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Coming ! "Parker's "Fairyland" Carnival Co., Red Cloud Street Fair, September 25 to 30.
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Jleuisy floles prom
(From tho Leader.
O. T. Dickenson was dp from Rod
Cloud Friday.
Richard Kort, son of Chris Kort, loft
for Vulk-jo, California, Friday.
Our ball team cleaned up tbo Bladen
team last Thursday to the tunu of 12
Goo. McCrary, T. J. Ward, and B.
McNony woro up from Rod Cloud
Little Paulino Gund had tho misfor
tuno to fall and break ono of hor arms,
whilo at Red Cloud last week.
A number of Bluo Hill pooplo woro
at Lawrence Sunday to soo tbo Boston
Bloomer girls play with tho Lawreuco
Burwoll, Nebraska, was visited by a
tornado Friday night and 0 store
rooms and 15 residences wore demol
ished. Ouly ono man was killed.
Sam Boomor's team bocamo fright
oned at an automobile while in Bladen
last Thursday, and ran away throwing
him and bis wife and littlo babo from
tho wagon, but fortunntoly they wero
not badly injured.
(From tho Roviow.)
Dr. Townsend of Red Cloud was in
town yesterday.
Len Thompson is attending
Franklin academy this yoar
A Burlington bridge gang has beon
working in this vicinity this week.
Booth & Co. aro making a cement
cellar for I. Shophordson this woek.
W. P. Fultou's parents, from Rod
Cloud, wore visiting him tho tirst of tbo
Miss Myrtle Morrow is attending tbo
Koarnoy Business College at Kcarnoy
this fall.
A. M. Cooko had tbo misfortune to
injure bis hand quito seriously whilo
shooing a horso.
Fred Gnss is now foreman of tho
west section on tho Burlington, B. Car
penter resinged.
J. M. Burgess & Son took some of
tboir registered stock to Franklin to
exhibit at the Franklin county fair.
Clyde Cooko loft Saturday for Grand
Island, whoro ho will enter tbo Grand
island Business College for tbo winter
(From tho Advocate.)
Del Crouso and Miss Brumbaugh of
Franklin woro married last Sunday.
Mrs. J. B. McGrow wont to Hastings
Wednesday to attend tbo marriago of
Miss Edna Black.
Woodson Ashby and wifo wero up
from Bluo Hill this woek attending tho
funeral of Mrs. Ashby's father.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Skiles from near
Wilcox woro down Wednesday to at
tend tbo funeral service of County
Judgo Huffman.
Mr. Ruopp's team ran away from tho
storo Tuesday and caused considerable
commotion in stringing buggy and
harnebs to tbo four winds.
Mrs. Adnlino McKinnoy of Burwoll
Nob., sister of Mrs. C. A. Pottor and
Mrs. Roberta of Kansas, was killed in
a cyclono last Friday night Sept. 16.
Tho bald-boaded oditor put on a
fried shirt and pircolain collar last
Wednesday and wont to Hastings to
attend tho wodding of Miss Edna
Black to Mr. Bishop of that placo.
Sheriff Walrath went to Ainswortb
this week and arrested Albert Homier
son, who was charged .with gotting
drunk and shooting on tho streots of
Franklin, tho fun cost him 87025.
Michael Huffman died at his homo
in this city Monday ovoning Septem
ber 18. Uo WB9 born in Koutuoky,
Neighboring Touins I
Fobrunry 10, 1820, movod with his par
onts to Brown county, III., in 1831,
whoro January 21, 1847. ho 'married
Miss Sarah Shelley from which union
nino children four boys and five girls
woro born, six of whom survivo him.
Tho fuuoral services wore conducted
by Rov. F. N. Hagor at the MothodiBt
church and interment made in tho
Bloomington cemetery.
(From tbo Journal.)
Burr Oak and Formosa aro playing
ball today for a $100 purso.
A sou was born to Mr. and Mrs. Rob
Avery yesterday morning.
Chas. Huuklor camo in last night
from Ft Dodge. Iowa, to nttend tbo
funeral of bis sister.
Tho infant daughtor of Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Coons died at Bostwick yester
day morning.
Fred Day and Miss Tody Piorco wont
to Lincoln today, whure they enter the
Nebraska university.
Northwestern railroad men report
threo inches of rain yesterday at Lin
wood, two inches in forty minutes.
Tho funeral services of Miss Try
phena Hackler was held at tbo homo of
hor mother Wodncsday at p. m. con
ducted by Rev. W. J. Brooks.
Invitations aro out for tho wodding
of Miss Isle Yoho, daughter of County
Commissioner and Mrs, D. M. Yoho,
and Mr. Loy Rouse, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Rouso of Nelson.
(From the Sentinel.)
Prof. J. N. D. Aublo of Ord is again
in tho city giving magnetic treatment.
Mrs. W. R. Robortson will attend the
stato convontion of tbo W. C. T. U. at
Grand Inland.
Oscar Trumbull has resigned his
position in Shoemaker's barber shop
and will go on ono of his brother's
farms near Ragan.
