The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 19, 1906, Image 4

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, V
This Is one reason why Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is so valua
ble in consumption. It stops
the wear and tear of useless
coushine. But it does more
it controls the inflammation,
quiets the fever, soothes, and
heals. Sold for 60 years.
Arer's Cherry Pectoral hm been regular
lllo i roiervrr to mo It lironglit mo through
n rvoio attiiclt of j.tiiMinionia mill I tool
tlmt I owe my lift' to It wonderful curnttvo
impttrtic -William II IHUITT Wawa
iiimimimiim !! ihiibi iirrai rrnnr
MadobyJ O Ayerco., fcowoii.iiiMO,
Alio nmnuiomrur ui
kooping tho
Ayor's Pills.
regular wit
Items of News Found in Tho
Chief of Twenty Years Ago
This Week V V
R. K. Orchard was in Exotor this
Mrs. Harry Pond lias boon on tho
sick list this week.
Tho trains aro again running after a
miow blockado of over a week.
Revival meotings aro now boing con
iliK'lod liv Ruvs. Aikman aud Davis.
xr. m w !.., r a, u-., i
,,!,',' . . ,, A '-, ''
is visiting her sister, Mrs. R. A. Cupp
Daniel Tharp, an old Clinton, 111.,
boy, is tho guest of C. A. Owen this
During tho storm of last wook A. J.
Means had fifty head of hogs froezo to
Harry Pond has purchased J. P.
Hayha's vacant lots north of Mrs.
Henry Nowhouse, whilo coasting tho i
other day, hud ouo of his logs put out '
of placo. I
Mrs. Goo. 13. Gates and Mrs. Maryott ,
wore in Oxford this weok on W. C. T.
U. business.
Howard Cathor has gono to Ohio,
whore he was marriod to Miss Anna
Kaloy this week. i
Born, Saturday, Jauuary 2, to Mr. '
and Mrs. P. Loadorbraud, a boy weigh
ing seven pounds.
Lust weok Mrs. J. D. Leach received
from her fathor in New York a Now
l'ear proseut of 510.
Two rooms aro finished at tho new
school house aud aro taught by Miss
Cone aud Liuna Owen.
There will bo a singing school
stalled in this city soon under tho
direction of Goo. M. Plumb.
T. O. Baker, tht genial proprietor of
tho Baker house at tho dopot, lias
startod a Hour aud food store.
Curt Evans 1ms contracted with tho
11. A- M. to put up 1000 tons of ieo at
Red Cloud, Norton and Oborlin.
Married, at tho rosidouco of the
bride's father, A. Garbor, ofGuldo
Rock on tho llUli day of January,
made with Royal
Baking Powder
Arc delicious and wholesome a perfect
cold weather breakfast food.
Made in the morning; no yeast, no "set
ting" over night; never sour, never cause in
digestion. To make a perfect buckwheat cake, and
a thousand other , dainty dishes, see the
"Royal Baker and Pastry Cook." Mailed
free to any address.
1830, Mr. A. J. Hayes nud Miss Ida P.
Mr. Moody, living on Iudlnn Creok,
lost eight houd of ctittlo during tho
doublo bonded blizzard lust week.
G. R. Cbanoy nud Fred Dontloy
linvo formed n co-partnership nnd will
in tho ftituro practico law ns n firm.
J. II. Ross of Cedar Rnpids, Iowo,
aud family, aro to locato in Red Cloud.
Mr. Ross is a brother of Henry Ross.
Goo. Wobb Hnlliod forth liko a lion
on Sunday and climbed tho snow-
banks enrouto for Cawkor City, doing
sorvlco for Undo Sam.
C. II. Potter lias purchasod a third
interest in tho Amboy (louring mill
nnd hereafter that firm will bo known
ns Polly Bros. & Potter.
At tho rosidouco of tho brido's par
ents in Elm creek, on Wednesday,
January (1, Mr. Samuel Chambers aud
Miss Miss Lottio l'rather woro -married
by Rev. Page.
It took our now postmaster, his as
sistant and Treasurer MoNitt until
twolvo o'clock Monday night to dis
tribute tho dolayed mail for tho Red
Cloud postofllco.
On Sunduy, while tho trains woro
delayed in Rod Cloud, somo of the
traveling clergyman preached to tho
travoling heathen throo times during
tho day in tho car.
Glonne, tho five-year old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Pope, which has
been sick for several days past, died
on Sunday and was buried Tuesday,
Row G. S. Davis olllciating.
