The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 08, 1907, Image 8

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fleaisy Notes From Neighboring Tomns !
(From tlio Nows Lottor.)
It. is hinted tlml oIriip factory mtiy
bo oponod in (tiiirio Rook.
Frank Yottor has bought tlio Ktl
Hobinson placo of Loulo Oitorblad.
On Friday ovoningof last, wook Irono
Chapter O. E. S. was iiiHtltulo.1 in
Guido Hook with a membership of i'l.
Tim Ilondrlokson is now working
with Art Shooloy and thoy aro getting
out tho frames for Goorgo Fairfield's
now building.
Wo understand that S. E. Ely in
tends to movo to Reynolds soon, wlioro
ho will havo chargo of a yard for tho
it. 8. Proudllt Lutnbor Co.
Prod Fish, tho popular manager of
tho E. G. Doy ami Co. lumbor yard in
this placo, has resinned ids position
and will go on his fathor's farm near
Calbortson nbout the first of March.
A lodgo of Royal Neighbors, nn auxi
liary of tho M. W. A., was orgaui'od in , , , , .,
iiuijr ui kuu . . , , . ... married Tuosday at tho liomo of tl
this placo Monday evening of tins ,,.. ....
. , ,, T . , ,,, M bride's mothor, Mrs. Jus. Worloy, thr
wook by Mrs. Lewis of Fairbury, No ...i.ii
braska. Tho oiga li.ation starts out
with a membership of 120.
Hurlon has returned to Franklin,
Arthur Uurton and Arthur Beitol liuvo
positions as travoliiig men and tho two
Enevoldhon boys returned to Upland.
(From the Citizen.)
L. Itoy roturnod Wednesday evening
from his trip to Canada.
Mrs. Wm. Patterson was callod to
Oborlin, Kan., Monday by a telegram
announcing tho ilinoss of her sister
II. Crilly acoornpanied a quartette of
stock cars, loaded impartially with fat
hogs and cattle, to St. Joo Tuesday.
Claudo Stiles has been adding tho
finishing touchos to tho club room over
tho now bank, and it will soon bo ready
for occupanoy.
Johnny Gress "flow his kito" Mon
day morning, leaving a vacant chair at
Monroe's barber shop, and another at
his boarding houso.
Will Crum and Miss Ida Worloy wore
miles southeast of Campbell.
Frank Musil went down tho lino to
St. Joo, Tuohday morning, with a bunch '
Tribute to the
an fi'niiniinn -i r t w r m . iitii iiiiiiiiii.Vi
una. luiuiitu wiiu "i wun v.. ivj i ...... ... ...... m. ...... i. p
rtn oi - ...... , , ,
is reported to havo sold 871 wo
butter and $271.10 worth of eggs and
chickens during tho past year. This
is an average of about V23 por month.
Can any Webster county farmer's wife
show a bettor record than that?
anything in Unit lino shipped out of
Campbell for many mooni. Tho car
contained sixty-two of his fine Client r
Whites. Tho average weight was :i2.)
pounds, and tho averagoago 10 months.
Even John Philip Sousa, the great bandmaster, who has no use for
Phonographs', has been forced to recognize the Phonograph as a for
midable competitor. The two-step king says that people will no
longer go to concerts if they can have music in their own homes so
easily and so cheaply as they can with the Phonograph. This is an
unwilling tribute, but it is nevertheless a tribute. The man who has
a Phonograph has a concert in his own house. 'Even a king could not
have more. At our store you can hear them any time.
The Victor Gramaphone.
The Victor Junior $14.20
The Victor Z 21.20
The Victor No. 1 26.20
The Victor No. 2 34.20
The Victor No. 3 44.2 3
The Victor No. 4 54-20
The Victor No. 5 64.20
The Victor No. 6 104.20
( I Vicron s J ) J jf-Ss
Mnstorh Voice'
(From the Advocate.)
S. V. Hartt.'s homo is now quarantin
ed on account of his oldest sou having
a slight attack of diphthoria.
Mrs. V. G. Douglas died Monday
morning at three o'clock aftor a long
illness from tuberculosis of tho lungs.
Tho quarautino was lifted last Tiles
day at tho homo of J. 11. Kling, wlioro
Plumu Iirudnoy had an attack of diph
theria. K. E. Koon, representing tho Burns
it McDonald firm of civil engineers of
Kansas City, was in town 0110 day this
week to look over tlio wator works pro
H. II. Waring has on exhibition in
his store a relic of early times that is
quito familiar to tho early settlers
here, viz, tho lml f decayed head of u
Asa Clapp and Miss Kmma Diohl
surprised their friends by hieing thorn
solves over into Kansas ono day last
wook and getting married. Tho head
of tho family is a son of Geo. Clapp.
