The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 18, 1905, Image 1

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    flRvnw 3i
I Subscription
& $1 a Year
1 in Advance
Eight Pages
Home Print
Miner Bros, i Miner Bros. 5
Advance Showing
New Spring Goods
"Magnificent showing new goods, lowest prices,"
and many such phrases are always heard at the be
ginning of the season. We might add, "Never
before have we been so well prepared." We take it
for granted that the buying public of Red Cloud ex
pect us to be better prepared with each succeeding
season, evidenced by something more than mere
words. We cordially invite an inspection.
Thoro'll bo very littlo
homo sowing on Muslin
Underwear in Red Cloud
if you appreciate our as
sortment as wo do And
thoro is littlo occasion for
homo sowing, too. When
it was a choice of buying
poorly mado, sweat-shop
goods, or making thorn yoursolvcs, perhaps tho homo wok was tho
cheapust; anyway, tho safest and host. In buying PEERLESS
goods you tako no risk nothing is loft to chance. These Undor
muslius are crisp from tho hands of woll paid workorr whoso busi
ness hours aro spout in America's brightest and cleauest factories.
All goods cut full and in good, gouorous sizes.
Now Effects In Ginghams for Spring 1905.
75 patterns Toilo do Nord Ginghams just placed on sale. Stripes,
Checks, broken Checks Fancies, a groir range of patterns For
Sh it Waist Suits, Waists, Dresses, Men's Shirts, Boys' Waists. 12c.
Corset Covers, tSc to SI. 7 5
Night Robes, SOc to 92.25
Skirts, St.OOto $3.75
Drawers, 25c to SI -75
Tho now Embroideries aro now ready
and comprio tho daintiest originations
wo havo evor shown.
Wo havo gathered them with lavish
hand, yet with a discriminating eyo as to
their usefulness and prico worth.
Kmbroidory dainties from
3C to $125
Commissioners Proceedings
Mod Cloud, Nob., Fob. 9, 1905.
Board of county commissioners mot
pursuant to adjournment, all mombors
6n motion, Dr. Sticrs' claim for 818
wis reducod to 810.
On motion tho road potition of
Vanco B. McCall et al was laid over
nntil next mooting.
On motion tho oliloial bonds of tho
following named ofllcors wero approv
ed: B. E. Fogg, OHBD No. 11; J. A.
Rood, O H R D No. 4
On motion board adjourned to moot
Friday morning, February 10, 1905, at
fl o'clock.
February 10, 1905.
Board mot pursuant to adjourn
ment, members all prosent.
f Motlou mado and socondod that tho
ounty olork bo and is hereby author
ised to instruct tho Nobraska Institute
of Fooblo Miudod, at Beatrice, Nob ,
to refund tho balauco of account,
39,G0, hold in favor of Wobstor coun
ty to G. R. McCrary, county treasurer
of said Wobstor county. Motion car
ried. In tho matter of tho application to
havo tho south half of tho southwest
quarter of section 14, town 1, rango 9,
Wobstor county, Nobraska, appralsod
i fo Hialo. tho chairman of tho board ap
pointed tho following uamod ooinmis-,
slonors, W. Riohard, F. II. Gorlach and ,
W R Andorson, as a committee to ap
praise said abovo described laud for
purposo of sale.
Motion mado and socondod that tho
following named persons bo and aro
hereby appointed road ovorsoors for
their rospoctivo districts, as follows:
William MoCord, O II R D No .11; S.
Boom, O H R D No 15; .1. Goll, O II R
D No 50; J. Hubacek, O II R D No 40;
R. Stout, O H R D No 89. Motion car
rlod. On motion, ofllcial bond of A W.
Brown as OH R D No 27 was up.
Motlou mado and seconded to ap.
point Sam Shirloy justico of tho poaoo
for Stillwater precinct. Motion car
ried. Motion mado and seconded that Joo
Fogol let tho contract for repairing tho
railing on tho bridgo across Republi
can river south of Rod Cloud, by using
the old stufr, 1x12 plank, for bottom
railing, placed 8 inches abovo lloor of
bridge, and procuring now material as
follows: Galvanized iron plpo 1J
inches in diameter for second ralliug,
placed 80 inohos abovo floor, aud a 2.G
plank capped with a 2x0 plank for
third railing, placed 42 inches abovo
tho lloor, making a railing about 48
inches in height; to uso a sulliciont
number of posts placed about 8 foot
apart for supports to said railing, and
to uso clamps and bolts to fasten said
railing to said posts. Motion carried.
Moved aud seconded that $80 bo and
is hereby appropriated to pay trans
portation expenses of county suporin
toudont to attend tho meeting of tho
National Educational association hold
at Milwaukee February 28, March 1
and 2, 1005, and that tho county clerk
is hereby instructed and authorized to
draw a warrant on tho general fund
forthosamo. Motion carried.
Motion made and seconded that tho
county treasurer bo aud is horoby. au
thorized to transfer $81(52 from gen
oral fund to insane fund. Motion oar
riod. Wo, tho committoo appointed to
audit tho books of tho county clerk,
clerk of the district court, county su-
porintondont, county judge andshoriir,
Hud tho books to correspond with their
II. G. Sawyer,
W. R. Ani:rson,
Commit too.
