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news of 'Nebraska:
Mining Promoter Killed by Wife.
! Butte, Mont., Sept. 12. William
Frost, a mining promoter from Battle
,Crcek, Neb., was killed by his wifo
after lie had tried to cut her throat
(with a razor. Tho woman blew his
lioad from his shoulders with two
charges from a shotgun. FroBt had
fccen drinking.
Joker Assaulted With Neckyoke.
Norfolk, Neb., Sept. 13. Harry Cup
Ib, biff, Jolly and full or run, a farm
hand near Elgin, Neb., Hob near death,
one Bide paralyzed, many blood vessels
bursted, his Bkull fractured and ills
ecalp gaahed, as tho result of too
much Joking. 111b physician gives no
hope for his recovery. Curtis began
badgering and hectoring Hoss Nott, a
youngor man. Nott lost patience,
KPlr.ed n. neckyoke and brought it down
.with terrlilc force on Curtis' head.
Mother Gets Her Boy.
nontrlro. Neb.. Sept. 13. In tho
linbeas corpus pioceedings brought by
Mrs. Thrall of this city against her
mother, Mrs. Mary Miller of Ilollen
lmrg, Kan., for tho purpose of seeming
possession or her little son, County
Judge Ilourne decided In favor of tho
plaintiff and ordered tho child placed
in tln Piistodv of its mother. Tho
grandmother claimed she had ii Hon on
tho boy for a board bill. She railed
to put In nn nppearance at the hear
ing. t . Farmer Killed by Train.
Lincoln, Sept. 10. John Barrett, a
wealthy ictlred farmer, who recently
removed to Lincoln, died at St. Eliza
lioth hospital as the result of an acci
dent in which his right leg was cut
off below the knee and tho left leg
lmdly mangled. Barrett was going to
")avey on tho northwestern train and
was riding upon the platform, from
which he slipped and fell under tho
wheels or tho train. Ho was about
seventy years old and leaves a son
und daughter.
I Murder in Second Degree.
' Broken Bow, Neb., Sept. 11. Tho
Jury In the Haddlx-Butlor case brought
Jn a verdict or murder in tho second
degree. In dismissing the Jury .ludgo
liostctler paid the members a high
compliment on their Intelligence and
unflagging interest throughout the
trial. Sentence will not bo passed
until Attorney Sullivan or tho defenso
lias presented nn argument for a new
trial. In giving the verdict the Jury
requested that tho prisoner receive
the mercy of tho court.
Sixty Days' Limit No More.
Omaha, Sept. !). An order was re
ceived from tho department of Justice
directed to tho United States attor
ney rescinding the sixty days' limit
hitherto granted tho cattlemen to re
move their Illegal fences and requir
ing the removal of fences at once.
Tho order Is a speclnl one and applies
only to Nebraska. A number of addi
tional special agents has been or
dered to tho Nebraska field nnd will
lnvestlgnto tho fenco question nnd
wherever nn illegal fenco is found on
public land proceedings will at onco
begin against tho offenders.
pendent upon each other's society to
break the monotony of the dragging
days. When their first child was born
great hope was based by tho parents
on the future companionship of the
youngster. A yenr passed and tho
baby had not learned to talk. Shortly
afterward the fact dawned that the
child was dumb. From the shock or
tho discovery tho lonely parents seem
never to have fully milled, even after
tho birth of a second child, now a
crowing, laughing boy of eighteen
Fatal Wreck In Illinois.
Bloomlngton, 111., Sept. 12. Two
freights on the Chicago branch of tho
Illinois Central were wrecked in a
collision at Thawvllle. A stockman,
riding In the caboose, was killed and
several were Injured.
Standing of the Clubs.
W. I.. V.
IMiM'phln ..".-. :. )2n
riiiniKo ...71 r.i .wj
novHiiint .. r .""()
Now York..!".!! .'. ."!
