The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 19, 1906, Image 6

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BY A VOTE OF 258 TO 71.
Buyar, Tobacco and Rice to Pay 25
Per Cent of the Dlngley Ratco and
Other Articlca Free All Amend.
mentB Voted Down.
Washington, Jan. 17. The Philip
pine tariff hill was passed by the
house substantially as It came from
.. .. . ui M.lin
mo ways aim menus cumimuw. ih
vote was 258 to 71. Rice was mado ,
subject to the same tariff as sugar
and tobacco 25 per cent of the Ding
ley rates am one or two changes
weio made as to language. This re
suit wn.s attained after decidedly tho
most Htrenuous day or tho present
congress. Tho many amendments
which wore launched and went to
nliM'i'R In I bo storm of debate and
tiunlnst tho rock which tho
house I
rules constituted, loft much legislative
wreckage and many records only use
ful for future political purposes.
Republican opposition to tho bill. in
tho in to rest of American beet and
cane sugar and tobacco, tried out Its
strength early and gave up. This the union I'acinc ana uunniBiuu iuu
opposltlon refused to nnillato with ' road companies In refusing to pay tho
Democratic efforts. Tho strongest J entire amount of their taxes, resolu
t.h.i. r,ii- "tnRiirL'Piit" Riinnort was mado I tlons wore adopted denouncing the
in behalf of Champ Clark's amend-
mont reducing tho differential on re-'
lined' sugar. Tho minority sought to
duplicate tho house record' mado on
tho Cuban reciprocity act, but they
reckoned without thoir host, as not a
Republican opponent to this measure
Htood with them to overrule tho de
cision or the chair. The Democratic
substitute met with only the support
of the minority, nnd went down under
a vote or a;ji 10 luu. un ino mini pas
u vuiu ui i.oi hi iuij. un vi.ii ....... i...- i ., , c i,, ,,1,1 JiuiiJ yji viDib lilts biniu uiiivuiaiiv
sago of the bill, the "Insurgents" do-, continued h s tell-tale story of how old , instltutons. Chancellor An
mauded a roll call that their record I 80,d,e I 4U"J ,a 'flw'JK drows and President. Miller of the
might bo preserved.
An effort, sustained by the Demo
crats, but opposed by all but three Re
publicans, was Initiated by McCalt
(Mass.) to commit the United States
to the policy of granting Independence
to the Philippine islands as soon as
the inhabitants can be prepared for
uelf government.
What the Bill Provides.
The bill admits goods tho growth or
product of the Philippine islands Into
the United States free of duty, except
sugar, tobacco and rice, on which a
tariff of 25 per cent of the Dingley
rates is levied. It provides that after
April 11, 1909, there shall he absolute
frco trade each way between the Unit
ed States and the Philippines. It
also exempts Philippine goods coming
to the United States from tho export
tax of those islands. Merchandiso
fiom olther country Is subjected to
tho internal rovenuo tax of tho coun
try In which such merchandiso Is
withdrawn for consumption.
Fulton of Oregon Precipitates Dis
cussion In Explanatory Speech.
Washington, Jan. 17. Unexpectedly
the senule found itself considering the
railroad rate question, which was pre
cipitated by Pulton's taking tho lloor
to mnko a brief speech In explanation
of an amendment offered by him to
tho Dollivcr bill, giving to courts of
justice authority to modify orders of
tho interstate commerce commission
imposing an unreasonable! rate. He
had not proceeded far when ho was
switched from a general explanation
of the terms of the provision to a de
fense of tho principle which It seeks
to establish, and a general debate
followed. Fulton held the floor
thrmitilmnt. lint lhon wim-h mnnv In.
torruptlons, and other senators fully
shared the time, among them being
Forakor, Spooucr, Bailey and Clay.
Tho discussion was listened to most
attentively by all the senators, show
ing the great interest that Is felt In
the subject. The trend of the con
trovorsy was all toward tho point as
to wlu'ther congress has tho right to
delegate Its authority to fix rates and
whr-lhor tho courts may determine
what Is a reasonable rato. Fulton con
tended that the courts may legitimate
ly exorcise this right.
Scott mado n brief speech In sup
port or tho merchant murine shipping
bill and Heyburn gave notlco that he
would ask tho senate to name a day
for voting on tho pure food bill.
Resolution Requesting His Resignation
Only Receives Vote of Its Author.
Albany, N. Y., Jan. 17. Tho stato
Eoiiute, b a vote of 34 to 1, rejected
the resolution of Senator Edgar T.