L. E. Furry & Sons and Chitwood
Bros, received this morning threo and
two cars respectively of western cattle
for their feed yards.
D. W. Turnuro, Frank Peterson, Bon
McFarland and F. W. Cowdon camo to
Franklin Saturday in an automobile
advertising tho stroot fair and carnival'
Mr. and Mrs. Eirl Austin, who are
on tboir wedding trip to Portland and
tho Pacitic coast writo to friends in
this city that they "aro having tho
tbo timo of tboir lives.
County Survoyor Hussong was down
Saturday establishing tho grade for a
now sidewalk along tho south sido of
Harlan streot from tho Freo P ess of
lioo to tho school houso,
(From tbo Times.)
Ad Ashlan had tbo misfortune to got
somo limo in ono of his eyes this week,
burning it quito sovorely.
Will Lull wont to Kausas City Fri
day night to purchase somo feeders to
oat up his mammoth corn crop.
Haydon Cain, who has beon almost
blind for somo timo left for Topoka
this week to have bis oyes treated.
Ross Smith left Wednesday night for
Chicago, whero ho goes to take a
course in embalming in tho Barnes
Martin Warner's eighteen year old
daughtor was successfully operated on
by Dr. Dykes last Saturday ovoning at
hor home.
Ono of Billy Darwin's boys was ac
cidentally shot by one of Cars Potor
son's boys last Filday, with a 22 cali
bor target rillo. Tho ball struck tho
ileshy part of tho right thigh and
lodged against tho bono,
Mrs. Hannah Ashlan departed this
lifo Tuesday, Septombor 10, at tho ago
of sixty-livo years. Sho was born in
Ohio in 1832 and wan married to Mr.
Ashlan in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the year
1852. They moved to Smith county,
Kansas, in 1882. whoro sho losidod
until hero death.
(From the Moosongor.)
Art Nelson and Lester Sago roturnod
Tuesday from their hunt out in Colo
rado. Fred Carlo, "who was quito seriously
hurt in wrock near Mankato a few
weeks ago, is gradually improving.
Sam Taylor, who foimorly livod
northwest of this citv, diod at his
homo in Arkansas last Friday and the
body shipped hero for burial.
Mr. Carl Clough and Miss Lottio
Hutchinson of Blaine township were
united in marriago at tho homo of the
bride's parents, Sunday, Septombor 10.
Miss Ruby Adams wont to Lebanon
yesterday morning euroute to her
brother Clyde's home, southeast of
Lebanon. Clyde and his wife bavo a
littlo girl vory sick with pneumonia.
John B. Sawyer of Pawnee, Neb.,
who owns sovoral good farms north
east of Smith Center, arrived Monday
night with a delegation of his Nebras
ka neighbors, who aro looking ovor tho
country with the purpose of locating.
Delayed Correspondence.
John Andrews of Oklahoma is
ing hero.
Mr. and Mrs. Just Crans and Mrs.
George Denny aro visiting in Minne
sota. Cbarlio Ha Hor and wifo of Choyonno
Wyoming, aro visiting friends and rol
ativos hero.
School commenced Inst Monday with
Miss Stewart, Miss Demars and Miss
Phelps as toachors.
Mr. and Mrs. Hallor roturnort from
Wisconsin last Tuosiay, whoro thoy
bavo spent tbo summer.
U. S. Macklin and family spont Sun
day nt D. Cron's.
Dr. and Mrs. Wegraan drovo ovor to
Bluo Hill Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Groon aro tho proud
parents of a baby girl.
Mr. and Mrs.lR. C. Chevalier woro
visiting in Campbell Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fois of Bluo Hill
wero visiting at Byrd Kile's Sunday.
Herbert McCoy drovo down to
Cowlos Saturday, returning Sunday.
Wra Reihor and fatally wore visit
ing at tho homo of Mr. Quirin'a Sun
mr. ana rars. warron uavis woro
visiting at tho homo of Wayno Reed
Mrs. Stryckor and son Will woro
visiting at tho homo of W. McNeor's
Mrs. Robert Denton was visiting at
tbo home of Mrs. Goorgo Denton last
Bert McCoy drovo down to Inavalo
Sunday and spont tho day with his
uncle, Horb Watson.
Quito a numbor from horo aro at
tending tho carnival and stroot fair in
Red Cloud this woek.
Mrs. O. Fisk and John Fik wont to
Oklahoma Monday for a visit with
frionds and relatives.
A. V. Riggins is quito sick at tho
homo of bis daughtor, Mrs. Wm.
Davis, living south of town,
Mrs. Burkey and children returned
from Giltnor, whoro thoy bavo boon
visiting tho past tbrco weeks.
Mrs. Wilson and son Cecil wero
visiting at tho homo of W. B. House
holder last Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lockhart woro
pasaongers for Bluo Hill Tuesday
morning, roturning on tbo ovoning
Miss Nellie Williams was a passen
gor for Campbell last Monday, whoro
sho goes, to visit her sister, Mrs. D. II.