Huston ....."! .Ml .VHl
Detroit ....::i (It Kill
Wasn't nn 70 II T
St. so :i:.r
New York..S!l .'1(1 7111
I'lttKliurg ..RS 15 11(1.2
ClilriiK'n .. .71 ui .17 1
riiirpiiin ..;!) ns .-.4:1
Cincinnati .04 (15 -Mm'
St. i.oiiIh....-,o si :tv-j
Huston ,...4'2 S7 :i:
Hiooltlyn ...'IS 87 .'Hit
W. U. 1'.
ColntnlniH .O'J III (!.-:!
Milwaukee .87 5-1 (117
Min'aiioiiH .s:t nn nsi
I.uuIhvIIIo ..7t (17 ."-'."
St. Haul OS 71 -IS.)
Iml'npollH .(VI 7(1 157
Toledo ."i(t HH .".SH
Knn. city.. -t.'l 11:1 :so:i
wi;st'hn i.HAcn:
1). Molnex. .87 1(5 I'm J
Denver ....81 ."0 (127
Oinalia ....72 nil nil)
Stoux City. (IS (H 515
I'uelili r.0 71) :i88
St. .Joseph.. .'Ill DS ,25''
of riot suspects In custody exceeds "Action of which lie afterward men
1.0G0. It is stated that formal charges ' was slowly destroying his healthy and
have been made against 100. Tho re-! vigorous frame. At one time he seemed
mnlnder will probably be released. It to be much better, nnd when the physf
is expected that the government will
take a lenient attltudo toward those
to bo tried. General Sakuma and
start visited and inspected the guards
throughout the city. Tho restaurants
were reopened and conditions aro re
suming a normal aspect.
Wife Murder and Suicide.
Decatur, 111., Sept. 11. Henry Port
wood, a wealthy and retired farmer
at Moweaqua, killed his wire and him
Boir with a razor. The two quarreled
because or tho presence or Portwood's
child by a former wife in the household.
cinn came to see him he noted the Im
provement and told his patient of it.
Froude nsked whether It was likely
thut he would be able to go back to his
work ngaln. On heurlng that this was
Impossible he said, "If that Is the case,
I do not wish to live."
Anlmnl nnd Color.
The theory has been advanced that
the conspicuous colors developed In
vurlous species of Hiiakes, Insects nnd
animals are nature's method of adver
tising the fact Unit such are poisonous,
cither In the bite or sting which they
inflict, or that the llesh Is unpalatable
If used for food. The believers in tills
theory cite tho wonderful dlspluy of
colors In the eclaza wasp, tho coral
i.n Moiirc'M Five cnni Draw Won tin snake, the horrldlum fish and tho Gila
Name of the Comity. I monster.
When the extreme western border of
Dakota was colonized there was a live
ly squabble about what the new coun
ty should bo called. There were four
fomnilssloiiors whose duty it was to
decide on the nitme, and at the board
meetings the vote for the name of tho
county was always two and two, and
Wines 0? the Morning.
(Continued from l'ago Threo )
lie pressed her arm by way of an
swer. They were too near to the wult-
publlc feeling began to run high. John ing trio for other comment
Winn suggested that the four oominls-1 "Captain Fltzroy," cried Iris, "let me
(doners should take 500 white chips introduce Mr. Anstnifhor U you. Lord dark eyes were fixed on him. Kvery
Rainbow island.
lie readily explained tho creation of
quarry and cave by telling them of the
vein of untlmony imbedded In the rock
near the vault. Antimony is one of the
substances thnt covers a multitude of
doubts. No one, not excepting tlte doc
tors who use it, knows much about it,
and in Chinese medicine It might be a
chief factor of exceeding mistiness.
Inside the cavern the existence of
tho partially completed shaft to the
ledgo accounted for recent disturb
ances on tho face of tho rock, nnd new
comers could not, of course, distinguish
the bones of poor "J. S." as being the
remains of a European.
Anstruthcr was satisfied that none of
them hazarded tho remotest guess as
to tho value of the gaunt rock they
were staring at, and chance helped him
to bailie further Inquiry.
A trumpeter on board the Orient was
blowing his lungB out to summon them
to luncheon when Captain Fltzroy put
a final query.