Brackett of Saratoga, demanding the
resignation of Chauncey M. Depew
from the United States senate. After
'a debate lasting more than thioo
hours and characterized on the one
hand by Senator Brackott's unsparing
denunciation of Senator Depew and
tho insurance company, and on tho
other by almost every harsh criticisms
of the judgment and tho motives or
tho introducer of' the motion, the roll
call showod Senator Brackott's own
vote to bo tho only one In favor of
tho resolution. Every other Repub
lican senator voted against It.
, Tho fourteen Democratic senators
were excused from voting on tho rcso.
lutlon, although the motion to ex
cuse them was opposed by Senator
Brackott, who expressed his deslro to
"put every senator on record on this
moral Issue." Senator Grady, tho
Democratic leader, said tho Democrats
tcgardod tho Dopow matter as a pure
ly porsonal Republican one.
Senator Orady said they did not re
gard It as Senator Brackett said he
did, as a great moral issue.
NEWS OF NEBRASKA. election Law.
T.lnrnln .Inn. 12. Mot Ons for TO-
., "- ...
hearings in tho biennial law cases ,
were filed In tho supreme court. Tho i
biennial election laws were declared !
unconstitutional Just before election. ,
Tho appeals filed from Buffalo
ntul flni'o rntintlPS
A pnvnrsn wntllfl
result in ousting county commission
era who took their places last week.
Condemns the Railroads.
Wahoo, Neb., Jan. 12. At a largely
attended public mass-meeting at tho
court house to dlBcuss the action of
conduct of the railroads and calling
on the stato delegation In congress to j
support the administration scheme of,
rogulatlng freight rates.
Lambert Takes the Stand.
Omaha, Jan. 1C John C. Blue, tho
old soldier from tho Grand Island
home, and Frank W. Lambert of Port-
and, Ore., gave interest ng testimony
before tho federal court In tho Rev.
G. G. Waro land fencing case. Bluo .
on govornmont land and Lambort told
how ho bought up leases and received
$50 apieco and in turn gave Harry
Welsh $25 for every ono he got.
Favors Fire Insurance Plan.
Lincoln, Jan. 13. An unnnlmous
vote at tho meeting of the state board
of public lands and buildings sanc
tioned tho more than $18,000 Insur
ance at approximately 4 per cent
which has been placed recently upon
tho outbuildings of tho Hastings In
Bano asylum. No Insurance has been
carried on the main buildings at the
state Institutions for many years on
account of the great risk and tho
heavy rato.
Brakeman Commits Suicide.
Alliance, Nob., Jan. 16. With n
farewell note to his mother and
friends, asking forgiveness for what
ho wob about to do, which he thought
waB for tho best, and a special good
bye to his mother, A. G. Grimm, a
young man formerly employed as a
brakeman, committed suicide at
Feathers' restaurant by shooting him
self just above the temple. Ho had
been drinking considerably for tho
lust several weeks and It is pre
sumed lie becamo crazed as a result.
Woman Killed by Train.
Clarks, Nob., Jan. 15. Tho overland
limited, eastbound, struck and killed
a woman who was walking on tho
track at a point one mile west of
town. A letter from tho cashier of
tho bank at Hlnton, In., indicates that
her name Is Mrs. L. E. Frary, that she
hud a son, Earl Frary, working near
Correctionvllle, la. She has been at
St. Paul, Minn., Sumner, Miller nnd ,
Kearney, Nob., recently. Sho seemed
to bo a laboring woman, rather poorly
clad and about fifty years old.
Old Soldier Was to Receive $150 When
He Deeded Homestead to Ware.
Omaha, Jan. 13. Preliminary state
ments of a sensational character mado
by Special District Attornoy Rush to
tho jury In the trial of Rev. Georgo
G. Ware for conspiracy weio support
ed Friday nftornoon by tho testimony
of John C. Blue. Ills most striking
assertion was that he and other Grand
Army men from the old soldiers' homo
at Grand Island had taken home
steads, with tho avowed Intention of
relinquishing thoir rights to Waro for
$150 for each quartor section they
filed upon.
Panama (Neb.) Families Suffer as Re
sult of Poison In Food Product.
Lincoln, Jan. 13. Some action may
bo taken to investigate the poisoning
of twenty-six people by ptomaine at
I Panamu, a short distance from this
' nltv Vim mi Hunt a morn fin lllfrmiKl V
111, and for a time it was feared that
sovoral lives might be lost. All aro
now recovering.
