The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 01, 1906, Image 5

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are sold full measure
by United States stand
ard 231 cubic inches
to the gallon. It has
been used in this coun
ty for 25 years and is
fully guaranteed. Buy
the best and save time
and money.
Chas. L. Cotting
The Druggist
Dr. E. A. Thomas, Dentist, Damerell
Leopold Herburger was down from
RoKeland Sunday.
Mrs. .1. T. Romford went to Lincoln
Saturday morning'.
Mrs. George Matkins has been quite
.sick the past week.
Mrs. Ralph Hunter was down from
Juavale Wednesday.
Mrs. Lulu Matthews was down from
I mi vale Wednesday.
Foit Sai.k Two small showcases.
Inquire at this office.
Mrs. Fred Taylor of Riverton was in
Red Cloud Wednesdsy.
Joe Thomas and family were down
from Cowles Wednesday.
Miss Cora Tulleys went to Lincoln
Wednesday for a short visit.
Dr. Phillips and wife of Inavale
were in the city Wednesday.
Win. Holsworth is having a new
porch added to his residence.
Dr. Thomas gives special attention
to diseases of women and children.
Oflice over Cotting's drug store.
Ralph VanCleef went to Hubhell
the first of the week for a visit.
Si Fineher is in Kansas City, where
he is receiving' medical treatment.
Miss Cora (lurbcr came home from
Lincoln Wednesday for a short visit.
Miss Elizabeth Dempster of Repub
lican City is visiting Ethel Cummings.
Douglas Cather of Cheyenne, Wyo.,
spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
Dr. Will Ward of Omaha came down
to see his sister, Miss Frances, gradu
ate. A new cement walk has been laid
airoiind the Fourth avenue hotel prop
erty. Mrs. M. S. Marsh of Grand Island is
in Red Cloud visiting relatives and
Mrs. Fred Wessel. and Mrs. Rob
Marshall were down from Riverton
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Thomas are the
parents of a baby boy, born Tuesday
Benjamin Brunke has made applica
tion for license to conduct a saloon in
E. E. Ladd came down from Inavale
Wednesday to attend the Decoration
day serviccB.
The Rebekah degree team will go to
Hardy June 0 to participate in a com
petitive drill.
Mr. and Mrs. .lack Hayes came up
from Guide Rock to attend commence
ment exercises.
Mrs. A. E. Tiehnor aud children of
Milton, Iowa, are visiting Mr. and
Mkc A n Unit.
Mrs. Ina Wickwire and daughter
Vera of McCook are visiting in Red
Cloud this week.
F. E. Goble of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma,
came in Monday for a visit with rela
tives and friends.
Sanford Fred, who lias been working
at Henson's barber shop, left Monday
for Topeka, Kansas.
Miss Juliet Galusha of Lincoln is in
Red Cloud attending commencement
and visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Hailey left this
morning for a visit in Cleveland and
other points in Ohio.
Mrs. Win, West and children were
down from Naponee this week visiting
friends and relatives.
Ij. n. Rust has a fine new cement
walk on the west side of his residence
lots on Seward street.
Once more the business men of Red
Cloud have been "worked" by a travel
ing advertising grafter.
Mrs. .lames Goble of Holdrege ar
rived Monday for a visit with her son,
E. 11. Goble and family.
Mrs. .lames McGulre and Misses Rosa
and Irene MaGuire went to Riverton
this morning for a visit.
Foil Sai.k Good 8 room house; and
4 lots; also good house with one full
block. H. W. Gulliford.
Mr. anil Mrs. Ed Gillard are expect
down from Naponee Sunday for a vis
it with Mrs. Anna Tulleys.
Mrs. John McCune went to Kcarnev
Tuesday noon, called there by the ser
ious Illness of her mother.
Grant Hailey is expected home from
Omaha to look after his father's busi
ness during the hitter's eastern trip.
The Itrunswick barber shop Is fitted
with bath tubs and all modern appli
ances. Under Tuber's billiard parlor.
C. C. McConkey has purchased the
G. W. Dow property on north Webster
street. The consideration was SI, 000.
W. E. Sharp of McCook has accepted
the position of night operator at the
depot, II. R. Atkinson having resigned.
What under the heavens has become
of the street sprinkler? If there ever
Was a time what it was needed, that
time is now.
Miss Mae Lewis, one of the instruc
tors of the Business College, returned
to her home in Hutchinson, Kansas,
Thursday morning.
Right now, while you are in a good
humor, would be the best time you
could find to come in and settle that
old subscription account.
Miss Mildred Thompson nnd Mrs. E.
S. Garbcr were given a pleasant sur
prise Saturday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cotting.
Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman of Peru,
Illinois, is visiting with Rev. Ward L.
Austin and family. Mrs. Zimmerman
and Mrs. Austin are sisters.
