The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 20, 1906, Image 5

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Pure Stock
Red Cloud Chief
Lady Gertrude
No Better Made
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Dr. Asher went to Hustings Wednes
day. Dr. K. A. Thomas, Dentist, Damerell
leil' Myers went to inavale Sunday
Win. Fruit returned from Wilcox
Wm. Renkel was down from Inavale
Rev. Hill was down from Inavale
New laces, embroideries, neckwear,
1 Newhouse.
Charles Fulwider was down from
Cowles Tuesday.
Mrs. 10. S. Worden went to Inavale
Thursday night.
(. C. Teel was in Lincoln this week
on a business trip.
M. A. Albright and wife were in
Esbon, Kansas, Monday.
County Attorney Walters came down
from Hlue Hill Wednesday.
C. F. Gund and Tom Tobin were
down from Hlue Hill Sunday.
A. F. Hartwell and family were
down from Inavale Saturday.
Mrs. F. E. MeKeeby arrived from
I'ueblo, Colorado, this morning.
Misses Lucinda Davis and Laura
Ehler were in Hastings Sunday.
Dr. and Mrs. Gardner returned to
their home in Wyniore Tuesday.
O. F. Ormsby of Hlue Hill was in
the city Sunday visiting friends.
.Miss Maude Moore of Rluden visited
.'S. II. Rogart and wife this week.
Mrs. Manspeaker was visiting
friends in Hastings over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deiderich are
parents of a baby girl, born Tuesday.
Mrs. W. C. Frahm and little daugh
ter returned from Hlue Hill Monday.
0. L. Foster of Akron, Colorado, is
the new night operator at the depot.
Mr. and Mrs. II. N'uerbcrg are the
parents of a baby girl, born Tuesday.
Charles Stell'en went to Grand Is
land Wednesday noon on a business
George Hollister went to McCook
Saturday morning to attend the cir
cus. Edgar Cowden went to Houlder,
Colo., Monday night for a visit with
Edward Steffen went to Inavale
Sunday night and returned Monday
.Julius Newberry and Harry Iloats
went to Lander, Wyoming, Tuesday
Win. Ilolsworth is having cement
walks laid around and in front of his
Miss Rose McGuire has accepted a
position as "hello" girl in the tele
phone ollice.
Mrs. John Walsh departed Monday
morning for her home in Seattle,
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Dow and little
daughter returned Thursday morning
from Denver.
Mr. Compton and mother of .Min
neapolis, Kansas, are in the city visit
ing Tnrnure liros.
Airs. C. F. McKeighan and children
went to Minden Monday noon for a
visit with friends.
Mrs. Tulleys is having an addition
built on her residence in the north
west part of itown.
Mrs. C. If. Kaley and sou Charles
went to Orleans Sunday night for a
visit with friends.
S. Dyer of Denver, Colorado, is in
the city looking after'business affairs
and visiting friends.
John Havel has reuted and moved
into James K. Wall's residence on
south Webster street.
Richard Fountain of Morris RlulVs.
Neb., arrived home Friday night for a
visit with his parents.
Editor Gllclc of the Rlverton Review
was in town Monday and was a pleas
ant caller at this ollice.
Mrs. W. II. Kizer and daughter
Maude returned to their home in Lin
coln Saturday morning.
A. T. Walker returned Wednesday
evening from a three weeks visit in
Grand Kapids, Michigan.
I'. 1). Cook and family returned to
their home in Carnero, Kansas, after
a visit here with relatives.
Miss Hcrthu Klncaid returned to her
home in Wilsonvllle. after a visit here
with J. C. Wolfe and wife.
Miss Mary Temple arrived from
Kansas City Thursday evening for a
visit with her brother Fred.
Miss Hannah Mountford. who was
operated on last Sunday for appendici
tis, is getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Anderson were
down from Franklin Tuesdny visiting
with Mrs. Sophia Anderson.
Miss Maggie Evans went to Denver,
Colo., Wednesday evening for a two
months' visit with relatives.
George 1'. Miller, the cigar man,
has moved into the residence just
north of the Advent church.
Mrs. George Hollister and daughter
returned the llrst of the week from a
visit with relatives in Lincoln.
Fred Green came up from Chester
Tuesday morning to visit his friend
Floyd Tnrnure for a few days.
Miss Cecil Taylor, who has been in
Graham, Missouri, for several weeks,
returned home Saturday night.
Miss Nell Maurer of Esbon, Kansas,
was here the llrst of the week attend
ing the funeral of Mrs. Graves.
Mrs. Mary Young of North Hranch,
Kansas, who was taken sick at Miner's
store last Saturday, Is improving.
The W. H. C. held a special meeting
Wednesday to take care of business
connected with the coming reunion.
The Brunswick barber shop is fitted
with bath tubs and all modern appli"
ances. Under Taber's billiard parlor.
