The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 01, 1907, Image 6

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invest gators; Find Policy of Octopus
to Stifle Competition Generally Un
fairSecret Railway Rates Aid
Comblno Fnkc Companies.
lite Rlasquerader
(Continued from I'iiO I'liruu.)
TashhiKtos, Jan. S3. The Inter
tmiu imiuiiicico couimlMSlon bodL to
0Mttirmth a, roport of llio luvuatitjiitlnns
wkoU) by II under tlio Tllltiiati-Glllespio
HHwduUon concerning thu relatione of
iiiioii cArriora by rail to tko produc-
ji.i dislrilMiUon or oil. Thu rc-
rl oorora tho distribution of pc
traliitim nnd 1(4 products oast of tho
IfJtfsisuljipi iItit, and, Incidentally, tho
jtiMiaM and Toxn fluids. Tho report
iU out ffcnomltj th inothodB by
Ink u Standard Oil compnny "has
It wm aatl porpctu.itud lu monop-
a im umevrtod that "tho ruin ot
tssapounM-s nait uaon a uiBiinci
T tko solloy of ttos Ktnndard Oil
ipaay Is lh put, sysinnaucaiiy
w-siutanSj pure u ei.."
"N Instanca," tho report aaya, "is
Si 4 w Intro ny railway compnny has
a laturmUd In oil laudu or In pe
miM production.
"Tho Standard OH company largely
MattajKllaoa tho handling of petroleum
tasu tfc mouth erf tho well until it is
Bl ts the ratnllor, and sometimes to
cwiautncr, and under ordinary clr
umtjiaceH 1U margin or profit is very
"Tho OTldence nhows little harts for
4k o oontontlon that th enormous dlv
jfcmula of tho Standard Oil company
tr thu legitimate result or Its eco
nomies. Except for Its pipe lines, the
Standard hsa lint little loKitlmato ad
Tnatai;e over the Independent rt finer.
"Thw Stnndard buys adveitlblng
Sace In many newspapers which it
IHVi with reading matter prepared by
ti(Mita In pt for that purpose and paid
fbr fit ndTcrtlsInK rates, as ordinary
nvwH. Tho assumption Is thai this
sXwatftre furnishes many of the Ideas
ssschlng tho great bcnefils conferred
prion the nubile by tha Standard Oil
"PWMtmslo of pipe linen enables
fke Standard absolutely to control tho
price ot' orrtds petroleum nnd tho price
vWch iU competitors In a Riven local-
la bhall pay. K. can raise tho prlco
iii one htcality and obtain Iti own oil
Iwn oiiothor and rnvorar the process
aafcmt It dttlriM bo do no.
Tho plpo lino system or the Stand
Cr4. tfco roport contend, Is not a nat-
Xal, bnt raUtor an artificial advnn
fj. It Id argued that the reason
XhV Mig plpi linos compoting with
iiwo of tho Standard ha to not been
jiwrlded Is found in obstacles in tho
-jpr of auch Hndartnhlngs, having
Vnittn ftnnotifld by tho railroads, whose
right of way has genorally stood as a
hIniio wafl against all attempts to
extend Dim llnoi. Ordinarily, It Is
wdd, tho Standard has not reoelved
robatofl In recent yearn, ao far as has
ljfca discovered, hwt It has ncwortho
m en joy iid secret raton possessing
en of tho olstnnnta of Hiatal rates,
twit tho advantages n ohtalnod ovor
tnopiaoa4 shl(rpora havu botn of
ary groat vain to that company."
Tha report aoveoly arraigns tho
ftUtndnrd'it methods of competition,
"Tho Standard has rnpatdly, after
Vowing tha wn?r of a competing
frmnpany, oontinued to opvrat? it un
Iw tho oid nam. ciJrrylng the Idea
to rtio public that tho compnny was
ailH Independent and competing with
tko Standard. It ha used such pur
chased or independently organized
C'mjiaules to kill off competitors by
i$m pompanios reducing prices. Tho
prtIoi tf such fake Independent
enncernii has hwa one of Its most ef
Pirtfvw means of dent roving compe
Htion. Tho Standard has habitually
redticod tho irio against Its compet
lior In a particular locality, while
maintaining Its prkon at other places.
"When competition wns destroyed It I
ndrnni-ed or restored forrnor prices.'
Tho Standard has hold different grades'
of oil at different prlcei from the same!
lianel. It has paid employs of hide
jiondpnt oil companion for information
as to the business of thoso compet
itors and has paid employes or Indus
' trial companies to secure the adoption
of Its otl In preference to that of Its
competitors, it has followed every
parrel of Independent oil to iiMit (na
tion, such information being obtained
from railroad employes. Us agent n
aro Instructed to sneure customers at
any sacrifice It has tampered with
the oil Inspectors in different states."
