The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 24, 1905, Image 5

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Don't Spend Money Uselessly
I can give you more goods for your money than you
have been getting elsewhere.
"Dont Speno PlOW,
I haven't the space here
and see me. 1 will save you
James Peterson
Charley Fort is in town.
Hay anil teed at Plumb's.
Plumb has Red Cloud Hour.
O. C. Teel is home from Chicago.
Try that calf meal at Caldwell's.
Mr. J. D. Crans is on the sick li&t.
Go to Fred Pitimb's for Hour or feed.
Mrs. Jerry Ornduff is reported quite
Dr. E. A. Thomas, dentist, Damoroll
D wight Wilson was up fiom Superior
Otto Pope was in town the fust of
the week.
The convention at Blue Hill, April
27 and 28.
Oliver Wright was down from Blad
en Satuaday.
Fred Taylor of Uiverton was in Rdd
Cloud Sunday.
C. L. Cottinglreturned from Chicago
Tuesday evening.
The county commissioners aro in
session this week.
W. It. Reed was up from from Blue
Springs this week.
Mrs. J. A.Tulleys returned to Napo
nee Saturday evening.
Face massage and ladies' shampoo,
at Hayes' barber shop.
.Judge Koeney made a trip to Oxford
and McCook Thursday.
New line of handbags and side
combs. F. Nkwhousk.
Attorney W. K. Mitchell was over
from Mankato this week.
Stewart, the Marvelous, ut the opera
house next Friday night.
Insurance Agency
The German
Insurance Co.
of Freoport, III., and the
Farmers' Mutual
Insurance Co.
of Nebraska
have over nine hun
dred policies in force
in Webster County.
Look up your policy
and see me.
Phono 98.
Red Cloud.
REMIND YOU . . . .
8 lbs. Nails,
Western Washer,
5 gal. Cream Can,
A 16-Inch Sulky
to tell you all, but come in
The framo part of tho Royal
was reshingled this weok.
Take- your poultry and hides to
Plumb, Top prices paid.
Mrs. John MeCuno will visit her par
ents in Kearney next week.
Jill Ucnuchamp and wifo aro the
proud parents of a baby girl.
Miss Helen Wright of Hebron is the
guest of the Misses McMillan.
Girl wanted at the Windsor hotel.
Good wages paid. E. Wklscii.
It. B Kummer has laid a cement
walk in front of his mill building.
Postmaster and Mrs. Hacker return
oJ from Lincoln Monday evening.
The public schools will bo closed all
next week for tho spring vacation.
Charley Piatt has put in tho water
connections for his cement works.
Garrctsou, tho Musical Wonder, at
tho opera house next Friday night.
Mrs. H. W. Koch man returned to her
homo in Denver Monday morning.
Feis & Sears have placed a now meat
chopper and ice box in their market.
Tho dining room of tho Holland
Houso is being repainted and papered.
Jako Nustcin is hero from St. Joe,
shaking hunds with his many friends.
L. Robbing has purchased a half in
terest in Ed. McAllister's mar bio works.
Presiding Elder Pearson will conduct
servics at the M. E. church next Sun
day. Plumb.tho feed man will pay you tho
highest prico for poultry, eggs and
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones of Inavalo
spent Sunday at tho homo of E. B.
Fred Hedge is home from Grand
Island, w. oro ho has beon attending
Miss Myra GriiFoth assisted in tho
postolllco during Postmaster Hacker's
John GrilTeth has purchas'ed the
Mayor Boss property in tho north ind
of town.
County Attornoy A. M. Waltors
came down from Blue Hill tho first of
tho week.
J. O. Caldwell has had his oillce
building painted. Frank Hndloy did
the work.
N. J. Thomas camo in from Wray,
Col., Thursday, and went to Cowles
for a visit.
Stewart & Garrotson, magician and
musician, at the opera houso next Fri
day night.
W. A. Kent returned from Kansas
City Wednesday, where ho bad been
with stock.
William Reeves, proprietor of the
Guide Rock houso, was -in Rod Cloud
E U. Overman was in Lincoln this
weok on business In conneotion with
tho Barker case.
