The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 17, 1906, Image 5

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Pure Stock
Red Cloud Chief
Lady Gertrude
INIo Better Made
hvvnbbaibv n
Mrs. 11. II. .Morgan is on the sick
Lou White has been quite siek this
Dr. E. A. Thomas, Dentist, Damerell
block. '
Richard Turner was in (Snide Rock
New laces, embroideries, neckwear,
F. Newhouse.
Ward Hays, is home from Lead,
South Dakota.
Mrs. .las. Morauville has been quite
iuk this week.
Lew Soderberg was down from Mc
Cook Saturday.
Wm. Sullivan was in Lincoln the
lirst of the week.
W. II. Tuber was in Lincoln this
week on business.
Miss lone Albright has returned
home from Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Romford are
home from Omaha.
Mrs. .John Myers was down from
Riverton Wednesday.
MfH. Henry Tiejen of Riverton was
chopping in Red Cloud-Wednesday.
Lee De Tour was in Lincoln with the
politicians this week.
Raul Storey returned Saturday
morning' from Colorado.
A. T. Walker was in Campbell on
business early this week.
Foil Sam: My rest inrant, stock and
fixtures. .1. O. Lindley.
Corn for sale. See U. W. Dow or
Fred Rarber on the farm.
Mrs. O. O. Hoit of Cowles is visit
ing Mrs. Q. W. Hutchison.
Miss Nell Sherman returned from
Riverton Tuesday mnrnfiig.
Mrs. Anna Tulleys was ""Visiting in
Naponce the first of the week.
Dr. Thompson and Edna Cordell
returned to Superior Monday.
Mil' Geo. I'omeroy of Riverton was
-shopping in Red Cloud Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Myers came over
from Lebanon, Kansas, Tuesday.
Clarence Jones and family were
lown from Inavale Sunday morning.
Preparations are already in progress
for opening the public schools on Sep
tember 4. '
A new house is being built on the
Goble ranch nine miles southwest of
Red Cloud
.1. M. Sellars went to Roulder, Colo.,
Tuesday evening for a ten days' visit
with relatives.
I. 11. Holmes of Horton, Kansas, is
in Red Cloud this week looking after
his interests here.
Arthur Myers and son and Mrs.
Geo. Matkins went to Lebanon, Kan.,
Tuesday morning.
Roy and Kay Teel and Rerta Green
went to Cadams, Neb., Wednesday
morning for a visit.
Mm. Frank Smith is expected home
Saturday morning from her visit in
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Foil Sai.k The best located and
best equipped restaurant in Lebanon,
Kansas, Geo, V. Dueker.
Editor Hale of the Nation is Web
ster county's member of the Populist
state central committee.
MissHattie Morrison departed Wed
nesday morning for a visit with rela
tives at Dwight, Illinois. ,
Ed Araack and wife are entertain
ing II. P. Jackson and wife of Meta
mora, Indiana, this week.
Apples for sale 3 miles southeast
of Inavale. Picked apples ,r0 cents,
Avindfalls 25 cents. I). Norris.
Mrs. James Gilliam, Mrs. Henry
Gilliam and daughter left Wednesday
morning for an outing in Denver.
District court will convene Septem
ber in. at which time the new ollieial
boundaries of our eity will be lixed.
Chas. Grout has sold billots in the
east side of town to Mrs. Wiekershain.
who will erect a residence on .them.
Mrs. W. C. Cox is enjoying a visit
this week from her brother. John
Cooley and wife of Lebanon, Kansas.
A. E. Strohm, the Inavale druggist,
succeeded in giving bond last Friday
and was released from the county jail.
Mrs. Harry Morauville and son of
Fairbury arrived in Red Cloud Satur
day morning for a visit with relatives.
Mrs. ,lo. Kubiek. son and daughter
( returned to McC'ook Monday evening.
after a visit with Mrs. .las. Morauville.
All parties who .engaged Scotch
j Collie pups of Samuel Castell are noti-
lied that same are ready for delivery.
Foil Sam: a five room house with
six lots on a corner. One of the best
locations in the eity. Inquire at this
Harry Gilliam is nursing a mons
trous carbuncle this week that has
incapacitated him for duty at Turnure
tiros, store.
