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What Webster County Owes the State
In Delinquent Taxes.
The report of the state auditor for
the yeor 1000 shows many interesting
things concerning the iinnneiul stand
ing of the county which are not gen
erally known to the taxpayers. The
report shown, among other things,
that up to July 1, 11)00, Webster coun
ty owed the state in back taxes 832,
022.07. distributed as follows:
1885 8 3013.15
1880 2085.02
1887 1320.50
1888 800.83
1880 502.-H1
1890 3113.47
1801 720.13
1892 112.47
1803 550.10
1804 133.88
1895 28 I. SO
1890 183.01
1807 98.30
1808 72.07
1800 08.33
1000..' 80.20
1901 80.15
1902 53.10
1903 52.22
1901...... 1505.73
1905 15703.25
Total 832022.07
Of the S15,703.25 shown to be delin
quent in 1905 the greater part has been
collected and turned into the state
treasury, while of the balance for the
years 1904 and 1905 a large share is
that owed by the iturlingtou railroad.
Of course, most taxpayers will under
stand that this money is not actually
owed by the county, and will not be
paid until it is collected from the de
linquent taxpayers. All delinquent
taxes owji'g to thestate prior to 1885
have been canceled and the county is
under no obligation to pay them.
The total delinquent taxes owed by
the various counties to the state is
Webster county has oustanding $30,
000 of refunding bonds, due in 1911,
Injuring 4 per cent interest, which are
7ield by the permanent school fund of
of the state.
The total railway mileage in Web
ster county is 00.07, and the assessed
valuation in for 1000 was 8504,755.
The total sleeping car mileage in'
this county is 24.50, on which the Pull
man company paid 8201.47 in 1900.
The report also shows that Webster
county owed the state on November
30 last 83337.47 for care of insane.
As an illustration of how the county
has grown since its organization, the
assessed valuation of the county in
1871 was 88.999; in 1900 it was 82.205,
414. Next Monday Nlftht.
Who? Why, Camp, at the opera
Chas. T. Schenck, Monroe, In: "We
contracted with the Midland Kureau
of l)cs Moines, la., for the Hon. J. (1.
Camp, who lectured before a splendid
audience in this place on November 20,
and I can both truthfully and unhesi
tatingly say it was one of the most
magnificent lectures to which I have
ever listened, and I have heard Wend
ling, Ounsaulus, Dixon, ( raves, llur
dette, Con well and Mclntyre. We
never had a man on our lecture have shut out the saloons, and now it
who gave such universal satisfaction s proposed to make prohibition state
as did Camp, and I speak this advised- wide. So far as this county is con
ly, for I make it a business to inquire J corned, we believe the people should
into the impression every number has ),e given the opportunity of saying
left. I want to see J. ('.. Camp with j whether or not they want saloons,
your bureau next year, for we most with all the evils that go with them,
certainly want him back next year for j if the majority of the people are in
our regular course. He merits every favor of trying to worry along with
word of commendation I have said in (ut saloons, we believe they should
reference to his ability as a wise
thinker and able orator."
Public Sale.
Hife and Fisher will hold a public
sale Wednesday, " Fcbruaryv20, at the
Klfe farm, 5'j miles south and I',
miles oast of Itcd Cloud. Forty head
of cattle, 15 head tif horses, 03 head of
hogs and a complete outfit of farm im
plements and household goods, to
gether with 20 tons of hay, will be
Business College Notes
Prof. A. J. Dietriek was not in
school Tuesday afternoon.
Monday the college was out of coal,
but now we have hard coal and it
burns real well.
Prof. Paul S. Dietriek gives an en-
tertainment in the ttuide Uock opera
house tonitrht, one in the Amboy
school house next Thursday night and
one at Cowles Friday next. I
lm,l N ni..t.rli.lcWnHnnnfilnti!il trims.
urer of the Webster county Sunday
School Association last week to take
the place of Mrs. Ed. Oarber, who left
the county some time niro. Of course
a treasurer without any money doesn't
feel just right, so 1 suppose he will of sections 10 and 20, in Une town
begin to eollect at once. ship, the chairman appointed J. (!.