C. S. Quick of Indianola, brother-in-law
of Win. Parkes. was in the city
today on his way home from St. Joe.
Mrs. J. G. Potter returned Monday
noon from Spearfish. South Dakota,
where she has been visiting relatives.
Mrs. Alex Walker invited in a few
friends Tuesday to a bir'hday dinner
in honor of her husband's 80th birth
day. Fred Steffen, who has been here
visiting his parents for a few'days,
returned to Grand Island Tuesday
Mrs. D. A. Dickey and two youngest
children went to Hastings Saturday
and visited over Sunday with Roy
Charles Graves returned to his home
in McCook Wednesday night, having
been called here to attend his mother's
Al Aultz's hack has arrived from
Kansas City and he will probably be
gin making trips to the depot in the
Phillip Grout resigned his position
at Sheard's tonsorial parlor and re
turned to Almena, Kansas, Monday
Mrs. O. E. Ramey of Hatin returned
on Saturday from a lengthy visit with
daughter, Mrs. Lillian Whitney, at
MissMamie Sorenson, daughter of
Sam Sorenson living northwest of the
city, was operated on Saturday for
Mrs. M. M. Messmore and son went
to Colorado Springs, Colo., Saturday
morning, for a visit with Mrs. Mess
more "s parents.
We are more and more convinced
every day that the men at the head of
our Rusiness College are of the kind
that make good.
.Mrs. Unfits Miksch received word
the first of the week announcing the
death of her aunt, .Mrs. Phoebe Smith,
of Vinton, Iowa
The (junker Comedy Co., a medicine
show, is holding forth this week in a
tent north of the Odd Fellow's hall
to good audiences.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signature of
Mr. and Mrs. '. W. I'owdcu mil
children returned Thursday m iruim;
from an a two weeks' pleasure trip in
Moulder, Colorado.
Lawrence Gnrber arrived in Red
Cloud this morning from Houston,
Kansas, being called hereby the death
of his father, Joseph Garber.
Mrs. Carl Ferguson and baby and
Miss Sadie Evans came down from Or
leans Saturday morning for a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Fort.
Elder Davis returned Sunday morn
ing from Kansas City, Missouri. His
daughter Lucile will remain there for
some time to visit her grandparents,
A little love, a little wealth,
A little home for you and me:
It's all I ask except good health.
Which comes with Hockv Mountain
Tea. C. L. Cot ting.
Mr. and Mrs. Rigglns anil children
returned to their home in llludcn Wed
nesday. They were in the city Tues
day attending the funeral of Mrs.
Let's educate our young men and
women here at home and be better
satislted all round. Drop a card to
the Piusiness College for their new
Dave Creighton. who has been here
several days visiting his brother and
sister-in-law, Dr. Creighton and wife,
returned to his home in Manitoba,
Dr. Thomas gives special attention
to diseases of women anil children.
OMlcc in Damerell block with E. A.
Thomas. Roth phones in ollice and
Mrs. T. Albert Jones is in the city
this week for the purpose of having a
permanent sidewalk placed around
her lots at the corner of Fifth and
Seward streets.
Fred Smelser of Keystone, South
Dakota, arrived in the city the close
of last week and visited here a few
days with relatives and then went to
Courtland, Kansas.
Walker Graves of Atlantic, Iowa,
and Chas. Rollison of Martinsburg,
Mo., returned to their homes today,
having been present at the funeral of
Mrs. Sophia Graves.
The following sermon topics will be
presented at the Congregational church
on Sunday: Morning, "Christ and the
Prayer Life:" evening, "The Future
Destiny of Relievers."
C. W. Kaley returned Wednesday
morning from a pleasure trip in Wyo
ming, of several weeks. Mr. Kaley
reports having had a most delightful
time in Cody, Wyoming.
Mrs. Dora Wicdeinan and daughter,
Mrs. C. M. Patnior, accompanied by
little Dorothy Tennant, departed Mon
day noon for Hazard, Neb., to visit
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Waskom.
L. II. Rlaekledgu went to Denver
Sunday night. Mrs. Rlaekledge and
children departed on Tuesday evening
for the same place, where they will
enjoy a three week's outing.
Miss Ethel Whltaker returned Mon
day noon from an extended visit with
relatives in Canton, Illinois. Miss
Whitater has resumed her former possi
tion as clerk in Miner's store.
Mrs. Chas. Dickenson and children
will return to their home in Lincoln
Sunday morning, after an extended
visit lier with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. Kizer, and other relatives.
Hastings Chautauqua, Sunday, July
D, special train leaves Red Cloud 8
a. in., returning in the evening, leav
ing Hastings1 10:r.r p. m., round trip
tickets SI. tl. F. Edwards, agent.
Mrs. II. IIV Hurley of Denver ar
rived in the city this morning for a
visit with her father and sister, I). R.
Spanogle and Miss Rell Spanogle, and
her children, wlio have "heeii, here sev
eral weeks visiting.