Dr. Morrison is in Omaha this week
to attend a meeting of the State
Dental association, of which he is one
of the otlleials.
O. C. Teel can be found at the
court house this week too busy to
talk. He is preparing the tax list for
the coming year.
Elmer George, traveling salesman,
for the Monarch Typewriting Co.. of
Omaha, was visiting Roseoe and John
Weesner Monday.
Mrs. Win. Mitchell and daughter
Pearl of Lincoln were in Red Cloud
the lirst of the week visiting Mr. and
Mrs. James Mitchell.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Milligan and
daughter Gertrude left las night for
an extended trip through California
and other western states.
Wanted couple of women or girls
for dining room work during reunion
week at Ron Ton. ST per week, room
and board. W. S. Reuse.
According to his, statement, otlicial-
ly filed, it cost Congressman G. W.
Norris S3. 84 to capture his renomina
tion at Hastings last week.
The Sunday school of the Christian
church held a picnic at the Fisher
grove on Tuesday. A good time is re
ported by all who attended.
There will be two special trains run
out of Red Cloud during fair week.
They will leave on Wednesday and
Thursday via Hastings and Edgar.
Mrs. R. F. Raines and children ac
companied by Miss Georgia Scott of
Cowles, departed Wednesday morning
for a two weeks' outing in Denver.
Foil Sam: my residence property of
seven lots, with house of nine rooms,
centrally located. For particulars in
quire at residence. Mas. W. R. Roiiy.
Foit Sai.k one brick store building,
two stories, 2.1 by 100; one restaurant
We Want
You to
Phone Us
If you coujd be sure
to get the right qual
ity and a square deal
you would phone for
your groceries, would
n't you? We give
both. Phoning saves
Try Us
All thm Phonos
building .' by hi. nnedu ellin hmi-1
with tl lots. Inquire of Jauu-s Me
Guire. Foil S m: ;i;io aeren. known as the
Moon ranch, three miles west of Red
Cloud, S.'t.'i an acre if sold soon. Call
on or address, It. F. Rashor, Red
The Rrunswick lunch room has just
opened up a new eating place. Meals
at all hours and lunches of all kinds.
Try our eoll'ee. Raseinent of Tuber
Dr. Thomas gives special attention
to diseases of women and children.
Olllee in Damerell block with E.
Thomas. Moth phones in otliee and
Mrs. A. O. Ilinde of Perry. Oklu .
stopped in Red Cloud last evening for
a visit with her brother. Homer Mor
gan. She is on her way to Fort t ol
lins. Colo.
Ed Walter, son of W. II. Walter of
this eity, is home from the City of
Mexico, where he went a short time
ago to act as umuhiuuii for Atiibassa
gor Thompson.
Frank Marker was this week engag
ed in clearing the dirt and rubbish
from the gutters, and did a good job
of it. It was something that should
have been done long ago.
A winner for agents health and ac
cident insurance on popular monthly
payments. For liberal terms address
Continental Casualty Co,. OS I Ex
change bldg., Denver. Colo.
James K. Wall was overcome bv
heat Tuesday while helping unload
electric light poles at the depot. He
soon recovered, however, and now is
apparently as well as ever.
The railroads have been verv liberal
with the old soldiers and have made a
rate of one fare plus .10 cents for the
round trip from all points within 100
miles for the Red Cioud reunion.
Mill Hayes' dray horse took a notion
to run away yesterday, but did not
get very far. He turned into the yard
just north of the Mutual Telephone
otliee and stopped of his own accord.
Old maids would be scarce and hard to
Could they be made to see,
How grace and beauty is combined
My using Rocky Mountain Tea.
C. L. Cutting.
Ed Dickson is moving his family in
today and will occupy the Wall house
south of the mill. Ed has secured a
position in the R. F. D. service and
will rent his farm during the coming
A new cement crosswalk is being
laid from the north side of Fourth
Avenue to the corner of the Hugh
Miner residence and Mr. Miner is ex
tending the same along the east front
of his property.
