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i -:
. JhjtiXAii
o A Mystery
iDfje Of Two
j Continents
J CL U f Copyright. 1903, by
(S W Nl W Henry Holt nd
(r 1NTINIMU).)
chai'tt.k xvi.
MAUTICNY wns lying back la
hi berth smoking a cigarette,
and m I entered ho motioned
mo to a heat on tho locker.
'Tt was most kind of you to come,"
ho said, with Ills old smile.
"It was only by accident I learned
you weie on hoard," I explained as I
sat down. "You're getting better?"
"I bellovo so; though thl.s physician
Is what you call-an alarmist. Most
of thorn are, Indeed. The more desper
ate, the Illness the more renowned tho
cure! Is It not so? lie has even for
bidden me cigarettes, but I prefer to
dlu than to do without them. Will you
not have one?"
"Thank you," I said, selected one and
lighted It. "Your cigarettes are not to
bo resisted, nut If you are so III why
did you attempt the voyage?"
"A sudden call of business," he ex
plained airily. "Unexpected, but what
you call Imperative."
"Tho doctor It was ho who mention
ed your name to me. It was not on the
Bailing list"
"No." lie was. looking nt me sharp
ly. "I came on hoard at the last mo-
He motioned inc to a sent.
inent the need was ver' sudden, as I
have said. I had not time to engage a
"That explains It. Well, the doctor
iold nit that you were bed fa-d."
"Yes; since the voyage began I have
not left it."
I watched him as he went through
tho familiar motion of lighting a sec
ond cigarette from the llrst one. In tho
half light of the cabin I had not at (irst
perceived how ill he looked.
"But you, .Mlstalr Lester," he was
flaying. "How does It occur that you
also are going to France? I did not
know you contemplated"
"No," I answered calmly, for I had
seen that the question was inevitable,
and I even welcomed It, since It gave
me opportunity to get my guns going.
"No; the last time I s.iw you I didn't
contemplate it, hut a gjod deal has
happened since then. Would you care
to hear?" I
Oh, how I relished tantalizing him! '
"I should like very exceedingly to
hear," ho assured mo and shifted his
position a little so that his face was in
the shadow. "Tho beams of light
through the shutter makes my eycH to
hurt," ho added.
So he mistrusted himself; so ho was
not (hiding the part an easy one either!
Tho thought gave mo new courage.
"You may remember," I began, "that
I told you onco that If I ever wont to
work on tho Ilolladay case I'd try first
to tlml the murderess. I succeeded In
doing It the very first day."
"Ah!" ho breathed. "And after the
police had failed! That was, Indeed,
remarkable. How did you accomplish
"By the merest chance; by great good
fortune. I was making a search of the
French quarter, house by house, when,
on Houston street, I came to a restau
rant, tho Cafe Jourdaln. A bottle of
fluperlour sot .Tourdalu's tongue to wag
ging. I protended I wanted a room.
IIo dropped a word, tho merest hint,
and lu the end I got the whole Btory.
It seems there was not only one wom
an tliero were two."
"YeB, and a man whose name wa
Betuny, or Bethune, or something Ulco
that. But I didn't pay much attention
tQ hlin. Ho doesn't Ogure In the case.
He dfdn'fovelfgo away wlUi the wom
en. Tho very day I set out on my
search he was picked up on the streets
somewhere suffering with apoplexy
and taken to a hospital, so nearly dead
that It was a question whether ho
would recover. Bo he's out of It. The
JourdaluH told me Unit tho women had
sailed for France."
"You will pardon me," said my hear
er, "but In what way did you make
sure that they wero the women you de
sired?" "By the younger one's resemblance to
Miss Hollnday," I answered, lying with
a gllbucss which surprised myself.
"The .Tourdnlns maintained Umt a pho
tograph of Miss Ilolladay was really
one of their lodger."
"Ah, yes," lie said. "That was ex
ceedingly clever. I should never have
thought of that. That Is worthy of M.
Lecoq. And so you follow them to
France; but surely you have some more
definite address than that!"
"No," I said. "It seems rather a wild
gooso chase, doesn't It? But you could
ndvise me, Mr. Martiguy. Where would
It bo best for me to search for them?"
He did not answer for n moment, and
I took advantage of tho opportunity to
select a second cigarette and light It.
I dared not remain unoccupied.
"That," ho began slowly at last,
"seems to mo a most ah! deeflcult
affair, Mlstalr Lester to search for
three people through all Franco. There
seems little hope of success. Yet I
should think It most likely that they
have gone to Paris."
I nodded. "Thnt was my own the
ory," I agreed, "but to And them hi
Paris seems also impossible."
"Not If one uses the police," he said.
"But, my dear sir," I protested, "I
can't use tho police. Miss Ilolladay at
least has committed no crime. She
has simply chosen to go away Avlthout
informing us."
"You will permit mo to say then,
Mlstalr Lester," he observed, with Just
a touch or Irony, "that I fail to com
prehend your anxiety concerning her."
I felt that I had made a misstep;
that I had need to go carefully.
"It is not quite so simple as that," I
explained. "The last timo wo saw Miss
nollnday she told us that she was ill
and intended to go to her country
homo for a rest. Instead of going
there she sailed for France without
Informing nuy one Indeed, doing
everything she could to escape detec
tion. That conduct seems so eccen
tric that we feel In duty hound to in
vestigate it; besides, two days before
she left she received from us a hun
dred thousand dollars In cash."
