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$1 a. Year
irv Advance
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Eight Pages
Home Print
Tuesday, October 16, 1906
Commencing at 10 a. m., at my place four miles
south of Guide Rock, Nebraska.
Pure Bred Duroc
1 80
Fall Yearlings. Spring
Males and Gilts.
5 Horses and
1 Buy, Mare G yrs
1275. iu foul by Jack.
1 Roan Mnre 9 yrs
1100, in foal by Jack.
1 Bny Horse 7 yrs
1150. v
1 Bay Horse 10 yrs
1 Bay Horse G yrs
1 Spotted Filley
flue one.
1 Bay Mare Colt
weight 550.
2 Colts
old, weight
old, weight
old, weight
old, weight
old, weight
1 yr old, a
5 mos old,
10 Tons of Alfalfa Hay In larn
All sums of $10 aud under, cash; on sums over that amount a
credit of eight months will he given, purchaser giving note with
approved security, bearing 8 per cent interest from date. No prop
erty to be removed till settled for by cash or note.
Two Runaways.
Hard luck seems to pursue Al Slab'.
lie lias lost more horses, hud more
runaways and more rigs smashed up
thun any two liverymen who ever did
business in Red Cloud. Sunday morn
ing Lew Clapp, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Kohrer and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roby
and children were out riding in one
of Slaby's rigs, when two fellows on
horseback ran into the team. One of
the horses gave a lunge, breaking the
breast strap. Clapp, who was driving
turned the team into the bank at the
roadside, running the pole of the car
riage into the ground and breaking it.
The carriage was overturned and the
occiipants spilled out. Will Rohrer
badly strained an old injury in reach
ing down to pick the baby from the
In thu afternoon Ed Taylor hired
one of Al's rigs to drive out to his
school. John Arett was driving, and
when in the north part of town the
team became frightened at a barking
dog and tore down Cedar street to the
corner of Third, where they straddled
a telephone pole. The tongue of the
I'Ufftfy penetrated the pole about two
inches. Taylor and Arett were both
thrown out, but were unhurt. The
buggy tongue was broken unfa the
liarncss badly torn.
The "Dlpso" Fraud.
One of the heavy items of expense
to the county, and one which is abso
Nice Thrifty
Farm Implements.
1 New Wagon.
1 Now Peed Grinder.
1 Dipping Tank.
1 Mowor.
1 Rake.
1 Lister.
1 Cultivator.
New Hog Rack.
Good Tank.
Set inch Harness.
Numerous other articles.
A new pair of Farm Scales at
private sale.
2 MILK COWS, 2 aid 4 yrs old
v JL JJ1111 JJ
lutely of no benefit to any one, is that
of sending dipsomaniacs to the asylum
at Lincoln. The victim receives no
treatment calculated to destroy the
appetite for strong drink, but is mere
ly confined in the asylum among the
horde of insane people for a period of
three months. It is astounding what
fool legislation a body of supposedly
intelligent men can pass when they
once get at it. Here are a few figures
showing what it costs to send a
"dipso" to the nsylum for three
months, provided he docs not fight the
Sheriff 's fees, 2 days at 83 8 fl 00
Mileuge H 00
Itourd and lodging 4 no
Railway fare for "dipso" 3 85
Warrant l 00
Clerk of the court 10 00
Examining physician's fee 8 00
Attorney's fee 3 00
Hoard at asylum 45 00
Total 804 85
Why should we license saloons to
make drunkards, if we arc compelled
to pay 894.85 per head for sobering
them up? If all the "dipsomanics" in
Webster county wore sent to the
asylum, the annual levy would have
to be doubled or trebled.
If you huve lost your boyhood
spirits, courage and confidence of
youth, wo offer you new life, fresh
courage and freedom from ill health
in Ilollistcr's Rocky Mountain Tea.
35 cents, tea or tablets. C. L. Cotting.
Business College Notes
The Trier sisters now enter the
second season under our management.
They arc made up of live bona fide
sisters, the sopranos being; twins, the
altos being twins and Edna, the eld
est, is but thirty-five months older
thun the youngest. As a quintette
they have been singing for ten years,
and after two years' training took up
regular work for us. They are ut
once the most novel sisters combina
tion on the road and have the distinct
advantage of all being solo voices, all
talented and all well trained. That
they are the greatest sisters combina
tion ever put out we now assert, and
it will be but a mutter of a short time
until they have a national fame.
