The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 08, 1907, Image 7

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100 Eight-Day Clocks
. .To Re Given Away. .
Wo want to add 1,000 now sulwriburs to I'lti: Uillifs i- lielore the
first of February, 1907, and to Mint, end we make l lie "ir r h low. There
will bo no disappointed contestants. This is u plain li-i-im-s proportion
uiid every sohool district, every church society, every I w nod every
individual can secure ono of tlieso splendid Htguhi'iirs s ndiiiu in
ton now yearly subscriptions. Tho retail price of this Clock i- $7.00.
1 feypSS
bramJ55rpjnaJmsw &
Address all communications to
Loses Life While Crossing Ice.
Omaha, Feb. K Workmen for Swirt
& Co., who are putting up lee at Cut
off lake, found the body of Captuin
Hazard frozen In the Ice. Hazard had
attempt to cross on new Ice in re
turning home from work thu previous
night and had fallen in.
Manner in Which Nebraska School
Teacher Commits Suicide.
Syracuse, Neb., Feb. 1. Alter set
ting fire to his father's barn, .iohn
Jtnmmol, aged thlity-four, a school
teacher, cut his throat with a razor,
fell over into a haymow ami let the
flames finish the deed he had commit-
od. His body was merely a pllo of
ashes when his aged parents found
them several hours later. No motive
is given for the suicide, unless de
Moses M. Sydenham Passes Away at
His Home in Kearney.
Kearney, Neb., Feb. i Moses M.
Sydenham, one of Nebraska's earliest
pioneers, died suddenly here or heart
failure, aged eighty years. Mr. Syden
ham was locntetl at old Fort Kearney
when it was the largest military sta
tion on the overland emigrant route
to the west. During the Indian wars
with the Sioux and Cheyenncs, he
took a prominent part and later, as a
ciTillan, he assisted in the establish
ment of the state government. Ho
published tho Kearney Herald, the
first newspaper Issued on the then
"Great American Desert."
Members of Junketing Party at Grand
Island Badly Bruised.
Hrnii.1 Island. Neb., Fob. 2. Fleven
members of the Nebraska legislature,
comprising tho joint committee to
visit the state soldiers' and sailors'
borne near here, were thrown irom a
carryall last night while returning
to tho city from the home. Thu
Yehlclo upset In a ditch and the law
takers weie piled in a heap. Sena
tor Thorne suffered a badly bruised
face. Senator Randall had his back
wrenched and Representative Howard
was so badly dazed he was unable to
continue to the city and was taken to
tkf. immn hosnltal. The other mem
bers ot tho party sustained nothing
wwhu than a shaking up.
Mercury Falls Forty-Three Degreei
In Three Hours at Ainsworth.
Lincoln, Feb. 2. A cold wave do
wended on Nebraska laBt night, cov
ering a large section of Wo slato. The
first effectB or the cold reached Un
! at 9 o'clock, and an hour later it
..,. 0i,i.uin nmi liWkwInir hard. At
Alliance, at 9 o'clock,. It was said a
Description of the
Dial, diatnetiT
Cn8e . .
Retail price.
.1? inches.
IfiUi ioclns.
.. li! inches.
.(iohlen Oak.
Tin: Clllfcr has mad" iirriiiig'nieut
for ptoeiiiiug KM) of the above hund
somo eight-day Iteiruliitors, and they
will bo given away Hliolutely free,
upon the following plan:
Each person sending in 10 new year
ly subscriptions to Tin: t'uii:r will bo
entitled to one of tho clock.
Each person sending in In renewals
to.lanuary 1, ISHW, will i-e entitled to
ono of I ho clocks.
Nobody barred! School districts,
churches, seciet societies and individ
uals are entitled to enter the race.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
ing. Reports from Hillings, Mont., re
ceived at Alliance said a terrific snow
storm was prevailing. At McCook, at
the same hour, the temperature bad
fallen twenty-live degrees In less than
two hours.
A special from Ainsworth, in north
western Nebraska, said the mercury
fell 13 degrees In three hours, bring
ing zero temperature, with the pros
pect of going much lower. Nebraska
towns as a rule are fairly well sup
plied with coal.
Bite of Stray Dog, Thought Not to Be
Serious at First, Proves Fatal.
Omaha. Feb. 4. William Reese,
who was bitten by a dog on the night
of Dec. 23, and developed a case ol
hyrophobla, died at Clarkson hos
pital, where he was taken by his
physician as soon as the nature of his
illness became apparent. Reese was
night watchman for the smelting com
pany, and was bitten by a dog which
entered the watchman's shanty when
Reese attempted to caress it.
The animal's teeth Inflicted but a
slight wound and nothing was thought
or the matter by Reese, although he
had It given medical attention. Not
until about a week ago did serious
symptoms begin to show. Reese was
then sent to tho hospital by tho com
pany, and It was soon apparent to the
physicians in attendance that his life
could not be saved. He began to suf
fer convulsions, passing beyond med
ical aid.
Bodies Brought to Pierre.