"I can't llgure up this load of hogs." Overman, II. (I. Sawyer and T. .1.
"Yes, but you must find out, as It Chaplin as a committee U, investigate
seems I didn't get till 1 should have." im1 "H"""!"
"Now. father, if you had let me go to On motion the clerk was instructed
business college last winter I could to advertise for bids per linear foot
have done that whole thing in my for bridge work in the county for the
head." j year 1907.
L. P. Albright has consented to give I The following bonds were approved:
the students one night each week Iload overseers: II. Ii. llartels, district
drilling them in music. Mr. Albright 0; (J. W. linker, district 2. Justices
is a good leader and we have some of the peace: It. I). Mullctli and E. J.
irood voices, so we exneet to make .
some good music. The first practice
was last Tuesday night.
In a contest in writing the nicest
figures in rapid calculation, Miss Laura
Harris won first, with Miss Lena Her
mansou second. Twenty-nine are t'n
rolled in this class and, of course, the
girls feel proud of their honors. We
have a number of others who could
hold llrst place most anywhere else.
The program of the literary society
lust Friday night was good. We have
somic debaters and readers here that
we 'are going to look for In prominent
places one of these days. Carl Lind
gren takes all honors for impromptu
speaking. The new constitution was
adopted last Friday night and new of
ficers were elected, Louis Kent being
chosen as chairman. Everton Foe has
made a good presiding olllcer during
his term.
Everton Foe, Itay Palmer and others
of our couragous students are talking
of putting the Physical Culture Maga
zine out of business because the editor
saj's that the Japanese is a stronger
man than the American. Everton and
Raymond are loyal supporters of their
Uncle Sam.
Makes no difference where you wan
der, Makes no difference where you roam,
You don't have to stop and ponder
For a place to call your home.
When they ask where you were born,
Speak right up, be pVoud to say
That your home's the land of I'ncle
The good old l S. A.
County Option.
There is a bill before the legislature,
which is being strongly urged for
adoption, irivinir the various counties
of the state the right to vote upon the
question of license or no license by
counties. In Tennessee, Arkansas,
Ucorghi and the Caroliuas this method
of controlling the liquor trnflic has
been given a fair trial and is rapidly
growing in popular favor. In Tennes
see seventy of the ninety-six countien
imvu the right to suv so. (luide Hook
and Iuavale have driven out the booze
joints and no one will have the hardi
hood to claim that either town has
suffered. If the liquor trallic was
' completely driven from the county
there would be. more money spent for
dry goods, clothing ami groceries.
The men wlio are now engaged In the
1 liquor business are successful business
men, and they could with equal suc
cess engage in some more honorable
j calling.
County "Dads" Settle With Officers
and Transact Other Business.
The board of county commissioners
met January 29, 1007, pursuant to ad
journment. Members all present,
Chairman Richard presiding.
Minutes of last meeting rend and
Annual settlement was made with
the following road overseers
Hobaeek, district 40; K. K. Fogg, dls-
triet 31; 11. F. llartels, district 0; W.
J. Vance, district 4 ; D. Uippen, district
42; W. II. Hoffman, district 32; II. A.
Johnson, district 2.
In the matter of the road petition of
J. 10. Fox and others to open a road
commencing in the northeast corner
Itiehard Turner, county assessor, up
peared before the board and ordered j
that the assessment of Alf McCall v,
Sons to the amount of 8305 be stricken
from the tax list in Line township for
the year 1900, the same being assessed
lu Walnut Creek township.
The chairman appointed Commis
sioners Sawyer and Overman to settle
with the sheriir, county judge, county
clerk, district clerk and county super
intendent, and Commissioners Chap
lin, Anderson and lticljard to settle
with the county treasurer.
