The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 12, 1906, Image 7

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This Beautiful Set
of Dishes FREE with
No money whatever required you get the set absolutely free
for giving your opinion of the finest tea and coffee in the world
to a few friends and neighbors. 'Full particulars of the plan in
each package. It was our intention to withdraw this offer
October I st. but so many people have said they did not realize
the great chance we are offering until they saw it in the home of
some friend, we have therefore decided to extend it. This will
give everyone a chance to get a set. Many ladies are securing sets
to present to friends at Christmas. Remember, this is not a
premium with Defiance Tea and Coffee. It is a present to users
of these beverages for making new friends. Ask the grocer.
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A Food
to Work On
Work! Work!! Work!!!
Lots of energy is needed-to keep up the pace. In
the struggle, the man with the strong body and clear
brain wins out every time.
The man of to-day needs something more than
mere food ; he needs a food that makes energy a food
to work on.
Althdugh some people may not realize it, yet it is
a fact, proved and established beyond doubt, that soda
crackers and this means Uneeda BiSCUlt arc
richer in muscle and fat-making elements and have a
much higher per cent, of tissue-building properties
than any other article of food made from flour.
That this is becoming known more and more every
day is attested by the sale of nearly 400,000,000 pack
ages of U neodd BiSCUlt f the finest soda cracker
ever baked. An energy-giving food of surpassing
value sold in a package which brings it to you with
all the original flavor and nutriment perfectly pre
served. Truly the food to Work on.
Whoever you are whatever you are wherever
you work Uneeda Biscuit.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
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quickly ascertain our opinion froo wliotnor an
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tions mrlctly contldontlHl. HANDBOOK on I'ateuu
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Scientific American.
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MUNN &Co.3B'B r, New York
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against Fire, Lightning, Cy
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President of Union of Russian People
Makes Remarkable Address.
Odessa, Oct. 10. President pubro
vin of the Union of HiiHslan People
made a remarkable atidress here. Ho
Bpoko to a hand of 300 armed mem
bers of the union, who had carried
him oji their shoulders to the railroad
station on his departure for Kiev, and
"In the name of our beloveu em
peror 1 bless you. The holy Russian
cause is the extermination of rebels.
You know who they are and where to
find them. Clear the Russian soil of
them. The Russian people want
neither constitutions nor parliaments,
but orthodoxy and autocracy. Go
ahead brothers; death to the rebels
and Jews."
After his train had left the band of
300 rushed down the principal streets
of the city, shouting: "Death to' tho
rebols, death to the Jows."
All Uio shops were at once closed
aiul tho Jovsh population wns In a
condition of panic and terror through
out the night. Measures taken by the
prefect, however, prevented further
Date Set for Nevada Land Opening.
Washington, Oct. 10. The president
issued a proclamation fixing 12 o'clock
noon, on the 29th Inst,, as the date for
opening the Walker River Indian res
ervation in Nevada to settlement.
There are 2C8.00O acres of land to be
disposed of, and the law pormits its
acquisition under, the general land
laws. The reservation is In the Car
son City land district.
Chicago' Oct. 10. Joseph H. Gl
den, the Invontor of the barbed wire
fenco, is dead! at his home at DeKalb,
111., at tho nge of ninety-three. Gild
den obtained the idea of making
barbed wire fencing from an oxhlbit
mado at a country fair in the early
70s by a man named Rose, who had
driven brads through a block, which
ho then stapled on a wiro. Glldden
improved on the idea and tho barbed
wire of today was the ultimata outcome
American Forces in Island Must Not
Engage in Conflicts With Cubans
and Must Shew Them All Posslblo
Courtesy Rebels Lay Down Arms.
Havana. Oct. 10. CharlUH 10. Ma-
rood, tho newly appointed provisional
governor of Cuba, arrived hero. Coin
cident with his coining Governor Tuft
gave (tut a general decree, proclaim-1
ing amnesty not ouiy to mo ronem,
hut to all persons charged with polit
ical offenses or crimes In any way
connected with tho revolution. Ho
also issued order covering tho atti
tude of the American mailuoH and sol
diers toward tho people of Cuba,
The odlceis of murines stationed in
various localities are advised that
they are not expected to take part, In
An active way, in the suppression of
disorder unless extreino emorgenry
arises In which it Is absolutely neces
sary for them to protect life and prop
erty. The duties of tho marines aro
generally limited to tendering their
good otllce.i between the conflicting
elements and the prevention of that
friction which, in the high state of
tension between the political pnrtles,
is inevitable during the present crisis.
