The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 12, 1906, Image 6

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difficult. It Is not thought that any or
the entombed men can live with th's
condition prevailing. As yet no fire
has boon reported.
Cummins Opens Wisconsin Campaign
Miiwiitkno net R. Tho Jlenubllc
anB of Wisconsin opened their cam-, ten million citizens."
relations K veon tho wlr ople
and tho negroes of the STiithern
states. Bishop Walters decbn I that
recent race riots in tho south have
given ovldonce that the whiter were
attempting to "degrade and destroy
Property Loss Is Estimated at Ono palgn hcr0( havjng ng principal speak- j
rainiun uonars iManuw rui i ej- uovemor UUmmins 01 luwii, viuv
Wind Through Crescent City is crnor Cumailns suffered from hoarse
Strewn With Debris From Buildings.' ncss and his speech was consequently
cut short. Neither Senators Spooner
Now Orleans, Oct. 6. This region
wttB tho center of cyclonic disturb
ances, at least threo of which were
lonadoes, and causing tho loss of six
lives, with ton persons fatally in
jured. About daylight heavy storms
broke within 100 miles west and north
of Now Orleans. Reports of sugar
cano and cotton crops blown down or
sugar mills demolished aro coming in
from thlB Bectlon. Tho damago, in
cluding that done In New Orleans, is
placed at over $1,000,000. Tho worst
of tho tornodooB was north of New
Orleans, whero it devastated portions
of threo parishes. Another tornado
passed northward of Blloxi, on the
gulf coast.
Tho first tornado struck West Baton
Uougo parish, killing Mrs. Theodore
Forol and her daughter, a Mrs. White
Mrs. Corel's body was found in a field
near her demolished house. Two chil
dren In Mrs. Ford's house wero fatal
ly injured and flvo men wero Injured
Indiana Mob Falls to Lynch.
Hloominglon, Iird., Oct. 8. The ne
gro, Edward Jones, who shot and
killed Alfred Stephens, a lum ' wngon
man, was safely taken to the Jorter
sonvlllo penitentiary. It was only 6y
k-rn-rr -ra t 7xrmrrT t,ie determined efforts or tho sheriff
MliUliO IS LlJNUJa.M) and his deputies that the mob sur-
rounding the jail was kept from bat-
nor LaFollette was present
Lynchers Take Prisoner From Jail to
His Death Latest Link In Long
Chain of Clashes Between Whites
and Blacks. j
Argenta, Ark., Oct. 8. As a sequel
to thu killing of John Lindsay uiid
tho wounding of his son, Policeman
Milton Lindsay, here, presumably by
Garrett Colum and Charles Colum,
njgroes, 11. Blackburn, a negro, wus
lynched at the corner of Sixth and
Main streetB.
Thu lyucning is the latest link in a
chain of clashes between whites and
blacks, which started on Sept. 15,
terlng down tho doors and entering
tho pla' "
Mob In Mobile Haangs Two Negroes.
Mobile, Ala., Oct. 8. Fears enter
tained of retaliation by tho negroes
for Saturday's lynchings of Thompson
ond Robinson, negroes chiracd wltn
rrlmltnl assault, have disappeared
and tho city is quiet. No lurther
trouble Is anticipated.
Features of the Day's Trading and
Closing Quotations.
Chicago, Oct. 9. A slight advanco
in tho price of wheat in Liverpool and
tho improved cash and export demand
nio.riiL.1 n i iiiii inilnt J M It s-i Innnl
In tho collapse of a sugar refinery on wh(m ft whUo mun muned 1L R M wUeat nmrUeL At the closo whcal
tno at, uoipno pianiauon. uuiuii
Rougo was slightly damaged.
In St. James parish ono women was
Donald killed a negro musician named
Wiley Shelby. Next day, at the in
quest held at tho Colum's undertaking
klllod, whilo Mrs. II. R. Webber and ( Btoro ft dimculty arose ln whlch Kob
unugnicr, mrs. juim muyui, uuu u u-. ert Colum wag kle(1 and Del,uty Con-,
gro aro reported fatally Injured. Hf- 8tab,e m Llnd8tty aml Garrett Colum1
teen buildings wero blown completely BOVOrely wounded. Policeman Milton
down in this parlBh. Lindsay, a brother of Ed Lindsay, was
At Pontchatoula, Gcorgo Hawes , a,8o huft at that t,ine Saturdfty
and son wero killed by tho go apse o , n,ght poIlcumnn Mllton Umlsay and
their house and two other children of h,B falher werQ wnIk,ng past tho i
tho family wortf fatally Injured. A C(J,um ator(j wh(jn th wero flred on
negro was fatally Injured there, be- from ainbuah Jolm LlndBay wa8
Bides Injuries to a dozen other per-. . ... , ., . ...