Somo follow who did not hnvo tho
fear of tho Lord in his soul appropriat
ed Goo. M. Plumb's flno buffalo robo
last Sunday evening whilo Mr. Plumb's
team was hitched at tho M. E. church.
MIss Bortlm Ebiuigh, well known to
Rod Cloud young people, whs married
bust Sunday to Mr. Elias Goblo, man-
agor of Jones & Goblo's ranch near
tills city, Rov. Geo. S. Davis, saying
tho mystical words that made their
"two hearts beat as ouo."
On last Saturday evening J. II.
Smith, deputy grand mastor for tho
I. O. O. P. lodies In Wobstor and
Pronklin couutiev, Installed tho of
cors of tho Rod Cloud lodgo as follows:
N. G. Roy Hutchison.
V. G.-O. R. Downs.
Secretary Will Parkos.
Treasurer P. D. Hummel!.
P. S.-G. W. Dow.
Warden G. N. McDaniols.
Con J. S. Parkas.
R. S. N. G. H. C. Scott.
L. S. N. G.-W. B. Roby.
R. S. V. G.-E. Stewart.
L. S. V. G. Chas. Jonnson.
Chaplain Rov. G. W. Humtuoll.
I. G. T. E. Hart.
O. G.-Ed Metcalf.
"Jack" Rcld Very III.
J. A. Roid ono of our oldest citizens
and a member of Garfield post, suffer
ed a stroke of paralysis yestorday
afternoon from which it is vory doubt
ful if ho will over recover, owing to
his ago. Ho was doing somo work hi
ids barn when tho stroko camo.
Elevator Closed.
Tuesday tho Ferguson elevator in
this city was closed by order of Mr.
Taylor, tho traveling auditor. The
doors wore locked and tho windows
nailed down. Tho closing is said to
bo duo to lack of businoss.
Tho enrollment for tho first three
weeks exceeds that of any othor now
businoss college over opouod in tho
stato for tho first mouth. This is a
siiowing of which tho management
may well bo proud.
A dobating society has boon organ
ized and debates will bo hold every
Friday- ovoning.( Subjoct tonight:
"Resolved, That Ignoranco aud Super
stition Does More Harm Than Prido
and Ambition."
Tho total enrollment is fifty five.
All of tho seats in tho main study
room aro now occupied and provision
will soon be made to accommodato
moro pupils.
Tho classes in rapid calculation nud
spoiling have beon divided into two of
Tho interior of tho coll ego has been
Tho actual practice of businoss has
boon taken up by tho students.
Tho school now has a regular period
for physical culture exorcises.
Col. Haley as an Agriculturist.
C. W. Kaloy of Roil Cloud, a member
of tho legislature, nnd formerly n
mombor of tho board of regents, is in
Lincoln to attend tho meotings of
orgauizod agriculture. Mr. Kaloy is
especially iutorostod in tho.dodioation
of tho now agricultural hall at tho
stato farm, which will take place this
afternoon. Ho was u mombor of tho
board of regents that established tin
agricultural school at tho farm. Ho
contended for years that a short agri
cultural course would result in tho
farmer boys attending tho school and
thou returning to tho farm to work
out tho ideas gained iu school, whoro
as, tho studouts iu a long course, such
as is givou in agriculturgl colleges,
would turn boys away from tho farm.
Ho is enthusiastic over tho results of
tho iustruction given at tho agricultu
ral school, and predicts still greater
growth When Mr. Kaley was regent
thero woro only seventeen students in
tho school. Now thero nro several
hundred Stato Journal.
A Deplorable Sight.
Ono of tho most deplorable sights
t.vor seon iu Red Cloud was witnessed
Tuesday morning when a middle-aged
woman giving tho man of Cora
Hoovor was nrrested for drunkenness.
Tho woman, in company with a man
alleged to bo her husband, camo to
town a few days ago and secured lodg
ing at tho Pioneer hotel. Tho man
went to work at tho mill, and whilo
ho was as work Tuesday night tho
woman got out with somo of "tho
boys," and got howliug drunk nud
continued hor jag Tuesdny morning.
For a half hour sho sat in front of
Liudloy's rostaurant and ontortainod
a crowd of tho curious with her in
decent romarks. Sheriff Hrdgo took
hor to jail, anil in tho afternoon Police
Judge Rood fined hor $10. As sho had
no money withnvhich to pay hor lino,
sho was or dei od put of town.
Engcls Goth.
A quiet homo wedding occurred
Monday ovoning at tho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Eugols, throo miles
north of town, when their daughter
Susan was united in marriago to Mr.
