The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 08, 1905, Image 7

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Food Value
of a Soda Cracker
You have heard that some foods furnish fat,
other foods make muscle, and still others arc
tissue building and heat forming.
You know that most foods have one or more
of these elements, but do you know that no
food contains them all in such properly balanced
proportions as a good soda cracker?
The United States Government report shows
that soda crackers contain less water, are richer
in the muscle and fat elements, and have a much
higher per cent of the tissue building and heat
forming properties than any article of food made
from flour.
That is why Uneeda Biscuit should
form an important part of every meal. They
represent the superlative of the soda cracker, all
their goodness and nourishment being brought
from the oven to you in a package that is proof
against air, moisture and dust the price being
too small to mention.
1 flemsy flutes pfom Neighboring Touitis
(From th Journal )
Mi- Vhih Padden, formerly a Super
ior L" . is ono of the inn who received
one f no ten scholarships offered by
ono the leading violin players of
Chii- ; o
Ami uncemonts are out for the mar
riage f Miss Mabel Elizaboth Vincent,
tlaugh ! of Mr. and Mis. B H Vin
cen , Mr Sam F. Long, on Wodnes
duj.N v. 29
Hiil"i Weir and aunt, Mrs, Mary All
ison, ivo gone to Washington, IVun ,
thoii hI homo, to apotuHTlinnksgiving
witn MM.tivts nnd fiic-nds. They will
bo iron, two or throo weoks.
Ana Jones win very ngreonbly sur
prised it her homo in South Superior
Satmdtty evening by about twenty of
her little girl friends, who presented
her with an opal ring and a bottlo of
B. J McConnoll rocoiyed a telegram
thiH morning from QuartermasterDo
vel, USA, dated tho 34th, stating
that i ho remains of his son, R.B. M
Connt'll, had arrived at Sun Francisco,
Calif., on t-io trauspoit Buford on tho
Jii-t ween twonty-fivo and thirty of Su
petlm' young men have formed a club
called i ho Iloi re-pus, which if spoiled
biukward, forms tho word "Superior."
Tln'v luivo tittutt up rooms ovor uiuum
Bros mi ore with neat, now furnituto
A club liko this is what Superior boys
need, and wo wish thorn tho best of
Ammda Boyor was born in Weiss
port, IVnn , May 28th, 1851, and died
at her home ono mile east of Superior
Nov 21st, 1005, nged 54 years, 5 months
and 21 day-t. At J tho ago of 12 hho
movi-d with her paronts to Illinois and
in ift73 aim was married to Mr. Henry
O. Diehl. and moved to Kansas where
they losidod until a few years ago.whon
they movod to tho homo in which she
(Prom tho Citizen.)
Mm. Goo Laporto, who has boon an
sont on a visit in Canada for some time,
returned last Friday.
Juuh Ij-mon and Miss Mabel accom
panied Wait Anderson to his home in
NelH . , ThantoEiviug, to eat dinner.
Dr A. Townsend has been making
mans vnits hero with old friends tho
past whilo on professional calls
noar town.
M ,. led, last Tuesday, t t Catho
lic eh .-eh in huh citj.Mr M.iK-u.
lier to MWh Noemie L'llcureux, Father
Taste vin nmVinling.
Married, Thanksgiving day, at tho
homo of the bride's parents, Mr Wal
lace Elliott to Mis Bertha Dudek, Uov.
A A. liiiurof Franklin otticiating.
While coming to town yesterday Dr.
Swatslander experienced a runaway.
The ilon hint rees cnmii down and ho
took no chances bur, gave lh reins to
tho team and let them go. No damage
S M. True, at different Mines cashier
in imiti banks of tlm city, but now
holiliuz down n. liko position in tho
Bank of Inavale, drove over lat Satur
day to draw up the papers in tho trans
for of i he livery business to v a new
proprietor Sid says it N quite hard to
remain away fiom Campbell altogether
Lutheran church, caino down "i
Alma Thanksgiving and christened the
infant son of Mr. ami Mrs. Sicvers.
Mr. and M -. J W Kit k bride gave a
"live hundred" parts last Wednesday
evening W. L. Haytb'ti and Mis. E-
J 11 ilmes won tho prizts Altera
pleasant evening ico cream and cake
woro sotved.
