The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 12, 1906, Image 8

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flemsy Notes From
(From tho Review.)
Sam and Hugh Crilly bought a hun
dred head of feoders this wook.
Jacob Allen is building a now house
on his lots south of tho Big store.
Henry Toitjou bought Miko Wyc
kon's farm last Saturday, for 84100.
Leslio Laytou made a Hying trip out
to tho Brown school houso Sunday
Passed away Monday night, as tho
result of a shot (lied from a guu held
by an uuknowu hand ono blue hound
belonging to Frod Stelling. Fred
could hardly spare tho dog, as ho has
but Ave left.
(From the Citizen.)
L. G. Genereaux is building a big
corn crib, and Conrad Moyers a 30
foot shed. Each improvement will
cost $150 or thereabout.
Walt Anderson has "put tho fixings"
on to tho Slator-Cullard auto, and
made tho first trip therein Sunday,
going to Hildreth, Axtell and other
D. H. Clark reports tho sale Monday
of tho 320 acre farm of Jacob JJetz,
240 acres of which was purchased by
Jacob Rehn, and tho remaining 80 by
Fred Uetz. Tho entire consideration
was 19600.
H. H. Davis began the construction
this week of a residence for Harry
Thibodeau, on tho lot recontly pur
chased by the latter on tho hill. The
improvements contemplated will cost
bomothing like SHOO 11200.
(From tho Messenger.)
A gang of United States geological
surveyors passed through town Mon
day morning.
Mrs. Samuel Brown and four young
est children departed for Michigan to
make thoir homo last Sunday morning.
At 4:15 last Tuesday afternoon tho
corner stono of tho now Baptist church
was laid tho services being in chargo
of tho pastor llov. A. B. Roborts.
Rev F. E. Sherman of Topoka was
in town tho first of tho wook visiting
tho Dr. L. II. Ualbort family, and look
after the iutorosts of homeless child
ren in tills part of Kausas.
K. H. DubaL'h, tho popular manager
of tho old Long Medio lumbor yard,
was married Soptembor 2(1 to Miss
Bessie B. Latimer, at tho homo of tho
brido's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. II
Latimer in Soueca, Kansas.
(From the Journal.)
Ike King, tho real estate man, is
building a rosldonco on Co mmorcial
Conductor Suydor and wife wore
called to Illinois tho first of the week
by tho death of Mrs. Snyder's father.
Tho waterworks whistle will not
blow for ten or flftoon days on account
of the ropairiug at tho waterworks sta
tion. Ben McConuoll met with a bad acci
dent last evoniug. Ho inis boon doing
S. N. Rood's delivering at tho food
store while ho was awuy, aud last
ovoning, whilo hoisting somo hay into
The Wonderful Growth
Is due to Its
Perfect Quality
Moderate Price
Used In Millions
of Homes
Neighboring Towns I
a mow, ho slippod and foil forward,
cutting a bad gash across his forehead.
In tho coso of tho Stato vs. Turnor
Pierco on tho ciiorgo of assault and
battery, tho defendant plead guilty
boforo Justico Hoppor ond was fined
95 and costs.
D. L. Pearson, who was employed on
Scoular s elevator, met with an acoi-1
dent Saturday aftornoon. A 2x12
plank foil about eight feot striking '
him on tho h""i. I
Sundor Ml-rf formerly of this
placo.butuo.vof Rookford, III., mot
with a vorv bad nanidanfc n. short Hmn
ago. His mother-in-law stoopod to
pot a dog, which was considered harm-
loss, when tho canino sprang upon hor '
and bit her badly. Sunder went
hor relief and tho dog grabbed him
tho throat, and also on tho hand.
(From the Advocate.)
Goo. Harlow has gone to Mudrid,
Iowa, for the winter, where he will
care for an aged brother.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. S. Moore have
arrived in tho city and are busy ar.
rauging their now residenco for oc
cupancy. Clifford Storey, last Sunday morn
ing had tho misfortune of having a
horso fall on his foot which has made
him a oripplo for a week.
Last Wednesday, aftor a short ill
ness, Grace Genevieve, tho four-year-old
daughter of Ed M. uussong, died
from an aggravated case of sore
Miss Anna Bell Wilcox, who has
boon in tho central offlco In this city
slnco tho first of July, died Monday
night of typhoid fevor. Hor parents
havo lived hero about a year, aud Miss
Anua camo here this summer from
Muryvillo, Missouri.
(From the Times.)
Henry Allou and Robert Sharp loft
Tuesday ovoning for American Falls.
Low Broakoy camo in from Kansas
City Saturday night, with ono hun
dred head of cattle, and sold fifty head
Monday morning.
G. M. Johnson brought in four hogs
Tuesday and sold them to Andy Lull
for six cents a pound. Thoy brought
him in tho noat littlo sum of $103.50.
Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Kior arrived in
this city tho latter part of last week
and havo routed a house iu tho west
part of town, where thoy will resido.
Mr. Kior is from Denver and is the
now gas mun.
Goo. Folton had his collar bone
broken Tuesday, whilo returning from
Rod Cloud. Ho was about thirteen
miles north of hero when, whilo going
down a Mil, a tug came unhitched and
the tongue came down throwing
Goorgo out.
(From the Sentinel.)
Tho public school was' closed today
in order that tho building might bo
fumigated and dlslufoctod.
Frod Hainos arrivod homo unex
pectedly Tuesday night, after an ob
sonco of six weeks spout in a hospital
for treatment of his oyo.
Robert Taylor and wlfo returned
Sunday evening from abroad. They
loft Franklin on tho 2Gth of May and
havo boon in Scotland ovor slnco.
Tuesday evening, October 2, tho
friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs.
I. Hainos droppod in and sponta social
evening in honor of Mr. Haiuos' 41th
Andrew Anderson, who dopartod
this lifo Timrsday morning at sovou
o'clock, was born in Copenhagen, Don
mark, February 28, 1832. Ho camo to
Amorlca in 1870.
W. II Chancy and A. Hoyden ao
companiod a prizo winning feat at hog
dipping Friday and Saturday, tho
two togothor dipping 300 head, which
is an avorago of fifteen an hour or ono
ovory four minutes.
VVlioti tho Germans undertake to do
anything thoy generally succeed. As
an illustration of this tho celebration
of tho Mission feast at tho G.ermou
Lutheran church near Macon a wook
ago Sunday resulted in a collection
which amounted to $233.
(From tho Nows Letter.)
Albert Ferguson cut his hand quito
qnvnrnlv Mrmduv innrfiini?.
Mrs. Carrio Moranvillo ran a nail in
hor foot Thursday, injuring herself so
, severely that sho has to get about on
Mark Iloovo, who is carrying the
mail ou routs 3 during tho absouco of
tho regular earner, was thrown from
his buggy Thursday by tho brouking
of a shaft.
Georgo Columbia and his mother
went to Dakota somo timo ago to visit
friends, and now word comos that
they havo boon quarantined there on
account of an epidemic of diptheriu.
Eilert Bargmnn has rontod his farm
south of the river und intends moving
to Rod Cloud. Wo told him ho had
better locate in a good town, but ho
said Red Cloud was good enough for
Mm and we had to lot it go at that.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Budor aro away
on a visit and we hoar that on Friday
night of last wook somoono took ad-
vautago of thoir absence to raid thoir
chicken house and carry off nil their
chickens, pigeons and tho Belgian
Real Estate Transfers.
For the week ending Tuesday, Octo
ber 10, furnished by the Fort Abstract
Co., L. II. Fort, Manager.
(Jcorgo Ainack to Lloyd II
Amack nw4 sv4 and sw4nw4
UO-l-lO wd $ 2000
Mary Amack to Lloyd A Amack
w2 se4 ne4 27-1-10 wd 500
F A Good to Sarah M Campbell
part nw4 4-2-10 wd
Lorenzo Thomas to Emma Boren
part nv4 3-2-10 wd
Lincoln Land Co to John Kropp
lot 8 block 2 1st add to Bladen
John Kropp to William P Clau-
son part lot 8 block 1st to
Bladen wd
Wm Hoffman to Elsie Collette lot
7 block 1 1 Bladen wd
Jacob S Moore to Win PClauson
lot 7 block 2 1st add to Bladen
First Nat'l bank Blue mil to S H
Buzzard nw 8-s-0 wd
Caroline M I) Ulumenthal to
Jacob (loll lot 10 block 0 Blue
Hill wd
Lloyd A Carpenter to Oscar It
Boyce lots 13 to 17 block 28 Red
Cloud wd
A J White to N B Wagoner sw4
swh 25-1-11 wd
Mary E Simpson to Hans Oyo
lots 1 to 12 block 15 Hoover
add Blue Hill wd
Robert. Morse to Morgan II
Davis lot 18 block 4 Cowleswd 030
Total 814725
Mortgages filed 83700
Mortgages released 81730
It is a well known medical fact that
pine resin is most effective in the
treatment of diseases of the bladder
and kidneys. Sufferers' front back
ache and other troubles due to faulty
action of the kidneys find relief in tho
use of Pine-ules. 81 buyb 30 days
treatment. Sold at Henry Cook's
drug store.
At an experiment farm near Lincoln,
500 bushels of potatoes have been
raised from a single acre. It is claim
ed that a bushel of potatoes will make
one gallon of denaturized alcohol and
if this is true tho Nebraska farmer
will no doubt find it profitable to raise
potatoes for this purpose as well as to
supply the food demand. Ex. Yes,
aud think of selling the alcohol at 15
cents a gallon.
