The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 15, 1905, Image 8

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Items of Novvs Found In The
Chiof of Twenty Years Ago
This Weok V y
W. II. Btickbeo hits moved into tho
Jakes Sollars property.
II. P. Mason of Inavalo was doing
tho city Saturday ou bis return from
tho capital.
D. 13. Spanoglo has returned from
liis western trip over tho B. & M.'s
new Obcrlin route.
G. II. Chanoy was at Republican
City on last Saturday looking up evi
dence in a murder caso that ho has
boon retained ou.
W. E. Douglas of Iowa City is visit
ing in Red Cloud.
Leo Blouut of Guido Hock has ac
coptod a position ou The Chief.
Lawrence Dutton, a Plattsmouth
merchant, is tho guest of County
Clerk Bay ha this week.
F. C. White of Donvor was' in Rod
Cloud last Saturday. Ho Js an old
friend of M, W, DiQkorsQUi
Since tho cqulnotical WO Aro having
tho regular all wool and a yard wide
"Injun sumtnor."
Harry Pond wont to Omaha Thurs
day night after his mother.
Win, Parkes aud wifo, who havo
been visiting in Utah for several
mouths past, havo returned homo.
Tho three-year-old sou of W. II.
Young, of Rivortou, died last Monday
of brain fever, after a brief illness.
Win. M. Clapp, ono of tho early set
tlers of Wobstor county has returned
from Woodstock, Vermont, and lo
cated near Cowles.
Charley Gust, living across tho
river, while imintitu: his burn tho
other day foil otr tho laddor aud was
seriously injured.
Mr.. McBrido loft Wednesday night
for St. Joe, whoro she goes to pur
chase tier fall stock of millinery.
Ed.Hosford. tho popular manager
of tho Red Cloud stock yards, started
on Sunday ovoning for Burlington,
Walnut Creek Prank Thorntou
Tabitha Myers woro married.... John
Myers is teaching tho school in district
No. H. . . . Miss Bean of Red Cloud will
teach tho school in district GO.
Wells C. C. Storoy is on tho sick
list.... John Ramsoll has his outfit all
ready and will start west as soon as
the weather will permit. . . .Milt Ran
dall and Sponco Alexander woro taken
sick one day this weok. . . .Ev Harrison
took flvo loads of fat hogs to market
today.... A straugo uoiso is heard in
tho back room of Grandma Lockhart's
Btoro. It's mado by a ton-pound boy.
Catiierton John McCallum is in
Liucoln. . . .Editor King of the Helmet
and W. N. Richardson woro hero Pri
day....J. L. Framo is erecting a lino
re8idonco....W. B. Cramer's oat crop
averaged 63 bushels per acre, wheat 17.
. . . .Our roads aro recoiving careful at
tention from Ovorsoor Cramer.. Lloyd
Crabill is giving tho farmors a chanco
to purohaso Rod Cloud nursery stock
....Mr. Boyd and Mr. McDonald of
Livingston county, Illinois, aro hore
looking for homos,
Cowlks Mrs. Stoddard of Walnut
creek is visiting in Cowles at tho
homo of her daughter, Mrs. Joe Paul
Among tho recent arrivals in
this vicinity is u young gentleman at
tho homo of J. C. Wallor; also a young
lady at Georgo Hilton's A. J.
Ilorton has sold his rosidenco in
Cowles to A. A. Peak and intends
going west Tommy Quinn, ono
of tho ilrst settlers on Elm crook,
after many years of work on tho rail
roads of Nobraska, has retired from
activo lifo, and will livo on tho pro
coeds of his farm noar hoi o Tom
Crouch is shelling corn this weok for
Mr. Buzick.
Real Estate transfers.
Transfers for weok. ending Wednes
day, Aug. 30, furnished by J. H. Bailey
of Wobstor County Abstract company.
