The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 19, 1906, Image 1

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Bawn Powder
Made from pure, grape cream of tartar
Makes home baking easy. Nothing
can be substituted for it in making,
quickly and perfectly, delicate hot
biscuit, hot-breads, muffins, cake and
pastry. Insures the food against alum
Pure, Healthful, Reliable
NOTE. If mixtures called baking powder are
oilercd you at lower price, remember
they nrc mostly made (rem alum, a
metallic ucid deleterious to health.
Gets $1,250 for Prosecuting Farmers
& Merchants Bank Cases.
At a meeting of the city council hold
last night for the purpose of taking
some action regarding the fee of Her
nard McNeny as attorney in the case
of the City of Red Cloud vs. the J. W.
Moon Estate ct al., Councilman Rob
inson moved that Bernard McNeny be
instructed to turn over to L. II. Fort,
city clerk, the balance due the city,
S2,0()0, being the amount collected by
McNeny from the Moon estate, less
81,250, deducted by him for his uttjir-
ney fee in the case of the City vs. The
stronger hold on the trade of the
country. These congressmen are not
narrow minded men, but have boon
drilled in the relentless mill of years
of experience. One of the Iowa con
gressmen lias made the remark that
he is opposed to the encroachment of
the catalogue house on the homu
merchant for the good reason that in
the sending of money to an unseen
and unknown merchant, gives Unit
merchant an opportunity to practice
unscrupulous tatics upon the un
suspecting customer.
As we have said in the beglning of
this article it is the object of the pro
moters of the catalogue house to drive
Michigan Trust Co.. and fee in case of tMe home merchant out of business
Business College Notes
Any student of the high school who
will sell five tickets for the college
lecture course will be, given a student's
season ticket for the whole course
free. Now, students, is a chance to
get five good numbers of the best
!yceum on the, road for about a half
hour's work. 11 thom before Tues
day, October 2.'1, so each can reserve
the scats at that time.
Mr. Dietrich made n proposition to
the teachers of Webster county to give
a series of free entertainments in the
school houses if the teachers would
furnish transportation and lodging. A
number have accepted and the dates
are fast filling up. Teachers, set your
dates now for this winter if you want
to get the entertainment.
We are glad to note that the Com
mercial club has taken up the court
house deal and we hope the club will
succeed in the work of the petition.
The executive committee of the club
should tell the other members of its
doings and let them also help agitate
the work.
Some students of the Chartier short
band system who have- been in class
only two weeks have taken letters at
the rate of 03 words per minute and
were able to read the same in fifteen
seconds. Of course this is studied
The next term, beginning the 12th
of November, promises to more than
double our enrollment. All those who
are going to attend this fall should be
ready to start then, as new classes
will be organized at that time.
The football boys are beginning to
tmnk the other towns are afraid of
them, as so far they have been unable
to get any games. Our team is going
to be a good one.
Mr. Dietrick made two talks at
Stanford, in Harlan county, on Sun
day school work last Saturday, re
turning to Red Cloud in the evening.
In the ciphering contest among the
girls Miss Ilines won first and among
the boys Hay Palmer was first and
George Corner second.
In the spelling contest Friday of last
week Miss Lena Hermanson was first
and Miss Lois Beckwlth second.
Don Clark, of near Smith Center,
ranked highest in the arithmetic ex
amination this month.
.Karl L..Kaloy of Rldgeville, Ohio,
writes asking about the new system of
The girls have received their basket
ball and are now having some nice
Clarence Carpenter is a new student
this week.
-our John" Seems to Be Running
Things In Omaha.
John O. Yeiser, formerly of Red
Cloud, has a death grip on the politi
cal situation in Douglas county, ac
cording to the Omaha Examiner, which
hands out the following to our former
"The Republican party of Douglas
county is between the devil and the
deep sea Guv. John Omaha Yeiser on
the one hand and Guv. John Hard
ware Mickey on the other. Yeiser,
who at times successfully enacts the
role of mischief-maker, played a big
bluff on the Republican legislative
nominees, and won out. In consider
ation of withdrawing his contest in
which he had not the shadow of a
chance of winning the nominees vir
tually pledged themselves to Yeiser to
vote for an Omaha man for United
States senator against Trust Buster
ltrown, the choice of the Lincoln ring.
