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Yes, Indeed, Seighbor
Wo can soil you land in tbo Wostorn part of Nebrasko
or Kansas that is lino for grazing purposes, and can soil it
cheap, too.
But for general farming wo would recommend buying
either hern or somo locality whoro one would bo equally as
stiro, at least, of raising a good crop each yoar. If ono has
tho necessary capital to buy a farm hero wo would be glad
to sell him ono, and have a number listed that are cheap.
But if not, wo have a choice proposition in tho way of irri
gated lauds iu tho famoue Arkansas Valloy in Southeastern
Colorado, in tho neighborhood of tho woll known Rocky
ford country, that can bo sold on easy terms of 10 por cent
cash at time of purchase and the balance divided into sovon
annual payments at 6 por cent interest. The land and
wator are sold together, tho water being sold as a perpetual
water right.
The soil is rich and deep, climato mild, drinking wator
soft and pure, market for ovorythinggood,oxcollent schools
and churches, and a fine now beet sugar factory already
erected, besides another now railroad and sugar faotory
will be erected this year. Tho one just finished cost u mil
lion and a quarter dollars.
The first thing to be considered in deciding on a loca
tion in an irrigated country is tho wator supply. Tbo Amity
and Buffalo canals are among tho earliest priorities on the
Arkansas river. The Amity Land Co. has spent millions of rebuilding and strengthening these canals and
placing at all points of dungor indestructible concrete
structures, and also in construoting'rosorvoirs of enormous
size to supplement iheir flow of water. This has been done,
not'only as an insurance that tho wator supply cannot fail,
but in order to make absolutely certain a supply of water
at such times as tho crops may demand. These reservoirs
contain enough water to irrigate all of tho lands under tho
Amity canal with no rainfall and supposing that the water
supply from tho river failed entirely. The priority of a
canal gives it its wator without rospoct to its location on
the river, and there aro proper state ollicials who divide the
wator iu the river according to tho priority rights which
each caual has.
Every man wo havo taken out to view this proposition
thinks it is a good one: talk to them. Remember, wo havo
viewed the reservoirs ourselves and find there is absolutely
no question but that the water system is tho best in the
United States and that if you buy any of this land under
tho ditch you will got all the water needed to mature the
crops. Come in and wo will exglain further.
Our special car from Suporior out and return on thoGth
and 20th of February, leaves there at 8 o'clock promptly.
The reduced faro will bo 810 for tho round trip for these
two trips, but after that dato will moro than likely be
higher. Remembor, if you mako tho trip with us and feel
we havo misrepresented tho conditions and you aro not
satisfied it is as advertised, wo will refund your fare.
For further information call on or address tho
Red Cloud Investment Co.,
Red Cloud. Neb.
B. P. MIKEK, President.
A. B. SELLARS, Sec.-Treas.
D. J. MYERS, Vice President.
E. S. GARBER, Trav. Rep.
School Notes $
Tho following books havo recently
been added to tho library: "Hart's
Amorican History, Told by Contem
poraries," and "Epochs of Amorican
History," also edltod by Hart. Theso
two works aro in four and threo vol
ume sets. The former cost $1.75 per
volume, tho latter $1 por volume.
These books were paid for out of tho
proceeds of tho entertainment.
Tho program38 Anally been ad
justed to suit tho neods of tho greatest
number. This task is always a hard
ono. Tho trouble arises from tho
fact that there are several irregular
students in tho high school. In order
to more nearly equalize tho length of
the forenoon and afternoon sessions
tho nopnjbglj. now riugs flvo minutes
earli6Tu0, and tho boll for clismls.
sal riugs flvo minutes later, ut 3:45.
This change iu time affoots only the
North ward.
of tho supremo court. Wo teachers
earnostly request parents aud patrons
to refrain from ''calling up" tho
schools botweou 0 and 11:40 a. m. and
1:10 and 8:45 p. m. If a teacher re
sponds at all during the forbidden
hours ho must do so at tho expense of
neglecting a class. There is also the
additional difficulty of tho school
phonos being necessarily placed in tho
rooms where classes aro held. Of
course hulf a conversation would
highly amuso a class, but tbo effect
upon u teacher might bo different. So
wo earnestly bog you, dear friends, 10
plod up tho stops in the same old
fashioned way if you want to see Mary
or John.
The board has fitted up tho south
room of the high school with two 12
foot laboratory tables. This greatly
facilitates tiio work.
Unless restrictions woro placed upon
tho uso of tho school telephones they
would bo a curse instead of a benefit.
Tho other day a man in an eastorn
city entered suit in court prayiug for
damage from a man who persisted iu
"calling him up" over tho phono.
Tho caso is still in court. A promi
nent jurist, however, consoled the
author of tho suit by stating that tho
caso is one worthy of tho deliberations
Card of Thanks.
Wo aro oxcoodingly grateful f or tho
kindness which our neighbors and the
citizons of Red Cloud buvo shown us,
in douating a sum of money to bo
used for tho erecting of a new house.