The (J. A. R. has secured the lots
belonging to Geo. Newhouse on Web
ster street and those of the Congrega
tional church to be used by them dur
ing the reunion. They will be occu
pied by concessions.
It has caused more laughs and dried
more tears, wiped away diseases and
driven away more than anv nilwr
medicine in the world. Hollister's
Rocky .Mountain Tea. :i;i cents, tea or
tablets. C. L. Cottlng.
Max Krlsluuer, a wealthy German,
living near Roseniont, was before the
Insanity board Saturday and adjudged
insane, ne was lauen to Lincoln Sun
day by SherilV Hedge. Mr. Krishmer
was about (13 years of age.
Mrs. Jos. W. Warren was called to
Lake Preston, Souh Dalcota, Friday
night by the serious illness of her
daughter, Mrs. Jessie Darling. A let
ter from Mrs. Warren on Wednesday
states that her daughter is some bet
ter. J. T, Johnson of Santa Rarbura,
Negligee ard
Outing Shirts
ohe Cowden-Haley Clothing Co.,
First Door North of Postotflcc, Red Cloud, Ncbr.
California, arrived in Red Cloud Sun
day for a visit with his brother, A.
Johnson. Mr. Johnson went to Hast
ings Monday noon to visit another
brother before returning to his home
in California.
N. R. Truth,. St. Paul, June 31, '08
I've lived so long, remember well when
the Mississippi was a brook. My good
health and long life came by taking
Hollister' Rocky Mountain Tea. 3!i
cents tea or tablets. C. L. Cottlng.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Dietrick and Mr.
and Mrs. P. S. Dietrick gave a party
Wednesday evening at the home of
A. J. Dietrick. to the students of the
business college. Refreshments were
served and everyone present had a
royal good time.
Summer school at the Rusiness Col
lege has come to a close and every
student is well pleased with his
schooling. "In all my life I never en
joyed school work as I have this term"
is a common expression. This surely
speaks well for our teachers and
Foil Sam: 1 2 head of horses, one
sorrel team, weight 10i0; sorrel team
weight 1100; team of ponies well
matched, weight 800 and black single
driver, weight 1100. 8 head of cattle,
two fresh cows. Two sots of driving
harness, nearly new. One set of work
harness, nearly new, set of new single
harness. W: A. Duvoid, Red Cloud.
Rev A. E. Tichnor and wife have
been visiting for several days past at
the home of A. C. Hale, northwest of
town. Mr. Tichnor supplied one of
the prominent Presbyterian churches
In Colorado Springs on a recent Sun
day and was offered the pastorate.
He states that he will not leave his
piesent Held in Clarksville, Iowa.
Someone swiped twenty dollars
from Dennis Lindsey last Friday even
ing. Re had "planted" the money
with some other papers, Including a
cream check. The check was found
near where the money had been
placed, but it was torn to pieces.
Dennis says ho knows the guilty par
ties but has refrained from having
them arrested on accouilt of their
parents, and in hopes the boys might
return the money.
Ask For Allen's Foot-Ease.
A powder for swollon, tired, hot,
smarting feot. Sample sent free. Also
free-stunplos of tho foot-oaso sanitary
corn pad, a now invention. Address,
Allon S. Olmstead, LoRoy, Now York.
la the District Court of Webster County, Ne-
Tliotims.l. ItocJuers I'lnlnllfr,
l.orottu Itodtjers, Defendant
To l.orettrt Hodm. Non-resident Defendant:
Yoiuiruliuifliy iioll(lil Unit on tho JHih day
ot July, lU'it), TIioiiiiih J. KiiiiKuro tiled n peti
tion uituliut you la tho Dlhtrlct Court of Willi
htor County. Nebraska, tliu object and prayer
of whlGi are to obtain a dlvoreu from yon. on
llii! Kruiuul that you have willfully doturted
and abandoned the ptaliitlll', without kooi!
cause, for tho term of two years and more hut
past. .
ou are required to answer mild petition on
or before the 3Ut day of August, tow.
IJy Keetuy & Saylor, Ills Attorneys. auglO
Tho tniuuto tho weather
has a warm appearance,
just that minute tnoti be
gin to think of
Our Shirts eomo from
tho best, makers known
best both in cutting and
Wo order months ahead
or most dealers, and so
have eontlned to us ex
clusively "The tern cnuuii of the
tiettion 'a Shirllnus' '
Cheviot, Madras, Cambric,
Porailos, Mohairs, with or
without collars. Prices,
50c to $3
Are You
About what you
Is Quality more
of a considera
tion to you than
Then I want
your trade.
My price are as
right as the qual
ity, which is the
Rural, 35. Boll, 79.
Another large
shipment of
for the Fourth
of July trade.
A guaranteed
leather quarter
top buggy for
BllddiP "
N n
i' 1 1
I ' !
i a
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