The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 04, 1906, Image 7

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m i
The Backbone
of a
Mighty Nation
is good food food for brain, lood for orawn, food that is
strengthening, that gives energy and courage. Without a proper
appreciation of this great fundamental truth no nation can rise
to greatness.
As an article of food, soda crackers are being used more and
more every day, as is attested by the sale of nearly 400,000,000
packages of Uneeda Biscuit, which have come to be recog
nized as the most perfect soda cracker the world has ever known.
And so Uneeda Biscuit will soon be on every table at
every meal, giving life, health and strength to the American people,
thus in very truth becoming the backbone of the nation.
Sound Is within your roach at about
half rutts dully from April i!.rth to
May fJ, also after Juno 1st. Ask about
excursion rates to San Francisco for
tlio touchers' big mooting; lso about,
tho cheap rutm to Colorado for tlio
Elks' great gathering early in July.
To Western Uosorts- Low rate ex
cursion tickoss to tho Black Hills,
Hot Kpringg, South Dakota, Sheridan,
Wyoming, (Eaton's Hunch, Big Horn
Mountains) and Yellowstone Park:
ask about special camping tour of 21
days from Cody through tho Yellow
stono Park.
(Jo Somewhere- Life is short; see
America. Think over tho kind of a
trip you would like to make, and ask
the undersigned to help you plan tho
most interesting trip at the lowest
possible cost.
J. V. Emruiths, Agent.
flemsy totes from Neighboring Towns I tX,
tiviJbUUxikiibvbilviibiUriyvbailrUiaiivll(UUivfaUitiiiiU)(UoitiviU(abik- died at the home a few miles west of
i ' f" !.!. ..!... M. ....!.... A .,..!) ... I.i
. B tllin ti , .uuiltiu, iijiiii .), ill. I
I'elock. Catherine Shaffer was burn
ennsylvania. May r. is to. She
.9 $ moved u Illinois sixteen years later.
GATHERED FROM OUR EXCHANGES where she was married to II. L. Lyons
in 1858. To this union thirteen child
ren were born.
anxiously awaited letter from his sis-) ,
twr who resides in San Francisco. She
writes that they are camoini; out at I
the Presidio and that nearly every
body is without funds, but that their
(Prom the Advertiser.)
Thursday. Leonard (Jilson of this
city celebrated his seventy-ilfth birth-
tiny. ' His six children were present credit is good
to help celebrate the occasion: abo
eleven grandchildren were there and a
general good time was enjoyed by all.
(From the Journal.).
Bert Woolsey sprained Ids ankle
ll.'ldlv Tlmt'siliLV liwiriiitiir imd timl to
nesday, April S.1, the occasion being ,)e ,
Adolphus McDanicl was born Oct.
A most enjoyable evening was spent
at tlie home, of Robert Turner. Wed-
the entertaining of the Seniors by the
Juniors. The evening passed quickly,
lieing made most pleasant with games
and music. The parlor was beautiful
ly decorated in the Seniors' class
colors, orange and black, while the
IS, 181i. and died April li, HUM. at the
age of .1(1 years, 0 months and (i days.
Robert Collin, who spent his boy
hood days in Superior, but now living
Juniors' colors, red and green, with a at Fuirbury, was married April 19, to
generous supply of red carnations,
predominated in the dining room,
where a three course lunch was seVved.
Miss Ethel Bly of that city.
Alarm was turned in this afternoon
that E. E. Huntley's residence was on
lire, but before the tire companies had
gotten to the place the tire had been
Perhaps the entire community has
iiertr been sbni'kefl :is It. w.'iw MondllV
nftcrnoon when a messenger rode into m
town and stated that little Jack Mil-1 The many friends of H. V. Young
ler, the twelve-year-old son of Mr. will be grieved to learn of his death
smd Mrs. John Miller, had been run ' which occurred at 10 o'clock Friday
over with a stalk cutter and killed, morning at the home of his daughter
Jack had been in the habit of work
ing a team in the Held and Monday
afternoon he took a team of very
large mules and started for the field.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller had come to town
and there was but one put sou. a little
girl ten years old, at the house. About
an hour later Jim Ivimbrough, who
was working in an adjoining field,
saw the team running with the cutter
and that the boy was not on the ma
chine: he tied his team and ran to the
in Provo, Utah. It is thought the re
mains will be shipped here for interment.