"I can quite understand," he said to
Robert, "that you have an affection for
tills weird place, but I am curious to
know why you lay claim to the Island.
You can hardly intend to return here."
He pointed to Robert's placard stuck
on the rock.
Anstruthor paused before ho an
swered, lie felt that Lord Ventnor's
Features of the Day's Trading and
Closing Quotations.
Chicago, Sept. 11!. A heavy movement of
tlie clop In Hie inn ihwest hail a weakening
lntltteiiee on the wheat market here today.
Support from 11 leading hull, however, pie
Milled any material decline In values, the
licccmhcr opt Inn at the close being prac
tically unchanged, compared with yester
day's lliuil limitation. Closing prices for
corn, ontH and piovlslotm also were
lilcutlllcul with thosu of ycxtciday. Clos
ing prices:
Wheat-Sept., 82c; Dec, 8:SHS:Hc:
May, 85y,r.fKV!i)c.
Corn Sept., 5:tU,e, new, Klc; Dec, -l.'fJiO
i:re; May, my.e.
Oatj-Sept., iliVTie; Dec, 27iU7jc; Muy,
Hork-Oct., 11.70: Jan., $
l.anl Oct., $7.."7V7.St); Jnn., $0.83.
lllba-Uct., SJUCIli; Jan., $0. 10.
South Omaha Live Stock.
South Oiiiahu, Sept. 11!. Cattle ltecelpts,
8,700; 10c lower; nutlvo nteer.s, S.1.7.V(itl.l0;
cows anil heifers, $'2.7r(LH.50: wentorn
ntecis, $:i.00ftl.8r; Texan Hteerx, ?2.75ij:i.H5:
range cows and hclfern, $'J.0Ufi):i,40; din
ners, $l.noy'J.:!U: utooki'ra anil feeders, $2.75
64.25; calves. 2.noU.r..r0; bulls, Mtngs. etc.,
$2.2.V(in.nO. Hogs-Hccelpts, 5,700;; steady;
heavy, $.V.SVfr.'i.40; mixed, SS.nWi.VIO: light,
$5.4!if.45; pigs, $l.7.Wn.25; bulk of sales,
$5..':KiiUO. Sheep- Hecelpts, 11,000; 10;
lower; westerns, $4.801iV.!0; wethers, $4.50
(LU.bO; ewes, !f 1.2.Vi.UiO; lambs, $onoUO.M).
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansns City, Sept. 12. Cattle Hecclpts,
"1,000; steady to 10e lower; choice beef
steers, $.".l!.Vit).(iO; fair to good, $I.O(K!(ri.25;
western steers, $.'!.2(Ki,4.75; Mockers and
feeders. $2.noUU5; cows, S1.0.y.a.nO; heif
ers, $2.noifj.OO; bulls, $lMXMi;Mfi; calves,
$:i.lXKil..riO. Hogs-Kccclpts, 11,000; Be
lower; top, $5,421..: bulk of sales, $5,201,
n.;i5; heavy, $5.1.Vit5.40; packers, $5.20r(f
ri.42j; pigs and light, $l.7.Vr5.:i5. Sheep
Hecclpts, 2,000; steady; Iambs, $5.5(Vj.7.lO;
fed cues and yearlings, $l.25((iC5.oO.
apiece and play n game of poker to Ventnor, you have met Mr. Anstruther
decide, the chips to represent ."?." each. ' before."
This was agreed to, and tho game com
menced with the entire population on
hand. For two hours little gain was '
made, nnd then a Jack pot came
around, for which seventy-three hands
were dealt before It was opened. Fl-j
nnlly Commissioner Fdwnrds opened
it for ?100. He held three kings, Judd
La Moure held a zigzag, and the otli-j
ers dropped out Edwards drew one
card. La Moure dealt himself fivo -with false testimony."
cards, and the betting commenced. ills lordship's sallow face wrinkled
Men with revolvers kept the crowd somewhat. So Iris knew of the court
The Bailor shook hands. Lord Vent
nor smiled affably.
"Your enforced residence on the is
land seems to have agreed with you,"
he said.
