The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 30, 1906, Image 1

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I $1 a Year
I in Advance
Eight Pages
Home Print
Leaves Red Cloud Tuesday, April
3, at 7 a. m., $29.55 round trip to
Sunny El Rito Valley, New Mexico.
Now only $40 per acre
Will soon be worth $WO
Romembor, $10 pays for lnnd and porpotual Water Right fully paid. No crop failuros. No drowning
out of crops. No drouth. No oyolonos. Title porfoct. Warranty Deed at any time. You aro not
obliged to live on this land to obtain title. Remember this land is now only $10 per aero, ono-ilfth
cash, balance live equal aunual payments, interest G por cent per annum. You can buy 40 or moro
acres. Wo also hnvo 10 aero tracts adjoining town for llfty dollars por aoro on tho samo
terms. It is especially adapted to fruit raising. Thirty years without a failure. Also Alfalfa, Sugar
Beets, Potatoes and Grains. Canal now completed which will irrigate over 8.000 acres. Note extracts
from some of the pooplo who have purchased laud:
Wm. Davis, Barclay, Kansas, says.
"I find your proposition bettor than
represented in your prospectus."
S. Van Wheeler, St. FrancK Kansas,
says: "Tho laud is capable of produc
ing large crops of all kinds and is ono
of the best fruit districts in Now Mex
ico." M. F. Pitt, Winflold, Kansas, says:
I liked it so much that I bought GO
acres more than I intended."
W. P. Hall, Golden City, Mo., says:
"I liked the land so woll that I took 10
acres moro than I had intended."
Goo. Rex, Cherokee, Kansas, says:
"I did not suppose there was any such
tract of land in New Moxico unoccu
piod. I think this tho finest valley I
ovor saw." (He was roliovod of asth
ma within 18 hours.)
J. R. Ball. Golnon City, Mo.: "Thoro
were eight in our party and all bought
more than thep expected.
Dr. T. II. Sutherland, prosidont Col
orado Stato Dontul Association, Den
ver, says: "1 found tho laud beauti
fully situated, soil rich and product
ive. I found all varieties of fruits
growing in great abundance. I can
not refrain from mentioning tho cli
mate air dry, puro and stimulating.
Tho locality is most delightful and
40,000 acres Finest Irrigated Land LJ
bond issue.
W. 11. Cramer, citizens' candidate
for councilman in Mm Second ward, is
another retired fanner who has re
cently moved to town and, while a
good man personally and a successful
farmer, those who believo in liberal
appropriations for public improve
ments will undoubtedly voto for tho
Republican candidate, Charley Robin
son, who is one of our foremost bus!
noss inon, ox-county treasurer and a
"booster" for tho town.
As to tho oillcos of city clork, city
treasurer and mombors of tho school
board, no bettor soloctions could bo
made than tho Republican candidates.
Who Is to Blame?
Last Saturday ovoning Rod Cloud
was treated to tho spoctaolo of a quar-
Municipal Ownership of Lights a Good
Thing for That Town.
One week from next Monday we will
again voto upon the question whether
or not wo shall havo an electric, light;
plant owned and controlled by tho
A privato letter received in this city
from J. W. Lyman, commissioner ol"
tho water, light and Rowor department,
of Hastings, gives tho following facts
concerning tho succohs of municipal
ownership in Hastings:
"Municipal ownership is a gool
thing if properly manuged. This city
voted 20,000 bonds in 1001. Lash
April wo owed on theso bonds $f,(XK).
Today wo havo a plant furnishing
11,000 incandescent lamps, 75 street;
fnf nf rnnrifT hnva tMitirrlm t tuttx frnm
ir, to 10 years, in' a beastly state of ; 'Khts, (0 commercial arcs, .TO motors
intoxication. Tho youngest ono in
The Burlington railroad will make low rates
Will refund car fare to all who buy land ot us.
during March and April.