(Prom the Advocate.)
Quite a number of the Odd Fellows
of this place went to Franklin Thurs
day to participate in the anniversary
of the order.
Last Wednesday evening at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Douglas.
Mr. Clinton Hayes and Miss Winifred
Leisure, Hev. Mills oflleiating.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Kirkbride was christened at their resi
dence Thursday night by Rev. Rates,
before a number of friends and neigh
bors. Died, at his residence 2 miles north
west of Bloomington last Friday, .las.
M. Sharp, aged 71 years, ft months and
29 days. Mr. Sharp had been in poor
health for some time but on the day
of his death was up and around.
Mrs. D. A. Walrath of this city is
L considerably alarmed in regard to a
brother, who was in San Francisco at
the time of the disaster. He has not
been heard from and a name similar
to his has been in the list of those
(From the Times.)
Jim Collier, living near Smith Cen
ter, went to Kansas City Wednesday
to have an operation performed.
Little fleorge Dudley was run over
Sunday at Bud Brown's place just
The little girl at the house had north of Salem, by a buggy, and was
seen tlve team by this time and ran to badly scratched up.
'barley Micheal's. and told the car- Wilbur Weems.who lives near Salem,
pentors to come and catch the team, was cutting stalks Saturday, when his
Little Jack was under the machine: team became friirhtened and ran awav
the knives had been thrown oil' and
the hoy caught in the wheels. His
neck was broken and one leg was
badly cut: no other bruises were on
the body.
(Prom the Sentinel.)
Clyde Ronton of the south side
cidentallv shot oft the second
his right foot Tuesday.
Pncle John Sawyer and wife of
Bloomington went to Orand Island
Thursday, where they will reside at
the soldiers' home.
Misses Kate and (iretchen Maser
arrived from St. Louis Monday night
for an extended visit with their rela
tives and many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hildreth .entertain
ed the trustees and faculty of the
Franklin academy at their palatial
residence Friday night.
F. (5. Tlutchins drove his hearse over
to Clayton Dyer's one mile west of
Tyner, Kan.. Wednesday for the fun
eral of their eighteen months' old son.
Wiley Stephenson, son of Miv and
Mrs. W. 11. Stephenson, and wife left
Saturday night for southeastern Mis
souri, where they have lucrative posi
tions in a hospital as trained nurses.
Carl Nelson received Tuesday a most
cutting and bruising him quite badly.
Little Carroll Johnson nearly got an
eye put out Tuesday morning while
playing around the blacksmith shop.
He ran a piece of steel into it just be
low the eye ball.
Married, at the home of the bride's
mother in this city. Saturday, even
ing, April VI. at 8 o'clock. Miss Orpha
Nussbaumer and Mr. Everett Munsell.
Rev. McOrew oflleiating.
Dr. Thomas, wife and son of Red
Cloud, Neb., were In this city Sunday
visiting the Ernest Durge family.
Mr. Thomas was station agent at this
place some few years ago.
The IUvnlvc'N Oi-Kitnn mill Where
They Are I.nonted.
Every oyster has a mouth, a heart, n
liver, a stomach and other necessary
Internal organs, Including a set of' cun
ningly devised Intestines. The mouth
Is at tho small end of the oyster's body,
near the hinge of the shell. It Is oval
In shape, and, though not readily dis
covered by an unpractlecd eye, It may
be easily located by gently pushing a
blunt bodkin or similar instrument
along the folds of the surface of tho
body at the place mentioned. Connect
ed with the mouth Is the canal which
the oyster uses In conveying food to
the stomach, from whence It passes In
to the curious little set of netted and
twisted Intestines referred to In tho
To discover the heart of an oyster
the fold of flesh which oystermen call
the "mantle" must be removed. This
Is fatal to the oyster, of course, but In
the Interest of science and for Hie ben
clit of the "curious" It Is occasionally
done. When the mantle has been re
moved the heart, shaped like a crescent
or homed moon, Is laid to the view.
The oyster's heart Is made up of two
parts, Just like that of a human being,
one of which receives the blood from
, tho gills and the other drives It out
through the arteries. Tho liver Is
found In the Immediate vicinity of the
heart and stomach and Is n queer
shaped little organ, which is supposed
to perform all the functions of a blood
(From the Review.)
Robert Hancock of New Albany, In
diana, arrived here Saturday evening
on his way to Montana to buy a bunch
of western horses.
