The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 14, 1906, Image 1

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Eight Pages
$1 a Year
in Advance
Home Print $
u -,
i i
Special Sale of School Hosiery
Yacation is over and the boys and girls will need stockings. We have provided for
this with a large line of Hosiery in all weights. There is the heavy hose for the
boys, fine narrow-ribbed for girls, lisle hose for Sunday, and every pair warranted
fast black Yarns.
Two Weeks Burson Fashioned Stockings
The ioc Grade
3 pr. for 25
The 15c Grade
pr. for 25
The 20c Grade
2 pr. for 35
Nd Stockings can
be made with truer
lines and shape,
and yet there is
not a seam in them
from toe to top.
As perfectly fash
ioned shaped as
the best foreign
hose, but Without
the seams,
which are always
present in the imported stockings.
You need not pay for the work of sew- w cut r th$ story
ing up those seams that hurt, as there are no scams in the Burson.
Knit in perfect shape shaped perfectly in the knitting. They
keep that shape from machine to rag bag.
Best in Quality and Comfort., No Higher in Priced
HI tn H W lH
03 Hi u AWi B3 :lmm'
oHW wHWV )Vfl
:BBf ? SBfl
deliberate aw to what his excuse shall
bo I
Think, too, of tho man Sullivan
truthfully tolling Mr. Itrrim that
while he (Sullivan) was a stnuneh
democrat down in Illinois, Mr. Ilrynn
was a Populist up in Nebraska.
If such things do not clearly Indi
cate that changes are eternally being
made, thou what do such things
With so many changes of the past,
is it not reasonable to suppose that
there will be o'.hers equally as re
markable'.1 Apropos this subject of changes,
may one not be justilleil in making a
prediction or two, and in so doing
predict that such a change has already
ooiue over tho minds of the people
that, in the year WOO one W. .1. Itryun
will be a man without a party?
To be sure, Mr. ltryiiu is a brainy
man, since none but a brainy man
could have undergone all these
The 25c Grade
2 pr. for 45
In Ladies9 Hose we have a full line of Burson and others
In Dress Goods we have many bargains to
enumerate. Among them we mention:
38-inch all wool Flannels at 35c
- 50 -inch all wool -Novelties- at 60c
50-inch all wool Novel ites at 80c
Opening Sale of Outings
and Shaker Flannels
Shakers at 5c, 8 1-3C, ioc and 12AC.
Outings at 5c, 6c, 8 1-3C, ioc and i2ic.
Cotton Batting, 10 ounces at ice.
Cotton Batting, 3 lbs. at 40c.
changes and still had a respectable give a loeturo on
following in the point of numbers . topics in general.
but Mr. Ilryun has indulged his pen
chant for changing one position or
the other, until he has got to where
the road crosses, and doesn't know
whether to go to the right or the left
in his frenzy to land in the WT.'.te
So much for the big fellow, while
later on we shall touch up some of the
little fellows in Webster county.
The ollleors chosen were as follows:
president Walter Warren; vice-president
Hoy Oatman; secretary and
mauager Alva Sollars; treasurer Hol
ton Lotson; these acting with Kd.
Platte as a board of managers. Ono
can see, with a glance at the personel
of the managing officers that tho
future of the citizen's band is assured.
We cannot give a list of the members
this week as director Alvln Snapp has
not yet completed the work of instru
mentation and the placing of the men.
This will bo llnishod in a few days,
when a full list will bo given. We
think all will realize this is one of tho
best moves that could bo made for tho
advancement of our city and wo
earnestly hope everyone will enlist,
themselves at once with Tin: Ciuui' as
boosters for the band. Director
Snapp would like to moot all the begin
ners and others in the temporary houcl
quarters of the band, Mercer's barber
shop on Friday evening, where he will
music and baud
A full line of Crocheted Baby Hoods, Jakets, Etc.
F. MWHOUSE, Dry Goods, Laces.
(UyJ.M. Clmflln.)
Ever since the foundation of the
-world was laid, changes have been
taking place in the condition of things
until wo have come to expect nothing
less than that these shiftings in both
nature itself and in the minds and
lives of men will go on forever.
The earth in its process of making
went through a bystem of changes un
til it turned upon its own axis while
revolving around the sun and rejoiced
in its own individuality.
And so it has been with man, who,
restless from the dawn of his exist
ence has clamored after something
new; something different from his
present estate, since it would seem
that no man is perfectly contented
with his surroundings, but is ever
seeking for a change.
It is well that it is thus, sinae busi
ness as well as philosophy would
stagnate under other and less exciting
And more especially is it well that
men and women change their beliefs
politically, religiously and socially,
sine J to eternally
held on to their
original notions would leave them
stranded in mid-air.
Some of us once believed in pre
destination; but who so far behind
the times as to even dream of such a
f'll.lfT . fill, TllUftTlt llflT
The day was when men and women
believed in a personal Devil, and that
ho had equal power with tho Al
mighty, since evil seems to have had
the lead of righteousness all these
Relieve and be saved, doubt and be
damned were once cardinal principles
as taught by the cloth; but who will
now contend that one has the power
to either believe or doubt that which
does not address itsself to his intelli
gence; that is to say how can one be
lieve that which it is impossible for
him to believe 1
Once we were taught by the clergy
(God save the mark) that until we
could jump up and shout Glory in the
knowledge of our sins forgiven we
had not obtained the fargiveness of
our sins; but we now hear a more
rational doctrine, wherein we are
taught that we shall one and all bo
called into judgment for the deeds
done while in the body.