January 31.
members prcs-
Hoard met with
On motion the bridge plans and
specifications Hied this day and mark
ed exhibit "A" were adopted for the
ensuing year. Commissioner Ander
son voted In the negative.
On motion the county clerk was in
structed to advertise for bids for
bndge construction.
In Food
In England and France the Sale
of Alum Baking Powder is pro
hibited by law because of the in
jurious effects that follow its use.
The law in the District of
Columbia also prohibits Alum
in food.
You may live where as yet you have no protection against Alum
The only sure protection against Alum in your Baking Powder is o
'ROYAL is made from
product Aids digestion adds to the healthfulness of food.
February 1.
Hoard met with all members pres
ent. The following claims were allowed
on the bridge fund and the clerk in
structed to draw warrants to pay the
(leo. ClnuHon, bridge work 810.00
Joseph Ilobacck, bridge work.. . 12.75
Geo. Olnuson, bridge work 10.00
The committee appointed to settle
with the county treasurer reported
that they found the accounts to corre
spond with the semi-annual report.
The committee appointed to examine
the books of the county clerk, clerk of
the district court, sheriff, county su
perintendent and county judge report
ed that they found tho books to cor
respond with the statements on Hie.
Adjourned to March 12.
New Organization Will Make Its Debut
Next Momtay Niiht.
Hurrah! The new Citizens' Hand of
Hod Cloud will make its first public
appearance next Monday evening, at
which time it will play for the ('amp
lecture at the opera house. If the
weather is at all favorable the band
will play on the street Monday night
before the lecture, and afterward in
the opera house.
l'he boys are not
quite up to the standard sot by the
Kilties when tliey were here some
time ago, but they are getting along
finely and vou may expect to hear
some good music. Considering that
most of the members of the hand
were "green" when llrst taken in hand
by Prof. Snapp, they have made re
markable progress. Prof. Snapp cer
tainly is a thorough musician and an
able band director. Everybody should
come down town .Monday evening pre
pared to encourage the boys in every
way and overlook any little breaks
they may make. "Oh, listen to the
T Cure a Cold ! Ote Day.
Tuk Lnxntiva Bromo quinine- tab
Uts. Druggists refund monay if it
fails to euro. E. W. Grove's signature
is on oaoh box. 25 cents.
" WfifH
Absolutely pure Cream of Tartar, a pure Grape
Plans Belnft Laid for a Vlftoraus Cam
paign ftr the Bonds.
At the regular meeting tif the Com'
merclal club Tuesday evening the
question of building a new court house
again formed the principal topic for
Enough of the petitions have, been
turned in and heard from to indicate
that probably 800 voters have signed
the request to the county commission
ers to submit the proposition to a
The question as to when the election
shall be held occupied the greater part
of the discussion. Some favored the
calling of a special election, while
others contended that it would be
the better policy to wait until the
election next fall, thereby avoiding
the expense tif a special election. It
was also argued that there would be
a much larger vote east at the general
election than could possibly be gotten
out at a special election, thus securing
a more nearly accurate expression of
tho will of the. people.
Another good argument in favor tif
waiting until the November election
is that a favorable decision in the
railroad tax case is hoped for before
that time, thus giving the county
ump'o money to pay all outstanding
e'aims that are due and leave a good
surplus. This would have a tendency
to make the taxpayers look at the
matter in a more favorable light.
Waiting until the general election
would also irive the supporters of the
plan a better opportunity to Impress
upon the citizens of Cowles, lllue Hill
and elsewhere that this is not a selfish
movent on the part of Itcd Cloud,
but Is designed for the good and wel
fare of the whole county.
Wake up !
Put your shoulder to the wheel!
The relief of Coughs and Colds
through laxative influence originated
with lice's Laxative Cough Syrup, con
taining Honey and Tar, a cough syrup
containing no opiates or poisons, whicii
is extensively sold. Secure a bottle at
once, obtain a guarantee coupon, and
if not fully satisfied with results, your
niouei' WIH ',u refunded. Sold by
Henry Cook's drug store.
it ii
, I,