Also for the kindness shown by tho
ladies of tho surrounding community
in tho presentation of thoir com
forters, sheets oto. Wo thank tho
lumbermen of Red Cloud for their
liberal donations for tho building of a
now house. Ploaso accept our thanks
for tho benefit received from tho gen
tlemen of tho community and sur
rounding country, also tho ladies.
Mr. and Mks.'J. Rdsuton.
raS timminnvmnmi(ifGnifi tmnraiafim&tt&
Deaths and Funerals.
Mrs. W. H. Thomas.
Mrs. Charlotte Thomas, wife of W.
II. Thomas of Cowles, died Thursday
of last week after a lingering illness.
Funeral services woro hold Saturday
at tho Cowles M. E. church, conductod
by Rev. B. F. Hutchins, assisted by
Rev. Doakin. Doceasod was born in
Ohio December 27, 1812, and was mar
riodtoW. H. Thomas in 1850. Thoy
sottled in Cass county, this state, iu
1870, coming to Wobstor county in
1870. Doceasod was tho mother of
thirteen children, olovon of whom sur
vive her. The boroavod family havo
tho sympathy of a largo circlo of rela
tives aud friends.
Mrs. Geor&e Scarf.
Mrs. George Scarf of Rivorton, who
was operated upon Wednesday, of last
week, for appendicitis, dlod Saturduy
night at half past 10 at tho hospital in
this city. Hor husband, her mother,
Mrs. Cornell and hor sister, Mrs.
Moore of Lincoln, wero present at hor
bedside when she died. Deceased was
about 25 j'oars of ago. Tho romains
woro taken to Rivorton Sunday morn
ing for interment.
Lester Keontz.
.Lester Koontz, a former woll known
resident of this county, diod at Sny
dor, Okla., Thursday, January 11, from
typhoid fovor, and was buried January
15 at his old homo in Sidney, Ind. Do
ceasod was 37 yoars of ago. Ho was a
volunteer iu tho Spanish-American
war. Ho loaves a wife and two sons.
His brothor, Wado Koontz, attended
the funeral.
Mrs. Willis Fulto
Mrs. Amy Luco Fulton, wifo of Wil
lis Fulton of Rivorton, diod Tuesday
afternoon about 4 o'clock from ner
vous prostration. Funeral services
will bo hold at Riverton this afternoon
at 3 o'clock. Deceased is survived by
hor husband and hor 13-year-old
daughter, Anna. Her husband is a
brothor of V. B. Fulton;of this city.
George H. Nevrhouse.
Goorgo Herbert Nowhouso, youngest
child of Mr. and Mrs. E. Houry Now
houso, died early Monday morning of
puoumouia. Funoral services woro
held Tuesday afternoon nt tho home
conducted by Rev. E. O. Dfjvis. De
ceased was born March 5, 1005, being
10 months and 17 days old at tho tlmo
of his death.
right with tho lots.
I am glad to hoar of tho prosperity
of Nobraskn. I am moro interest od in
that stoto than In this for I havo so
many friends there. But this is a
comfortablo country iu which to live.
E. B. Kniout.
Brown Is In Town.
Having sold my real ostato business
to Chapiu and Chllson, therefore,
oiror 15 quarters (2400 acres) for
S19200. Do not ask for any farthor ro
dilution in prices for havo named tho
bottom dollar to insure a oloan up by
March 1st, 1900. Will soil all or in ono
half to flvo quartor tracts. Pricod
separately as follows: 800 acres at
30.25; 800 acres at $5.05; 480 acres at
813.75; 320 acros at $10.05. This is not
iu ono body but all locatod on woll
improved roads, part improved and a
largo portion under cultivation.
Como and look you will not find a
vast area of unimproved land but tho
land of red barns ond lino framo
houses. If I was to drivo you to a
neighborhood (whoro thoro woro no
neighbors) you would understand that
if any ono was making investments
thoro it would bo tho speculators, but
on tho othor hand you should boo in
From Mrs. Hnl&ht.
CosirioN, Cal., Jan. 10, 1900.
Editor Chief I have finally found
a place that suits mo very well and
havo bought a homo. It is a now
town on tho oloctrio car lino is not far
from Los Angeles. It is building up
very fast aud as tho lots each contain
a half acre we will never bo crowded.
It is a very pleasant place and sooms
to be quite healthful. Aftor tho cold
of last winter in Nebraska wo enjoy
the 'climate horo very much, although
the "oldest inhabitants" say that it is
tho coldest winter thoy havo had in
many years. There has boon frost a
good many nights, und ono or two
quite hard freezes, sd that it has hurt
tho young orange trees. Tho birds
aro here; thoy camo horo from tho
north and thoro aro moro horo now
thun in the summer. Oranges com
menced to get ripe a month ago. They
are brought right to our door, and wo
got them for 8 cents a dozen, large,
fine navel oranges. Thoy will bo
cheaper later on.
