The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 31, 1906, Image 5

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Pure Stock
Red Cloud Chief
Lady Gertrude
No Better Made
Dr. E. A. Thomns, Dentist, Damerell
A. T. Walker was in Franklin Mon
day. W. T. Auld spent tin; week in Hud
I 'loud.
Miss Georgia Hani is home from
Adair Galushu is down from Lincoln
this week.
Lennie Day of Riverton was here
New laces, embroideries, neckwear,
1 Newhouse.
Anson Gurber was up from Guide
Rock Friday.
Frank and Mary Peterson were in
Franklin Monday.
Sheriff Hedge returned from Lin
coln Sunday night.
Mrs. Sam Foe and two sons returned
from Denver Sunday.
George Rradshaw came up from Su
perior Friday night.
Foji Sai.k My restaurant, stock and
fixtures. J. O. Lindley.
Leon larsh of Grand Island was in
the city this week.
Icttfts ' linker and wife were down
from McCook this week.
.lohn Uuy of lllue Hill was in town
between trains Thursday.
Tlios. Hurden of llladen is visiting
his son .las. Hurden.
O. R. Tichnor of Milton, Iowa, was
in Red Cloud Wednesday.
Win. Collins and wife were down
from Naponee Wednesday.
Dr. Reck of Superior took in the re
union the first of the week.
Mose Wilson of lllue Hill enrolled
with Tin: Chikf this week.
Arthur Hoby returned to his home
in Ren-trice this morning.
Miss Lulu Hughes of Guide Rock
is visiting in town this week.
Jolin Hutledge and son returned
from Hebron Saturday night.
Hurry Engels of Fairbury was visit
ing in Red Cloud over Sunday.
John Harker. formerly of the Frank
lin Sentinel, was here today.
Clare Hailey of Mankota, Kansas, is
risiting his uncle, .1. II. Hailey.
dim Wiggs, the Lebanon real estate
man, was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. Harry Ileal of McCook is visit
ing at C. H. Potters's this week.
Miss Juliet Galusha returned to her
home in Lincoln Saturday morning.
Mrs. Ed Gillard of Naponee is visit
ing her mother, Mrs. Anna Tulleys.
Miss Jessie Ducker has returned
from an extended visit in Vermont.
Mr. and Mrs. Wash Heed were down
from Hladen to attend the reunion.
Fred Hunter of Riverton paid this
oflice a very pleasant call Tuesday.
Fay Hrewer of McCook was in Red
Cloud this week enrouo to Lincoln.
Mrs. Paul Storey and daughter Ver
non are home from their Colorado trip.
E. R. Chrisman of Unionvllle, Mo.,
is visiting with his cousin the Hedges.
Mrs. Will West and children came
down from Naponee Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Fearn of .Mc
Cook are in the city visiting relatives.
Stewart Woolsoy and E. C. John
ston were up from Superior Thursday.
Mrs. Lizzie Howard of Pueblo, Col.,
is a guest at the home of Jus. Hurden.
Judge Hurke of Arapahoe is here
visiting his daughter, .Mrs. J, H. Mer
cer. Dr. Thomas gives special attention
to disease of women and children.
Oillee in Dameroll block with E. A.
Thomas. Hoth phones in olllee and
F. E. Chamberlain of Shiekley has
accepted a position in Cotting's drug
Merrill Wright of Superior is in the
city this week assisting the Alma
Mrs. L. M. Vance and chlldJen re
turn to their home in Hastings Satur
day noon.
Issac Pierce of Kearney is visiting
with the Warren, Howard and Pierce
John Wall and wife returned to
their home in Nevada, Mo., Monday
Miss Ethlyn Thurman of Hastings
is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mrs. Will Hurden and daughter of
Cumpbell are visiting at the home of
Jas. Hurden.
Mrs. .1. II. Woolley and daughter
Florence are visiting at the home of
D. S. Coombs.
Mrs. E. A. Van Dyke and children
of Franklin are visiting friends in Red
Cloud this week.