Ed McBrido to Commercial bank
Bluo Hill lots G and 7 block 0
Blue Hill wd 8 1800
Martin Cronor and wifo to W A
Barous o2 swl 5-3-10 wd 1550
Herbort Himloy and wifo to J J
Martin part lot 4 Bohror add
to Blue Hill wd 200
Stato of Nob toClms A Campboll
nw4 sol 7-1-10 wd 2S0
Harriot A Milligan to C A Camp
boll swl sol 7-1 10 wd
Lincoln Land to T II Quigglo
lot 13 block 12 Rosomont wd
Josophiuo K Colvin to I B Col
vin lots 19 and 20 block 1 Tnl-
hot add to Guide Rock qod ICO
James B Colviti and wife to I B
Colvin lots 10 aud 17 block 1
Talbot add to Guido Rock qed 100
I B Colvin and wifo to M G
Hagau lots l(i to 21 block 1 Tat
hot add to Guido Rock qcd l'JOO
James A Ramey and wife to I B
Colvin lot lfi block 1 Vance
add to Guido Rock wd GOO
L C Wilson to O R Boyco lot 1
block 21 Cowles wd 15
C E Perkins to O R Boyco lots 2
to 5 block 21 Cowles wd 10
Jama Rose aud husband toLillio
B Quiggln lots 8 and 12 block
l.'i RoBomont wd 80
L E Tait and wifo to J R Mercer
lots M to 10 block 10 Red
Cloud wd 2100
Mattio E Taylor aud husband to
J R Mercer lots 17 and 18 block
11 Red Cloud qed 75
Total $8785
Mortgages filed S.'HJOO
Mortgages released $5700
Kansas City, Sept. 12. Receipts of
cattlo Monday woro 20,000. Choice
cornfod steers woro scarce and sold at
steady to 10 cents lower rates while
grasscrs woro uneven, somo claiming
steady sales and others 15 cents lower.
Cows and heifers woro steady to
strong early but eased off at tho close.
Choice and medium stockors aud
feeders ruled steady to 10 cents higher,
otliors uuchaugod. Recoipts today
aro estimated at 23,000. Tho supply
of beef steers was liberal and botli
corufed and grassors dropped 10
cents. Cows and heifers woro steady;
bulls slow; veals strong. Best stock
ors and feeders held steady; ottiers
dropped 10 cents.
Extra prime corn-fed steers. .." 75-G 25
Good corn fed steers 5 25-5 75
Ordinary corn fed steers. . . . 4 50-5 25
Choice corn fed heifers 4 75-5 25
Good corn fed heifers 4 10-4 75
Medium corn fed holfers. . . . 3 50-1 10
Choice corn fed cows 4 00-4 25
Good 3 25-8 85
Medium 2 75-3 25
Ciamors 1 50-2 50
Choice stags 4 25-1 75
Choice fed bulls 3 25 -3 75
Good 300-325
Bologna bulls 2 00-2 50
Veal calves 5 25-0 50
Good to choice native or
western stockors 3 GO-4 20
Fair 3 25-3 GO
Common 2 75-3 25
Good to choice heavy native
feeders 4 00-4 40
Fair 350-4 00
Good to choice heavy brand
ed horned feeders 3 50-3 05
Fair 325-840
Common 3 00-3 25
Good to choice stock hoifors 2 75-3 00
Fair 225-275
Good to choico stock calves,
steors 4 00-150
Fair 3 50-4 00
Good to choico stock calves,
hoifors 3 00-3 50
Fair 2 50-3 00
Choico wintered grass steors
4 25-4 55
UOOU .t (U-4 ''.
Fair 3 40-3 75
Choico grass cows 2 75-3 15
Good 250-2 75
Common 2 00-2 50
Receipts of hogs Monday woro 5300
and tho market 5 to 10 cents lower.
Recoipts today were 11,000 and trodo
again 5 cents lower, closing easy.
Bulk of sales woro from $5.20 to 5.30;
top S5 42J
Recoipts of sheep Monday woro
12,000, and tho market 10 to 25 cents
lower, lambs suffering worso. Recotpt
today woro 2000 and trade unchanged.
Wo quote-choice lambs, $0.50 to 7;
choico yearlings, 85.25 to 5.50; choico
wethers, ?1 75 to 5; choico owes, 81.50
to 4.75.
The Circus.
Tho Adam Foropaugh and Sells
Brothers Combined Shows havo como
and gone, and tho impression loft on
tho minds of thoso who attended is
ono that will remain for a long time to
como. Thero aro features about tho
Perfoot In quality.
Mode-rate In prioo.
show which make it tho best that ovtr
visited this bection of Nebraska, and
tho immense crowd that attended
Wednesday aftcmood had but ono
complaint thero was to much to bo
seen at ono performance. Tho drill
and wall scaling of tho Aurora Zou
aves, tho couching party, tho trained
goals, tho Russian dancors and the
particularly flno work of LcFleur in
ground tumbling just boforo ho makes
his drop from tho ladder, were either
one singly worth tho price of admis
sion. Another diillcult feat was tho
turning of a somersault from ono
moving horse to another Then there
woro tho trained elephants, clowns'
springboard, and tho aorial horiz uital
bar work by artists of tho first-class.