Mrs. II. II. Hurley and children re
turned to their home in Denver Wed
nesday morning, after a pleasant visit
at the home of D. R. Spanogle. Miss
I tell Spanogle accompanied them for a
several weeks' visit.
Mrs. Tillie Van Riper and daughter
Sallie returned to their home in New
York City Wednesday morning, after
a pleasant visit at the home of Dr.
Emigh. Mrs. N. II. Morrison accom
panied them for a short- visit.
Scrub yourself dally, you're not
clean inside. Clean insides mean clean
stomach, bowels, blood, liver, clean
healthy tissue in every organ. Mural:
Take Hulllster's Rocky Mountain Tea.
3.1 cents tea or tablets. C. L. Cotting.
The cemetery board requests that
lot owners will look after their lots.
Right now is the best time to kill the
weeds and sandbars, and If attended
to in the next few daos it will save a
great deal of work and worry next
A woman worries until she gets
wrinkles, then worries because she
has them. If she takes Ilollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea she would have
neither. Itright, smiling face follows
its use. 35 cents, tea or tablets. C.
L. Cotting.
People from this vicinity who have
been out on the St. Francis branch
say that the crops In that vicinity are
actually the best they have ever seen.
To hear them talk one would think
they had found the real garden spot
of the world.
Miss Rell Spanogle entertained
twenty-one little folks at her home
Monday afternoon from 5 to 8 p. in.
in honor of her little nephew and
niece, llertrand and Itcatrix Hurley of
Denver. Refreshments were served
and the little folks had an enjoyable
Geo. W. Llndsey Is planning to
start around the circuit with his fa
mous bull, Pat Ryan. He will visit
fairs at Lincoln, Topeku, Des Moines,
Denver, Kansas City, Pueblo and
Chicago before returning. Mr. Lind
sey's Galloway herd Is becoming fa-
&ts2) (SsssBasfi m fflzsmssm w Gmmmm?& OT)
We Have Just Invoiced and
as usunl with all stores we have
some left overs we are anxious to
About 100 pairs Mens Odd
Pants, tail ends of lots. Pants
from Suits etc., are being sold at
prices that will force you to buy.
Special Sale Men's Oxfords.
Men's Dress straw hats 20 per
cpnt discount from regular prices.
Bargains here at all times but
special inducements just now.
obe Cowden-Kaley Clothing Co.,
First Door North of Postofficc, Red Cloud, Ncbr.
inous as a result of Pat Ryan's ability
to win prizes.
Foil Sam: 12 head of horses, one
sorrel team, weight 10M); sorrel team
weight 1100: team of ponies well
matched, weight 800 and black single
driver, weight 1100. 8 head of eattle,
two fresh cows. Two sets of driving
harness, nearly new. One set of work
harness, nearly new, set of new single
harness. W: A. Duvoid, Red Cloud.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Danker, Mr.
and Mrs. Floyd Danker, Mr. and Mrs.
Fay Danker, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dank
er and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Danker
came down from Riverton Wednesday
and had their pictures taken in a
group. Mrs. Henry Dai k r was taken
quite sick, having had an attack of
heart failure, but she was able to go
to the gallery with the rest of the
Red Cloud, Wednesday, Au, 22
Campbell Bros.9
Great Consolidated Shows
Larger, Better Than Ever
Florence Family
2 Herds of Wisest Acting Elephants
Oapt. Dimirti's Company of Russian Cos
sack's and Marvelous Whirlwind Dancers
Largest, Grandest, Richest Free Street -
rade ever seen in
Every building in this city should
be literally smothered in Mags an
bunting reunion week. This is going
to be the biggest time Red Cloud has
ever seen, probably the greatest time
it will see for years too come. Too
much honor can not be done the old
soldiers, who will not be with us a
great while longer, and there will be
thousands of other visitors whom it
will be our place to entertain.
There are more men at work in this
city just at present than there has
been at one time for years. The
extra work on the electric light sys
tem, the water works improvements,
I the new Catholic church, the great.
demand for cement and other building
work makes everyone feel cheerful,
and if there is an idle man in town it
is through his own choice. Not only
that, but wages are good, day laborers
getting 82 and 2.2.1.
In daring feats that
seem impossible.
the city at lO o'clock
? i.1
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