And this has raised a sirenic shriek
among Uuster Brown's coterio of
would-be public pie-biters. They
threaten to array the whole state
against Douglas county and inflict
condign punishment upon it in the
coming legislature. That's what the
Lincoln pirates have been trying to do
for many years, but as yet have not
succeeded to any great extent for the
reason thus the great majority of the
people of Nebraska are not inimical
to the interests of Omaha. In fact
they are proud of their great and
growing metropolis. They are not a
lot of pin-heads, but are broad, liberal
minded and go-ahead people, and are
not seriously inlluenced by the capital
clique, whose members are always en
deavoring to impose upon the property
owners needless burdens of taxation.
The people of Nebraska are aware of
the fact that Douglas county contains
one-tenth of the population of the
state and pays one-tenth of the taxes.
Therefore Douglas county is entitled
to cut some ice in tdo public affairs of
this commonwealth.
"Yeiser holds the Douglas county
Republican legislative nominees In the
palm of his hand, and they'll have to
dance to his music. Great Is Yeiser,
but some Republicans are of ;he opin
ion that he is decidedly fresh, as he
the City vs. John O. Yeiser et al., now
pending in the supreme court. Ayes,
Warren, Wolfe, Diederich; nays, Rob
inson. Following is Mr. McNcny's proposi
tion for settlement:
"Red Cloud, Neb., Oct. 18, 100(5.
"In consideration of the payment to
me of SI, 2.10 attorney's fee, I hereby
agree to prosecute the case of the City
of Red Cloud vs. John O. Yeiser et al.,
now pending in the supreme court,
and without further charge, and to
defend the city without charge in any
action commenced by any other attor
ney or attorneys for the collection of
any fee in either of the above men
tioned cases, and to attend to any fur
ther matters in the above cases with
out further charge.
Joint Mcetlnft of Council and Commercial
Club to Boost Improvements.
The executive committee of the com
mercial club and the city council held
a joint meeting Monday afternoon for
the purpose of discussing the water
works situation. At this meeting com
mittees were also appointed to visit
the various towns of the county and
circulate petitions for a new court
house to replace the ramshackle affair
now in use, and which was built by
the Burlington railroad twenty-five
years ago.
In the matter of the water works
improvements the work was turned
over to II. E. Grice, who will have full
control. It was decided to furnish
Mr. Grice with men and material with
which to complete the work inaugur
ated by himself and Mr. Potter. After
this work is completed, the repairing
of the old north well will be taken up.
It was conceded that the work already
done by Mr. Grice and Mr. Potter had
doubled the supply of water in the
south well, and, in view of this fact,
Mr. Grice was authorized to go ahead
and complete the work.
and If they succeed In doing so, it
means the ruining of our beautiful
and home-like towns. When you have
depleted the home town you have done
much toward depreciating the value
of the farm lands. So this Is a ques
tion that not only is of vital interest
to the retail merchant, but it is of just
as much Interest to the citizens of our
towns and to the farmers. It would
certainly be a denloruble condition If
we were obliged to send away for the
most of what we need because our
home merchants have been driven on
of business by the catalogue houses.
These concerns must pay for their
goods just the same as the merchants
at home, and someone must pay the
millions of dollars they spend every
year in advertising their business.
On top of this expense Is the thousands
upon thousands of dollars they pay
every month for rent of the buildings
they occupy, besides the additional
expense of an army of clerks. The
home merchant is not called upon to
meet any of these expenses.
It seems the most of us should have
inbred pride.enough to prompt us to
trade at lTome.
The Rock Island.
That there is an opportunity for Red
Cloud to secure the Rock Island cut
off there is no doubt, and every citizen
of this city should organize himself
into a committee of one to work to
that end. Work on the cut-off has al
ready been begun at Nelson, Neb.,
and at Almena, Kan., and it is said on
good authority that the line will not
follow the survey made through tho
north part of the county, but will run
farther south if the proper inducements
are offered. Red Cloud can not afford
to overlook this opportunity for secur
ing the great rival of the Burlington
road. We are in a location which
would almost guarantee the building
of shops and making this a division
point should we succeed in diverting
the road to this city.
Another point to 'be looked at is
that, should we secure the Rock Is-
Th ritl.ii lAl.i U.. uim, uiu jMiruuiriim WDU1U DO COm-
The Cities Aftalnst Home. nullL(1 to r(mnvAR llim,lf ,
The farmer has seen many chantrcs f-n. .... .n.. .. .. ,
. ,. ... , - ' ".v"w i lumi, ? inn' in nu iioe re-
tithe manner of the controlling and ' Uy thu wrltcr hcjml lncnt
the conducting of business In the past I rftilroaa men (liKi;ussil l,urn,rtoIl
few years. From the tiller of the soil ' matters. and t.l...v l,.M,n.i !... ...
being able to control the markets of ol(1 Innln Hmj wnK t() bu re.cstllljl,KUud
grain that power has slipped from through Red Cloud and this city uy tU ,,., ,. division nnlnt. Tl. ,.,4
is worth looking Into.
lnm until it 'is manipulated by the
grain operators of large cities. He Is '
uncertain as to whether he will re
ceive adequate compensation for his
efforts. The latest effort In the con
centration of business in cities is to
talce from the farmer and residents of
Foot Ball.