Tho Chinese gardonor brings us
young onions, cauliflower, spinach,
pie plant and several othor vegetables,
fresh from his garden, but no greon
peas this winter tho frost was too
much for them. Wo have nice, sunny
weathor all tho timo, and occasionally
a cloudy day. There has been very
little rain, but wo hopo thoro will bo
more, or wo'H havo to depend upon
irrigation. Thoro is plenty of wator
for this place, threo flouring mills, aud
tho water is piped to tho houso, all wo
want for houso uso and irrigation pur
poses for each lot. We buy tho water
largo audience at tho opera house
Wednesday night. Thoro was hardly
a redeeming feature about tho entire
purformanco, though tho audience was
at times compelled to laugh at the
grotesque attempts of the alleged
actors to carry tho parts thoy woro
representing. Tho heavy villain,
"Hank Jarvis." reminded ono of a
hollowing bull turned loose on tho
strot'ts. It seemed impossible for him
to lower his volco oven in tho most
aireoting scenes. "Frank Hartwoll,"
tho rovonuo otllcor-horo, talked ond
moved like an automaton, having tho
appearance of being wound up and
moved by clock-work. Tho loss said
about tho heroine, tho bettor. Tho
specialties by tho negro "Kph" woro
absolutely rotten. It is but just to
tho managomont of tho opera houso to
say that thoy wero takou in along with
tho rest of us, and refused tho com-
puny tho uso of tho houso for a second
"Baldy" Vest Is Wanted.
Sheriff Hodgo is looking for "Baldy"
(Will) Vost. Tuesday morning Vest
and Vainard Met) inula had an alter
cation, aud Vest drow a knifo and
stabbed McGinnis in tho hand. Ho
.. ,iin nit i ii ' ,oft town vory auddonly, and chances
every direction big rod barns aud lino i .... M . . , ."" , ....
i !.. , , are that if ho over rotuniH ho will bo
iiiwiiu iiuunus isuuu as can oo soon in i . . .. , .... . . ,,
ti, Tf.n.i - ...v - -..i.i Proaooutod for his crime. "Baldy"
"u jiwm IUII ItUl J J JUU VV UIIIll
know you had struck tho country
where tho farmers had
you and to stay. Don't forgot tho
children. To havo good schools you
must havo tax payors in your school
district. Take tho Burlington route
C. L. Brown, Horndon, Kan.
Poor Farm Report.
Commissioners Anderson, Richard
and Overman havo mado tho following
roport of stock, improvements, etc., on
tho poor farm:
Livestock 8 head of work horsos,
ranging from 8 to 12 yoars; 1 2-yoar-old
maro; 18 hoad of full-blood Short
horns, all subject to register; 1 milch
cow, grade; 4 yeorling stoors, 1 year
ling heifor; 20 brood sows, 20 late fall
pigs, 1 male pig, 70 shoats.
Enough farm implements of all
kinds to run tho farm.
Fruit trees 40 apple, 150 poaoh aud
100 chorry.
Grain, etc., on hand 450 bushels of
wheat, 800 bushels of corn, 35 tons of
hay, 150 bushels of oats, GO bushels of
rye, 75 bushols of potatoes, 150 chick
ens. At present thoro aro but four in
mates. During tho year 8230 was spent for
Tho form is 'in splendid condition
and will moro than pay all running
expenses and improvements for tho
yoar; and leave quite a surplus to be
gin tho now year.
sooms to havo a faculty for getting
tlltn ttmili1rk Almllf f rt Titit'u i.m In.
como boforo t , ',', . ... . 1 , ,
hiid (iiiuaiuii iui DLUiiiuiK u Willi; 11 limn
Charley Hunt. Not a great while
aftorward ho was again arrested for
threatening tho life of Will Galbreth
with a revolver. Last fall he got into
another scrap and was arrested. Ho
was put to work on tho stroots, but
skipped out, and only a few days ago
tho sheriff hud him in tow tor attempt
ing to boat a bill at Lindloy's restaurant.
Mrs. Parkinson Gets Divorce.
The Parkinson divorco caso occupied
tho timo of Judgo Adams tho greater
part of Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs.
Parkinson was given a divorco from
hor husband, John O. Parkinson of
Lino township, on tho grounds of cru
elty nnd adultery. Tho court allowed
hor $t,500 alimony and tho custody of
tho two youngor children, whilo tho
husband was given tho custody of tho
two oldor children.
"Hearts of Tennessee."
The peoplo of this town havo ngain
Miss Funnio Bontloy bocomo one of
us Monday.
The dobato last Friday night was de
cided in favor of tho negative
I. O. Martin, who was station agent
hero in tho oarly days, gavo us a
pleasant talk Tuesday morning.
Ninety-two thousand oight hundred
and flfty-ono dollars woro deposited in
tho business college bank in two
1 weeks.
' Como out and hoar tho dobato this
Thoro will bo an old-fashioned spcl-
boon victimized bv a barn storming I linir school and "clnhorinu" match in
troupe Tho Patrecia Wright Co., in I tho moiu room next Thursday ovoniug.
"Hearts of Tennessee," was woll ad-j Evoryono is invited to como and tako
vortisod and as a consoquonco drow a part.
Does your baking powder
contain alum ? Look upon
the label. Use only a powder
whose label shows it to be
made with cream of tartar.
NOTE. Safety lies in buying
only the Royal Baking Powder,
which is the best cream of tartar
baking powder that can be had.