The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 02, 1906, Image 4

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The Jar of
Hammer blows, steadily ap
piled, break the hardest rock.
Coughing, day after day, jars
and tears the throat and lungs
until the healthy tissues give
way. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
stops the coughing, and heals
tin? tnrn membranes.
"I nlw.ivu keop Ayor'n riierrv ITctornl In
.. I..1....' ir.fl. i,i.rlit nl ir wl llPVf-r 3
ny ofu I'mvo niiiBlit or Imnl iilil-. ) Iw.e fi
en lit mill to know
utiHl It for 11 iimiiy jfiimiiiiiitoKiiiw
nil iiboiit lt."-Mfl. MAliY OHKKTKAN.Vnryu
blirk'. M.V.
I4UOlrJ.C AyiTUO , AiOtvuil, .uuou.
Also m.inuiduiururn ui
Biliousness, conotipation roiara ro
cove.ry. euro thoso with Avor's Pills.
Sir Richard Tanftye.
In our lust issue wo erroneously
stated Unit tlie lute Lord Scully was
u cousin of Mrs. W. N. Richardson of
this city. Sir Hieliurd Tangye, who
died ut about the same time us Lord
Scully, was the cousin of Mrs. Rich
urdsoii. and wo. became confused in
the names. The last issue of the
Scientific American has the following
brief sketch of Sir Richard:
"Sir Richard Tangye, head of the
engineering llrm of Ttmgycs, died on
October 14. He was born in ISM. Tun
gyes have establishments in London,
Jtirmiiighaiu, Johannesburg, Sidney.
and other cities. Sir Richard, with
his brother, George Tangye, founded
the nirmingham Art Gallery and Mu
nicipal School of Art. His hobby was
the collection of inunuscripts, boohs
and other relics of the period of Crom
well and the Common wealth. He wrote
several books, including "Reminis"
cencos of Travel in Australia, America
and Egypt," "The Growth of a Great
Industry." and "The Two Protectors."
He owned estates in Surrey and Cornwall."
Sunday evening, October 28, at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. F. Evans, occurred the mar-j
riage of their daughter, Miss Anna'
Edna Evans, to Mr. Walter 1). Thomas
of Cowlcs, Rev. Wilson of Guide Rock
otllciating. Miss Mabelle Evans, sis
ter of the bride, was bridesmaid, and
Mr. Warren Thomas, brother of the ,
groom, acted as best man. The happy
couple left the same evening for
Cowles, near which place they will
make their home.
ornwt wnnmxuH.
Lloyd II. Amuck of Garileld precinct
and Miss Luella M. Eeklor of .Jewell
county, Kansas. Married by Rev. N.
Joseph Rarta and Miss Rcssie Koines,
both of Matin precinct. Married by
Judge Kdson.
George G. Warrell and Mrs. Hattie
ll. Viers, both of Guide Rock. Married
by Judge Edson. .
Republican State Ticket.
ICor U. S. Senator
NORRIS IMIOWN, lluffnlo.
JFor Governor
Tor Lieutenant Governor
Tor Railroad Commissioners
II. J. WINNETT, Lancaster.
A. J. WILLIAMS. Pierce.
- Tor Secretary of State
For Auditor ,
E. M. SEARLE, JR., Keith.
Ifor Superintendent
J. L. MclIRlEN, Fillmore.
JrJor Treasurer
Tor Attorney General
WM. T. THOMPSON, Merrick.
For Land Commissioner
CwntY Ticket.
Cor Representative
ifor County Attorney
A. M. WALTERS, Blue Hill,
a'or Commissioner
W. II. ANDERSON, Hidden.
HFor Senator
W. E. THORNE, llladen.
Float Representative
DR. It. F. RAINES, Red Cloud.
Tor Congressman, Fifth Dist.