OUR MOTTO: "Satisfaction or
your money back"
combined with plain figure
prices steadily adhered to,
has brought us a constantly
growing business. Quality
first, price next. Nothing but
standard made, reputable
goods at lowest profit prices.
Alzvays tvilling to
and compare prices
or Chicago ho?cses.
Newhoise Bros.,
Jewelers and Opticians. B. & M. Watch Inspectors
Here Is Relief for Women.
Mother Gray, a nurse in New York,
discovered an aromatic pleasant herb
cure for women's ills, called Australian-Leaf.
It is the only certain
monthly regulator. Cures fomalo
weaknesses and backache, kidnoy,
bladder aud urinary troubles. At all
druggists or by mail 50 cents. Sample
free. Address, Tho Mother Gray Co.,
LoRoy, Now York.
A cold taken at this time of the year
is generally hard to get rid of but it
will not be able to withstand Bee's
Laxative Honey and Tar. That will
cure all colds, coughs, croup, whoop
ing cough, etc., by driving them out
through the bowels. If you have a
cold, try it, and if not cured get your
money back. No opiates. Sold at
Henry Cook's drug store.
Are y"ou troubled with piles? One
application of ManZan will give you
immediate relief. Sold at Henry
Cook's drug store.
precinct. -A correspondent in every
Proposed, Constitutional Anendmeat.
The following proposed amendment
to the constitution of the State of Ne
braska, as hereinafter set forth in full,
is submitted to the electors of the
State of Nebraska, to be voted upon
at the general election to be held
Tuesday, November 0, A. D. 1000
lie it enacted by the Legislature of the
State of Nebraska:
Section 1. That at the general elec
tion for state and Legislative ofilcers
to be held on Tuesday, succeeding the
the first Alonday in .November, 1900,
the following provision be proposed
and submitted to tho electors of the
State as an amendment to the consti
tution. Section 2. There shall bo a State
Railway Commission, consisting of
three members, who shall be first
elected at the general election in 1900,
whose terms of otlice, except those
chosen at the first election under this
provision, shall be six years, and
whose compensation shall be fixed by
the Legislature.
Of the three commissioners first
elected, the one receiving the highest
number of votes, shall hold his otlice
for six years, the next highest four
year, and the lowest two years. Tho
powers and duties of such com
mission shall include regulation
of rates, service and the gen
eral control of common carriers,
as the legislature may provide by
law. But in the absence of specific
legislation, ttle commission bliall ex
ercise the powers and perform tho du
ties enumerated in this provision.
Section 3. That at said election in
the year 1900, on the ballot of each
elector voting thereat, there shall be
printed or written the words: "For
Constitutional Amendment, with ref
erence to State Railway Commission"
And "Against Constitutional Amend
ment, With Reference to State Rail
way Commission." And if, a majority
of all votes cast at said election, shall
bo for such amendment, the same shall
be deemed to be adopted.
I, A. Oalusha, secretary of stato of
the state of Nebraska, do hereby cer
tify thai the foregoing proposed
umenument to ttie Constitution of the
State of i-Nebraslta is a true and cor
rect copy of the original enrolled and
entrrossed bill, as passed by tho
Twenty-ninth session of tho legisla
ture of the Mate of .Nebraska, as ap
pears from said original bill on file
show our goods
with either local
this office, and that said proposed'
amendment is submitted to the quali
fied voters of the state of Nebraska
for their adoption or reiection at tin
general electioa to be held on Tuesday
tuu uni nay oi iNovemuer, A. U. 1900.
In testimony whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and allixed the?
great seal of the state of Nebruska.
Done at Lincoln this 24th day oC
July, ih the year of our Lord One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Six, of
the Independence of the United States.
the One Hundred and Thirty-second,
and of this state the Fortieth.
(ska i,) Secretary of State-
Miss Jessie Wert
Piano, Organ and Voice
Studio at Mrs. Josie Moran
ville's, two blocks east of,
school house. Phoho 204.
Red Cloud,
Six Companies
8oo policies represent
ing over $2,000,000 in
surance in Webster
county. Now is the
time to get in the
Band Wagon.
Insurance and Notary.
Telephones: Country, No. 30;
Boll, No. 98.
Ucal Grain Market.
(Furnished by J. B. Wisecarver
agent for Updiko Elevator Co.)
Ear corn 31 Jc
No. 3 corn 32Jc
No. 3 Yellow corn 32o
No. 3 Whito corn 3,'JJc
No. 3 White oats 2flo
No. 3 Mixed oats 21c
No. 2 Hard wheat 5ic
No. 3 Hard wheat m&
No. 2 Spring wheat Gic-
No. 3 Spring wheat 48c
No. 2Ryo , 3Co