She camo down with tho beautiful
snow upon the wings of the winds sho
was borno hither oarefooted, naked
ana a stranger. I'm w. b Wednesday
evening, and Mr. Vnoil smbmgly ro
marked that her vMiKht was within a
fraction of 10 lbs.
Tho case of John Hansborry vs tho
Burlington for danig for killing a
cow was decided by Judge Kiing in
favor of tho defendant on tho theory
that tho cow wis being herded on the
right of way and wns not
iii'iriiiige.hy'jJiiiige Mulei at A mains'
Mcrt Shot maker nt livid fnm the
li u Horn luiNiii In.srS iliiidny night for
a f w weeks' visit with old fi icinW unit
among the set i o of boyhood lns.
A picked up eleen computed of
it' it ui iintl low n ho)1 went to (Jiiiile
It , Thorstlnj and imippid the eat th
with Ho K. (1 Cloud foot ball team to
i he tiino of 20 lo (1.
(Ft mil the ,McHi'iigi l )
Belleville, Khu-iis, is now having no
Hcimol on account of teiul easts of
diphtheria in that town.
B. F inflow returned Tuesday
evening from Cat men, Oklahoma Ho
n ports his son, Fietl, much better
Tie thiec-yeaf i lit son nt Mr and
Mis Wallet; Scott dieil lns Thu'mI-u
after a In it f limes , iili t phoid fevei .
S. M. Ciook, tho man who sells
f at ni", made the deal la-t Satmdny
that will soon make H. I Amu owner
of (tie SliilTtnt) fat in just e list of tlii
city, fir which he will pay $7200.
Jako M o returned last, Friday
night fiom a business and pleasure dip
to Enid,!,. Okl ihoma Mr. Moore
bought fifteen acres joining Knld anil
expio's to make that his home soon.
J M McCasland came in last Wed
uesday night from Ijcnntc, Oklalmma,
with the remains of Mis. MoCnulnnd,
who died there Stiiidny, Novembet 1 12 la.
The funeral mis held at the In me of
her patents, Mr unci Mrs Jack O teuvc r.
Will Korahaugh and Mart Met arty
weie at rested last Wednesday on oom
plaint of J. B Farens forstealinii hotse
blankets. Constable Ben Williams
went out with a seal eh warrant and
fennel the blankets. The boys weie ar-
lainged hefoieSqitiie Kply Wednesday
afternoop. It ntbaugh plead guilty
and was llniil f','0 and costs, lie was
p'aei d in j til until Satiuday when he
paid the bill and was tclcii'ol. Mo
fatty si ood dial and was released on
a lino of $5 and costs.
Does high grudo work in (ho
Tlioro nevnr wni n pionler clemaad tlmn
now lor younc moa nnd womnn cnrntlu ot
itolntt busintis I'rrri vnutsfll nn 1 snlnct
som onu ol tlni i;oorl tilncn ollri(l A pkw
ptn nay llirm prlvnln InOrtir t on woik lor
boat el itssMniiCH In ptocuiliu; positions -ndvnatnRusoln
miltnl city.
Telephone 22Til. ISIth & V SLs.
60 YEAR8
TrtADE Marks
copyriohts &c.
Anyono ondlnB n skotch nnd dpucrlntlnn mny
aulckly iwcnrlnln ear opinion fruo w Iml nor nil
luviMillim Is priilintilr T'liCrntjiljlo. Comiminlcn.
sont Croo. Oliltml nuimry ror i'cuhiib imiomn.
I'.iliMilit tnkca tlinnmli Maun A v.o. roculro
fpldt notlct, TTlttiniitclmrKO, ttitlio
Scientific flmcrican.
A linnituntiiplr lllanlrntort wpokly. I..trBOKt rlr
rulntloa ir imy ni'luiitltln Immiiil. Ttirnm, J n
yi'iir: four nuititlis, 9U tioUlliyull nonmlPiilom.
MUNN & Co.36,DroBdwa"- New York
llrnncti ontco, in& K Ht., Wnnlilinctiiii, 1). O.
(From the Leader.