The order concludes as follows:
"The president of the United States
deems it of the utmost importaiico
that the American forces do not en
gage in conlllcts with Cubans, but
that dlsordeis by Cubans bo sup
pressed by Cubans. It Is also expected
that the officers and men, both of tho
army and tho marine corps, will exert
every effort to show nil courtesies to
Cubans posslblo of all parties and
avoid in any way injuring their sonsl-
bililties." I
The order makes It plain that tho
marines will remain In tho Island for
tho present, as an ndjunct to tho in
fantry. Governor Tnft said that practically
all tho American warships now in
Cuban waters soon would be with
drawn. Tho appenranco of yellow fover at
Clentuogos caused the Immediate Issu
ance of an order by Colonel Harnett,
directing that the American marines
bo removed from that city. The men
were marched aboard the ships.
The disarmament commlssioncis in
Santiago report that all tho insur
gents In that province have been dis
banded, with the excoptlon of one
bnnd, which is In an inaccessible re
gion near Bayamou. Governor Tnft
has ordered the cruiser Des Moines
to embark the commissioners at San
tiago City and to land them at Man
zanlllao, whence thoy will bo able to
reach tho Insurgents' camp.
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect it
How To iMtid Out.
Pill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours ;
u sediment ortiet
tliugiudicatcsau unhealthy con.
(iitioti of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble ; too
frequent, desire
to pass it or pain
in tho back is
also convincing- proof that the kidneys
and bladder are out of order.
What To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often cxiieMd, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the jjreat kidney remedy,
fulfills eerv wish in curing rheumatism,
pain in the luck, kidneys, liver, bladder
run! every V!l,t "f l'lL' urinary rmssngc.
It corrects inability to hold water
ami scalding jmiu in passing it, or bad
effects following use of liquor, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant ne
cessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up tunny
times during the night. The mild and
the extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root
is soon realized. It stands Hie highest
for its wonderful cures of the most dis
ticssing cases. If you need a medicine
you should have the best. Sold by drug
gists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
You may Have a sample noiuo nnti a
book dial tells all
about it, both M?nt free
bv mail. Addrc.vtDr.
Kilmer & Co., lling-
kiiuton, N. Y. When
writing mention this
make ativ mistake, but remember the
name, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Uoot, and
the address, Iliuubamton. N. Y.
, j " Jflz2IWm
tlomoof Bwamp-Root.
paper and don't
in every style. Ca
tering to parties and
dances a specialty.
Fresh Bread, Pics,
Cakes, Candy and
The Bon Ton
W. S. BENSB, Proprietor.
Four Convicts Fatally Hurt.
Auburn, N. Y Oct. 10. A scaffold
Ing, on which four convicts were at
work whitewashing a celling in Au
burn prison, broko and precipitated all
four to tho cement pavement, forty
feet bolow. Two of them, Charles
Rand and William W. Goodenbury,
died. Two others, Charles W. Fulton
and Edward W. KnlBkers, aro not ex
pected to live.
Overland Train in Ditch.
Evanston, Wyo., Oct. 10. The east
bound Overland Limited on tho Union
Pnclfic wns wrecked half a mile west
of bore. Four coaches, Including tho
diner, aro off tho track and partially
turned over. No one was seriously In
jured, though many received painful
cuts and bruises.
Do You
When tou ar hungry end
want somethlg nice in the
meat lino, drop into my
market. We have tho nicest
kind of
and meats, fish, and game
in season. We think, and
almost know, that wo can
please you. Give us a
Koon Bros.,
Successors to
! SAY. niSTFP! I
' - - - - - -v - c.
Do you know that it will pay YOU, as
well as US, to buy your Building Ma
terial and Coal tit ouryurdsV Not only
that our prices avehaob lower, or at
least ns low, as those of our competit
ors, but because wo tako especial care
of and protect all can bo classed as
Coal. Lumber.
fr ft
tr f-
City Dray and Express Line.
Goods Delivered to any part of the city.
Charges as low as the Lowest
Office 119
Residence 188.
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