H. S. Brown, of tho Commercial
hotel, went to Rod Cloud ono day re
cently to look for a hired girl, and
whilo thoro ono of tho follows from
hero who owed him a board bill
thought ho was aftor him, and the
way ho tnado tracks to got out of sight
was not slow.
(From the Leader.)
A baby girl came to brighten tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wilson last
Miss Emily Martin is now tho opera
tor in tho Bull Tolcnhono exchange.
Miss Louise Schumun going to Law-I
Sam llogato has moved off tho John
Paugh farm and Mr. Paugh has moved
n..A.. ft....... lit. II Va.XI.1.1 I'll ..,. .1
I tllibu nmiiu, inn. tun uv.111 it&iniiii
operations again tlio coming season.
Last week Jacob Goll and Wm. Gar
rison, whilo attending tho Telephone
convention at Lincoln, purchased a
new switchboard for the Iudepcndout
exchange hero.
Frank Bakor and T. T. Tobin wont
out to Cambridge Monday, and spent
ti few days looking over tho stock of
clothing thoy have purchased in that
thriving little city.
The above prices include 12 S-in. records with each machine
The Edison Phonograph.
The Edison Gem Phonograph $10.00
The Edison Standard Phonograph 20.00
The Edison Home Phonograph 30.00
The Edison Triumph Phonograph 50.00
Records, 35c each; $4.20 per dozen.
Compare these prices zvith anyone's, and
remember ive save yo7c the freight.
Newhouse Brothers,
(From this Sentinel.)
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Sccrosr.
Tuesday, Jan. 20th, a boy.
Prof. Allot writes from Berlin that
thoy will soon leave for Paris.
Tho now organ for tho Congregation
al church has arrived and been placed
for trial.
Low Hoifnmii and family wont down
to Rod Cloud Sunday to seo their par
outs, Mr. and Mrs. Cluis. Ethertou.
Tlio many friends of Miss Pearl
Blackwell will be ploasod to learn that
sho is ablo to bo out again aftor her
two weeks' illness. Mrs. Blackwell,
also, who was not well for some time,
was up town yosturday.
Tho crowd of musiolans, five in num
ber, who loft last wook to join Haaso's
band in Omaha, wuro up against a cir
cumstance whon they got there, and
Real Estate Transfers.
For the week ending Tuesday, Jan
nary 2, furnished by the Fort Ab
stract Co., L. II. Fort. Manager.
Julia M. Miner etal to Charles
11. Miner, lot .1, in sec 10, v2 sw
4, eJ set ft. part sec 8, pt sec '.,
all in 1-11, lots 11, I:.', IJIU. -.'0.
lots '.'.I, 2t. MU. U7. Ked Cloud,
deed '. 10.000
Lincoln Laud Co. to Fannie E.
Phelps, lot 10, lllk '.'. First add
to Hindoo, wd
John T. Ilallouk to Catharine K.
Manspeaker, lots 1ft, Hlk. 1,
.lacksou'.s add to Ited Cloud, wd
Oscar Ferdinand to William A.
Bunnell, n'J set. .'Ml-ll, wd
Charles West to Thomas A. Bald
win, lots I. '.', in It-l-'.i, wd.. .
llattie West to Thomas A. Bald
win, iiw:.' nel, lot :t. in l.l-l-'.i,
('. F. (hind to .1. K. Martin, lot
11. Blk. I. Bohivr's add to Blue
Hill, qcd
C. F. (fund to .lothan Martin,
lots 11, ell. Blk. I, Bohivr's add
to Blue Hill, qcd
A. C. Hale to Porter It. Hale, e:.'
so i , pt w:.' so I , ::'.: I ,'. wd ....
1 Jewelers and Opticians. . Burlington Watch Inspectors.
i i
tho last part of last week.
K. J. Skoon was out to hlsfarm last
Friday uftor ti load of hay.
George Amack's youngest child was
quite sick tho last of last week.
J. V. Smith took two soring pigs to
Cutter's last Friday, which brought
him 83253.
R J. Skoon has sold a piece of his
creok bottom land to A. C. White, for
$(50 per aoro.
Mrs. James Bryant, on old resident
of Garfield, is hero visiting with hor
daughter, Mrs. DoIIurt.
good number in attendance and ofDcers '
were elected for tho next term.