Jim Verplank had quite an accident
Tuesday. In assisting Eli Bennett at
Whaley & Wickstrom's store, he
smashed three fingers in the door.
Max Hobart had his head badly
hurt Monday, by a falling chair which
struck him on the head. The chair
fell from its place on the platform in
the furniture room.
On Sunday Tom Glenn and wife
went visiting and left three of their
small children at home. On returning
home in the evening they found the
children missing. The alarm was giv
en and in a short time about thirty of
the neighbors gathered together and
began searching for the missing child
ren. They were found at Ilallie Ren
son's about 10 o'clock.
Burlington Bulletin.
Special Homeseekers, Rates- 1st
and 3rd Tuesdays, low excursion rates
otbeNoilh PJntto Valley, tho Big
Horn Basin and other frontier terri
tory. Personally conducted excursion
on 1st nnd 3rd Tuesdays of each
month for thoso seeking froo home
steads of 0-10 acres of mixed farming
and dairying. Write D. Clem Deavor,
Agent Homeseekeis' Information Bu
reau, 1004 Parnam St., Omahn, Nobr.
Irrigated Lands If you have any
(From the Messenger.)
Edwin, the 10-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. Lewis, died at the
home near Thornburg, Tuesday night,
April 21, after a brief illness.
Hilda Iugalls Burrow, the only
daughter of Secretary of State J. R
..v.nil liir A f
,,..,, ' . . ..,', irrigated farm now. If this appeals to
Will honor, who has just finished you, send for irrigation litoraturo.
five years service in the navy, was in Low Vacation Tours to Colorado,
this city between trains Tuesday California and Puget Sound The
morning. lie had just returned from , Rummor or moo will bring a groat va
the navy and was carried past his ' rluty of aU,ativo low rate excursion
,lomu at ,'l,lMl"- , Tho greatest railroad journey
Mrs. Catherine. Lyons, aged ,' years , in the world to California and Pugot
It In Heully n I.nkr of Ilolllnir, Ilnb
blliiK Mntl and Slliue.
The greatest natural wonder In .Tnva,
If not In tho entire world, Is tho Justly
celebrated "Oheko Kamdka Gumko,"
or "Home of the Hot Devils," known
to the world as the Island of Fire.
This geological singularity Is really a
lake of boiling mud situated at about
the center of the plains of Grobogana
and is called an Island because the
great emerald sea of vegetation which
surrounds It gives It that appearance.
Tho "Island'' is about two miles In cir
cumference, nnd Is situated nt n dis
tance of almost exactly fifty miles
from Solo. Near the center of this
geological freak immense columns of
soft, hot mud may bo seen continually
rising nnd falling like great timbers
thrust through tho boiling substratum
by giant hands nnd the again quickly
withdrawn. Besides tho phenomenon
of the boiling mud columns there arc
scores of gigantic bubbles of hot sllmo
that fill up like huge balloons and keep
up a series of constant explosions, tho
Intensity of the detonations varying
with tho size of tho bubble. In time
past, so the Javanese authorities sny,
there was a tall splrclike column of
baked mud on the west edge of the
lake which constantly belched a pure
stream of cold water, but this has long
been obliterated, and everything Is
now a seething mass of bubbling mud
nnd slime.
,s ami wife, did last Thursday 8"rUH ."J0"0 yU CH f0, nothiK
;. April 1... KHM. at 7 o'clock. !0 " !t ti,on to ,,old of
How to 1'ut Them on uml Take Them
Off Properly.
There Is nothing which more com
pletely changes the effect of a pair of
eyeglasses than the habit of crowding
them on the nose with one hand. The
best efforts at fitting and adjusting are
nil brought to naught by a person who
hns acquired that habit.
Tho proper way to take oft glasses
is to take hold of tho bridge and lift
off gently without dragging or pulling
out of shape. To take off spectacles
tnko hold of tho right temple with the
right hand nnd lift It off tho car. Then
turn tho bend to the right and the left
temple will fall off easily.
The average wearer of glasses when
he is cleaning them takes hold of the
bridge. The consequence Is that he
gradually works the bridge out of
shape, nnd every rub he gives the Ions
gives n twist to the bridge, nnd In
' course of time the bridge or tho lens
breaks when he least expects It. There
nro probably more glasses broken In
this wny than any other.