George Hollistor will movo intoSher
MT MoArthur'a proporty in tho north
east part of town.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Svlvestor Frisblo aro
tho parents of a baby boy, which ar
rived last Friday.
James Peterson is laying a now walk
in front of his implement warehouse
nnd hardware storo.
High class in.'igio and musical novel
ties next Friday night at tho opera
houso. Don't miss it.
Tho pupils of tho kiudergaiten had
a vacation Monday, being ".smoked"
out by a defective Hue.
Mrs. A J. Hayes was up from Guide
Rock Weill oMlay evening to attend
the K-istorn Star mnoting.
Wanted dish washer at Bon Ton
bakery ?."5 GO per week. Board and
room. W. S. Bknsi:, Prop.
Claude Shaw came up from Superior
Wednesday in the interests of Guthrie
Bros., the Supetior millets.
Miss Georgia Gard depart ml for Be
loit, Kansas, Tuesday morning, for an
extended visit with relatives.
John Amack camo in from Ansoluio,
Neb., last night for a visit with his
brother Ed and other relatives.
Foil Sai.k Harness shop; good busi
ness. Address Look Box !!, Hirvard,
Neb. mob "I.
Don't forgot to insure your pioperty
against lire, lightning and cyclones
with L. H. Fort, agent, Dainerell block.
Ai.kai.ka Skkd I have somo nice
seed. Write for prico and sample.
D. W. Ghant, Almonii, Kan. inch 31.
Services at tho Baptist church Sun
day morning at HMO o'clock led by one
of tho i. M. C. A. workers from
J. P. Bailey, state secretary of tho
Y. M. C. A., will occupy tho pulpit of
the C ingregational church next Sun
day morning.
Roadmaster Heigstead has moved
into one of tho new dwellings erected
last summer by L. P. Albright, on west
Fouith avenue.
Tom Hatlield was hero from Concord
ia, Kansas, this week. He expects to
movo back to Red Cloud somo time in
the near future.
Miss Cora Tulloys passed through
Red Cloud Monday evening enroll to
from Lincoln to Naponee, whoro she
will visit her mother.
K. II. Nowliouso will next week
movo into his Seward avenue rosi-
The fence that stands the
test of time.
It can be stretched up
hill and down, does not bag
nor sag, and stands the ex
pansion of heat and cold.
The wires are hard
enough to stand the stretch
and soft enough to bend, to
American Hog Fencing
Is Cheaper
Than Ever
and we want especially to
call your attention to the
fact that
We are tho EXCLUSIVE
Agents of American Fence
In Red Cloud and vicinity.
Hardware Co.
"Honest Injun," we want to
ask you a question.
It's this:
If the price tags were not
on the Suits in our windows,
would you not think they
cost more than they do?
We frequently put price
tags on the clothes we dis
play for no other reason
than to prevent people from
thinking that the price is
Jiigher than it is.
i Our Kind
have a habit of looking
really are.
We are confident that we have just the Spring Suit
you'll like, and we'll be pleased to show it to you any day
you are ready to look at it.
$S, $io, $12 up to $2., and satisfaction all along,
the line.
Cowden-Kaley Clothing Go.,
First Door North of Postofflce, Red Cloud, Neb.
donco, which Colonel Winfrey vacates
to movo into his new homo.
Homer B Clommons of tho Nation
force leaves toil ay for a visit with his
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Ambler, at Wmy, Colorado.
Tho McClelland building, formerly
occupied bj Chis Bushee, is being torn
down to make way for a now building.
George Ulauson is doing the work.
There will to a coursing moot at
Smith Center April 4 and 0. Al Aultss
will take his hounds ovar and enter
them iu tho hope of capturing a prize.
C. L. Winfrey has purchased tho res
idence proporty owned by Mrs. Decker,
mi Fourth avenue between Cedar and
Sowaid streets, and will soon move in
to it.
Klias Goble has moved from his
place just woht of towu to tho Moon
ranch, on Indian creek. Geoigo Pope
has moved onto tho place just vacated
by Mr. Goble.