Mrs Moin WiHson returned from
Red Cloud Friday.
Dr Wegman reports a fino boy baby
b irn to Mr. and Mrs. Win. Shull Wod
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Patigh aro tho
proud parents of a line, bouncing boy
born last V rulay
(Mr. and Mrs It J). Norwood aro tho
proud parents of u pretty little girl
born Thursday last.
lttehard Kort.son of Chris Kort, who
him been ho sick with typhoid fever
since returning trom California, has
now almost recovered.
John Kottwitz, an aged and highly
rospected citizen of this vicinity, died
ftt hU home Wednesday Th fu
neral services wore ho d on Fridav,
Dec. lt, at tho homo at 1 p m and at
tho Lutheran church at 8 p m.
(From the Advocate.)
Attorney Bvrum was down to Itivor
ton last Sunday.
Wm Dunn shipped two cars of cat
tlo to Kansas City last Sunday.
Dr Ella l'. Sumnor reports tho arriv
alof a bttincing big boy baby at tho
homo of Fred Heoht.
Dr. Sumner reports n thanksgiving
present at the home of Leo Cook in the
shape of a girl imny.
( Z. Phelps has piuchased tho black
smith shop of Mr Gntohor and will
hereafter ho found at tho old stand
cjluiH. C. Brown and II M Crane re
turned tit" tiist of the week fiom a wo
weeKS iiKasnre tup 'hiottgh t e (itilf
ltuV. t' 'Off, pa of the (iciiniltl
(From tho Roview.)
B irn, on Thursday, Novombor 23, to
Mr and Mrs. Perry Bonnott, a boy.
A baby boy waB born Thursday, Nov
ember 23, to Mr. and M s. Livongood,
living four milos wost of town.
Sheriff Walrath, J tm Parker and
Wm. Fulton woro hero appraising sumo
school lund south of town Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will It Burr arrivod
hero Monday morning, nnd Mr. Burr
Is cow installed in the.Itoviow oflioo as
Wm. Hunt has purchased the Click
and Slotting pool halls, and has consol
idated tho businehSis, occupjing the
building of tho former.
Al Uverlonso, living 2J miles west of
town, captured and no v has in citxiody
a full-grown doo, which mysteriously
appeared at his place Thanksgiving
Miss Campbell, who has had charge
of the millinery department of Messrs.
Whaley and Wiekstrom for tho past
month, left for her homo at Beatrice,
Wednesday morning
(Fiom tho Times )
Albert Kretsctimer is tho proud
possessor of a ?G00 pipe organ.
Geo. Nolan has resigned his position
as engineer at tho Lebanon mill.
Smith Center defeated Osborne at
basket and football last Satin day.
Billy Ki.nsey of tho Matikiito Advor
tisor visited withdioniolfolks in Leban
on Stindav. I
Jas. Brauton, of our W. D.,
left Tuesday morning for Portngo,
Wisconsin, to visit a sick brother.
Jas. Buckley traded his residence
property in this city to D. II. Hobbs,
Tuesday, for an eighty aero farm.
Geo. Fowlor, tho carponlor, fell off
of a building Friday and sprained an
ankle so that ho has to use a crutch
T. S. Grisoll received a message
from Couttland Sunday, stating there
were sixteen oases of smallpox down
Geo. Nolnn received a tolegram Sun-
dayjfrom his sister in Denver,announc
ing the death of her husband, Mr. John
D Miss Helen Adams went down to
Belleville Monday morn ng to resume
her work as teacher in tho Bellevillo
Walt Crum has raised his corn husk
ing record from 102 to 100 bushels and
ho had the scale weights with him to
prove it.
Or tho Kansas City Veter
inary College Olllco at 10.
.lolniHtou's, tho Brick Barn.
Telephone 82.
At Bin Hill first Tuesday in each
against Fire, Lightning, Cy
clones and Windstorms, bo
agent for tho Farmers Union Insur
ance Co., Lincoln, Neb., tho bost In
surance company in tho sSto
Isaac B. Colvin
Farm Loans and Insurance.
Telephones: Glenwood
and Guide Rock lines.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Bniy Medtolno for Bubj Feoplt.
Brlnei Qoldsn Health and Eenewed Vigor.