"WliyV" C'Jiileoto repeated. "Oh, tho
prehistoric tnlo weakness stronger
than strength. "I'm-I'm sorry to
come down on yon like this, but It's
the social Bide that howls mo over. It's
tho uncial side I can't stick."
"The social side! nut I thought"
"Don't think. I never think; It en
tails Htieli u constant ttpiettlng of prin
ciples nnd theories. Wo did nrrange
for business only, bnt one can't set up
b'irrlers. Society ptuhci Itself every
where nowadays. Into business most
of nil. I don't want you for theater
parties or dlnnern. But a big reception
with n political flavor Is different. A
man has to be ?.ccn at these things, fie
needn't sny anything or do anything,
but lt'a bad form if ho fnlls to show
Loder raised his bead. "You must
fxplaln," he said abruptly.
Ghllcote r.tnrted ellghtly at the imd
den riemnwl.
"I f mippoie I'm rather Irrelevant."
he said quickly. Taet la, there's n re
tptloii at the Ilramfells' tonight. Ton
know HlnnebH Bramell Vteconnrcss
Itramfell. slatar Ionian Astrupp."
His word conTrywl crth!ng to Lodcr,
bnt he did not consider that. All cx
plnnntlons wore lmonie to him nnd he
Jnvurlnbly chafa to be douo with
"And you've gt to jnit In an appear
ancefor party raasons?'' Loder broke
Chllcote showrrt relief. "Yes. Old
Tralde makes rather a point of It so
does live." lie snld tho last words
carelessly; thou, as If their sound re
called something, bis expression ('hang
ed. A touch of satirical amuM'inont
touched his lips and hu laughed.
"Ily the way, Loder," he said, "my
wile was actually tolerant of me for
nine or ten days after my return. 1
thought your representation was to be
quite Impersonal? I'm not jealous."
he laughed. "I'm not Jealous, I assure
you. but the burned child shouldn't
grow absentmlnded." j
At lilt; tone and his laugh Lodcr's
blood stirred. With a sudden, unex
pected Impulse his hand tightened on
the banister, and, looking up. he caught
right of the face above him his own
face It seemed, alighted with malicious
interest. At the Fight a strange scomi
tlou selr.ed him, his grip on the banis
ter loosened, and, pushing past Chll
cote. be hurriedly mounted the stalrB.
Outride his own door the other over
took him.
"Loder!" he said. "Loder! 1 meant
no harm. A man must liavo a laugh
bomet lines."
But lx)iler was facing tho door and
did not turn round.
A midden fear shook Chllcote. "Lo
der!" he exclaimed again. "You would
not desert meV I can't go back to
night. 1 can't go back."
Still Loder remained immovable.
Alarmed by his silence, Chllcote step
ped clor-'cr to him.
"Loder! Inder, you won't desert
meV" lie caught hastily at his arm.
With n tpilck repulhlon Loder shook
him off, then almost as quickly he
turned round.
"What fools we all are!" he said
abruptly. "We only differ In degree.
Come In and let us change our
OH bcht moments of a man's life
aro the moments when, strong
In himself, he feels that the
world lies before him. C rat tiled
ambition may be the summer, but an
ticipation Is the- ardent springtime of
Thomaa Cnrlyle. "the sago of Chel
sea," dlod without winning much per
sonal popularity, a fact, however,
which Is forgotten In admiration of his
4,'onliis. Carole exerted a greater In
lluouco on llrltlhh literature during tho
middle of the nineteenth century ami
on the religious and political beliefs
of his time than possibly any other
Hrltlsh Avrlter. lie never wrote a lino
that lie did not believe, and In icgard
to style he certainly had no superior.
Jrom the position of schoolmaster lu
n obscure village this great Scotsman
a man s career.
As liOtler drove that night from Fleet
street to fJrosvenor squnro lie realized
this, though scarcely with any degree
of consciousness, for he was no nccoiu
pli.shed self annly.vt. Hut in a wave of
feeling loo vigorous to be denied ho
recognized Ids regained foothold tho
step Hint lifted him at once from tho
pit to the pinnacle.
In that moment of realization hu look
ed neither backward nor forward. Tho
present was all sufficing, nifllcultios
mluht liom ahead, but dltllculllcs had
but one objectthe testing and sharp
ening of a mini's strength. In the first
deep surge of egotistical feeling he al
most rejoiced In Chlleote's weakness.
The more Chllcote tnmdcd the tin ends
of his llf- the stronger must be the
finders that unraveled them. He was
pOhMM'il by a great Impatience. Tho
joy of action vwus stirring lu his bload.
Loiving tho cab, ho walked confident
ly to the dour of Chlleote's house and
Inserted the latchkey. Len In thH
small net there was a grain of Indi
vidual Hil'sfactlon. Then very quietly
. lie opened iht door and cross d the h ill.
' As he entered, a footman was ar
I ranging the tire that burned In the big
j grate. Seeing tho man, ho hutted.