Dr. Blxlcr, health Inspector of Pan
ama, and himself a stiff ei or from the
outbreak, has reported tho matter to
tho city and stato authorities. Food
Commissioner Thompson has been
notified and tho stato pure food de
partment will doubtless bo instructed
to look after some of tho food prod
ucts sold in tho state. All the cases
have been traced to a cheese sold by
a Panama grocer. The cheese was
heavily laden with ptomaine.
Snow In Nebraska,
Lincoln, Jan. 16. Snow fell heavily
In southeast Nebraska and tho north
western part of the Btato, drifting
badly in places, with a high wind
blowing. Steam railroad trains arc
from a half hour to fourteen hours
Fruit Growers Meet.
Auburn, Nob., Jan. 13. The Fruit
Growers' association of southeastern
Nebraska met here and representa
tives from every county, except Paw
nee, were present. W. G. Swan of
Tecumseh was re-elected president,
Al Hussoll of Tecumseh secretary and
Oliver P. Dorel of Auburn treasurer.
I nwmpn .or mc.u.,. i-uow Tnn 11 rintfl.1 T
"aam"blw" ""; i0 """ "
Thompson of Nebraska, ambassador to
Brazil, will soon be nominated for
promotion to tho Mexican embassy.
and there Is little doubt that ho will
"3 CUIWII II1UII. 11 lilt; BU11UIU UttlS
for tho papers In tho mattor of the
Penfleld report, they will be seal and
no mystery will be made of tho mat
tor. Says Fences Arc Coming Down.
Lincoln, Jan. 12. In speaking of
conditions in western Nebraska and
of tho fencing cases, State Auditor
Searlo spoke as follows: "Notwith
standing tho many statements mado
to the contrary, the fences in western
Nobraska arc coming down at a rapid (
te' and .JJ "X wUh
arc keeping faith
Lincoln Will Entertain Chinese.
Lincoln, Jan. 16. Elaborate plans
"""X" "..--"' ....""'r ""..-.:
ncoln T,mrS(1 Un, fl gtatcg Com.;tlon voted by secret ballot nrd after
...... T .. ' ... . . . . ' envnrnl ballots Charles A. finss of
""l. ".,,,., ? - - .'- - ..
Commercial club will be In charge of
the party while In tho city.
Will Pass on Motion.
Lincoln, Jan. 16. Tho supreme i
court will render a decision this week
on the motion of tho state for a re-.
hearing in the case of the stato
against the State Journal company, in
which that company was charged with
having illegally deprived the state
library fund of revenues amounting to
$84,500. A decision is aTso expected
In regard to tho right of the Btato to
tax fraternal Insurance reserve fundB
under tho present revenue law, the
question coming up in tho case of tLo
state against the county clerk of Doug
las county.
Half the Tribe Suffering From Eating
Mexican Beans.
Winnebago Indian Agency, Neb.,
Jan. 11. As a result of eating M x
lean mescal beans, partaken of as a
ceremony in a new religion recently
introduced among the Winnebago In
dians, Tnomaa Hill, ono of the moBt
prominent members of the tribe, Is
dead, a dozen others are violently in
sane and will probably die and fully
half of the tribe are suffering from
the effects of the bean and more or
less serious results are expected.
Fully half of the Indians on the res
ervation have organized as the "Mes
cal Band." The mescal bean is eaten
.i-eoly by the Indians, and as a result
of its fearful effects the condition of
tho rellgloniEts Is deplorable. Tho
agent Is unable to check the spread
of the religious frenzy under which
tho members of tho tribe are laboring.
A few months ago a visiting tribe of
Indians from the south Introduced tho
religion among the Wlnnebagos.
Nebraska Can Collect Railroad Taxea
on State Board's Valuation.
Omaha, Jan. 15. Judge Muuger of
tho federal court decides tho railroads
of Nebraska must puy their taxes.
Such is the essence of his decision in
tho Burlington case, which has been
iought for'tho state by Attorney Gen
oral Brown. This decision will apply
also to tho Union Pacific and to the
collection of taxes for 1905, as well as
1904, of both roads.
This suit was for an Injunction
against tho collection of taxes for the
year 1904 on the basis of valuation
fixed by the stato board of equaliza
tion and assessment. Another suit,
identical in character, had been
brought with relation to tho taxes for
1905, and tho Union Pacific, as woll
as tho Burlington, had Instituted the
same suits.