A Bneclflo for Constipation, In'IlROstlon,
ou itiuiiuy iroiinios, i-impicn. u.vciiii mM.
Wood, Bad Dreatli, Rltmclsh nowel, Ilcailuch
Implcii. Kcema, Iniptira
Ifaltocky Mountain Tea In too
and ltrwn.iM
Wit form, as cnatn n box. Oniilat) inndo by
HOM.I8TKH Dnro CoutUNV, Miullion, win.
(From the Sentinel.)
Chas. E. Eads and Miss Zenima Jin
kinuou wore married at Bloomington
Tho old soldiers surprised W. II.
Cotiltrin yeBtordiiy with a big Thanks
giving dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Conkling loft
Tuesday morning for a month's visit in
New Enuland.
J. U. Fagor writes to his father, D,
(. Fagor, from Los Angeles, Calif.,
that his heulth is greatly improved.
J M. C trnalinn died at his homo in
Hivcri-ii last Friday afternoon of con--iniip
ion Funeral services wore held
M mla
Cat-i Hartley and Miss Loitiso
It no i t Itiiiominutoii were united in
(From tho Advertise!.)
Born, to Mr. and Mrs Jesse Dobbins,
Sunday, November 2(5, a baoy boy.
Tho Hoik Island biidge gang Mulsh
ed their work on the trestle west of
town, and left today.
Mrs. Susie Eyre, of Superior, Nob ,
was the guest of Mrs. Gregory a couple
of days tho last of tho week.
Will Lashley purchased a lino driv
ing team of horses of John Calhoou
Tuesday for which ho puiil 8300.
Miss Anna Jnnuaiy loft yesterday for
Washington, Kas., in responao lo a tol
egram announcing tho serious illness
of her aunt.
Art l.oudbotter i till laid up for re
pairs on account of the runaway ho
and Clint Dillman had last weok. Art
has ono leg in a sling.
Finley Hock came in ovor tho Book
I.slu nl the iirst of tho week with a nice
biinc'i of calves which ho hopes to
lo iv 'ii Jewell county.
Am .0 "so Hiiiiyou, who lived north-we-
i tnvn, died at his homu Sunday
alt 'it Ho uiH horn in Ohio,
KH'fyA.. vM -
Krfttiu t warn i"
Rlrannri and lirtnliritt the htlr.
I'ruiiicjtfi n tuxutliiit Rruwtn.
Never Failo to Ilcatoro Ory
Jitiir 10 nn xouuiiui uoior.
rti fa!p iiiicaio u nnir laiiuig.
i v, a t id x i.n or jirurrii
ReH Cloud, Neb.
82. JOE
Bl. LOUIS ami
all points east and
and all point
thainh i.eavk ah follows:
No, 13. PaBsoufcet, dally for Oberlln
anil Ht.'MniiulN tirnnctiiiN.Oz
ford. McOook, Uunvernnd all
lioliitN went... 70S a.m.
No, 14. PanscnKiT tHlly for St. .loo,
KatiNHH City, Atchltioii. Ht.
LouIh. Lincoln via Wymoro
nnd all polntH emit and Hontli 20) a.m
No t5. fasHt'imur. dally. Denver, all
polntH In Colorado, Utah and
California 7:60 p.m..
No. 10. l'ahhOiiKor, dally fur at. Joe,
Kansas City. AtchlHon, St.
I.oiiIh and all polntH cant and
aontli. .....- .. -10:10a.m.
No. 17. Accnminodallon. Monday,
Wednesday hikI Krldny.UaHl
ItiRR, Ontnri IMand, Black
HIIIk nnd ah polntN in the
nortluroBt 1 : n.m.
tiltfcplnc. dlnliiK. and ruciinins
r chair cara.
,.atH free) on through trains. Tlcxotit sold and
bnuuHRU cliiickud to any point In the United.
ia'i id. in,,, ii.n f..ii.,.,. SUiunorCauada.
!(. no was llio lathei or. jf0r information, time tallies, maps or tloeuia
M S2
in- ndion. seven of whom aie call on or uddrms. a 'ntiovor, AKont, Hud
i l' soiiKit Agont Omatiu. Notirahca