Emory Waller bus roturnod from his
visit to Litchfield.
Rev. Deakin has been quito sick the
last weok with lagrippe.
John Thompson, who has boon work
ing at McCook, has returned home.
Aunt Jane Paul is seriously ill with
pneumonia. Mrs. J. C. Waller is nurs
ing her.
Mrs, M.J. Turner of Guide Rock
, came up to help nurso her aunt, Miss
The stork visited Garfield last
'" .Thursday leaving a young uarus aim , p , durU)C uor bickuos9.
now Jack fools bigger than tho barn. ... ,
I Tho joint sale of Cutis. Norris and
Tho Ladies Aid society met at tho I chas. Adnmson Wednesday was quito
homo of Mrs. G. W. Hummel in Line, ' Woll attended, considering tho weather,
Thursday of last week. Thoro were n I ,Um bidding was good.
Notice o? Application for Divorce.
In the Dlftttlcl Court of Wctater County, N
Thorns J. Rodger, Naiiitlff. )
vh. V
Lorcttn IlodKcn), Dufcudnnt. )
ToLorotta ltodgers, N'on KeMdum Defendant:
You arc hereby notllled that on the l.Htli ily
of July, inno, Thomas J. HodKer tiled ti )tllli a
UKAlmtyoii In tho DlHtrlct Court of Webcter
County, Nebraska, the object mid prayer of
which aro to obtniti a divorce from you on thtj
ground .that you havo wllliully deHerted timt
abandoned the plaintiff, without good chum,
for the term of two venm and more last pair..
You aro required to answer said petition on oc
beforo Monday, the 11th day of March, 11107.
Uy J. C. Say lor. bin attorney. febll
Mjntlc Cure for HhcumntlBm and Neuralgin
radically cures In 1 to.') days, ltu action upou.
the system la remarkable and my.Merloui. It.
removes nt once tlis rainte and the dUcaso lm
tuetllatsly dUappearR. The tlrst done ereatly
beiiff!tn,7.') CfiitHandJI. Sold by H. K.Uiutu,
drusglHt, Ited Cloud.
plies with all requiremeato oi the lNiionai Pure Fcod Law, Guaianvee No. 204 1 , filed ai Washington.
Mortgages lllod, tf-'bio.
Mortgiigos released, S'i.MiO.
Your money refunded if after tihing
throe-fourths (lt) of a tube of MutiZun
uro also out of a job at least as bund you aro- dissatisfied. Keturu the bul
playors. Tlio manager had troublo
with tho commercial club, wliieh was
backing tho baud and, it onded'in tlio
disorganization of the baud. Will
A friend of tho horn )
A foe of the Trust
j Compiles with the Pure Food Laws
' of all States
anee of the tube to your druggist, and
your money will bo cheerfully return
ed. Take advantage of this otVor. Sold
by Henry Cook's drug store.
?is,;n -j Bim'Hii'Wwsrv?ltal $Ug) mC CtJlJilflP h iVC-iBtrr-
m rff.mklsJP rrcTPyir fm 'Ail ir ' vl- -i IzJ m 7"
s ?
Interesting Items Gathered
i by Our County R-eporters
Frank Ailes took two loads of hogs
to town last Friday.
N. L. D. Smith and wlfo wore out to
tlio farm last Friday. ,
Mr. Hodgson's baby was quito bick
"For over thirty years," writes a
gentleman in Los Angeles, " I have
used Arbuckles' Coffee. Many times
my family has tried other coffee only to
come back to our old reliable, unchange
able Arbuckles.' No other coffee has
this uniform never failing aroma, 1 care
not at what price. I have often wished
I could tell you this." Many other
people have the same opinion.
Arbuckles' was the firit roa:tcd packcd
iifice, uud iu sale exceed c the others put
nE5S irrro the greatest richest
counTRvrHcsun shims uport
together. That it costs you less is due simply
to our coffee business being so much greater
than any competitors, in (act, it is larger than the
next four laigest firms in the world combined.
Wc naturally can and actually do give better
coffee in ARIOSA titan anyone else can give
for the price; Being the standard article it b
told at the narrowest margin of profit.
Some grocers will try to sell
you instead loose coffee which the
roaster is ashamed to sell in a
Si' irt.-,
mJ' . C
-A. -A.,
package bearing his name.
Don't take it, neither the looks nor the price
indicate its cup quality. No mailer where you
buy Atbucklcs' ARIOSA, or what you pay
for it, it's the same old uniform Arbuckles
If your grocer will not supply, write to
Nw Yk City. J