verely wounded, but managed to crawl
out of range. When Uio police and
citizens attempted to enter tho store
they wero flred upon. It is supposed
Charles and Garrett Colum did the
shooting. Later in the night, thinking
the Colum brothers wero still locked
in tho rear room of the store, the
placo was dynamited, but the ne
groes had escaped unseen in the dark
ness ln tho early part of tho trouble.
They aro still at large.
At 1:30 a. m. Will Harding, a paint
er, was halted on tho street by un
known parties, whether black or
white ho could not tell in the dark
ness. Ho was asked if ho was black
or white. Upon replying that he was
white, ho was told to go back and
while leaving ho was shot ln the
back. At 2 o'clock James Mahoney,
a contractor, and A. L. Belding, a re-
A third tornado struck Now Orleans
about 8 o'clock. Whilo no lives wero
lost here, property damago reached j
$500,000, and nbout fifty persons
wero Injured, ono fatally. Fully 800
buildings wero damaged, about seven-ty-flve
being blown flat. Most of the
demolished buildings wore negro cab
ins, and It was hero that noarly al!
tho injuries occurred.
Tho tornado horo appeared at a dis
tance as a cloud sweeping along tha
surfaco of the earth. Its course was
undulating, somo buildings being
skipped entirely as It bounded sky
ward. Frequently It demolished ve
randas and fences on one sldo of the
street, while not an object on the
other was disturbed. Tho cloud occu
pied several minutes in crossing the
city and hundreds of persons who saw
lor IVrMnbor was up V.C. Corn was
c higher. Oats wero up a shade and
provisions were 10(tf12VljC to 15)17'jc
higher. Closing prices:
Wheat Dec, 74c; May, 79c.
Corn Oct., 45c; Dec, 42c;
May, 43!fjc
Oats Dec, 3434V!c; May, 35c;
July, 34c
Pork Jan., $1G.72U,315.75.
Lard Oct., $9.00; Jan., $8.072.
RibB Oct., $8.55; Jan., $7.37Mi.
Chicago Cash Prices No. 2 hard
whoat, 73j76c; No. 2 corn, 45
4Cc; No. 2 oats, 334c.
and heard it approaching had llmoto, porter of Ul'Q unQ -Rock Gazott0t
run out of its pathway. Ono excltlna
raco was mado by a Carnndelot street
car, which was loaded with passengers
on their way to work. At Marengo
Btreet tho motorman threw on full
power. Tho flying car was less than
half a block past the roller Bkatlng
rink when that structure went down.
Eight Men Killed In Philadelphia by
Accident In Subway.
Philadelphia, Oct. 6. A terrific ex
plosion of ilumlnatlng gas ln the sub
way of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit
company, under construction at Sixth
and Market streets, resulted In tho
death of eight men, tho Injuring of
about a dozon others and caused prop
erty damage that will run into thou
sands of dollars. The explosion was
caused uy a lean in mo cuy gas mum.
Tho escaping gas formed In a pocket
in tho subway and It is believed that a
workman carrying a lamp into the
groat holo Ignited the gas.
Tho force of tho explosion wrecked
tho subway for half a block and all
tho heavy timbering and other struc
tural work, Including tons of earth,
foil Into tho excavation. Several ol
whllo going to seo Harding, wero fired
on from four different quarters with
shotguns. Mahoney was painfully
shot ln tho hand. Belding's clothes
wero peppered with blrdshot.
H. Blackburn, a nogro, who con
ducts a confectionery store, was ar
rested on suspicion of being the man
who flred on Mahoney and Belding.
Four masked men entered the police
Btatlon from the rear and one covered
the turnkey with a pistol whllo tho
others got his keys, unlocked Black
burn's cell and took him out the back
way. Not a shot was flred and thero
was no loud talking, so that Sheriff
Kavanaugh and two deputies, who
were Btandlng on tho street a few
blocks away, knew nothing of what
was going on until they heard several
shots flred at Main and Sixth streets.