Or if you want a good farm in this county, I can fit you out. I have sold
over $40,000 worth ol property in this county within the last few months. I
am "still in the ring" for business. If you have anything to sell or trade, no
matter where it is, I can ht you out.
on the best terms that can be made. Write or call on me at
once for full particulars. Address
J. P. HALE, the Real Estate Man
School Notes
Goorgo W. Berge will deliver tho
commencement address on tho night
of May 30. Mr. Berge delivered tho
addross of welcome before tho Stato
'Pitwtltm.o' A oorwttij f (r Tntttim.t
"""""" (inouuiBwuu ii.-ju intuitu, j .
His speech was very pleasing. lie has
not yet announced his subject, but has
prondsod to give a popular addross.
Tho Stato University has an army of
professors who aro anxious to fill com
meucomout dates. However, few col
logo professors can deliver a real ora
tion. In fact, they usually use a man
uscript. Some of tho soniors who aro intend
ing to teach aro expecting to attend
tho Holdrogo Junior Normal School a
part of tho summer in order to meet
tho requirements of tho now law. If
our high school had ono moro teacher,
this normal instruction could bo given
to tho pupils in the junior and senior
yoars along with their regular work.
Tho stato school department had ruled
that only schools of twelve grades,
having not loss than four teauhors in
tho high school, will bo given credit
for this work.
W. K. Fowlor, ox-stato superintend
ent, called at tho high school Wednes
day. Ho now represents Dodd, Mead
& Co.'s International Encyclopaedia.
.Mr. Fowler is tho man who, moro than
any other ono man, is responsible for
tho Kearney Stato Normal. Mr. Pow
lor was also oll'erod tho presidency of
this school, but refused becauso of
1 bittor opposition by two members of
I tho stato board.
j Miss Thompson was out of school
1 for a time last week with alight attack
1 of mumps. Miss Norma Richardson
, substituted during her abseuce.
Only eight of ovory hundred boys in
this country ever attend high school.
Teachers' World.
Northwestern University of Chicago
has prohibited foot ball for five yoars.
Shaw, an eminent authority on
school hygiene, assorts that each pupil
should havo fifteen feet of floor spaco
and two hundred cubic foot of air
spaco. One of our rooms affords only
ton foot of floor spaco and one hundred
twenty-five cubic feet of air space per
pupil. Two other rooms also fall con
sidorably bolow Shaw's requirements.
Noxt week fs vacation.
Stella Hofl'olbower has been com
pelled to leave school for tho rest of
the year on account of trouble with
her eyes. She hopes to return next
To Cure Cold a In One Day.
Tako Laxativo Bromo quiuino tab
lots. Druggists rofuud money if it
fails to ouro. E. W. Grove's signature
, is on each box. 125 cents.
Another "Hampton" Administration,
1 or a Business Government?
I Tho voters will bo called upon next
J Tuesday to decido what kind of ad
ministration the city is to havo for tho
I ensuing yoar. Neither ticket can bo
! supported as a whole, from a business
I standpoint. Tho city has barely ro
, covered from tho experiment of elect
ing a retired farmer for mayor four
1 years ago, during whoso term thoro
, wore fewor improvements mado' and
moro debts piled up than at any tlmo
I in tho city's history.
I ho Republican city tickot is mado
up of businoss men, with tho oxcop
tionofL. A. Haskius, ' candidate for
councllmon in tho First ward. Wlillo
Mr. Haskius is tho regular nominoo, it
is doubtful if ho will rocolvo tho sup
port of half of tho Republican voters
, in tho First ward, his conversion from
Populism being of too receut date,
and, although a successful farmer, his
ideas of tho needs of tho city will
hardly moot with tho approval of tho
majority or voters. Tho citizens' can
didate Henry Dloderioh is an exper
ienced businoss man and his views on
city mattors aro in lino with thoso who
favor public improvements.