A hundred and one insfances might
be cited wherein these changes are
taking place some for the better and
some for the worse but changes nev
ertheless. Take the present political situation
and count the changes that have ta-
ltoii nlnii wit lil 11 tin. ii'n.1 1.. .......
and what do we find?
J Theodore Rooeevolt, the,
! the daredevil, the man who was going
to turn the government inside out and
l upside down, now about the only
really safe man in the world,
j Then think of Mr. Uryan, once the
J champion of the Populist party, now
ignoring the party upon whose shoul
ders he rode to Washington!
Tnink, too, of Mr, Uryan holding up
Mr. Roosevelt as the model statesman,
thus bidding for the votes of the re
publicans! Think, again, of Mr. Uryan "read
ing" such a man as Roger C. Sullivan
out of tho democratic party!
Think about Mr. Sullivan telling
Mr. Uryan that lie has told a falshood
in as many as Jive separate specific: -tions,
and Mr. Uryan taking time to
Family Reunion-
A. G. Green went to Cadams, Neb.,
last week to be present at a family
reunion, at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrn. Joseph Green, remem
bered by many as former residents of
this place. Their live children, Mrs.
Trances Grainger of De Sota, Mo; Jos.
K. Greer, of Gibbon, A. G. Green of
Red Cloud, Ejlwanl L Green of Mason
City and "'Mrs. Aimy Wolford of
Cadams, Neb., arc spending some time
with them. Grandpa and Grandma
Green are both octogenarins and are
remarkably well-preserved and active.
They celebrated the fifty-second anni
versary of their marriage, Aug., 27th.
Their are live children, twenty-three
grand-children and six great-grandchildren.
Since coining from England
to the United States, there has been
but one death among the descendants,
that of an infant grand-child. Of the I
grandchildren, one is a missionary in
India under the Christian church, two
girls married ministers of the Gospel,
and one is Physical Director of the
Y. M. C. A., at York. This is surely a
record worthy of remomberance and
we unite with others in congratulating
these aged friends on their success
and wish them god-speed during the
remainder of life's journey.
Hlfth School Notes.
The total enrollment for the first
week of school was 432. Of this num
ber 13.1 were enrolled in the south
ward. So far the enrollment exceeds,
thai of last year by about 25. It
seems probable that the enrollment
for the first month will exceed that of
the corresponding month of last year
by about 40. In all the rooms in the
north ward except Miss lleckwlth'H
and .Miss Mierman s, tne number en
rolled roaches the capacity of tho
The pupils of tho first primary in
the north ward have been put on half
time. This was unavoidable as the;
seating cuijttciijji, the room wouhL,
not accommodate alT pupils at one'
time. The first grafle attends in the
forenoon and the second in the after
noon. However, the pupils of thew
grades are too young to attend a fuIJ
school day. If possible, though, tho
better plan would be two short ses
sions, one in the forenoon and one in
the afternoon.
For some time the school board lias
been considering the advisability of
placing, slate blackboards throughout.
j the schools. The expense would be
somewhat hoavy.but the improve-
j nient would be p.rmanont. Tho black
boards in almost all the- rooms uro
very poor.
Lee Calahan, the horse thief from
Alma who has been confined in jail
here for the past few months, escaped
from the sheriff of Harlan county
Wednesday morning by jumping
through a car window near Repub
lican City, while the train was run
ning at a high rate of speed. Calahan
had asked to be taken before .Judge j
Adams so that he might plead guilty
and begin serving his sentence. He
was taken to Minden Monday anil was
sentenced to throe years in the peni
tentiary. After receiving his sentence
ho claimed he was only 1.1 years of age
and the judge ordered him returned to
jail until the next term of court when
the question of his age would be in
vestigated. When the train was near
Republican City Calahan asked and
received permission from the sherill'
to go into tho toilet as soon as he was
in the toilet he raised the window and
jumped from the train. Calahan is a
pretty smooth individual. This is the
third time he has escaped, twice from
Sheriff Davis of Harlan county and
once from Sheriff Hedge.
Band Meeting.
Monday night witnessed one of the
most enthusiastic band meetings ever
held in Red Cloud. About 3.1 of tho
most representative young men of our
c.'ty mat and organized themselves in
to the Citizens Rand of Red .Cloud.
Order Your Light Fixtures.
The chandliers and other fixtures
for the electric light plant have ar
rived and have been placed on display
at Grioo's drug store. All persons
who expect to use fancy fixtures
should call immediately and make
their selections, as it will require two
or three weeks time to get them hero
after they are ordered.
Real Estate Transfers.
Frank A Kuchn to John Street
part block 23 Smith &. Moore
add Rod Cloud wd S KiOO
Chas C Rarge to Win It Rarrett
ne 10-1-0 wd 4000
.John A Hunter to Henry Olim-
Sted ne 22-1-0 wd 7000
Win It Cramer to Rufus V Farley
lots .1 and (1 block 18 Itladon
wd .1.10
Dcdoriclc l.ampmau to Fred
Lampman nw 0-3-0 wd 700O
Oscar Gunnason et al to Mike
Stroble wd 440O
Raymond W Kantz to Luther
Ruby lots 8 and 12 block 2 Wil
liams add to Red Cloud wd .... 1200
Clara M Perry to Nannie It Hale
lots 20 and 21 block 22 Smith A
Norrlsadd to Red Cloud wd.. COO
Nannie R Hale to John Stanser
lots 20 and 21 block 22 Smith
it Moore add to Red Cloud wd COO
Louis K Rrownell to James F
Ruckles sw4 1-2-11 wd 4C0O
Total. ,. S14,CGC
Mortgages filed $10055
Mortgages released .S3 tSTiO
' -i.
I 1
' 1
- 1