While passing through the school
yard last Sunday evening about 10:30
Edgar Cowden collided with a tree
and received some severe bruises.
Miss Blanche Winfrey, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Winfrey, and Vern
Ackley, who is also well-known here,
were married at Omaha Tuesday.
What's the good of keeping from him
Any good things you may see,
That will lift his load of labor
Like Rocky .Mountain Tea.
C. L. Cotting.
Mrs. Al Slaby lias been quite sick
the past few days with an attack of
the disease for which she was operat
ed upon a few months ago in Denver.
J. A. Reid was out Decoration day
.for the first time since he was stricken
with paralysis. He was able to ride
to the cemetery and enjoy the cere
monies. Miss Millie Slaby of McCook, who
has been attending a class reunion at
Peru, arrived in Red Cloud Saturday
night, for a visit with her brother,
Al Slaby.
Airs. Uert Hatfield and daughter
Vera of Jumestown, Kansas, who huve
been visiting Mrs. Hatfield's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Ludlow, returned
home yesterday.
Frank Reed, who has been going to
school here and assisting his uncle,
Frank Smith, In the shoe store, left
this morning for his old home at
Mansfield, Illinois.
Don't be fooled and made to believe
that rheumatism can be cured with
local appliances. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea is the only positive cure
for rheumatism. 35 cents, tea or tab
lets. C. L. Cotting.
While working on the new home of
Alf MeCall's, Monday, Guy Tennant
fell from a scaffold striking his knee
on a piece of tin, which cut a severe
gash and will lay him up for some
time to come.
When the baby talks, it is time to
give Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
It's the greatest baby medicine known
to loving mothers. It makes them
eat, sleep and grow. 35 cents, tea or
tablet. C. L. Cotting.
Cy Norrls has purchased the Soder
berg restaurant, and took possession
the first of the week. Mr. und Mrs.
Norrls huve hud consideruble experi
ence in the business, und we predict
ior mem u goou puirouugc.
August France, deputy assessor for
IUaden, was in town Monday. He is
carrying his right hand in a sling, the
result of receiving a kick from u cow.
, Mr. France says the cow was angry
with him because ho assessed her too
William Wolfe's new blacksmith
shop and Implement warehouse Is go
ing up rapidly, and will soon bo ready
for occupancy. It is located on the
tract opposite W. N. Richardson's
home, formerly occupied by Pope
The Franklin papers have consoli
dated, both Editor Hadden aud Editor
Marker retiring. The new paper will
be under the management of Prof.
Frank M. Richard, who has been prin
cipal of the schools there for several
We extend a cordial invitation to
our subscribers to try the new walk
in front of Tin: Ciiii:k otllee. You
need not hestitate to cull at the olllce
now from four of breaking your leg,
If that is what has been keeping you
The 3-year-old daughter of Mel Mo
Cord swallowed the top of a pearl
cuff-htitttm Saturday afternoon, but
does not seem to be suffering any ill
effect. The piece was about a quarter
of an Inch wide by three-quarters of
an inch long.
At the meeting of the Odd Fellows
Monday evening four candidates were
given the initiatory degree and seven
received the first degree. Oflleers
were elected for the ensuing term, G.
II. Rice being elected noble grand and
George Hutchison vice grand.
Colonel C. W. Kaley is home from a
two weeks' trip through the eastern
part of the state. While absent he ut
tended the commencement exercises
ut the Peru Normal. He reports crops
looking fine and much further advanc
ed than in this part of the state.
Saunders Hros. have put In a cement
curb the full length of their lumber
yard on the north side. The space
between the curb and the brick walk
has been filled in and sown with blue
grass seed, which in time will make
one of the prettiest parkings in the
Bert Garber is making good with
the Almlra, Washington, team. He
has pitched fourteen games without
losing one. He leads his team in bat
ting, llert is making u remarbable
record for strike-outs, having recently
pitched a game in which he made 27
When reunion time rolls around,
every merchant in the city should be
prepared to cover both the interior
and exterior of his store room with
bunting und flags in honor of the "old
boys," who will not be with us much
longer. Don't put it oil' until the last
minute. Now is the time to begin
It was thought for a long time that
there would be no music for Decora
tion duy, but a number of patriotic
boys got together and formed u drum
corps which, considering the practice
they had, furnished excellent martial
music. The boys ure: George Corner,
Clyde Whituker, Mao Fentress, Silver
Longtin und Charles Ilruele. It is
hoped that around this nucleus may
be built up a boys' drum corps of froiu
twelve to twenty pieces. A little en
couragement in a financial way und
by the time reunion week rolls around
we can have one of the best drum
corps In the state. Push it along.