I saw blip move uneasily on his bed.
After all this advantage of mine was
no smnll one.
"Ah," he said softly, ami again,
"ah! Yes, that seems peculiar, yet per
haps If you had waited for a letter"
"Suppose we had waited and there
had been no letter suppose, in conse
quence of waiting, we should bo too
"Too late? Too late for what, Mls
talr Lester? What is It you fear for
"I don't know," I nuswend, "but
something something. At least, we
could not assume the responsibility of
"No," he agreed, "perhaps not. You
are doubtless quite right to investi
gate. I wish you success. I wish that
I myself might aid you, thero Is so
much of Interest in the case to me, but
I fear that to bo impossible."
And he breathed a sigh, which was
doubtless genuine enough.
"Will you go to Paris?" I asked.
"Oh, no; not at once. At Havre I
shall meet my agent and transact my
nffalrs with him. Then I shall seek
somo place of quiet along tho coast."
I "Yes," I said to mysolf, with leaping
heart, "Etretat!" But I dared not
speak tho word.
"I shall wrlto to you," ho added,
"when I have settled. Where do you
stay at Paris?"
"Wo haven't decided yet," I said.
I "Wo?" ho repeated.
"Didn't I tell you? Mr. Royce, our
junior partner, Is with mo."
"It Is no matter where you stay,"
he said. "I shall wrlto to you at the
poste rcstante. I should like both you
and your friend to be my guests before
you return to Amer-rlc'."
Thero was n courtesy, a cordiality In
his tone which almost disarmed me.
Such a finished scoundrel!
"We shall be glad to accept," I an-
., knowing In my heart that tho
Invitation would never bo made.
I was ready to go. I had accom
plished nil I could hope to accomplish,
If I had not already disarmed his sus
picious, I could never do bo.
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"I am (frlng you," I said, starling up.
"No," he protested, "no." Hut his1
voice was almost Inaudible. ,
"I will go," I said. "Vou must par
don 1110. I hope you will soon bo bet
ter," and I closed the door behind mo
with his murmured thanks lu my cars.
It was not till after dinner that I
found opportunity to relate to Miss
Kemball the details of my talk with
"Why did you change your mlud?"
she asked.
"Tho adventure templed mo. Those
are your own words. I thought per
haps I might bo able to throw Mar
tiguy off tho track-."
"And do you think you succeeded?"
"I don't know," I answered doubt
fully. "IIo may have seen clear
through me."
"Oh, I don't bellovo him superhu
man! I believe you succeeded."
"We shall know tomorrow."
"Yes, and you must keep up the de
ception till the last moment. Remem
ber, ho will he watching you." '
"I'll do my best," I said.
"And don't make mountains out of
molehills. You see, you've been dis
trusting yourself needlessly. One
mustn't bo too timid."
"Do you think I'm too timid?" I de
manded. Hut she saw the light In my eyes, I
suppose, for ho drew uway, almost Im
perceptibly. "Only In some things," she retorted.
Tho eveulng passed and tho last day
came. We sighted land soon after
breakfast, the high white cliffs of Capo
La Hague.
I was standing nt tho rail beside
Miss Kemball.
of our Imminent goodby, when sho
turned to me suddenly.
"Don't forgot Martlgny," she cau
tioned. "Wouldn't you better see hlra
"I thought I'd wait till we landed,"
I saidj. "thenjl. can .help him off the
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boat and see him well ifway from the
station. He's too HI to bo very lively
on his feet."
"Yes, and bo careful. He mustn't
suspect Etretat. And now we must say
"Indeed not!" I protested. "See,
thero go your mother and Hoyco.
They're evidently expecting us to fol
low. We'll huvo to help you with your
"Our baggage goes through to Paris."
"At least, I must take you to tho
"You aro risking everything!" one
crled. "We can say goodby hero as
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well as on the platform."
"I don't think so," I said.
"1 have already said goodby to all
my other friends."
"Hut I refuse to be treated Just llko
all the others," and I started with her
down the gnng plnnk.
She looked at mo from the corner of
her eyes.
"Do you know," she said deliberate
ly, "I am beginning to fear that you
aro obstinate."
"I'm not at all obstlnnte," I object
ed. "I'm simply contending for my
"Your rights?"
"My rigid to he with you as long as I
can, for one."
"Aro there others?"
"Many others. Shnll I enumerato
"No," she said, "we haven't time.
Hero is niothor."
They wero to tnko the company's
special train to Paris, which was wait
ing on the wharf 200 feet away, and wo
slowly pushed our way toward It In
the clamor and hurry and confusion
whojly Latin thero was no chance for
Intelligent converse. Suddenly wo found
our way blocked by a uniformed otll
clal, who demanded to nee our tickets.
"You can't come any farther, I'm
afraid," said Mrs. Kemball, turning to
us. "We'll have to Bay goodby." And
sho held out her hand. "Bu; we'll soon
sco you both again In Paris. You have
the address?"
"Oh, yes!" I assured her.
"Very well, then, wo shall look for
you." And she shook hands with both
of us.
For an Instant I felt another littlo
hand In mine, n pair of bluo eyes amll.
ed up at mo In a way
"Goodby, Mr. Lester," said a voice.
"I Bhall bo all Impatience till wo meet
(To be Continued ) .