Thousands have already been highly
pleased with them. Midland Lyceum
Paul Dietrick recited from Crawford
at the Reading Circle meeting of the
county teachers at the Congregational
church Saturday. Mr. Rlacklcdgc
and Mr. Overing and Miss Skjelvei
had papers which were all good.
State Superintendent Mcltrien made a
talk or rather reud clippings from
some speech to the teuehers. The
writer has heard Mr. Mcltrien a num
ber of times but so far he has, never
given the speech he was billed to
give. Those things are disappointing
sometimes, but one thing about Mr.
Mcltrien is that he always has some
thing good even if not on the subject
Prof. Paul Dietrick made a nice trip
at 7 o'clock into the country with Itev.
Hummel Monday morning to take
some pictures of the minister's alfalfa
field as the fourth cropwas in cocks
for the hay buck. He took five pic
tures while there and then was back
in time for the 8:40 period in school.
They were fine pictures for such early
birds. The drive into the country did
the professor good.
The students arc out selling season
tickets for the College Lecture course
and they are having fine success.
Every one knows that the Midland
Bureau puts up a good course, and of
course they buy readily. Then the
course is only 81.50 for the five num
bers, with 81 for all students of the
college and the public schools.
Rev. Farley, Wm. Lamphere, J. II.
Current and E. J. Solomon of llluden
called at the college Monday and
looked over the school. We are al
ways glad to show our school to visit
ors. Give us a chance.
Some in the class of Chartier short
hand have written 03 words in less
than one minute and have only been J
,. 41... . ... i. 1- rt I
uu iiiu jriu-iu uiiu wcuit. wi course
this is all studied mutter.
Come up at 8 o'clock and see our
boys and girls read figures in the
Rapid Calculation class. They add al
most as fast as the numbers can be
placed on the boards.
Mr. Gilham gave us another talk on
the stars, also a word analysis of the
word "Glory." The students enjoy his
talks and are all glud to huve him
Our typewriting classes uro making
fine head-way in their work, Miss1
Cleta Drain being the leader now with
Kurl Spcncc u close second.
Ray Palmer is sending messages
over the wires now in true telegra
pher's style. Ray will get there all
Prof. A. J. Dietrick and wife made
a trip to Guide Rock and North Branch
Saturday in the interests of the college.
George Corner, Close Emigh and
Ilalbert Thomas are new students in
the typewriting class this week.
Mr. Dietrick re;id from Longfellow
last Thursday and from Riley this
The Gregg shorthand class took n
letter from dictation this week.
George Hcaton Was Late In Arriving
In Lincoln.
Lincoln Star: George lleutou, the
Rod Cloud man who was "touched"
by Grace Allen, a colored women one
night during the fair week, appeared
In police court this morning with 'the
air of u tardy school boy. The hear
ing of the case against the Allen
woman was scheduled for Saturday,
but when the hour hove In sight noth
ing of the complaining witness was to
be seen. The hour passed, and County
Attorney Caldwell was indignant clear
to his toes. lie ordered the issuance
of a warrant, and a detective went up
to Red Cloud yesterday afternoon to
find that the complainant hud come to
Lincoln Saturday evening.
It was explained to Mr. Hcaton that
his failure to appear had caused a
hitch in justice and also the Issuance
of a warrant for himself. He was
duly surprised and stated that he was
stopping at a local hotel, where lie
registered Saturday afternoon on his
arrival on a late train.
Heaton was warmly embraced by a
buxom colored girl one night during
fair week, as he was standing in an
alley just out of the jostle of the
hurrying crowds. After the squeeze
was over he missed his purse and
started after the ileeing Miss Allen,
who led him a block through the
thickest crowds before he finally cup
tured her. In the meantime, however,
the pockctbook was dropped.
ghacj: iiki..
From Tuesday's Star. 4
George Heaton, an aged man from
Red C16ud, who after a long chase cap
tured the swift-footed colored girl
whom he thought had grabbed his
watch and then his purse, one night
of fair week, told all about it in police
court this morning.
As Heaton told his story, Mrs. Allen
became perceptibly agitated. He re
lated how she had approached him as
he stood in the alley, how she had
thrown her arms about him, how he
felt his watch leaving his pocket and
when he grabbed it buck, discovered
that his purse was also gone. He
sprinted after her "right smart" and
almost caught her. A young man
stopped her in front of the Western
Union telegraph office and she was
held until the police came.
