The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 15, 1905, Image 1

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    Coming-! Parker's "Fairyland" Carnival Co., Red Cloud Street Fair, September 25 to 30.
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1 lieiasy flotes ftom Neighboring Touifis I
(From the TimoB.)
Billy Kimsoyis helping in this office
this week.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Roilz, last Sunday.
Andy Lull put in 177 head of tino
fctoors in his feed lot, on his farm north
town Saturday.
O. T. Vinsonhalor has bought tho
Nichols property in Bellairo and will
erect a store building immediately.
John and Ellis Adams left Sunday
for Now Mexico, after tho 2800 head of
sheep which they recently purchased.
Mrs. Charley Lull left today for
Goodlaud, whero she will join her
husband who owns a barber shop at
that placo.
A.M. Hayes of Gtudo Hock, Nob.,
attended court at Smith CentM, Tues
day, and visited his sister, Mrs. Chns.
Lull, Wednesday.
Albert E. Dyke depnrtod this lifo nt
at his homo in Bellairo September 3,
aged 47 years, 10 months and 11 days.
Tho deceased was bom in England,
October 19, 18oG. Ho, was united in
marriago to Miss Louisa Sheltcn in
May of 1880, she having died August
12, 1000. Tho funeral service was con
ducted by Uev. It. G. Hardiug of
Smith Center.
will fatten on bis ranch tho coming
Archie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Mossbarger, died Wednesday aftor an
illness of 10 days. Tho funeral was
bold at tho homo Thursday, conducted
by Rev. King. Interment was made
in the Franklin-cemetery.
(From the Sentinel.)
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gus
Mankhey September 7.
A son of Mr. Peterson living north
of town is sick with appendicitis.
David It. Peck returned to Grinnoll,
Iowa, yesterday to resume his studies
at Iowa college.
Mrs. Wm. Inglis was called to Paw
nee City Monday, by tho serious ill
ness of her mother.
Misses Pheme Bruce and Anna
Dyer went to Grand Island Monday to
aUend business college.
Tho Western Union Telegraph Co. is
putting on copper wires. Material
has been unloaded here.
Mrs. Woody Itowo and children of
the south side are tusseling with the
mensles contracted on the train com
ing from Portland.
Lind Nelson wont to Colorado tho
fore part of tho week, returning today
with several thousand sheep which he
(From the Review.)
County Attorney Byrum drove from
here to Campbell last Friday on busi
ness. H. Vincent, the stockman, was on
our streets Sunduy looking up fall
Marion Neal lias decided to locate at
Ited Cloud and orders bis paper sent
to that placo.
Tho I O. O. F. will hold a conven
tion and gala day at Bloomingtou,
Soptembor 19.
Uev. J. M. Bates of Ited Cloud held
soi vices in tho Congregational church
Wednesday night.
Prof. O. J. Staudloy arrived Satur
day from Peru, to take chargo of our
public schools which opened last Mon
day. Bert Harwood and Chas. Irwin re
turned Sunday from Red Cloud, whore
they had taken the herd of horsos bo
longing to Enos & Harwood for sale.
Tho butcher mado a mistake this
weok. Ho killed a party's milch cow
instead of tho one ho was sent to kill.
Mrs. Ed Fuller is the loser of a line
milch cow through the mistake.
tho people of Blue Hill and vicinity quarter of land noar Lucorno in Sheri-
dan county, Kansas.
Ernest Wolf, August Honning and
John Illiind, nro in Gaylord this week
threshing their wheat.
H. J. Poppon of Lincoln township
was married to Miss May Wo-ivor last
Saturday and left at once for Denver.
Miss Kitty Harwood wont to Lin
coln, Nob., last Sunday, whero sho ox-
poets to take a ton weeks courso in
H. II. Sprnpuo of Mundon and W. A.
Tallont of Belleville, Kansas, woro on
route west Thursday looking at tho
Mel Skinner died nt tho homo in
Pleasant township last Sunday morn
ing and was buried in thn family bury
ing grounds nt Gajlord Monday.
can bo gaiued by noting tho last First
National bank statement published
last weok which showed that thero
woro deposited in tho bank over
A protty wedding occurred at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Norris nt
Bladen, Tuesday evening, Septombor
fi, when Mr. Itusstl Pol, and Miss Nel
Ho Norris woro happily weddod tho
Rov. Mr. Wilson, castor of tho M, E.
church officiating.
A now Bluo Hill Athlotic club has
been organized in this city with tho
following officers: C. Watorbury,
presidont; Anton Souchok, vico presi
dent; C. F. Gund, secretary and
treasurer; Frank Baker, manager ball
team, and Ben Prentice, captain of tho
ball team.
It. C.
(From tho Leader.
The Bluo Hill mill shipped a car of
Hour to Chicago Tuesday.
Tne Commercial bank of this city
opened for business last Saturday
Miss Fay Hostottor left for Boston
Thursday to attend tho conservatory
of music.
EJna James loft last Friday for tho
northeast part of the state, where she
is teaching.
E. G. Rees is 'putting in a fine new
cement block walk in front of his
business lot.
Dr. Wogman reports the arrival of a
tine baby boy at tho home of Mr. and
Mrs Ernest Chambers last Saturday.
A good, fair idea of tho prosperity of
(From tho Journal.)
E. FitzofRed Cloud was hero yes
Born, Thursday, to It. Walters and
wife, of Abdal, a son.
Tho second nine ball club got bent
by Nelson yesterday, tho score beiug
21 to 0.
F. 1). Wilson and granddaughter.
Gertie Wilson, wont to Red Cloud this
Miss Surah Hayes had tho misfor
tuno to fall and dislocate her shoulder
last week.