Ralph K Johnson of Lincoln, Nob.'
supreme organi.ur of tho Modorn
Woodmen of America, addressed a
small but enthusiastic audience at the
Woodman hull Tuoiday evening.
It win bring rich red blood, firm tlesh
and muscle. That's what Hollistor's
Rocky Mountain Tea will do. Takon
tl is mouth will keep you well all sum
mer. H." cents, tea or tablet. C. L.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Bohanan came
down from Lincoln Saturday, bringing
with llirui Vaughn Smith, who has
been taking treatment for a closed tear
duct. It is though the treatment will
bo entirely successful.
If taken this month, keeps you well
all summer. It makes the little ones
eat, sleep and grow. A spring tonic
for tho whole family. Hollistor's
oRcky Moui.tain Tea. JJ5 cents' Tea or
Tablets. C. L. Cotting.
Tho ladies of tho Congregational
church gavo a carpet rag social at the
homo of Mrs. Clin" Popo Monday even
ing. "Bud" Medina won tho gentle
men's prize and Miss Popo tho ladies'
prize for sowing the most rags.
Mrs. P. M. Barlow returned from
Lincoln tho first of the week, where
she submitted to an operation for the
removal of a tumor from her side.
The operation was entirely successful
and Mrs. Barlow is rapidly recovering.
AlSlaby bought'a new jacket Thurs
day and after wearing it around tho
barn for awhile hung it up. Whon he
again wont to don the jacket it was
gone, together with 80 or 90 cents in
change which ho had left in one of the
If you cannot oat, sleep or work, fool
moan, cross and ugly, take Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea this month. A
tonic for tho sick. Thero is no remedy
equal to it. 35 cents, tea or tablet.
C. L. Cotting
Rav. E. L. Hutchius has resigned tho
pastorate of the M, K. church, and on
Wednesday ho and O. B. Crone shipped
thoir household goods to Baldwin, Kan.
Mis Croue and Edna leavo today for
coiiuit iiwir
T) twn w urruiutl,
of Clothes
more expensive than they
their new home, and Mrs. Hutchius
and children will also soon join Mr.
Passion weok Roryicos will bo hold
iu tho Congregational church on each
evening of tho weok preceding Easter.
This is a week becoming more promi
nent as a week of devotion in tho
churches. Suimon themos pertaining
to tho last days of Christ's ministry
will bo presented by tho pastor. .
L. M. Crabill this weok received
word that a 5-yoar-old nophow of his
living at Winchester, Va., had beon
bitten sevon times by a mad dog. Sov
oral other persons were also bitten by
the dog. Mr. Crabill's nophow and two
other children were takon to the Pas
tour Institute at Baltimore, Md., for
At tho, mass mooting Saturday night
the following ticket was nominated:
For mayor, C. T. Dickenson , treasur
er, J. O. Butler; clerk, Bon McFarland;
alderman, tirst ward, Henry Dioderich;
second ward, Win. Sullivan; polico
judge, Joseph Gather; board of educa
tion, Prod Turnuro, J. A. McArthur,
J. O. Caldwell.
Wednesday night one of Al Slaby's
livery horses fell into tho ditch in front
of Piatt's cement works and it took a
dozen men almost half an hour to get
him out. The ditch was dug for tho
purposo of laying the water mains from .
Webster street to tho cement works,
and tho contractor failed to placo a
light over the hole as is usual iu such
Next Sunday is ''Young Men's" Sun
day. All tho pastors will deliver spec
ial sermons in the morning. In the
afternoon there will bo a mass meeting
tor men only at tho opera house. In
the evening thoro will be a mass meet
ing for everybody at tho opera houso,
with addresses by Young Men's Christ
Ian Association workers from Hastings
and Umaha.
To the Public
Having purchased Curs.
Wndell's meat market, wo
extend to you a hearty iu
vitation visit us and become
better acquainted and ulso,
when looking for good first
class meat, we ask you to
give us a trial.
Wo are satisfied wo can
wo can please you. J ,
Yours for business,
1 r pM"WKT
. . ,n