In tho menagorio tho feature which
probably attracted tho most attention
was tho baby lions, as cuto and as
playful as kittens. Noar tho com
mencement of tho program the man
agement mado tho pleasing announce
ment that tho show would visit us
onco every two years, and it is safe
to say that when they come again thoy
will bo greotod by all thoso who at
touded this time, and many more
Tllol'6 was no graft or gambling,
either on tho grounds or on the
streets, aud everything about tho
show was clean and straight.
let Ilendlnir Room and the Thonaanda
of Hooka It Contntna.
In the reading room of the British
museum desks nro crowded with stu
dents all day long, and In addition to
the books of reference, some 20,000
in number, which 1111 the open shelves
Of the room, from three to four thou
sand volumes are given out every day.
Theology In a wide sense, Including tho
Bible, Biblical literature, church his
tory and works on the religious rites
and ceremonies of all races and creeds,
Is easily at the head of the list, with
about 300 volumes. Topography comes
next, with about twenty fewer, and of
these books on London amount to a
quarter, books on English topography
to another quarter, the other half be
ing for the rest of the world. His
tory and biography come next, Eng
lish history being mostly In demand,
and books on France and the French
provinces second. Essays, criticism
and miscellaneous literature take the
fourth place and are followed by fic
tion not less than five years old
moral philosophy, poetry and the fine
arts, the drama, law and philology,
political economy and so on down to
politics, mathematics and chemistry,
which huve about forty volumes apiece,
and, lastly, works on uaval and mili
tary subjects, which seldom have more
thun three or four volumes each. It
Is a curious lint and throws a useful
light on the sort of studies taken up
by the readers In the museum. London
Watch Thnt, Not the Month,
Symptom of Hydrophobia.
As dogs do not perspire, the only re
lief they seem to get when overheated
is from Inhaling cool air through their
wide opeu mouths in short, puffy
breaths. Tho friction between tongue
and lips caused by their rupld, labori
ous breathing produces saliva, which la
sometimes lgnorantly diagnosed as
foam, one of the symptoms of hydro
phobia. Many Innocent victims havo
lost their lives on account of such stu
pidity. If your dog should feel 111, sick with
some ordinary ailment, he will wag
welcome to you with a sad, pitiful ex
pression, looking up iuimlrlugly as If
asking for help aud relief. If It has
come to the worst and he feels by In
stinct tho germs of the dreaded disease
In his frame, his action will be entirely
different. You will find him with low
bent head, withholding his usual glad
welcome, hardly noticing or glancing
nt you.
If your eye moot his, tho restless,
nervoiiB, strange expression will star
tle you. The dog, feeling his doom, Is
conscious of approaching danger and
would like to prepare and warn you.
These unmistakable and easily recog
nized signs should bo watched closely
and always heeded. Comer the dog at
once and, with the help of a broom or
barn fork, keep him at a safe distance
until locked up. Country Calendar.
Ordinance No. 53.
An Ordinance establishing and adopting grades
for the streets and sidewalks of tho City of
lied i loud, and tho width, measurements
and distances thereof; also to repeal ordt-
Cnnance number 11 and ordinance numburUO
of the Ilevlsed Ordinances of said city, of
1000. and supplementing ordlnauco number
40 of said city, passed and approved October
23, 1D0U, aud providing penalties.
lit it Onlaliml. by the Mayor ami Council of the
City of JltU Cloud:
Section 1. Tho grades for the streets and side
walks of the City of Hed Cloud, and the meas
urements. Hues and distances thereof, aro here.
by established and adopted as made by the
survey of A. Melteynolds aud as shown by
tiieinaiior it at mauo ami comueu uy mm sir-
vojor under date of .Inly 11, 100.V which Is on
lllo with the city clerk and ncuonipaiileit and Is
part of this ordluaucu. at the levels, elevations
and distances therein shown; and the grade
points thero given, connected by grnde Hues,
give the street center Hue, aud sidewalk grades,
at lot Hues,
Section 2. All streets and sidewalks htrearter
graded, worked or constructed shall bo graded
Say Plainly to Your Grocer
That you want LION COFFEE always, and ho,
being n, squaro man, will not try to Bell yon any
thing else You may not caro for our opinion, but
What About the United Judgment of Millions
of housekeepers who havo used LION COFFEE
for over a quarter of a century ?
Is thero any stronger proof of merit, than tho
Lion-head on every package
Save thoso Lion-heads for valuablo premiums.
WOOLSON SPICE CO., Toledo, Ohio.
I am well prepared
to make Farm Loans
in Webster, Smith and
Jewell counties at low
est rates, either for five
or ten years, with best
of options.
Loans safely and
carefully made for par
ties having private
mid constructed conformably to Raid jrrade;
und all building!) or structures of any kind acta
ally or substantially adjacent thereto shall con
form to mid grade. The streets of said city
shall bo graded so that tho roadway thereof
shall be forty feet in width, aud twenty feet on
each side of the center Hue of the street, and
all streets shall bu crooned, twelve Inches to
the center. The tree Hue of said streets Is fixed
at the distance of eight feet from the lot or
land Hue, aud no trees shall be planted in any
of said streets unless as herein provided.