Then the defendant was put on the
stand. She said that she was in com
pany with a girl friend of hers, named
Viola Bell. The mysterious Viola was
not produced in court, but Grace said
it was she who had done the alley
"This man stopped Viola and wunt
cd to talk to her in the alley," said
Gruce. "Pretty soon, Viola yelled
that the police was coming and she
took off down the alley and I run the
other way, coming out on the street
the same time. Then a young man
caught me at the Western Union."
On her admission of being captured
while running, Police Judge Cosgruve
held her to the district court under
8500 bonds, which she could not furn
ish. While she was waiting, "Ed" Proc
tor of Omaha, formerly notorious in
Lincoln affairs, was brought Into the
station. Detective Malone had seen
him in town and supposed he had
come to help defend his daughter, the
woman under arrest. On his arrival,
the girl broke into uncontrollable
screams and tears and fairly drenched
the police court iioor.
Nlss Stonebrcaker Injured.
While assisting In putting up a
stovepipe Tuesday afternoon, at her
home, Miss Ella Stonebreuker fell
from a table upon which she was
standing, breaking her right wrist.
Medical uld was summoned and she Is
now getting along us nicely us could
be expected.
Items of News Found In The
Chief of Twenty Years Ago
This Week "y v- v
Dick Gray of Norton, Kansas, Is itt
the city.
The little baby of A. N. Patmor-i
died last Sunday.
Frank Ituschow was down from
Blue Hill this week.
(ieo. O. Hamilton of Iowa Is a now
arrival in Red Cloud.
I). P. Newcomer, our next eountjr
roprescntutive, was in the city this,
Rev. C. W. Springer has returned to
Red Cloud after an absence of severnV
The fourteenth annual Webster
county fair this week was a decided
United States Senator Van Wyclc
made a speech at the fair grounds.
E. II. Elliott of Tonlca, Illinois,
brother of Mrs. J. S. Emigh, Is visit
ing in the city.
Miss Carrie Miner, who has beei
quite seriously ill for the past twow
weeks, is convalescing.
Mrs. 0. W. Kuley received word this
week that a sister living in Kansas,
was very ill and not expected to live.
It. F. Itoynton, a "Q" conductor,,
and wife, who have been in the county
several weeks, br"! returned to Illi
nois. Fire was discovered in uiu Fourth
avenue hotel one night this week, but
was extinguished before much daux
age was done.
MlmlPF V2i-tit linu tM4tinAT 4wm fl-
linois, having in custody Frank' Dale,. v
wanted at Blue Hill for defraudlngr
thc milling companies there.
Lincoln Schultz of Blue Hill was one
trial in this city this week on a charge
of assault with intent to kill. He was.
bound over to the district court.
G. W. Rise will now arise early to.
view his two babies. His efforts: to.
make a city of Inavale will not bo in.
vain should he o(ftcn increase the pop
ulation in that manner.
Wm. Hooper, living near Judsonv
Kansas, patronized the traveling:
"painless" dentist last Thursday
Hooper's jaw was dislocated, and it
cost him 85 to have the organ replaced
by Dr. E. A. Hall.
Through the efforts of Attorney J
L. Kaley a street fakir playing- a
gouge game was arrested and fined
Add to this the 8!.'5 license and
S10 he returned to the man he robbed,.
and it would seem the fakir was out.
of luck.
The new buildings are being pushed
rapidly. The Sherer-Lindsey building
is almost ready for the roof, while the-Miller-Cotting
building is receiving"
the first lloor joist. The Moon block
is almost ready for the first fioor, and
the Kellogg building is almost ready
for occupancy.
Joe Holcomb of Walnut creek some
time ago sent a man named Monotte
to Nemahn county to get a horse that
lie left there. He reported the horse
dead, and in conversation with Mr.
Holcomb on the train about the mat
ter ho became alarmed and jumped
from the train near Amboy. He was.
afterward arrested and held for horse
stealing. Judho.v, Kan. While returning:
from Red Cloud recently the axle of
George Mountford's buggy broke and
let the buggy drop, throwing Mr. and
Mrs. Mountford out The acreage-
of winter wheat is larger this year
than last.
Inavai.i: L. N. Edson los. a S200
horse this week in a runaway accident
...J. O. Chamberlain Thos. Vaughn,.
V. D. Hutchinson and Chas. Hnntor
camo to the front with four boys, and
now (Jeo. Rise has produced twin girla;
to increase the population AL
Good Templar lodge has been institut
ed here.
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