G. W. NORRIS, McCook.
A cold taken at this time of the year
is generally hard to get rid of but it
will not be able to withstand lice's
Laxative Honey and Tar. That will
cure all colds, coughs, croup, whoop
ing cough, elc, by driving them out
through the bowels. If you have a
cold, try It, and if not cured get your
money back. No opiates. Sold at
Henry Cook's drug store.
Damaged bv Fire. '
Shortly after noon Tuesday the res
idence formerly occupied by Allen
Carpenter, on South Cedar street, and
which was recently purchased byO. R.
Uoyce of Cowles, was discovered to be
on fire. Prompt response to the alarm
by the volunteer firemen prevented
the destruction of the building. The
roof and part of the walls were badly
damaged. There was but one hydrant
within reaching distance of the burn
ing building, and the firemen were
badly Handicapped. The House was
vacant and was being repaired, the
men working on the building having
left it but a few minutes before the
fire broke out. It is not known how
the fire started. v
Ree's Laxative Honey and Tar the
original laxative cough syrup acts us a
cathartic on the bowels. It is made
from tlie tar gathered from the pine
trees of our own country, therefore is
the best for children. It is good for
coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough,
etc. Try our free offer. Sold at
Henry Cook's drug store.
Real Estate Transfers1.
For the week ending Tuesday, Octo
ber 17, furnished by the Fort Abstract
Co., L. II. Fort, Manager.
Sarah C Eagan to William Hols
worth, lots 1 to 0, ltlk 1, Lutz's
' add to Red Cloud, wd 800
Lewis E. Conrad and wife to
Alexander Dowd, lot 3, lUk 2,
Spence's 2d add to llladen, wd
David L (Jroat to John Street, lot
10, 20, Rlk 15, Smith & Moore's
add to lied Cloud wd
A L Soucheck to D Rorehcrding,
ltlk 0, Hoover's add to ltlue
11111a (l
J F Lane to Charles E Lane, s2
se 28, sw4 sw4, 27-1-0, qcd 1000
E U Overman to J O Caldwell lots
1 to 0, ltlk 11, Red Cloud, wd..
Anna A Muntz to S N Potter,
lots 1, 7, n2 of 2, 8, ltlk 3, Le-
Duc's add to Red Cloud, wd...
Margaret M Cutler to E II Cox,
lot2, ltlk. 11, Bladen, wd 2000
E II Cox to Eli Collette, lot 0,
ltlk 11, Bladen, wd 1000
Elll Collette to Margaret M Cut
ler, lot 7, ltlk 11, Bladen, wd..
Charlie C Lane to Julia A Lane,
s2 sc4 28, sw4 sw4, 27-1-0, qcd
Benjamin T Reed to Charles D
Robinson, lots HI, 20, Blk 8,
Smith fc Moore's add to Red
Cloud, wd
L C Olmsted et'al to Hattie J
Stoner, lots (5. 7, Blk 3, Inavale
C Olmsted etal to Reah Olm
sted, lots 8, 0, Blk 3, Inavale,
In anything in
Men's and
Boys9 Wear
All the newest in Suits, Overcoats, Hats,
Shoes and Furnishings. In the Sum
mer lines there are some good things,
and these you may have at prices that
will surprise and please you.
Every Garment Guaranteed.
.W 42"
Ea a. Sa, a fc a. 'a C GT a VaT ,i a Vtk b7 7 fca
Judftes and Clerks of Election.
Guide Rock Judges, Isaac It. Col
fin, Geo. Hagau, T. C. Bean; clerks,
Samuel E. Ely, II. Vaughn.
Beaver Creek Judges, Chas. Molley,
W. Richard, J. 1). Chrisman; clerks, E.
J. Cox, G. H. Payne.
Stillwater .Judges, Math Benker, J.
.II. Bangert, S. II. Shirley; clerks, Ly
man Miller, C. H. Guthrie.
Oak Creek Judges, T. II. Quiggle,
('lark Phelps, James Laird; clerks, A.