. Charles Cather's record as a member
ol 1110 ouy council is an tuo recom
mendation ho needs for tho oflico of
' mayor. Ho is "right" on tho question
of lights and othor public improve
ments, while wo understand tho op-
position candidate Is opposod to tho
from 1 to lf horHopowor, and a plant;
valuod atSOTj.OOO. Last fall wo instal
led another new machine costing;
$10,000. Our revenue runs l,&00 11
month on an average Tho street;
lights cost to run about 92,500 a year,
which is not figured as an earning, as
they aro froe. Any information as to
tho rates, expense, etc., 1 can givo you
will ho glad to do so at any time."
ir $20,000 whs .snlliciont for tho city
of Hastings to make a beginning, cer
tainly iJ10,0('0 should bo an amnio
amount, for a city tho size of Red
Cloud. Without issuing more bonds-,
Hastings has built her plant up until
it is now valuod at (13,000. With
propor management there is no reason
why Red ('loud should not make u
showing comparatively as good.
Vote for tho bonds.
tho bunch was so drunk that ho had
to bo taken to his homo.
Who is to blamo for this condition
of affairs?
Early In tho evening theso boys
wore scon in an alloy In tho rear of '
ono of tho saloons, drinking and using
tho vilest of language. They had a
pint and a half of whisky, which they
drank boforo leaving tho spot nquan
tity sufllciont to cause Intoxication in
tho worst "old toper."
It is hardly probablo that any '
saloonkeeper would assume tho risk
of selling liquor to theso boys, and it
is probable tho "boo.o" was proourod
for thorn by somo older person. An
effort is being mado to find out whero
the boys got their liquor and tho
guilty party will bo prosecuted to tho
full extent of tho law, as ho should bo.
Somo mouths ago qui to n stir was
raised by threatened prosecutions of 1
parties for obtaining liquor for men Property Owners Will Be Required t
who were barred from getting it fori Swear to Assessments.
themselves, and an ordinance was Co,mt A R , fl
passed covering tho offeiiBO. Tho ,,,, 5nu, ,,,, .,..
(u..jiuni;(uuniu bin; iuj'iiijr ina -m ui r i-xj
"crime" of carrying liquor to"1 a con
firmed "old soak" is not so gravo as
, requiro overy person who lists pro-
DIIITV tCt UM'nill tit Mm Lfnfnmnnf T.
as that of procuring liquor for young tho t (, lt IlMCMon , b
boys, and no effort should bo spared thm. lnx n thh of ,
to put a stop to tho practice. ' consequence many who havo been
m fc i. . . . .
onargou witli making lalso return
havo been ablo to dodgo tho penalty
on tho ground that thoy were not re
quired to swear to tho statements
made to tho assessor.
Deputy assessors will not be allowed
to write the word "none" on tho
schedules whore a man has no prop
erly. Each person assessed will havo
to write "npno" himself, as required
by the law, in tho space opposite tho
item in the schedule. This, will dis
pose of the claims "I never wrote it,"
"That is not' my writing, ' etc., which
many havo been ablo to make in tho
past when caught in tho act of male
ipg falso statements rogardhfg prop
erty which they own.
Tho dobato of last Friday ovoning
was decidod in favor of tho alllrma
Arthur Dlotrick of Pawneo City,
brother of our principal, gavo us a
pleasant call Monday.
Tho spelling school was postponed
until tonight on account of tlio show.
Tho high school was challenged for
a dobato, but they did not seo lit to
A club-swinging class has boon or
ganized. Frank Boal ha.? quit school.
Home Made
Have your cake, muffins, and tea bis
cuit home-made. They will be fresher,
cleaner, more tasty and wholesome.
Royal Baking Powder helps thq house
wife to produce at home, quickly and eco
nomically, fine and tasty cake, the raised
hot-biscuit, puddings the frosted layer
cake, crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and
muffins, with which the ready-made food
found at the bake-shop or grocery does
not compare.
Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps.