
was also a tidy bit loser. What more
natural than that he should desire to
get every cent fcr the critter's hide
there was in it?
The American Hide and Wool Co. of
Lincoln are buyers, so they say, of
hides, wools, pelts, furs and tallow.
Jt is a strictly philanthropic institu
tion, if their word is to be believed,
which exults in doing business for the
delightful beneficial hygienic effects
of the exercise, combined with that
gentle warmth at the heart that al-
Business College Notes
The literary was not held last Fri
day night.
Verne Henderson went home sick
last Friday and has not returned to
Prof. Dietrich gives an entertain
ment in Cowles tonight, and one at
Kosemont next Friday night.
Prof. Dietrich gave an entertain
ment at Amboy last night in the in
terest of the Ladies' Aid Society there.
A box supper was also held.
The spelling class had an interesting
session Tuesday by turning the class
period over to a discussion of Abra
ham Lincoln and the work he did in
We are glad to see Herbert Plumb,
one of our former stmients, in ueo
Cloud again. We have always had
faith in Herbert, and here goes for
some more while he stays at Turuure
Glenn Arnold, who left his home
hear Hlue Hill about New Year's day
and stayed in Red Cloud about a week
ways results from "doing unto others, i and then departed for parts unknown,
Rev. J. M. Bates Sends Curious Find to
the University Museum.
Fiom the Lincoln Star
What Is probably the most remark
able case of natural dentistry in ex
istence is now on exhibition in the
universitv museum. It is the tooth of
Deaths and Funerals.
Mrs. Lucy Moranvlllc.
Two Drunks and Two Disturbers of the
Peace "Pinched" Yesterday.
Hooze was responsible for four ar
rests yesterday. Karly in the evening
Mrs. Lucy Moranvlllc, wife of Jacob ' P. S. Fair, of Kansas, ami doe Hoi
Moranvlllc of Guide Koek, died last i comb were arrested for being under
Tu4vduy, aged 8.1 years. Funeral ser- the "inlluence." They wen- released
an ordinary domestic hog Hlled with ' "ere held at the home of Dr. C. . last night, the former upon the pay
lead: The specimen is evidently a I I Monil,v,1, ln ('"h,is ! oiih..s- ment of a 810 line and the latter n S4
uay aiicrnoou at zi.m, conuucicu y iiue.
Hev. Thompson, pastor of the Advent Late last night Frank Kthcrtoii
church of this city. , raised a disturbance in Polnieky's sa-
etc." Mr. J'ayne was made acquainted
with these facts by a circular letter
quoting him a price on hides of 10c to
l.'ic per pound.
Mr. Pay -.crested. He trades
at Campbell, however, and when Ueo.
Firkins only offered him 7c a pound
for his hide it almost made him cry.
He sat down and figured on the bade
of an envelope just how much George
was beating him. The hide weighed
fi.i lbs., whien at 7c would only bring
?:.8r. The Lincoln skin company was
paying Hie for the top. but to be con
servative Mr. Payne concluded to be
on the safe side. Twelve times 55 is
SH'i.fiO. "Too much profit for one hide
$:.'.05 is." concludes Mr. Payne.
The rest of the story is too sad to
dwell upon. Mr. Payne shipped to the
Lincoln house, and when the returns
came in he suddenly saw a great light.
The hide when shipped weighed 55
lbs. ISefore it got to Lincoln it had
dwindled to 40 lbs., and from this was
clipped another 10 lbs. for shrink
age." This is the way the bill then
re :ul:
I'No. . part cured hide. Ill) lbs. at
Oc lb.. SI. SO. Check enclosed. SI. HO."
Such is the tale of Payne and his
cow. He admits that the joke Is ,on
him. He told it to George, came in
and subscribed for the Citizen.. 'and
now wishes his sad story given to the
world so that the following lesson
may be learned:
Buy at home.
Sell at home.
Hy so doing you serve your own in
terests, make lasting friends, build up
your town and your county, increase
the value of your property, get better
service, and think a whole lot metre of
It's a lesson that's worth S'i of any
man's money.
lias been heard from. He is near
Weatherford, Okla., in Custer county,
near the southwest part of the state,
lie writes that he is working with a
bridge gang. His parents have been
noli lied.
The Camp lecture last Monday night
was well attended and the lecture was
well rendered, considering the condi
tion of the speaker, as he was not
feeling very well. The sentiment of
the audience was that it was good.
Some said "A little long." others saitl
".lust right." The shoe Htted in places,
ami of course yon know what then.
On the whole he gave us many good
things to think about as we try to lit
ourselves for life's work.
The next number on the college lec
ture course is "The American Hoy," by
Frank Gamel, and if you have not
heard any other you can not afford to
miss this number. It will be an illus
trated lecture on the boy of America,
showing his pranks, perils and possi
bilities, with more than 100 pictures
of real boy life. Then Mr. Gtimcl has
a scries of moving pictures that will
interest you. Every lover of boys,
every hater of boys, must hear this
number, February 'J7.
Dr. Hoyajian made the school a visit
and a talk Tuesday afternoon. It was
real interesting and instructive. The
doctor has a good way to advertise,
and one that is working well. He is
a good showman from start to finish.
He talked to us on the schools of his
own country (Armenia), comparing the
five languages he could write and myl
with the English language. He is a
success in the line of an entertainer
and an advertiser, lie is welcome to
advertise again in our rooms. We en
joyed it.
I lie rapid calculation class Had an
interesting time last Friday. Prof.
Paul Dietrich chose five members from
the class to cipher against the rest of
the '.".' pupils in the class. It was a
close contest and in many places it
was hard to decide who was winner,
although the sentiment of the class
was for the five chosen ones Miss
Hermanson. Miss Portinier. Mr. Wat
son, Mr. Kent and Mr. Quirin. Among
those who did some quick work on the
other side were Everton Foe, Laura
Harris. Rollie Hrooks and others.
The band boys of Hud Cloud are to
be congratulated on the work they
did at their llrst appearance in public
last Monday evening. Prof. Snapp
remarked to Prof. Dietrick that it
seemed as though the lecture course
numbers all came on baud practice
night. Prof. Dietrick suggested that
the band practice in the opera house
and on the street on Monday night,
and you know how well it was carried
out. Prof. Snapp is certainly a good
back tooth of a full grown hog. for
the projections in the crown are very
much worn down, and the principal
depression in the center of the crown
and the radiating grooves between the
projections are as neatly llllcd with
lead as it would be possible for a
dentist to 1111 a cavity in a tooth.
Dr. E. II. Harbour, curator of the
museum, declares it is one of the most
interesting specimens of its kind he
has ever seen, and he intends to pre
pare a careful description of it for a
scientific magazine. Several members
of the faculties of the dental and
medical colleges have examined the
specimen and agree that an expert
could not do a better job of dentistry.
In explaining the phenomenon. Dr.
Harbour recalls the fact that hogs
often take something hard, as an iron
bolt or a piece of crockery, and carry
it around in their mouths and bite it,
merely as a plaything. This hog evi
dently found a bullet or a small piece
of lead and, in using it for chewing
gum. got some of it wedged in its
tooth. The continual grind of chew
ing pressed it. down closely into the
depression in the center of the tooth (ijs,,,.
and wore oil all the lead that project
ed, making a neat lead filling.
The tooth was sent to the museum
by the Uev. .1. M. Hates of Red Cloud
and was found near that place. Hev.
Mr. Hates has secured several valuable
specimens for the museum.
Mrs. Lucy Moranvlllc was born at
Derby Line, Vermont, where at the
age of 18 she was married to Jacob
Moranville. To this union thirteen
children were born ten sons and
three daughters. The deceased is sur-
i vived by her husband, who is u:i years
of age, and ten children, as follows:
Dr. .1. W., George, Calvin, Gaulishu,
Henry, Charles, Horace, Edward, Mrs.
Harriet West .and Mrs. Minnie Mont
gomery. Only four of the surviving
children were able to be present at
the funeral, owing to sickness and
their widely separated residences.
Michael Saltiman.
Michael Sail '.man, an old citizen of
this city, died at his home
The relief of Coughs and Colds
south part of town last Saturday, aged
71 years 1 mouth. Death resulted from
cancer of the stomach. Funeral ser
vices were held Monday. Deceased
was born in Ohio. January 0. is:i.
Ethel McKcUlinn.
Ethel May McKcighau died yester
day evening at iiiIIO. from a nervous
se with which she had been uf-
llicted for more than a year. Funeral
services will be held at the home of
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
MeCune, tomorrow afternoon at :.:()().
Ethel McKeighan was born in this
city May 1 1, 18U1, and was the daugh
ter of Ohurles F. McKcighau and his
first wife, who is now Mrs. Clarence
Jones of Inavale. The deceased was
loon and when N'ight Watch Kiusel
attempted to arrest him he resisted,
throwing the ollicer to the floor and
choking him. Kinsel called upon by
standers for assistance, and when they
attempted to assist the otllccr, Hoy
Elherton interfered in behalf of his
brother. Sheriff Hedge's timely ap
pearance saved the day for the side of
the law and both the Ethertons were
finally landed in jail. They will have
a hearing tomorrow morning at 10
The Split Left Draft.
The split-log drag has won favor in
Lincoln. Street Commissioner llcmdcy
is havinir seven new drairs constructed.
in me i and every one is made of split logs.
through laxative influence originated ! generally known by the name of Ethel
with Hee's Laxative Cough Syrup, con-! MeCune, she having lived with her
tabling Honey and Tar, a cough syrup I grandparents since she was a little
containing noopiates or poisons, which , oliilcl. The bereaved relatives have
is extensively sold. Secure a bottle at , Uu' vmpathy of the community,
once, obtain a guarantee coupon, audi " " "
if not fully satisfied with results, your Whenever ,o i happen to think of a used after a rain the roads are smooth
money will be refunded. Sold by news item, phone it to Hull 7U or Mil cd and hardened to a degree that i
Henry Cook's drug store. ( tual 211. astonishing.
I'lii! department used half a dozen
drags last year, but only one of them
was of the split-log variety. That one
was used merely as an experiment,
and it has been found to be far better
than the ordinary plank device. This
gives the city thirteen drags, a num
ber which Mr. llensley considers sulll
cient for the city's needs this year.
The dirt roads in the suburbs will be
dragged as soon as the frost, U-aves
the ground. -Lincoln Star.
Here is an indorsement near home
for the split-log drag which should
appeal to every fanner and road over
seer in the county. Let the farmers
and road overseers build drags now
and have l1icui,for us.,whcji Jfrcy are,,
needed, and then use liem when the
proper time comes. Enough labor and
money are fooled away on the roads
every year to keep them in fine con
dition if the proper methods were
used. The split-log drag is acknowl
edged to be absolutely the best as well
as the cheapest instrument ever de
vised for working roads, and when
Estate of James R. .Mercer, deceas
ed. Petition of American Law Hook
Co. to file claim out of time granted:
hearing March U'5. 1 p. m.
Estate of Charlotte Thomas, deceas
ed. Hearing and decree on final ac
Estate of Hubert S. Denny, deceased.
Vetitioii to require accounting: cita
tion to administrator.
E. J. Duckcr vs. Dan Garber: re
plevin. Service of writ pending.
Meliue vs. Heiher. Settled and dis
missed. A. T. Walker vs. Ralph McCall. For
answer March term.
i.. "-
To Mothers In This Town .
Children who are delicate, feverish
and cross will get immediate relief
from Mother Gray's Swcet Powders ' uader and we must say the material
for children. cleanse the stom- u, i,s to work on is also good. Why'.'
ucli, act on the liver, making a sickly Ti,tsy are Red Cloud boys. That's all.
child strong and healthy. A certain -
cure for worms. Sold by all druggists, For Rent A large house, well loca
U.'ic. Sample free, AllenS. Olmstead, ted; city water, bath and electric
' J.eRoy, X. V. j lights. Inquire at F. Newhousc's.
your tongue to
ana look in the glass you will see the effect
You can't help puckering it makes you pucker
to think of tasting it.
By the use o so called cheap Baking
Powders you -take this puckering, injurious Alum
right into your system you injure digestion,
and .ruin your stomach.
Sap plaitsfy
Royal is made from pure, refined Grape Cream of Tartar Costs more
than Alum but you have the profit of quality, the profit of good health. '
' " I
i :
l X
1 1