Pierre, S. D., Feb. G. Tho bodies of
Wesley D. Ranks and Roborl Chand
ler, who were frozen to death on their
ranch near Hayes, were brought hero.
The men came here recently from
Mount Vernon, Ky., and were operat
ing a large sheep ranch. Tho bodies
nro being held for orders from Ken
tucky relatives.
Chicago Hard Hit.
Chicago. Feb. 6. Thero has been a
steady fall of snow ror the past
twenty-four hours In Chicago, and as a
result thero is now more snow in the
city than for the past two years. With
the temperature only a few points
above zero aud a high wind prevail
Ing, the snow has been piling up in
high drirts, greatly delaying trains.
Friendly Boxing Bout Proves Fatal.
Now York, Feb. G. -John Mason,
who, it Is alleged, received a knock
out blow in a friendly boxing bout in
the parish house of St. Bartholomew's
Bplacopal church on Jau. 23, died in
St. Francis' hospital. A young man
named Brown of St. George's Bplaco
pal church was Mason's opponent In
the bout.
Hastings Man Dies In Minneapolis.
Minneapolis, Feb. 6.W. V. Rip
perd of Hastings, Neb., dropped dead
nore of heart disease.
Frigid Weather and No Fuel In Some
Tf .ns Railroads Badly Dcmoral
Ized Family of Six Frozen to Lcath
Near Bismarck.
St. Haul, Feb. C Twenty-two de
grees below zero was registered by
government thermometers. Mont of
tho other thermometers went to thirty
below. Zero weather has prevailed
for seventeen days.
In North Dakota 30 degrees below
has been common and there has been
much suffering. Railroads have been
badly demoralized. For several days
past tho main lines or tho Soo, Great
Northern and Northern Pacific novo
been blocked and many of tho branch
lines have been at a standstill for
wcoks. This has caused a coal fam
ine In many North Dakota towns.
There have been reports or many poo
plo freezing to death, but theso re
ports have been denied from North Da
kota sources. It Is, however, ndmlttod
by railroad m"nagors that tho opening
of spring will tell some growsomu
tales of suffering, starvation and
In Minnesota, especially to the north
and west, the storms have been se
vere All trains from Chicago were
from one to live hours late. The Soo
line sent out tho first train to the
coast in a week, hut tie olllclals nuulu
no promises to passengers that they
would get lnrthor west than Portal,
N. D.
Northern Pacific trains from North
Dakota points were six and seven
hours late and Great Northern trains
from the same locality were from
three to eight hours late.
McHenry, N. D., reports that thero
have been no trains since Dec. IS and
that all fuel, including gasoline, is
Miners and Others Go Down in Slide
from Monarch Mountain.
Salida, Colo., Feb. C Seven persons
wero killed and fourteen Injured, two
of whom are .expected to die, In the
snowslldo that came down Monarch
mountain in Monarch.
Tho dead: Fred Mason, owner of
boarding house; Mrs. Fred Mason;
Joseph lloyles, miner; John Emorson,
miner; Georgo GriflUh, miner; Ste
phen Skinner, saloon keeper. i
The Mason baby, who was reported
to havo been killed, had a miraculous
escape from death. He was burled
under many feet or snow and broken
house timbers for fourteen hours, and
when found vns lying In his bod, un
harmed. Nearby were tho dead bod-
les of his parents and other memliers
of the family who wero rescued alive.
James Lecky was pinioned under a
hoavy blanket or snow by broken tim
bers, but managed to dig a hole In
the snow with his hands so no could
breathe until he was rescued. He
was In communication with his res
cuers many hours bororo being taken
Three Persons Killed and a Number
of Others Injured.
Klrwin, Wyo Fob. C An avalanche
swept dwon upon this camp, killing
three persons and Injuring a number
or others. Charles Brunnoll nnd wlfo
and Jack Reynolds, an aged prospect
or, aro dead. Tho snowslldo over
whelmed houses on one sldo of tho
main street of tho camp. Tho bodies
of the dead aro under fifty feet or !
Woman and Five Children Arc Found
Dead in North Dakota. I
Bismarck, N. D., Fob. C A tele-1
phono report from Goodrich, a town '
on the Carrlngton branch of the North-!
em Pacific, Is to tho effect that on un-,
identified woman and five children
wore frozen to death there.
Omaha Street Car Jumps Track and
Crashes Into Drug Store.
Omaha, Feb. I. Samuel Thomas, a
teamster, was killed ana at least four
teen persons Injured, one of them seri
ously, when a Harnuy street car
jumped from the track at tho corner
of Sixth and Pierce streets while go
ing at a high rate of speed, ran across
tho street to the sidewalk and crashed
into tho window of the drug store ot
Charles R. Caughan, toppling over on
its side and imprisoning nineteen
Thomas was not a passongcr on the
car, but was standing on the sidewalk
in front ot tho store, waiting to board
the car, which crushed him between
the window of the drug store and the
sldo of the car as it fell over against
the building. .The other, victims were
passengers, but miraculously escaped
Injury, with the exception of Henry
lio. itch, who was standing on the rear
p'aiioim when the crush came nntl
liail M rliclit leg caught hi'twrcn the
car anil the sidewalk when the car
fell over. Ilia leg was broken In two
l' 1 1 l'H.