Running there, they found Blackburn
already dead, hanged to a telegraph
pole, whilo the crowd around was ap
parently onlookers.
South Omaha Live Stock.
South Omaha, Oct. 9. Cattle Re
ceipts, 7,500; steady; native steers,
$4.00(5)0.25; cows and hellers, $2.50
4.25; western steers, $3.255.25; Tex
as steers, $2.754.30; canners, $1.50
2.30; stockers and feeders, $2.75
4.50; calves, $3.00C.OO; bullB, stags,
etc., $1.753.85. Hogs Receipts, 4,
500; steady to 5c lower; heavy, $6.20
C.35; mixed, $6.256.30; light, $6.30
6.42V6; pigs, $5.506.0O; bulk of sales,
$6.25C.35. Sheep Receipts, 24,000;
steady to easier; yearlings, $5.50
5.75; wethers, $4.905.15; ewes, $4.40
4.85; lambs, $6.257.00.
Negro Prisoner Taken to Atlanta for
Macon, Ga., Oct. 8. Quiet reigns in
tho workmen who wero standing near , this city and no further troublo Is
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Oct. 9. Cattle Receipts,
7,500; stendy; beeves, .$3.907.25;
cows and heifers, $1.G55.25; stockeio
and feeders, $2.504.40; Texans, $3.70
4.40; westerns, $3.505.40; calves,
$0.257.75. Hogs Receipts, 16,000;
weak; mixed and butchers, $6.20
C.75; good heavy, $6.356.37Vj; rough
heavy, $5.85G.26; llgM, $6.206.67y3;
plgB, $5.706.25; bulk of sales, $6.25
6.65. Sheep Receipts, 25,000;
steady; sheep, $3.505.35; Iambi,
C. H. Aldrlch Is Nominated.
David City, Neb., Oct. 10. Chester
H. Aldrlch has been nominated by tho
Republicans for state senator from tho
Nineteenth senatorial district
x xjrkViVtkiVVxVWWAkNXWvifc
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
In use for over 30 years, has borno tho signature of
y7 d has been mado under his per-
(jj6H!fonfcs 8onal supervision since its infancy.
wcsje '-w-ewn Allow no ono to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good " are but
Experiments that trlllo with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphino nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Fcvcrlshncss. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
Children Find Father Dead.
Shelby, Neb., Oct. 8. R. A. Mc
Clung, living a mile west of here, was
found dead ln his corncrib by his chil
dren. A revolver shot pierced his
breast and It Is thought ho committed
sulcldo because of worry. His wife
Is In tho Columbus hospital. His corn
was destroyed by hall this fall.
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
are a symptom of trie most serious
trouble which can attack a woman,
viz: falling of the womb. With this,
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headache, nervousness, dizziness, ir
ritability, tired feeling, etc. The cure Is
w ljfl MLnl
fUlvrn,r(0 M?W1
.-rwtK wgr
St? A
The Female Regulator
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tract, which exerts such a marvelous,
strengthening Influence, on all female
organs. Cardui relieves pain and
regulates the menses. It Is a suro
and permanent cure for all female
a complaints.
At au uruggisis ana aeaicrs in xi.uu
Ely's Cream Balm
This Romody is a Specific,
Sure'to Civo Satisfaction.
nivrn dci ire at nunr
3 It clonnsea, soothes, healH, and protects tho
diseased membrane. It cures Ontnrrn and
drives awav a Cold in the Heud quickly.
Restores tho Senses of Tasto and Smell.
Easy to uso. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Largo Size, GO cents at Druggists or by
mail ; Trial Size, 10 conts by mail.
ELY BROTHERS. 56 Warren St.. New York.
tho derrick wero blown across tho
street and either killed or injured,
and a number of pedestrians were
anticipated. Tho negro who shot
Adams and Solomon was sent to At
lanta for safekeeping. Tho military
hurt by falling glass and signs from Is hold ln readiness In case of an emer-
tho tall business houBos on both sides
of Market and Sixth streets.
Tho dead: John Lawless, Frank
Loans, Gato Ilenlgo, John Scott,
Frank Deldleman, Frank Croller, R.
Caporo, John Pacy.
Four Bodies Are Recoered From Col
liery at Blossburg, N. M.