Tho correct way to clean them Is to
tnko hold of one of tho eye pieces
where the glass Is screwed on the outer
edgo and clean the lens, and they re
verso tho glasses, take It by the other
end pleco and repent tho process on
that lens.
Do You
want somethlg nice in the
meat lino. (Iron into hit M
market. We have the nicest
kind or
nnd meats, fish, and a rime
in season. We think, and
almost know, thntwemn
please you. Giif us a
Koon Bros.,
Successors to
'Din illfle retire betrn ItlHbitfftnri MUlncWOitlf.
(Trrctn e lf Iwrrn n At cumte ami An I hacrurulf A rrn
Ll.uo.8 lel .Micrlmlmtel (,ct STHVftNSI
I inly van of ritrlfnccl Ithliul our Iritxt anil
rut t,t line of
Itlllo TomncopeH, l.te.
Ask jminlcilcr nihllntUt
nntheSrnvi'N. If) on
( t, r tftntfrif,tU,i
rftrlpti fmtiin;nlie.
html 4 In tuih" l'r 140
pne tnUlotf ilrttrlMn,;
rnnUInt itoinu mi ShtKt
ItikT. AmmunlHnn, I tc.
HcAullful tlnrecnlir Aluminum llanrrr lll Le (uf
Hnr Iril for luirnltln uiu.
I' O. Ilu4uv6
Cllll OI'fK I'Al I.S, MASS.. I' S. A.
Tradc Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lendlnft a sketch and deicrlntlon mr
tlonmtrlctlr confidential. HANDBOOK on I'atcuta
qntcklr oicertnln our opinion free whether an
Intention la probably nntentaiiln, .ramniunlr.
sent free. Oldeit RKenrr fur aecurniff patent.
l'atenta taken through Jlunn A Co. receive
tftclal notice, without cbarire, In tbe
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. IrrrsV cir
culation .if any sclentlOo Journal. Terms, 13 m.
year; four months, L Hold by all newsdealers.
MUNN ft Co 'Brodwmy New York:
Branch Office, 036 V BU Washington, D. C
time table.
Red Cloud, Nek.
81. LOUIS and
all points east and
den run
and all point
, 13. PAMtenger daily for Obcrlln
and St. KriuiclHbrHiiclitKOx
ford. McCoulc, Deuvaraud all
jioluu went T 0i a, vi.
Ma, 14. PnkHOiiRur dally for Si. Joe,
Khiikbh City, Atclilkon. SI.
Louis. Lincoln vln Wymere
and all iiolntH ciut and nuuth Miiar
Xa 15. I'mmkl-iirlt. dnlly, DoiiTcr, all
nolntUn Colorado, Utah and
California 7 id p.m.
Ho, 16. I'HMfOiiKcr. dnlly for St. -Toe.
Kfuisar. City. AtchUnti, l.
Louis and oil poluts etoitand
south 11:19a. m,
He, 174. Accommodation. MoihIkt,
Wednodny and Frlrtny. Han
Iiiks, Grand Itilaud. Illnck
Hills and all points In the
northwest l'.'i'l
Bleeping, dining, and reclining chair runs
seat free) on through trains. Ticket' w)!d and
iSRgago checked to any point Ju the UnllA
ute or Canada.
For Information, time tables, maps or tick Pit'
call on or addrCHS A. Connver. Agent. HbS
Oloud, Nebr. or L. V. Wakcley. Gtueral P
senitei Airent Omaha. Nebraska
A Certain Cure fcr Chilblains.
Siiako into your shoes Alleu's Foot
Easo, a powder. It cures chilbluius,
frostbites, damp, sweating, swollen'
foot. At all druggists and shot) fitoras
25 ceuts. Sample free. Address
Al'oa S. Olmbtod, LaRoy, N. Y.
Mybtlo Cure for lihcnrnntlsm aud Neuralgia
redlcnlly (Hires In 1 to 3 days. Its action upon
the pjHtfin Is rcmnrkntjlo mid myMerlou It
removes lit onco thu ciiuso mid the disrate iru
mcdlnlfly dlMippenrH, Tho lirn )oe k really
bonellt". 7fi ccnth nndti 0 m:WI l.j 11 s.
Gnce DnitfkiUt. Ked Cluud
jtTT "' WfT-C -t" Wtflf
v wrsW, -.
w. sijH jmtttm 'graattfifetaaHBi'
MtWJWauWtArtA Wwt MMkWKk