Acad Fremont Couple Asphyxiated.
Fwmotil, Neb., Feb. fi. August An
derson and his wife, aged residents
of Fremont, were found dead in their
homo at -150 South 11 street. They had
died from asphyxiation by gases es
caping from a stove.
Fl3h Hatchery for Nebraska.
Sioux City. Feb. -J. Congressman
Hubbard of Sioux City and Congrcsn
ninn McCarthy of I'onca, Neb., have
joined forces In Washington to secure
tho establishment of a government
fish hatchery at Crystal Lake, Neb.,
which is located in Dakota county,
Just across tho Missouri river from
Sioux City.
Nebraska Solona Oppose Ship Subsidy
Lincoln, Feb. 5. The Nobrnska
legislature went on record as opposed
to the ship subsidy bill. The house
adopted, by a voto or 50 to 30, the sen
ate joint resolution memorializing
congress to defeat the ship subsidy
measure, and requesting Nobjrak.ft
senators aud representatives to oppose
it. The resolution passed the senate
by unanimous voto.
Features of the Day's Trading and
Closing Quotations.
Chicago, Feb. G. Higner prices for
wjuat at Liverpool str ngthoned the
local v.lnnt market today and offset
highjy favorable crop conditions In
the southwest. At the clo.-o wheat
for May dJllv( ry was up '&u 'C. Corn
wns :,s'c higher. Oata gained 's'ii"ic
Provisions wcie a shade to '-c higher.
Closing prices:
Wheat-May, 78Vsc; July, 777;7Sc.
Corn May, lfi'-ltf!io; July, -MU'i
4C'tc; Sept.. -liF-ic
Oats May, ioC,e; July, 37ic.
Pork May, ?t7.72U.; July, 17.8r.c.
hard May. ?10.00; July. $10.02'..
10.05; Sept., $10.15(7?10.17'!..
Ribs May, $9.72&: July, ?l).S0.
Chicago Cash Prices No. 2 hard
wheat, 7-l'ift76c; No. 3 corn, 12'yc;
No. 2 oats, white, 4040VjC
South Omaha Live Stock.
South Omaha, Feb. 5. Cattle Re
ceipts, fi.ODO; steady; native steers,
$4.250.25; cows and heifers, $2. HO
4.05; western steers, $3.2505.25; Tex
as steers, 11.00(0)4.40; canners, 1.80
fj,2.'J0; stockers and feeders, $2.75(0)
500; calves, $3.000.50; bulls, stngs,
etc., $2.504.25. Hogs- Receipts, 8,
500; 5c lower; hoavy, ?G.87'.0G.92j;
mixed. W.SV& 0.90; light, $G.85(jJ
C90; pigs, ?5.75nC50; bulk of salon
?0.S7'pG.00. Sheep Receipts, 8,000;
steady; yearlings, $5.75((p0.25; weth
ers, $5.40f05.75 ; owes, $1.50(0)5.25;
lambs, $0.50(0)7.00.
The Fun of It.
"Why did you do that?" demanded
the teacher.
"Oh. Just for fun," replied Tommy.
"Hut didn't you know It was against
the rules':"
"Sure! Dat's where de fun coined
lu."-l'hlladelphlu Press.
A Matter of Necessity.
"Now," stilu the physician, "you will
have to eat plain food aud not stay
out late at night."
"Yes," replied the patient, "that Is
what I have been thinking ever since
you sent In your bill."
A married man thinks he could have
saved a lot of money had he remained
a bachelor, but ho couldn't. Chicago
- . .
5 AY, nib I bK!
Do you know that it will pay YOU, as
well as US, to buy your Building Ma
torial and Coal at ouryards? Not only
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least as low, as those of our competit
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City Dray and Express Line.
Goods Delivered to any part of the city.
Charges as low as the Lowest
Residence 188. Office I if
Women as Well as Rlen Arc Haft
miserable by Kidney and
Bladder Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind,
discouragesaiidleshciiHainbitioii; beauty,
. :.... i ..i -..I
,.111 Jl. ,H"' """ viiruiiui-
liO fin ncss soon disappear
-f when the kidneys nr
2 out of or-ler or dif
2bZ- eased.
7Vf& when Ihckiducvsnrc
Kiduev trouble hits
become so prevalent
that it is not uncom
mon for u child to be
born afflicted with
ui'iiL- IridnrvH. If tin-
child urinates toooften, if the urine scalds
the flesh, or if, when the child reaches an
nj;c when it should be able to control the
pnswvge, it is yet afflicted with beil-wct-tinK
depend upon it, thecauseof thu diffi
culty is kidney trouble, and the lirst
step' should be towards thi treatment of
these important organs. Tins unpleasant
trouble is duo to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bladder ami not to a
habit as most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidnev and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
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r........ . f, .w.... w.. J' . -,
including uianv ol the thousands of testi
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. I
51 ft hi SiS-J .
?. B-
ifTnrTHB nnn'T' -n