Stephen Rayles, who was adjudged
insane a short time ago and taken to
the asylum ut Lincoln, has been trans
ferred from that institution to the
soldiers' home at Milford. It seems
that, while Mr. Rayles was aged and
infirm, examination by Dr. Green of
the Lincoln asylum showed conclusive
ly that there was not a trace of in
sanity, and through the efforts of Sec
retary of State Galusha, he was trans
ferred to the soldiers' home. It seems
a shame that, when people become
bowed with the weight of years, their
children should so far forget their
duty as to wish to be rid of them and
allow them to be sent to state chari
table institutions on the flimsiest pre
texts. Changes In Teaching Force,
At the meeting of the school board
Saturday evening two new teachers
were elected to till vacancies occur
ing since the last meeting. Miss
Mamie Ellis resigned her place us
principal of the high school to accept
u similar position at f-Ord, Neb. Miss
Irene Hall, daughter of Dr. Hall of
Cowles, who hus been nsslstant princi
pal of the Phillips County High School
at Halyoke, Colo., wns elected to suc
ceed Miss Ellis. Miss Guil Cochran of
Peru wus elected to succeed Miss Git
ting's in the South vard school, Miss
, Viola Ward's place as teacher of the
fifth und sixth grades in the South
ward wus declared vacant, she having
fniled to signify her acceptance of the
position. However, no one was elect
ed to fill the vacancy. The salary of
Miss Ada Skjelver, principal of the
First Ward school, wus increased to
850 per month.
Worsted Suits
$8.75, $W9
$11 12.00
Special late season purchase,
worth $10, $12, 14 and $15
mixes 39 to 42
?5be Cowden-Kaley Clothing Co.,
First Door North of Fostoftlco, Red Cloud, Nebr.
Stores Close at 7:30.
Beginning next Monday evening and
continuing during the summer all the
business houses in Red Cloud will
close ut 7:30 every evening except Sat
urday. Take warning and make your
purchases In the daytime.
Poisonous Drugs In Home-made Bak
ing Powder Almost Causes
Rainey Royce and family, of near
North Itrauch, Kansas, had an experi
ence Tuesday evening which they will
long remember. It seems they had
some bilking, powder compounded by
a North Branch druggist from a recipe
which they had procured from some
source, and he substituted by mistake
a poisonous drug for one of the ingred
ients. Mrs. Boyce noticed the baking
powder had u different appearance
from some which she lied previously
made from the same recipe, but went
ahead and used it, with the result that
the entire family was taken violently
sick. Dr. Hershner of North Branch
was called and with much dltlleulty
succeeded in saving their lives. How
ever, they missed the Decoration day
John R. Lucas, Phelps County Mur
derer, Brought Here.
John R. Lucas, who was convicted
In Phelps county of murder and given
a life sentence, but later was given a
new trial and change of venue to
Harlan county, where he was again
convicted and given twenty-one years,
wus brought to Red Cloud and jailed
this morning. He hus taken an ap
peal to the supreme court and will re
main in jail here until the case is de
cided. The escape of Lynn Callahan
from the Alma jail Tuesday night,
showing the insecurity of that prison,
decided Sheriff Davis to bring Lucas
Republican State Convention.
The republicans of the state of Ne
braska are hereby culled to meet in
convention ut the Auditorium in the
city of Lincoln, on Wednesduy, Au
gust 22, 1000, ut two o'clock in the
ufternoon, for the purpose of placing
in nomination candidates for the fol
lowing offices, viz
One United States senutor.
One Governor.
One lieutenant governor.
Three railway commissioners.
One secretary of state.
One auditor of public accounts.
One treasurer.
One superintendent of public in
struction. .
One attorney general.
One commissioner of public lands
and buildings.
Webster county is entitled to eleven
delegates to the convention, which
will have a membership of 857.
Deaths and Funerals.
Fred McCall.
Fred McCall, son of Mrs. Oliver Mc
Call, died Monday evening at the home
of his mother, seven miles southwest
of Red Cloud. Funeral services were
held Wednesday morning, conducted
by Rev. George II. Rice. Mr. McCall
was about 23 years of age, and had
been a cripple from infancy, having
been confined to his bed since he was
about ten years of age. The bereaved
family have the sympathy of all who
know them.
Letter List.
List of lottors remaining uncalled
for nt postotlluo ut Hod Cloud, Nob.,
for tho wook ending May 21, lfXXI:
Gross, P. M. Mathos, Calviu
Koa C. Packard
Thoso will bo sont to tho dead lottor
olllco Juno 14, 190G, if not called for
boforo. When calling for above ploaso
say "udvortisod."
T. C. Haokkk, Postmaster.
Gome In
I want to talk on
the grocery prop
osition with you.
IES should be in
every kitchen in
Red Cloud. My
TEAS are the
best money can
B. E. McFarland
Rural, 35. Boll, 79.
i M
r"Tl"iX J