Mr. and Mrs. Wash Rood woro pas-
Hungers for Red Cloud last Wednesday,
where they go to visit their daughter,
Mrs. Gcorgo Nowhotiso, and take in
the street fair.
Kansas City, Sopt 2(5. Roooipts of
cattlo thus far this week nro 42,100;
last woek 21,(500; hiHt year, 11,000 On
Monday choico to prime hoof Htoors
wero scarce and prices ruled steady to
10 conts lower, Westerns wore mostly
10 centH off. Cows and heifers Hold
steady early but finished 10 conts
lower. Bulls woro weak to 10 cents
lower; veals steady, Choice stoukors
and feeders hold sto-idy; others weak
to 10 cents lower. Todav prime beef
steers woro scarco rnd strong rates
prevailed for them, ordinary kinds
going at steady ilguros Cows and
heifers, bulls, veals and stockors and
feeders hold unchanged.
Tbo following tablo gives quotations
now ruling.
Extra priino corn-fed steors. .$." fiO 0 00
Good corn fed stoors 5 25-5 fiO
Ordinary corn fed steers.... 4 00-0 25
Choico corn fed heifers 4 75-5 45
Good corn fed heifers 1 10-1 75
Medium corn fod heifers.... 3 50-4 10
Choico corn fod cows 4 (X)-4 50
Good J-)-!l 8.)
Medium 2 7fi-: lili
Cannors 150-225
Choico stags 4 25-1 75
Choico fod bulls .'1 25 -.'1 75
Good 300-325
Bologna bulls 2 00-2 50
Voal calves 500-0 00
Good to choico native or
wostorn stockors 3 50-4 00
Fair .'125-850
Common 275-3 25
Good to choico hoavy nativo
foeders 4 00-140
Fair 3 50-4 00
Good to choico hoavy brand
od horned feeders 3 25-3 50
Fair 3 25-1140
Common 300-325
Good to choico stock holfors 2 75-3 00
Fair 225-2 75
Good to choico stock calves,
stoors 4 00-125
Fnir 350-100
Good to choico stock calvos,
hoifors 300-3 50
Fair 250-300
Choico wintered grass steors
385-4 25
Good 3 50-3 85
Fair 3 25-aW
Choico grass cows 2 75-3 25
Good"" 2 50-2 75
Common 2 00-2 50
Receipts of hogs thus far this week
aro 14,500; lust woek, 7,100; last yoar,
13.000. Monday's market was 5 to 10
cents lawor and today slow and gen
erally 5 conts lower with bulk of sales
Fifty Years the Standard
A Cream et 'Tartar Pewder
Made Fraro Grapes
from 15.20 to 5.!I0; top S5.40
Receipts of Hheop thus fur this week
uro 2(5,800; Inst woek, 7000; last yonr,.
32,(500. Monday'H market wan steady
for best kinds and 10 conts lower for
others. Today prices declined 5 to 15
conts, lambs sultorlng most. We
quote choico lambs, 0.50 to 0,75;
ohoico yearlings, ?5 to 5 25; choice
wethers, $1 75 to 5; choice- owes,' S-1.25
to 4.50.
Burllnftton Bulletin.
Chicago and return, on salo daily.
St Louis and return, on salo dally, .
Portland, Tacoma and Souttlo and
roturn, on salo dally, 945.
Portland, Tacoma and Seattle nnd?
roturn, ono way via California, $5(5, on.
salo September 1, 2, , 4, C, 12, 14, 2(Jy
27 and 28.
San Francisco and Los Angeles nnd
roturn, 95(5 on salo September samo
dates i.s above.
San Francisco and Los Angolos and
roturn, $50, on salo October 18, 10, 20
and 21.
San Francisco and Los Angolos ondv
return, ono way via Portland ?02, oi
salo Octobor 17, 18, 10, 20 and 21.
Salt Lake and Ogdon, Utah , and ro
turn, on sale dully, ono faro plus GO
Philadelphia and roturn on salo
Septombor 14 to 10 3!1G 45.
Cody, Wyo , Black Hills and Hot
Springs, S. D approximately half
ratos all summer.
Low ono-way colonist ratos to Cali
fornia nnd Northwost Sopt. 15 to
Cheap homosookors' rates in many
directions first and third Tuesdays or
each month.
If you will call or writo, it will bo
ploasuro to ndviso you ubout ratos,.
train sorvlco, to resorvo you a borthr
and to mako your trip a comfortable
T. E. McCAm., Agents
Local Grain Market.
(Furnished by J. P. Delnnoy.)
Friday, Sept. 22.
Wheat 65p
White shelled corn 42c
Mixod sbellod Corn' 40cr
Yellow Corn 40c?
Ear Corn
Oats 20c-
Rjo 40e-
Barloy 2Sc
Card of Thanks.
Wo wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to tho many frionds who so
kindly assisted us during tho sickness
anp death of our lovod ono, Maggio C.
E. W. Ross and Family.
"-g'.-y 'uwH.wwri. imii li j.imii ll"liilMwnM!.l.w41lwlll.Wtfyrlnl.illMllll.,
!. lwk-aMn4jn)