T. W. Connor of Heaver City is vis
iting his sister, Mrs. L. II. Rust, this
Chas. Godsey of Alma was shaking
hands with lied Cloud friends this
Miss Clara Schoebel of Hloomiugton
is in the city visiting her friend, .Miss
I one' Albright.
Arthur Collins of Oberlin. Kansas,
has been in town this week, renew
ing acquaintances.
Mrs. Ruth Davis and daughter re
turned Tuesday from a visit in Hird
City, Kansas.
J. F. Winters, formerly of this city,
but now of Lincoln, attended the in
stitute this week.
Mrs. Cora Kydd of Scdalia, Mo., is
spending the week with her mother,
Mrs. Charley Hesse.
PosMnaster and Mrs. T. C. Hacker
returned Sunday morning from u trip
to the Pacific coast.
L. A. Kirkpatrick of the Clay Cen
ter, Kansas Times was a pleasant cal
ler at this oflice Friday.
Miss Ethel Osborne, who recently
suffered a severe attack of appendici
tis, is able to be around.
J. M. Sellers returned Saturday
morning from a ten day's visit with
relatives in Moulder, Colorado.
Mr. ami Mrs. Geo. Itlair of Lincoln
arrived in Red Cloud Sunday night
for a week's visit with friends.
Mrs. John Williamson of Nevada,
Mo., is In Red Cloud visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Winlleld Palmer.
John Heauchainp, an old timer in
these parts, came In from Trenton,
Neb., to see the boys.
Misses Gussie and Clara Koehler of
lllue Hill are visiting at the home of
W. C. Frahm this week.
Miss Hessle Rarber and Searle Wil
liams of Oberlin, Kan., are visiting at
the home of Ed MeCune.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Meyer and baby
of Alma were in Red Cloud Wednes
day visiting Miss Jessie Wert.
Mrs. Hert Hatiield ami daughrer
Vera of Jamestown, Kan., are visiting
relatives In Red Cloud this week.
Mrs. J. II. Morrison and Misses Nel
lie and Minna Sankey of Superior are
visiting at the home of W. W. Warren.
W. W. Applegate, wife and children
of Gibbon, Neb., are visiting at the
home of Frank Henson this week.
Don't miss the Arington Comedians
September (5. 7. and S. A continuous
performance with good specialities.
Mrs. Mark CoiVey and Miss Liberty
of Alma are guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Amuck this week
.Miss Odess Steele of Lincoln arrived
in Red Cloud Sunday evening for a
visit with Mr ami Mrs. Win. Tuber.
Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Conover and
son of .McCoolc are visaing in me
home of Mrs. Peter Conover this week.
Lew Clapp received word Monday
that his brother, G. W.'s sun was very
ill with typhoid fever in Hloomiugton.
Mrs. Alfred Hadell and daughter
May returned Monday evening from a
six weeks' visit in Chicago and Michi
gan. Foil Sai.k a live room house with
six lots on a corner. One of the best
locations in the city. Inquire at this
To the G. A. R. Reunion
in Red Cloud are most
cordially invited to make
our store headquarters
during1 the week.
S'e Cowden-Kaley Clothing Co.,
First Door North of PostofJlcc, Red Cloud, Nobr.
September 0 at
Arington's In
beautiful story
Fok Sai.k The best located and
best equipped restaurant m Lebanon.
Kansas, Geo. V. Ducker.
Don't forget the date September 0,
7, and 8 at the opera house. Tickets
on sale at the usual place. ,
Rev. G. II. Rice and family left
Wednesday noon for their new home
in Spokane, Washington.
Apples for sale 3 miles southeast
of Inn-vale. Picked apples 50 cents,
windfalls 2.r cents. D. Norris.
G. Shanklin went to Weeping Water
Thursday morning, where he will visit
for several weeks with his son.
We Want
You to
Phone Us
If you could be sure
to get the right qual
ity and a square deal
you would phone for
your groceries, would
n't you? We give
both. Phoning saves
Try Us
All the Phones
The season opens
the opera house.
"Sandy Hottom." A
of back wood folks.
Arington's Comedians will open the
season at the opera house three nights
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
September (S, 7 and 8.