Denver, Oct. 6. According to a spe
clal to tho News fifteen men are be
lieved to havo been entombed in tho
Dutchman mino, at Blossburg, N. M.,
by an explosion, which wrecked tho Savannah harbor expenditures, woro
walls and roof of tho tunnel ln which ' in tho Jail whllo tho mob hammered
they wero working. However, only J at tho Iron doors. After tho mob of
six men aro positively known to havo ', fected an entrance, tho noted prison
been In tho tunnel at tho tlmo of tho t ers mingled with tho enraged crowd ln
Tho mob succeedod in breaking in
to tho jail, but tho negro had beon
placed in tho barracks under hoavy
military guard.
Adams and Solomon aro ln tho hos
pital. Physicians cannot determine
how seriously thoy aro wounded. Tho
negro Fows, who did tho Bhooting,
was wounded, but will recover. An
other negro was shot through tho leg
at tho jail whilo tho attack was be
ing mado on tho prison.
Oreono and Gaynor, two federal
prisoners, convicted of frauds ln the
Rural Carriers and Game Law.
Lincoln, Oct. 8. Does a mall car
rier on a star routo become a common
carrier when he accepts passengers
and packages for transportation, and
4 ln my womb and ovaries," writes Ars.
Naomi uaie, oi weosicr urove, mo.,
''i;o in my right and. left sides, and
i iiinsus were very painful ain.1 u re
r. Since ta'dng Cardui I led li..oa
, .' woman ar.d do not suffer as I did. (
f is the best :ued:ine 1 overtook." f
y- - at ii a-f - "'
This Morning?
Morton L. Hill, of I.ebntioti. Ind.. huts: "M
In hn llnlilo tr nrnupcMitinn for handling wlfe llftrt Inflammatory KheumatlBm In over j
is no nauio to prosecution ior muiumis ..,, .,, 1olnt. her Mlff,,r WRH terribll
illegal packages, tho same as a rail- and her b djr anil face rere swollen almost hi
rnnil or nn oxnrpqs oomnanv would be? ynd rccofCi itlon: had been In bed nix wenk
roau or an express company woum u-j an( hft(1 eI(?ht yci,,,, but rHColvert m
Chief Gamo Warden Carter has a benedt until nho tried tho Mystic euro foi
orlmlnni nnmnlnlnt nn llln In which a Hhoumatlsm. It pave Immediate roller and
criminal complaint on Ilio in wmen u ihe was able to walk about In three davB. tan
postnl wagon carrier, operating a mire it savnd her life." Sold by ll. B Orlot
route between North Platte and Druwdst. Rod cloud
Gandy, Is accused of hauling pralrlo
chickens to tho former place and do- j A u,ranteC(, CifC ff peSt
Mvorincr tnom to a hoiui Kuuuur. iu
fowls aro sent by a "pot hunter" liv
ing near Myrtle. Tho knotty point
was submitted to tho attorney gon
erul's office for an opinion.
Itching, blind, bleeding, protruding
piles. Druggists are authorized to
refund money if Pnzo Ointment fails
to cure in 0 to 14 days. 50 cents.
A Gentle Laxative
And Appetizer
ftneky Mountain Tea Nuggets
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iloou, Bad Urenth, RltKTcrlsh Dowels, Headache-
md Ilnctairho. It's Rocky Mountain Ton In tao-
t form, 3 emits n box. Genuine made by
loLLiSTErt Dnun Company, Madison, Wis.
explosion, but tho usual night shift
numbers fifteen, and nono of them
havo boon located outsldo of tho mlno.
Rescuing parties havo taken out
four (lend bodies, ono of which has
boon Identified ns Jans Janlskl. All
but ono of tho night shift were Aus
perfect composure.
MflHn The medicinal virtues of the crude gum9 and realm
$aKr obtained from the Native Pino have been recognized
" by the medical profession for centuries. Pine-ules
Contain the virtues of the Native Pino that are of value in reliev
ing Backache, Kidney, Blood, Bladder and Rheumatic Troubles.
Negro Preachers Offer Special Prayers
New York, Oct. 8. Pursuant to nn
appeal issued recently by Dlshop
Alexander Walters of tho African
Zlon M. B. church, prayers wero of-
Flredumn hns sottled In the fered in all of tho negro Protestants
tunnel, rnaklnn rescuo In tho tunnel, churches ln this city for more cordial '
To Cure a Cold in Oi
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine i Tablets. e
.Mi i. Thic ciarnatrrrr.. V-
seven nuiBon ot win ui jiua v....... T
Cures Grip
In Two Days.
on every
pvt BOX, 25c