I). Ilaiuu, Levi Wright.
Garfield Judges, Frank R. Amuck,
.las. Robinson, Frank Allen; clerics, C.
S. Wolfe, Al Smith.
Pleasant 11 ill Judges, John Waller,
Alf Saladen, Jas. McBride; clerks. F.
5. Frisbie, George Mann.
Elm Creek Judges, Morris Mills,
(leo. Denton, Peter Itrittou; clerks, T.
. J. Chaplin, F. II. Gerlaeh.
Potsdam Judges, A. James, A. 1).
Raker, A. Krcigsumu; clerks, Fred
Wehnes, Chas. Armstrong.
Lino Judges, J. W. Mclntyre. R.
Turner, ( Lew Johnson; clerks, G. W.
Shannon, F. m. Harlow.
Red Cloud precinct Judges, Win.
Kngcls, W. II. Thomas, E. W. Coplen;
lerks, Chas. Gurncy, jr., John Kel
logg. Batln Judges, J. R. Harrington,
John Harpham, Mike Kudrna; clerks,
Henry Erlekson, Frank Strobl.
Glenwood .ludges, D. 0. Bennett,
Bruce Bowersox, Thos. Burden; clerks,
Chas. Spence, Thos. Duffy.
Walnut Creek Judges, H. E. Chap
lin, Chas. Dickerson, (3. N. Blanken
baker; clerks, Chas. Rinker, Wallace
Inavale Judges, 11. II. Holdrcdgc,
John De Bruuuer, llert Grossman;
lerks, Chas. Stoner, G. W. Matkins.
Catherton Judges, P. C. Oberg, Ole
Hcrgmau, .1, It. Krall; clerks, Otto
iikjelver, Ernest Grubb.
Harmony .ludges, Henry Fels, J. P.
Kglington, Win. Patterson; clerks,
(Jlurcnce McCoy, C. C. Stout.
Red Cloud, First ward Judges, D. L.
Croat, John Holcomb, E. Welseh;
alerks, Win. Wolfe, E. J. Pulsipher.
Red Cloud, Second ward Judges, E.
M. Gard, C. C. McConkey, Jay Pope;
lerks, James Burden, Chas. Gilliam.
No Longer an
The idea that baa become general that first class building material
could no longer be had is certainly knocked out, when you take a
look at the complete line of clear Soft Fine Finish and Siding
carried in stock by
Saunders Brothers
Plan to Rob Bank.
A story comes from Lebanon that
three young men of that place had
planned to rob the First National Bank
of Lebanon, Wednesday. One of them
was to shoot the cashier, while the
others guarded the entrance. How
ever, the boy who was to do the shoot
ing lost courage, and parties who saw
him walking past the bank several
times and peering in had their sus
picions aroused and caused his arrest.
He weakened and gave the whole
fling away, and was taken to Smith
Center, where he was placed in jail.
The other two boys were not arrested.
We were unable to learn their names.
of Red Cloud, Neb. What is also pleasing to the buyers.of Lumber
and building material is the fact that their prices are reasonable,
and they guarantee a 9QUA R C DEAL. They also have a nice
line of Oak, Hickory and Poplar Wagon Material. See their Shin
gles. You can not help but admire them.
The members of this enterprising firm, assisted by plenty of
excellent help, are always glad and take pleasure in showing to tho
public this nice stock.
1 1 is a well known medical fact that
pine resin is most ellVctivc In the
treatment of diseases of the bladder
and kidneys. Sufferers from back
ache and other troubles due to faulty
action of the kidneys find relief in the
use of Pine-ules. SI buys 30 days
treatment. Sold at Henry Cook's
drug store.
4 Certain Cure for Chilblains.
Shako into your shoes Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder. It cures chilblains,
frostbites, dump, sweating, swollen
foot. At all druggists and shoe stores
25 cents. Sample free. Address
Allen S. Olmsted, LoRoy, N. Y.