Mrs. Geer, who has been visiting her
relatives here, returned to Rod Cloud
Saturday night.
Marion Bailey and Ira Sago, from
lt. (Hurt, Wlint trt ftViinifint. tn nttnnrl
IthoNoimal college.
Miss Myrl Gittinga went to Red
Cloud last night, where sho will teach
in the public schools.
J. Morton, of Moriah, Mo., a man
about sixty years of ago, narrowly es
caped death this morning nt tho Bur
lington station. Ho attempted to
board tho first section of a moving
train as it was pulling out and was
dragged nearly one hundred foot on
the brick walk. Chas. Abbott and Les
Chancy caught him and prevented
him from being ground under the
and visiting his daughter, Mrs
Peoplo aro coming in from ovory
direction to tho reunion and thero is a
largo crowd in town.
Miss Rosa Thome left for Blair last
weok, whero she goes as principal of
tho high school at that placo.
Tho little child of Mr. and Mrs.
Wnyno Rood was quite badly burned
ono day last wock by falling in a kottlo
of hot water.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamos McBrldo of
Cowlos drovo up hero Sunday. Mr.
McBrldo returned homo nnd his
remained in town for n week to
friouds and attend tho reunion.
Interesting Items Gathered
by Our County R-oportors
S. C. Shuck went to Auburn Thurs
day on buMnoJS.
Frank Van Dyko visited his sister nt
Montrose this week.
Mrs. Dahlen and Rev. J J. Camp
hull wont to conference.
Mr. nnd Mrs. K.ekiel Johnston spent
Sunday at S. C Shuck's.
B. S. Van Dyko made n business trip
to North Branch this week.
Ed Mountford nnd Ed Anderson's
families spout Sunday at S. C. Shuck's.
Mrs. Ida C. Fouls nnd children woro
tho guests of Wm. VanDyko nud took
in the show nt Rod Cloud.
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(From the Advocate.)
Invitations are out for the marriago
of Miss Edna Black to M. O. Bishop on
the 20th.
Mrs. G. W. Prather loft yesterday
for a two months visit with relatives
at St. Louis, Mo., and Peoria, Illinois.
Ed Overton, who went to California
some timo ngo, likos tho country so
well that ho has decided to bavo his
family follow him.
Dr. E. P. Sumner reports tho ar
rival of a baby boy at tho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Bnshford, who livo
north of Nnponee.
Little Guy Green nnd Charlie Moffet
went fishing last Monday and had the
good luck to catch a channel catfish
that weighed 0i pounds.
Tho daily papers say that R. H.
Vanntta, formerly of this placo, has
fallen heir to 800,000 in cash. No ono
could use it better than Ross.
Miss Pearl White, for several years
a very successful teacher in the Frank
lin schools, wns recently married to
Mr. L. H. Kelso of Franklin.
Put Fullor of Riverton, was taken
up last Monday under tho new law
and adjudged an inebriate. Sheriff
Walrath took him to tho asylum at
Lincoln Tuesday, whero ho will bavo
Mr Alhritrht of Rod Cloud was in
town B'onday.
Lloyd Reed returned from Cheyenne,
Wyo,, last Monday.
Quito a number from hero nttonded
the stato fair last week.
Rob Ray loft Tuesday morning for
Peru, where ho goes to attend school
Mr. nnd .Mrs. Byrd Kile drovo to Red
Cloud lost Wednesday to boo tho big
Mrs. Georgo S doman visited at tho
homo of hor mother, Mrs. O. Fisk, last
Mr, and Mrs. Hnsebrook are visiting
their sons, Will nnd Garret, living
south of town.
Mr. Quinton of Cnmpboll was in
town Tuesday, taking in tho ronnion
John Loo wns n Red Cloud visitor
J. M. Burgess moved to Franklin
N. E. Harvey's littlo girl has boon on
the sick list this week.
Harold Christiansou shelled cor n f or
Otto Skj-lvor Tuesday.
Mrs. Weasel was visiting at J. U.
Mevcra ono day last weok.
J. M. Burgees and El.y Piorpont
wero state fair visitors last week.
Miss Pnyno and Mrs. Cooper wero
calling at E. E. Harvey's Sunday.
Tho littlo son of J. Roig, who has
been so very siclcis reported better.
Tho danco nt Rodgors' was well at
tended and ovoryono onjoyod them
selves. Mrs. Hnnnum nnd cbildron returned
Tuesday from Denver, whore sho has
has boon attending tho reunion,
Adam Miller returned from Iowa
Saturday ovoning bringing his brido
with him. They will go to house
keeping soon on E. E. Hnrvoy's south
farm. Wo wish them much joy and
n long lifo. Tho boll crowd showed
them a morry timo Sunday ovoning at
tho home of Elmer Harvey.
Tho sick in our locality aro doing
fairly woll.
Mr. Gibson nnd family spent Sun
day with Mr. Corbott's family.
Frank Wittwor and lady spont Sun
day with G. Boardsloo's family.
William Hicks and Indy was visiting
with Chas. Boardslee on Sunday.
Chns. Wittwor has very bad luck,
threshing, for which wo aro sorry.
I. W. Houghtaling is still in Colo
rado and reports having a good time.
Mrs. Christy nnd children aro still
with her folks and it is t del us Grant
has sold for tho purpose of relocating.
(From tho Messenger.)
Luther Clack, so long in feoblo
health at his homo in Downs, is dend.
Tho band is "wind jamming" in
Denver at tho big G. A. It. encamp
ment. J. R. Burrow has Fhipped in a car
load of brick to lay his side walks in
the city.
feJay Falkenburg has invested in u
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