The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 23, 1905, Image 7

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President Roosevelt Approves Secre
tary Taft's Report on Controversy
and Scathingly Arraigns Former
United States Minister to Venezuela.
Washington, Juno 21. The dis
missal of HorhiMt W. Howcii, lor sonic
yonrsi United Status minister to one
zuola, and tho exoneration of Assist
ant Sec-rotary of State Francis H. Loo
nils of the allegations brought against
hi tn by Mr. Howen, are the outcome ot
thu Loonils-Howon controversy, which
lias attracted wide attention lor many
mouths past. This disposition or tin
case Is made by President Roosevelt
in a letter addressed to Secretary
Taft, approving Mr. Taft's leport on
his findings and conclusions In the
case. The piesldcut scathingly ar
laigiib Minister Ilowen, di elating that
his conduct is "especially repiohensi
hie;" that Mr. Howon ashed one of
his witnesses to enter the employ ol
a certain company for the purpose,
"In plain words, of stealing" docu
ments which he honed might incrim
inate Mr. l.oomis and that Mr. Itowon
has "evidently for many months. In
deed for the las-t two yeais, devoted
himself" to hunting up scandal and
gossip until it became a monomania
and caused him "to show complete dis
loyalty" to the country he represent
ed. The president says he had hoped
to promote Mr. Howon, as during much
of his service ho had done good work,
but that his usefulness In the diplo
matic service Is now at an end. The
piosldent adds that he would direct
that Mr. Ho wen's resignation be re
quested, but for his statement that
he would consider that loslgnatlon an
admission of misconduct and the dis
missal Is therefore ordered. The let
ter quotes correspondence and tests.
The president states that it appears
that Mr. Bowen, while minister, se
cured the publication of attacks on
Mr. U)omis and furnished to the press
documents pending before the state
denartment for approval and that his
conduct is inexcusable and shows his
"entire unfitness" for the service.
Even If Mr. Ixomis had been guilty,
says the president, Mr. Howcn's con
duct would be unpardonable. The let
ter quotes certain correspondence and
testimony. The report of Secretary
Taft on the case, on which the presi
dent's action Is based, is a voluminous
document, reviewing the charges and
the evidence taken.
In his report Secretary Taft says
that there was nothing dishonorable
in the transaction In which Mr. Loo
mis figured, but that he was not dis
creet. This report says that Mr. Loo
mls was not justified In becoming per
sonally Interested in any of the
schemes either with a mere nominal
ininwci nr substantial Interest. He
holds, however, that Mr. Loomls has
been "most cruelly slandered," com
mands him for the self restraint with
which he has met the charges and
points out that Mr. loomls' bitter ex
perience In this case makes It unnec
essary to point out the moral that a
minister cannot afford In the country
to which he Is accredited to make per
sonal Investments, etc.
Twenty-eight Killed In Train Wreck.
Baltimore, Juue 19 The death roll
of Saturday night's wreck on the
Western Maryland railroad now foots
up twenty-eight and this number Is
likely to be increased from among the
list of those grievously mangiuu. n
the dead were employes of the rail
road, returning to their homes in the
small towns along the railroad to
spend Sunday. The train, which was
No. 5, passenger westbound, carried a
large number of passengers, all the
coaches being filled, mo exini iruiKi".
made up of heavy coal and provision
cars, was running east. It should
bave taken a siding to allow No. 5 to
pass. Such were the orders. Why
they wero disregarded will never be
known, for those who should have
seen they wero obeyed are dead.
Secretary Hay at His Desk.
Washington, Jnne 21. Secretary
vinv who returned to Washington
nfter a prolonged absence abroad, was
nt hlB desk in the state department.
The secretary attended to a large
amount of correspondence which had
accumulated during his absence. He
expects to leave In a short time foi
his New Hampshire home.
Sheriff Slays Ex-Sheriff.
Cameron, Tex., June 21. Sheriff
Todd shot and killed ex-Sheriff Giles
Everett. The shooting wu the out
growth of a political feud.
South Omaha Live Stock.
...i. fiMinim. .lime i!0.-CilttlP-KeeelntH,
noon- Mow. KXfllT.c Idwit; nutlve HteiTH,
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International Textbook Go., Proprietors,
I,.,U.,k.JII V"
1st Giving a Display at Gotting's Drag Store
. i
fit .T.
n 1- '
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bar his path to success.
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Vt t
.-vr-' Bsirji
Red CLOUD,nNiiii.,?JuNE 20, 1905.
t jwu, t iWo fnnnom. T Vinir. Vin QtnrUJncr with the I nternationalSJCorresoondenc Schools for
... J. U vv liuill u iiicijr Vum.v.111. - v-w.. uwv.w.j ...D - . .
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the schols to be exactly as represented. To any of our young people wishing to learn a profession, 1 can
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KnVcowh nn.l h.irur. W.W4W.MI;
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i-IllWB. $.t.H)Qll.O"; imilN, MUKr-, i-i.- --... u.
V-S noc: HiwIPt". 12.0H0; He Uiwit;
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WB3 g-t-WM.! IPfilnli ill
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