"Admirably. Life here had its draw
backs, but we fought our enemies in
the open. Didn't we, IrlsV"
"Yes, dear. The poor Dyaks were
not sulllclently modernized to attack us
from the table. After several raises
there was $5,000 In the pool private'
money, besides tho chips. Then the'
hand was called. Edwards held threo
kings, nnd La Moure had drawn a full,
three fives and a pair of fours. Ho
rose to his feet nnd cried, "Gentlemen,
this is McKenzIo county," and so it
was and Is called. The game lasted
eighteen hours, and La Moure nnd
Winn were carried shoulder .high
around the town, which saw no sleep
that night Tho cards held by La
Moure arc to be found among the ar
chives of tho county, labeled "La
Moure's Five Cnrd Draw."
j Cow Tosses Old Man to Death.
. Fremont, Neb., Sept. 10. Mlchnel
Caulley, for thirty-nine years a resi
dent or this city, was ratally gored by
n vicious cow and died a few minutes
later from Ids injuries. Mr. Caulley,
who Is eighty years old, was leading
his cows out to pasture and passed a
cow staked out which belonged to
Amos Chrlstcnsen. Tho Chrlstensen
cow attacked him, tossed him sovoral
times on her horns, and trampled on
him. The accident was witnessed by
a numbor of railroad men, who cams
nt onco to his assistance, but arrived
too lato. Tho cow was known to bo
vicious and had attacked and Injurod
Mr. Caulloy onco before.
, Swedish Methodists Meet.
Lincoln, Sept 9. Swedish Metho
dists of the states of Nebraska, Iown,
Kansas and Colorado began a four
days' conference horo. Bishop Hamil
ton is presiding and Carl Froman of
Iowa was elected secretary; Carl J.
Mellberg of Nebraska, statstlcal sec
retary, and O. J. Swan, treasurer. Re
ports were received from the theolog
ical school of the church at Evanston,
111., also from tho Mutual Insurance
Eociety. Tho reports indicated pros
perity and growth. Reports woro re
ceived from C. O. Freeman, presiding
older of tho Kansas district, A. R.
Mclllne of tho Iowa district and Peter
Munson of tho Nebraska district.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago. Sept. 12.-Cattle-Hecelpts, 13,
OIK); Mi UK' lower; steers, $:i.2.V((5.1HJ; stock
ers anil feeders, $2.2.Vn4.15; cows nnd din
ners, $1.5r4.2n; bulls, $2.00fiM.lXi; heif
ers, ?2.25!jin.5; calves, $:i.tHXR7.75. Hogs
Hecclpts, 20,000; fifidOc lower; spring and
Delected, $5,(lViifi.70; mlM'il ami heavy pack
ing, $I.H5rtjG.(l2Vj; light, $5.40515.70; pig
and rough, $2.tXKii5.,VI. Shcep-Uecolptd,
:io,(H)0; 10c lowir; sheep, 52.5OU0.23: lambs,
Why President Arthur Would
Cull It the Concord.
While General Arthur was president
nnd during one of the summers of his
administration ho was on board tho
Dispatch at Newport, and Secretary
of the Navy Chandler was pestering
him to consent to naming the new dis
patch boat afterward the Dolphin, tho
Concord, after the first battle of tho
Revolution. General Arthur was dis
posed to quiz Chandler about his pro
posed name, lie preferred the name
Dolphin as being more suggestive of
speed at sea. When Chandler argued
the Importance of keeping in mind tho
heroic resistance of the colonial mili
tia and the brilliant opposition offered
to riteuirn's men General Arthur ask
ed him:
"What Is It that you propose to call
this ship?"
"The Concord," answered Chandler,
giving the approved New Ilampshlro
"There," retorted Arthur, Inviting tho
attention of Captain Reeder. "Do
you hear that? Conquered. Do you
Stranger Killed by T'raln."""