Provided, however, that the roadway of Web
ster street between Second and Sixth avenues,
and of Fourth avenno between Cedar and Kim
Streets, shall bo seventy two feet in width,
thirty six feet on each side of the center line,
and tho sidewalks thereon twelve feet In width.
Section 3. Any person constructing or placing
nnv wnlk. or iniv bulldlne or structure In said
city actually or substantially adjacent to any of
snld streets, otherwise than as In this ordlnauco
nrovldcd nnd permitted, and any owner ot
property therein authorizing or permitting the
same to be done upon his
snail ue
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor am
mum- or a misdemeanor ami
ou con
vlctlon shall be lined in any sum not exceeding
one hundred dollars and costs of prosecution,
and tin committed to IhII until such duo and
costs are paid; and each day's continuance of
such acts or condition in violation of tho pro
visions of this ordinance, (hall constitute a
separate offense hereunder, punishable accord
ingly. section 4. That the said ordinances numbers
11 ami 'JO of the Hevled Ordinances of 1900. of
said City of Ked Cloud be. and tho same hereby
are. repealed, and this ordinance shall bo In
force from and after Its passage, approval and
publication rh required by law.
Passed and adopted September flth, 1005.
Approved September flth. lSXft.
C. T. DicKrNso.v, Mayor.
Atts:t L. H. FonT, City Clerk,
Leg?l Notice.
Charles S. Norrls. "1
Charles L. Saylor
Evan A. Hnss.
In the District Court of
Webster County, No
biaska. To Charles h. Saylor and Evan A. Ross:
Defendants will takn notice that on tho 13th
day of September, 10 r. plaintiff herein tiled his
petition In the DMrlct Court of Webster County,
Nebraska, against said defendants, tho object
and praver f which are to require speciuo per
formance of the contract mado by said defend
ant. Baylor, with plaintiff on the 1th day of No
vember. 100.1. to rcqttiro of sold defendants an
assignment to plaintiff a certain contract from
the Statcof Nebraska to certain University laud
described as follows, to wit: the south half of
tho soutti west quarter of section l.'l. township 3,
iiinirclii west of the 6th P. M In WebsterCoun
ty. Nebraska, and tho delivery of said assign
meut to plaintiff.
You are required to answer Bald petition on
or before the -J3d day of October. 1003.
Ciiaules S. NonuiH.
Hy E. U. Overman and U. JIcNeny, his attor
neys. octO
Order To Show Cause.
State of Nebraska, 1
Webster County.
At a County Court held at tho County Court
room lu and for said county August 31, A. D.
In tho matter of tho estate of William Clen
denning deceased.
On reading and tiling tho petition of Emaslah
V. Coplcn praying that administration of said
ettai may bo granted to Emaslah W. Coplcn,
as administrator.
Ordered, that Saturday tho 10th day of Sep
tember A. I), 100.") at ono o'clock p. m Is ns
signed for Iwariugssld petition when all per
sous Interested In said mutter may appear at a
County Court to bo held lu aud for said County
and show causo why prayer of petitioner should
not be granted ; aud tliat uotlco of the pendency
of said petition and the healing thereof bo
given to a I persons Interested in said matter,
by publishing a copy of this order In the Ked
Cloud C'lllKP. n weekly uowsnanur printed In
said county, for three consecutive weeks prior
to said day of hearing.
A. H. Kkknet.
(Seal) County Judge,
Confidence Of the People
and ever Increasing popularity?
LION COFFEE Is carefully se
lected at the plantation, shipped
direct to our various factories
where It Is skillfully roasted and
carefully packed In sealed pack
agesunlike loose coffee, which
Is exposed to germs, dust, In
sects, etc. LION COFFEE reaches
yon as pure and clean as when
it left the factory. Sold only In
I lb packages.
lee Gream
Gool Df inks
15c MEAL
Damercll Block.
Do You
When you aro hungry nnd
wnnt somethig nice in the
meat lino, drop into my
market. We have tho nicest
kind of
and meats, fish, and game
in season. Wo think, and
almost know, that wo can
please you. Give us a
Koon Bros.,
Successors to
To the Public
Having purchased Chas.
Wadoll's moat market, wo
extend to you a hearty iu
vitation visit us and becomo
bettor acquainted and also,
when lookiug for good first
class meat, wo ask you to
give us a trial.
Wo aro satisfied wo
wo'eaiijploaso you.
Yoursfor business,