Adolph Goth of McCook, Rov. E. C.
Davis performing tho coromony.
wedding was private, thoro boing
threo or four guests aside from
immodiato relatives of tho brido.
happy couplo loft Wednesday
Omaha on their wedding trip, and will
soon roturn to McCook to make their
homo, whoro Mr. Roth is foreman of a
switch crow in tho Burlington yards.
In the District Court.
District court convened Monday,
with Judgo Ed L. Adams on tho bench.
Tho caso of tho Stato vs. Pearl
Wauilo of Bhulou, charged with statu
tory rapo, was continued owing to tho
illness of tho attorney for tho defense.
Lou Watt, tho Guido Rock hotel
man, churgod with soiling liquor con
trary to law, was given u Duo of $300.
and costs.
Otto Erf man, churgod with shooting
somo horses belonging to Charles Ar
uold, was found not guilty aud dis
charged. ftr Sale.
A bargain, ono No. 3 A Folding
Pockot Kodak, sizo fl.fx5j; ono de
veloping machine stylo E. See Now
houso Bros.
Myetlo Cure for Hhenmatlsm and Neuralgia
radically cures Iu 1 to 3 dayif. Ita action upom
the system la remarkable and mysterious It
I removes at onco tbu cause and the dlscas Im
mediately disappears. The first dose greatly
benefits. 76 cents andli or. Bold by II K.
Once Druggist. Red Cloud
.r .
If you've been Looking for
$ Bargains in Men's Glothes
Here They Are
fti Wo'vo just had timo to catch our
jL breath after tho vigorous selling dur
W ing tho holiday season nnd wo wont to
'fVwork immediately cleaning up our
Whoro thero woro only two or threo
suits or overcoats of a kind whero
sizes woro badly broken whero an
overcoat lingered hero nnd thoro, wo
have sorted thorn out, and when we
camo to mark tho now prices on these
ifoods wo forgot all about tho prollt
part of it.
$20 Overcoats at $16 0
18 Overcoats at 14 4t
15 Overcoats at 12 00
12 Overcoats at 9 40
10 Overcoats at 8 00
G Overcoats at 4 80
Whilo thoro may bo only ono or
or throo overcoats of a kind,
thoro aro so many different kinds
you win nuu veryrioneuoosingincieou. j
Wo cau fit almost any build of man out
of thoso reduced clothes nnd give him
n bargain that will send him away
" "
M&r& Mfp Are g JQf-is r
j Hed Gloud Business Gollege
To Renters
or Investors
Wo have recently listed a fow bargains in improved and unimproved lauds
in this and adjoining counties which can bo sold cheap, aud most of them ou
easy terms.
In addition to tho above wo have the best kind of irrigated lauds in tho
Arkansas VaJley
in Southeastern Colorado, which lies east of
the Rocky Ford country
Thoro is hardly any known crop which, on an irrigated farm, will not yield
from f0 to 100 per cent moro than tho same crop on a rain farm. An irrigated
farm reoponds to tho brains and labor of a fanner in a way that makes his
roturn certain. When tho crops aro planted in tho spring under irrigation
practically every chauco against ids success for tho year is olimiuatod and'
that the returns lio will got iu tho fall can bo measured accurately by tho
amount of work ho puts into tho soil and tho amount of brains ho usos in an-
-v litiiii Inn Inhon
plying his labor.
The Soil
nnd deep, water good, climato is much warmer than here, and tho water system,
is tho best in tho United Statos, as noar as wo cau understand.
Land and Water are Sold Together
tho water boing sold os a perpetual water right and is attachod to tho laud, on
easy terms,
10 Per Gent Gash
at timo of purchaso, balaneo divided iuto sovou anuual payments, at G per cont
Special rates through Jan. and Feb. of $10 for round
trip from Superior and return.
On each first and third Tuesday, beginning tho 10th of January. Spooial oar
leaves Superior at 8 o'clock a. in., and will roturn as soon as the partios looking
at tho country want to return. This is a good, cloun proposition. Tulk to tho
partios wo havo sold to. Call ou or address.
Red Cloud Investment Co
Red Cloud, Neb.
B. P. MIZEH, Prosldont.
A. B. SELLARS, Boo.-Troas.
that j
Damcrcll Block.
Is Rich
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H m II 1 9?
1 1 If i
'Wh'T. 3MK?7r-' '.."
mmmtmmiz m
" JV. . RBVTVATJt " M m
D. J. MYERS, Vioo President.
E. a. GARBER, Trnv. Rep.
V '