, "Where Is your mtstrehsV lie asked
lu uiicouscloiH repetition of hi first
question In the same hmse.
' 'J he man looked up. "She has Just
! finished dinner, sir. She dined alone In
i tier own room." Ho glanced at Loder
In Hit (iiilck, uncertain way that was
noticeable In all the servants of the
household when they addressed their
master. Loder saw I tie look and won-
content to skim. For an Instant the old
resentment against Chllcote tinged tils
exaltation, but tie swept It angrily
aside. Without further remark tie be
gan to mount the stalm.
Gaining the landlmr, he did not turn,
ns usual, to tho door that shut off Chll
eote's rooms, but moved onward down
iht corridor toward Eve's private sit
ting r n. He moved slowly till the
door wa reached. Then lie paused nnd
lifted his hand. There was n moment's
wait while his fingers rested on the
handle: then, u sensation lie could not
explain, a reticence, a reluctance to in
trude upon tills one precinct, caused
his fingers to relax. Willi a Fllghtly
embarrassed gesture tie drew back
olowly and retraced his stepa.
Once in Chllcote'a bedroom, be walk
ed to tho nearest bell and pressed it.
Itenwlck responded, and at Bight of
lilm Lodrr's feelings warmed with tlio
same sctinc of fitnets and familiarity
Hint the great bed and somber furni
ture of the room had inplrod.
But the man did not come forward '
aa he had expected. He remained close
to the door with a hltatkn that wa
nnuaual in a trained aervant It struck
Loder that poarlbly his stolidity hai
exasperated Chllcote and that possibly
Chllcote bad Ieen at no pains to eea-
eeal tho oxaoperation. Tho Idea oMf4
him to anile laroluntarlly.
"Oeme lato tho room, ItenwieV fee,
tnld. 'It's uncomfortable to see yon
atnndlng there. I want to know If airs.
Chllcote hna aout me any raesotfe
about tonight."
Rcnwlck studied hhn furtively aa ho
came forward. "Yet, sir," he aali.
"Mrs. Chlleote's maid anlfl that the car
riage wns ordered for 10:15, and she
hoped that would salt yon." He spoke
reluctantly, as if expecting a rebuke.
At ttie opening sentence Ixdor hail
turned nslde, but now. as the man fin
ished, he wheeled round ami In and
looked at him closely with bis keen,
observant eyes.
"Look here." he "aid. "I can't havo
you ipenk to me like thst. I in.iy come
down on you rather sharply wh n my
my nerves are bud. but when I'm my
self I treat you -well, 1 treat you de
cently at any rate. You'll lnve to lesrn
to discriminate. Look at me inw!" A
thrill of ldvd: and of rulersblp paused
through him as he Jpoke. "Lo.ik at me
now! Do I look as I looked this morn
ing or yesterday?"
Tli ij man eyed him half stupidly, half
"Well?" Loder Inflated.
"Well, sir," Itenwlck responded, with
come kIowuvms "you look the same and
you look different healthier color,
perhnpfs, fdr, and the eye clearer." He
grew more confident under Ixulor'a
half miniorous, hair insistent gaeo.
"Now that I look closer, sir"
I sorter laughed. "That's It!" ho said.
"Now Hint you look closer. You'll havo
to grow observant. Observation la nn
excellent quality In a servant. When
you come Into a room in future, look
first of all to me and take you cue
from that. Remember that serving a
man with nerves Is like serving two
innMcrs. Kow you can go, and tell
Mrs. ctilleoto'w maid that I ediall be
quite ready at quarter pant 10."
"Yes. air. And after tlmtr
"Nothing further. I shan't want
you again tonight." He turned nway
as he spoke nnd moved toward tho
great fire that was nlwaya kept alight
lu Chlleote's room. Rut aa the man
moved toward the door he wheeled
back again. "Oh, one thing more,
Itenwlck! Hrlng me nome sandwiches
and a whisky." He remembered for
the first tlmv ttiat lie lind eaten noth
ing since early afternoon.
A few mlmilcs after 10 Loder toft
Chlleote's room, resolutely descended
ttie stairs and took up his position in
the hall. Resolution Is a strong word
to apply lo such n proceeding, but
.something In his bearing. In the atti
tude of his shoulders and head, In
fctlnctively suggested Jt.
Five or six minutes passed, but ho
waited without impatience. Then at
last the sound of a carriage stopping
before the house caused him to lift Ida
head, and at the same Instant 13va ap
peared ut the head of the staircase.
"She bud plnjed in amateur tlicat
ricnls, you know, and llircitencd to go
on tin stage ir her parents wouliln t
let her marry the duke."
"And what did tier parents do?"
"They let her go on the stage, gave
the duke a cheek for a front seat and
wen not at all surprised when he sail
ed back to Fr-nce the next morning."
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