Manan relieves instantly the
caused by those, blind, bleeding,
ing and protruding piles. It is put up
in collapsible tubes in such a way that
it can be applied where the trouble
originates, thus stopping the pain im
mediately. Try one bottle and if you
nre not relieved, your money will be
refunded. Try our free oiler. Sold at
Henry Cook's drug store.
Mortgages filed, 82842.50.
Mortgages released, 801)00.
For the week ending October 24:
D C Roland to William P Roland,
lot 1, Roberts' add to Guide
Rock, wd 8 1500
Charles W Kaley to William A
Smith, pt w2 sv 35-2-11, wd.. 3250
A F Rose to Claas Rose, lot 2 blk
2, Rosemont, wd
Logan Carper to Laura E Buz
zard, lots 7 and 8, blk 5, Hoo
ver's add to Blue Hill, wd. . . .
Edwin E Burr to John Kind
scher, lots 1 to 8, blk 10, and 1
to 8. blk 15, Guide Rock, wd..
Edwin E Burr to Ira A Pace, lots
10. 11 and 12, block (1, Vance's
add to Guide Rock, wd
Geo W Dow to Fannie S Dow,
lots 13, 11 and 15, blk 0, Smith
it Moore's add to R C, wd....
(J W Dow to Fannie S Dow, scl
22-2-10, wd
Geo W Dow to Fannie S Dow. pt
lots 13, 14 and 15, blk 5, Red
Cloud, wd
Chas Sehubkegcl to A Soucheck,
lots 4 and (i. blk 2, Rohrer's
add to Blue Hill, wd
E U Overman to Arthur II Myers
lots 3. 4 and 5, block 4, Red
Cloud, wd 3200
Harry It Boyd to RerniceT Pick
ering, lots' I and 2, blk 18, Bla
den, wd 550
August Dahms to Oscar Dahms,
w2 nw4 33-1-10, wd 2500
William E Blossom to Melvin
McCord, lots 4 and 5, blk 8, It
R add to Red Cloud 20
Fourth Averwie
A frltnd of the hom0
A foe of tha Trust
Total SU5445
Mortgages Hledt S1300.
Mortgages released, S1730.
For the week ending October 31:
Laura E Buzzard to Julius E
Koepke, lots 1 and 2, block 4,
Hoover's add to Blue Hill, wd SHOO
Edwin T Foe to John Burr, e2
se ! 2SI-3-10, wd 1800
Arthur Muchow to Fred Goll, s2
sc4, 30-4-10, wd 3200
Our Prices are the Best
vCcmpllsa with tha Pur Food tw
,of all stataa.
Clean- and brautMei th hair,
lroinotct growth.
Never Valla to Iloatore Gray
Hair to its Youthful Calor.
Cum acalp dlwatci U hair falling.
30candlXUat nniglaU
Horace G Sawyer to Bank of In
avale, lot 3 blk C, Sawyer's
add to Inavale, wd
Muttie II Parker to T C Hacker,
lot 8 blk 22, Red Cloud, qed...
T C Hacker to Mary II Parker,
same, qed
A It Davis to 'C C Joyce, lots 0
and 7, blk 1, Sweezy's add to
Blue Hill, wd
Sampson K Logan to The Pub
lic, pt out lot 4, Rohrer's add
to Blue Hill, wd
Herbert llawley to The Public,
pt same, wd 20
State of Nebraska to W A May
nurd, nel se4 10-1-11, deed.... 280
L E Spence to Chns Spence, lot
5 blk 3, Spence's add to Bla
den, wd 100
Clara M Perry to Sarah C Eagan,
lots 2 and 4, blk 1, Smith &
Moore's add to Red Cloud, wd 500
Total Si
Alortgagcs Hied, 85400.
Mortgages released, 82240.
:i?g?g"-?.-jrf ? . " &&-'v'zzFfcM&xz3t,, r.s.aa&aiaaaai:
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