Tokunmh, Neb., Sept. 12. Passen
gor train No. 7 ran over and killed n
man supposed to bo John Bernhardt . ... n . .... tn , n hln,
Ho was standing In the middle of the of.wnp? Tb BUpposo you change the
track when tho train came around a ii ,! ti if rwrri insr
Jfl UllMIlV.lfcIUi IlltU . w wwv.w-f j. -
sharp curve. He seemed to be scared,
as ho made no effort whatever to get
ut of tho way.
Grading All Done In Dodge.
Fremont, Neb., Sept. 13. Tho SIouj:
City and Western hns nearly all of Its
as spelled. Docs It not strike you,
Chandler, that there is a degree of
Concord In tho presence of a vessel of
Tho new ship was called tho Dol
phin, but tho Concord appeared after
linn within nt pmintv frrn.lori nnd' Genornl Arthur had ceased to havo In
ready for ballast, ties and rails. Noth-J fiuence In naming tho ships of tho
Inc has yet been done within that . navy.
J.eave Farm Near Wakefield With
Crop Unharvested.
Chicago, Sept. 8. Joseph Holdob
lor and wifo wero sent to nn asylum
for tho lnsano. They came from a
farm near Wakofiold, Nob. leaving
their grain uncut, nnd wore found
wandering about tho streets hero
.with two children.
Tho rloldoblors lived on an Isolated
hit of farm land In n barren tract.
The nearest neighbor was miles away.
Tho couplo wero almost entirely do-
part of tho city where houses are bo
Ing moved. A big gang is working on
tho Platto river brldgo. None of tho
smaller bridges and culvertB havo
Sex In Ant,
The different species of ants aro
pretty generally distributed over tho
martial, nor was she afraid to pro
claim to all the world that this man
was her lover. As for Captain Fltz
roy, his bushy eyebrows disappeared
into his peaked cap when he heard the
manner of their speech.
Nevertheless Ventnor smiled again.
"Even the Dyaks respected Miss
Deune," he said.
But Anstruther, sorry for the mani
fest uneasiness of the shipowner, re
pressed the retort on his lips and
forthwith suggested that they should
walk to the north beach in tho first
instance, that being the scene of the
During the next hour he became audi
tor rather than narrator. It was Iris
who told of his wild fight against wind
and waves; Iris who showed them
where he fought with the devilfish;
Iris who expatiated on tho long days
of ceaseless toll, his dauntless cour
age In the face of every difficulty, the
way In which ho rescued her from tho
clutch of tho savages, the skill of his
preparations against the anticipated
attack and the last great achievement
of all, when time after time ho foiled
tho Dyaks' best laid plans and Hung
them off, crippled and disheartened,
during tho muny phases of the thirty
hours' battle.
There were tears In her eyes when
she ended, but they were tears of
thankful happiness, and Lord Ventnor,
n silent listener who missed neither
word nor look, felt a deeper chill in his
cold heart as ho realized that this wo
man's love could never be his. Tho
knowledge excited his passion tho
more. His hatred of Anstruther now
became a mania, an Insensate resolve
to mortally stab this meddler who al
ways stood In his path.
Robert hoped that bis present ordeal
was over. It had only begun. He was
called on to answer questions without
number. Why had the tunnel been
made? What was the mystery of the
vulley of death? How did he innnnge
to guess tho dimensions of the sundial?
How came he to acquire such nn amaz
ing stock of out of the way knowledgo
of the edlblo properties of roots and
trees? How? Why? Whero? When?
They never would be satisfied, for not
even the British navy, poking Its nose
Into tho recesses of the world, often
comes across such an amazing story
as the adveuturea of tills couple on
mmuiur onoges unu cuiveru. imvu - j d 0Q t,jlB nccomit tne nntura,.
been put in. they evidently coming j tnero ,fl wor, for mm
under a spoarate contract. No ap- to dQ Jq tJ)0 t econamy o tho Unl-
peals havo as yet been taken by either venJ0 In ench colony nmleS( females,
company or property owners from tho nouterg und BOmetlmes soldiers aro to
awaros or mo appraisers on conuem- roonmlzpa. Tho males aro invnrla-
natlon proceedings, though some of bly Bmnler than tho females and, like
body was more or less desirous to havo
this point cleared up. IIo looked tho
questioner squnrely In the face.