Tho total assessment for the Bur
lington and Union Pacific for the two
years amounts to $2,056,482. Togeth
er they have tendered $1,440,680. Tho
Union Pacific tendered or paid $256,
000 In 1904, when Its asseBment was
$348,000, and $275,000when its assess-
Tak Laxative Bromo Quinine Tteu.
Sevea Miuon oie o m p
ment amounted to $385,000.
General Mandcreon, general solic
itor for tho Burlington, said hla road
had paid in 1904 $444,710.78 in taxes
to the stato and $472,970.24 in 1905,
and that the amounts in dispute were,
1904, $21(5,802, and 1905 $215,000. The
penalty on this is 10 per cent; that Is
if tho railroads finally loso they must
pay 10 per cent.
"Inasmuch as tho county warrants
draw 7 per cent, tho counties will
clear 3 por cent, which is pretty good
interest on their money these days,"
remarked General Mandersou. "Of
courso tho decision as to tho 1904
taxes wlllnpply to the taxes of 1905,
henco It means a decision for both
cases. We have not yet seen the full
text of tho decision and cannot say
what we shall do as to further litiga
tion. The fact that tho case is one in
equity Will not prevent us from appealing."
Omahan Named for United States Dis
trict Attornoy of Nebraska.
Washington, Jan. 13. The Nebras
ka delegation met with Senntor Mil
lard and, after several ballots, named
Charles A. Gobs of Omaha ns the nom
inee for United States district, attor
ney for Nebraska, to succeed Irving
l Baxter, removed.
It was the first time the entire dele
gation had been taken In and the In
auguratlon of the now plan wag mado
CCa8l(m fr ,83U,UB SPC,al
Biiuumum, us luiiuwu;
"The delegation met with all mem
bers presnet. Tho Iowa plan of dis
tributing patronage was adopted for
the first time and will bo followed for
all future appointments. The delcga-
several ballots Charles A. Goss of
Omnha was chosen. The selection
was then made unanimous."
All the names of candidates were
presented and discussed. There were
a dozen or more.
Morales Thanks Americans.
San Juan, P. R., Jan. 15. While
stretched on a cot in the hospital here,
General Carlos F. Morales, former
president of Santo Domingo, who ar
rived here In the United States gun
boat Dubuque, requested the Associ
ated Press to convey to the American
people, paitlcularly to President
Roosevelt, the expression of .his sin
cere thankfulness for the asslstanco
accorded him while president of the
ropubllc. "Tho future salvation or
Santo Domingo," he said, "Is depend
ent entirely on the ratification of the
pending convention by the United
States senate and tho congress of '
Santo Domingo. I believe that the
majority of tho people of the republic
agree with mo in this, as they all
know that the continuance of the revo
lutionary agitation means continual
Shipwrecked Passengers Rea-h Port.
San Francisco, Jan. 15. Passengers ,
and crow of tho wrecked steam
schooner W. II. Kruger, which went
ashore off the Mendocino county shore
Friday, arrived in this city on board
tho tug Sea Form. For nearly four
hours the refugees of tho wrecked
vessel wcro tossed and buffeted about
In lifeboats in a heavy sea before tho
Sea Foam loomed In sight and took
them on hoard. Tho passengers and
crow 0r uie Kruger were clad only in
scant clothing, having loft their of-
fects on board tho vessel. Luckily
thero were no women or children in j
mo open uuius. auvurui nines mo
boats threatened to turn turtle In the
raging sea, but luck was on tho side
of tho shipwrecked crowd.
Negro Sailors In Mutiny.
Now York, Jan. 15. Tho American ,
line steamer St. Paul, which arrived
from Southampton, brought Cai tain I
Sheppard and crow of nine men of tho ;
American bark Edward L. Mayborry, '
which was abandoned at sea when 250 i
miles east of Cape Hattoras. Tho
men of the Mayberry's crow were res
cued by the American bark Statla and
woro landed nt Havre. According to
Captain Sheppard, his crew was for
four days In practical mutiny. When
tho Mayborry becamo unmanageable
four of tho negroes declared that they ,
woro going to desert tho ship. Cap
tain Sheppard pulled his revolver and
announced that ho would shoot tho I
first man who attempted to take tho
Farmers Are Holding Corn.
Omaha, Jan. 17. W. H. Johnson,
assistant general freight agent of tho
Burlington, says that his road Is hav
ing no trouble now supplying cars for
grain. Ho adds: "Conditions are
much easier now than they were some
weeks ago. We aro not getting near
ly so much grain as formerly. Farm
ers aro holding their corn for better
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