The strongest football team Red
Cloud has ever had has just been or-
the smaller towns their opportunity to ganized under the name of the "Red
buy their necessities at home and re- Cloud Business College Football Team."
quire them to send their money to und arragements are being made for
cities. Perhaps the strongest factor ' series of games to be played this
in this destruction of home markets Is , full and winter. Practice has already
the concerns known as catalogue begun, and from the enthusiasm dls
houses. Their aim Is to, If possible, I played It can readily be seen that the
drive the retail merchants located In
the towns of all states out of business.
Tho home merchant has repeatedly
complained to his patrons and asked
them that instead of sending their
money abroad for what they need to
give him tho opportunity of lllling,
their orders and hau offered to do so
at prices as low or lower, for tho same
quality of that offered by tho
catalogue houses.
Our members of Congress have been
aware of such conditions and every
boys mean business. President Paul
S. Dietrick of the Business College Is
manager, Prof, A. J. Dietrick coach,
Ray Palmer captain and the other
members of the team, so far as an
nounced are: Smclser, Arnold, Frame,
C. Martz, Buchenau, L. Bradbrook, G.
Bradbrook, Burroughs, Hamun and
Dickey. Positions have not yet been
assigned to the players, but, there is
plenty of time for that. A good,
strong foot ball team Is a good adver
tisement for any town, and tho Busi
ness college eleven should receive the
Items of News Found In Tho
Chlof of Twonly Years Ago
This Wook y v v
The brick for the Moon block is ar
riving daily.
The Miller-Cottlng building Is ready
for the roof.
Rev. Geo. O. Yeiser was on the sick
list Monday.
L. A. Ilasklns is the boss potato
raiser of the county.
Fred Hummel Is attending thu Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows this week.
A gang of railroad surveyors took
the level, of Red Cloud on Thursday
and Friday.
C. W. Kaley has added to the beauty
of his new residence by building a
handsome picket fence.
1). F. Scott killed a chicken hawk
this week which measured three feet
from tip to Up of wings.
The city council has passed an ordi
ance making It unlawful to keep
saloons open after II p. m.
Jim Ferman can't be touched with a
ten-foot pole since his baby took the
premium at the fair as aheavy-weight.
A. C. Campbell was appointed super
intendent of the Edgar and Mine Hill
branch of the B. it M., on Wednesday.
Elmer Elliot, ofTonica, 111., brother-in-law
of J. S. Emigh. has bought a
furm In this county and will locate
Fred Kick last Tuesday had the mis
fortune to run the blade of his pocket
knife completely through one of his
hands. Muo Hill Times.
John Tomllnson, chlof marshal at
the fair, Is to be credited with keeping
good order on the grounds and for a
good deal of the promptness with
which tho program was carried out.
On Wednesday, while Misses nettle
Skeen (now Mrs. John O. Yeiser) and
Carrie Brown (now Mrs. James Picker
ing) were out riding their horse be
came frightened at a dog" chasing a
chicken, and ran away, tearing tho
phaeton to pieces. The girls jumped
out and escaped Injury.
Cowi.ks J. C. Waller's new residence
is rapidly ncarlng completion.... The
six-year-old son (Jack) of J. C. Waller
had his arm broken last Saturday by
being run over by one of the ball
Scott Sam I lea ton has bought out
Mr. Porter and Is getting to be quite
a land owner.... Thomas Kennedy is
building a new brick house.... Our
postmistress cut the end of her finger
off with an ax.... Mrs. Kizer's health
Is not Improving rapidly.... The Wal
nut Creek- Sunday school was reorgan
ized last Sunday, with the following
ollicers: Superintendent, Walter Noble:
assistant, Mr. Topliff; secretary; Miss
Mamie Allbaugh; librarian, MissMollio
otiu of them nru nmtociwl r
was but recently a Populist, and needs ' any change in our postal laws, which hearty support and co-operation of tho
salting to iceep mm preserved." would give the catalogue house a business men and citizens generally.
Absolutely Pure
A Cream of Tartar Powder,
free from alum or phoa-
phatlo acid
,-' f