A. F. llutler came over from North
Hranch Tuesday to have Dr. Cook re
move an abscess from his right cheek.
He went home Friduy.
L. J. Copps.'of Hastings, and mem
ber of the executive committee of the
Republican State Central committee,
was In town this week.
C. E. Putnam, of Cowles, and Mrs.
Margaret Gemmell of Milford, were
married at the Congregational parson
age in Cowles Tuesday.
"Sandy Hottom" Is the opening play
of Arington's Comedians, Thursday,
September 0. Tickets on sale on at
the usual place Monday.
Mrs. A. C. Hindu, enroute from Col
orado to her home in Perry, Okla.,
visited her brother, II. H. Morgan,
Tuesday and Wednesday.
The scheme of decoration Inaugur
ated by F. W. Cowden and Del Tur
nure makes the greatest display of
Hags the city has ever seen.
Mrs. M. M. Mcssmore and son re
turned Wednesday morning from a
six weeks' visit with her parents in
Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Alex Smelser, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Smelser formerly of this city,
was married Wednesday in Courtland,
Kansas, to Miss Maude McCullen.
Foil Sai.k my residence property of
seven lots, with house of nine rooms,
centrally located. For particulars In
quire at residence. Mils. AV. H. Ronv.
Foit 3110 acres, known as the
Moon ranch, three miles west of Red
Cloud, $5.r an ucre If sold soon. Call
on or address, 11. F. Hashor, Red
Foil Sai.k one brick store building
two stories, 25 by 100; one restaurant
building, 25 by 00; one dwelling house,
with 0 lots. Inquire of James Me
Guire. J. A. Reid, who was recently taken
to the Soldier's home at Milford, suf
fered another stroke of paralysis Wed
nesday afternoon, and there is no
hope for his recovery.
Foit Sai.k Vi head of horses, one
sorrel team, weight 10M); sorrel team
weight 1100; team of ponies well
matched, weight 800 and black single
driver, weight 1100. 8 head of cattle,
two fresh cows. Two sets of driving
harness, nearly new. One sot of work
harness, nearly new, set of new single
harness. W: A. Duvoid, Red Cloud.
J. F. Diener of Syracuse, Neb., senior-vice
commander (J. A. R. depart
ment, will not be present at the re
union, owing to the press of otllcial
duties which detain him at Syracuse.
Miss Eliza Cotting, sister of C. L.
Cotting, accompanied by her niece,
Miss Ella Upson, of Rrlstol, Wiscon
sin, are visiting at the home of C. L.
Cotting and Mrs. Lucy Stonebreaker.
Prof. Percy Adams of Wahoo stop
ped over in Red Cloud to take In the
reunion. He is on his way to Oxford
where he has been re-elected princi
pal of the schools there for the com
ing year.
Principal G. W. Dudley was in Hast
ings Tuesday to attend the funeral of
his classmate, I. E. Campbell, who
was superintendent of the Nelson
schools last year. Prof. Campbell
died at Nelson Saturday.
Old maidswould be scarce and hard to
Could they be made to see,
How gr ace and beauty is combined'
Hy using Rocky Mountain Tea.
c. I. Cotting.
The. Hrunswick lunch room has just
opened up a new eating place. Meals
at all hours and lunches of all kinds.
Try our coffee. Hasement of Tabor
Scrub yourself dally, you're not
clean inside. Clean insides mean clean
stomach, bowels, blhod, liver, clean
healthy tissue in every organ. Moral:
Take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
.'IS cents tea or tablets. C. L. Cotting.
New Fall
The new Fall Goods are now arriving on
every train from the Eastern Markets.
These were recently bought by an ex
perienced Dry Goods buyer while in
Chicago and other large markets.
Millinery will be a leading feature in
our store this fall. Miss Clara Yaple of
Maryville, Mo., will have charge o this
department. Miss Yaple has had years
of experience in millinery and is an artist
in this line.
At this writing only part of the stock
is in, but we expect by the first of the
week the stock will be complete the
largest and best ever shown in the city.
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