"In some parts of the world," ho said,
"there are sunken reefs, unknown, un
charted, on which many a vessel has
been lost without any contributory
fault on tho part of her officers."
"Well, Captain Fltzroy, when I was
Htatloned with my regiment In Hong
k6ng I encountered such a reef and
wrecked my life on It At least that
!s how It seemed to me then. Fortune
threw me ashore hero after a 1c? and
bitter submergence. You can jinrdly
blame me If I cling to the tiny speck
of land that gave mo salvation."
"No," admitted the sailor. He knew
there was something more In the al
legory than the text revealed, but It
was no business of his.
"Moreover," continued Robert smll
Inc'.y, "yoy see I have a partner."
"There ennnot be the slightest doubt
about the partner," was tho prompt re
ply. Then every one laughed, Iris more
than any, though Sir Arthur Dcano's
gayety was forced, and Lord Ventnor
could taste tho acidity of his own smile.
Later In the day the first lieutenant
told his chief of Anstruthor's voluntary
statement concerning the court martial.
Captain Fltzroy was naturally pained
by tills unpleasant revelation, but he
took exactly the same view as that ex
pressed by tho first lieutenant In Rob
ert's presence.
Nevertheless he pondered the matter
nnd seized an early opportunity of men
tioning it to Lord Ventnor. That dis
tinguished nobleman was vastly sur
prised to learn how Anstruther had cut
the ground from beneath bis feet
"Yes," ho said, In reply to Che sailor's
request for Information, "I know all
about It It could not well be other
wise, seeing that next to Mrs. Costobell
I was the principal witness against
"That must havo been awkward -for
you," was the unexpected comment
"Indeed! Why?"
"Because rumor linked your nnmo
with that of the lady In a somewhat
outspoken way."
"You astonish me. Anstruther cor
taluly made some stupid allegations
during tho trial, but I had no idea he
was able to spread this malicious re
port subsequently."
"I am not talking of Hongkong, my
lord, but of Singapore, months later."
Captain Fitzroy's tone was exceed
ing dry. Indeed, some people might
deem It offensIve
Ills lordship permitted himself tho
rare luxury of an. angry, seowh
(To bo Continued)
That Settle's It.
When n Colorado sand stone walk is
laid that settles it. tioo Ovoring Bros.
J &Uo. for prices.
tho damages awarded were considered
Dr. Lee on Negro Problem.
Osceola, la., Sept. 13. Dr. J. W.
Leo of St. Louis, speaking boforo tho
Methodist church conference, took up
tho negro question and declared that
in their forty years of freedom tho
black raco had fallon below tho station
whore 240 years of slavery had placed
It. Dr. Lee asserted that tho negro
is 4,000 yoars behind Uio white man
In civilization. Casto spirit and raco
projudlco, ho said, aro right, bocauso
God has planted them In men's hearts.
The opinion was oxprossod by Dr. Loo
that tho negro should rejoice nt the
mero prlvllego of living and breathing
In this country.
Toklo Rioters Under Arrest.
Toklo, Sept. 11. Tho jotal number I
thoso of tho femlnlno gender, havo
wlnra In their orljrlnal state. Tho
neuters, which aro tho workers, aro
without wings In any of their trans
formations, nnd tho soldiers aro recog
nized by tho armor plates on their
Love of Work.
Tho love of work, which was one of
tho characteristics of tho historian
Froudo, is well Illustrated in a story
told of his last illness. Tho cancerous
Do you know that it will pay YOU, as
well as US, to buy your Building Ma
torial and Coal at ouryards? Not only
that our prices average lower, or at
least as low, as thoso of our competit
ors, but because wo take especial care
of and protect nil can be olassod as
Coal. Lumber.
t e-c-c-
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Cures Grin
in Two Days
Take Laxative BrOlliO Quinine Tablets. JQ (VlJ J evefy
Seven Million boxes sold in past 1 2 months. ThlS Signature, - VTXWC- DOX. 25c