On motion, tho abovo and foregoing
report was accepted and approved.
To tho Honorablo Hoard of County
Commissioners: Wo, your committee
appointed to audit the books and ac
counts of tho county treasurer, Hud
upon a thorough examination of said
books and accounts, that thoy corre
spond with tho roport as fllod by tho
county treasurer.
F II. Gkrlacii,
W. Riciiakd,
Jon Foam,,
l ommittcc.
Ou motion, tho abovo and foregoing
report was accepted and approved.
Tho reports as filed by tho several
ofllcors and audited and approved by
tho several committees, aro as follows;
Semi-annual report of tho instituto
fund for tho half year closing January
1G, 1905:
Amount on linud Jul) 1, 11) 1 $ 81 35
Instltut. feeH uioo
Appropriation by county board. . 75 00
Itccclvcd from examination fren 01 iU .'ill M
Infitltute cxpeiine. 2.t; (O
Pnld Junior normal fees 6 (0 232 00
lliilimce on timid January 1C, 1005 H'i K
I hereby certify that tho foregoing
roport is correct
Eliza hetii Marker,
County Superintendent.
vApproved February 8.
11. G. Sawyer,
W. R. Anderson,
sheriff's report.
Report of J. A. McArthur, shoriff of
Wobstor county, for term ending De
cember 81, 1904:
Keen earned tl mouth cndliiK December
31. 1114 ...v 170 88
Mileage ciirned 0 months ending Decern
eembtr III 10 1 U0 R0
KccN and mlleiigu unco lectcd Juno 30,
1001 150 35
Feesc Heeled during term cud
iiiK Decomber 31. 10)1 J525 63
Mileage collected during term
ending December 31, 11M 121 ft.-,
I'tos and mileage uncalled for
December Bl, 1004 00 74
Tho following is ho annual report
of tho superintendent of tho poor
I submit M10 following annual report
for thoy. ar 1901:
Total rcrelplN for the year 1001, 111 per
report on Hie fillU 74
Total expenillinrcH for tho jear 1001, iih
per report on (lie 21.10 00
HhIiiiicc on lintnl, en per raporl on file, f I 74
(Then follows tho semi annual state
ment of tho county treasurer, its pub
lished two weeks ago )
Ou motion tho bond of tho Omaha
Printing Co. was approved
On motion tho following claims wore
allowed and tho clerk ord rod to draw
warrants on their respective funds In
payment of same:
(1ENERAI. nisi).
Dr A I. Sticrs. for inidlial attendance and
medicine. $18, reduced to f 10 00
John KoMcr Janitor work 18 (10
l)r Henry Cook. pro regional nervlco and
dlHlnfectant for smallpox 30 05
I. U Tall, printing legal in ticca and olll-
cer' Hiippllot n 7h
Chief I'nli Co. printing lgul blanks and
pnlillnhlng trcaHiiroT'a Mahmeiit 23 Ufi
Ell abelli Marker, olllec expenHiM 3.1 00
Statu .hutiihl Co. MipplleH for clerk iIIn-
t trlct court tn C)
A I! Kceticy. court fccMUid otllcoexpeiiM'H It 75
KIi7iiIihi Marker, fur Institute fund 75 00
A II Itltehey. offlec xponpL' 'JOO
Henry Harm, onal for poor Ill 3D
Oeo W llinclilon, olllco cxpciiH'j .. 1 PT
W S Ash by. printing olllce supplies for
clerk dlstrlctcouit 111. d count) treasurer 111 IX)
CIiiih Murphy, rcpHlilngtjpcwrlter for ok .'too
J A McArthur sherlfT fees, etc it) 00
J () Caidwill. coal futnlOied poor iil 'St
A II Ki ei. cy. court fees and recording of
flclsl bonds 0 Wl
II O Suwy r, cominlssloncr services 10 50
V II (Jcrlach, commissioner scrvlcca 10 70
Joo Fovel, commissioner hotvIccn at jy,
V It Anderson. cuiiuiiIh loner services !U 85
W Klelmrd. comiilssioicr services Hi U)
A J Ouy, labor 011 bildgo.... 15 f0
J O llutlcr, brld 0 hardware 1 M
C A Waldo, bridge hardware BO
W A Focloy, repairing roml tools 0 00
No further business appearing bo
foro tho board, minutes wero road and
On 11 otion, board adjourned to moot
March 20. 1905.
174" 03 707 03
Rospectfully submitted.
J. A. McArthur, ShorifT.
To tho Honorablo Board of County
Commissioners of Webster County:
Gentlemen I herewith submit my an
nual roport for tho year 1901.
January 1, amount on hand. ..... 31 55
First quarter fees 516 15
Second quarter foes ... 370 40
Third quarter ftes 303 25
Fourth quarter fees 320 85
Making tax list 600 00
Clerk county commissioners 300 00
Amount due, mo on Jan. 1, 1005... Hie 65
Clerk'H salary for the year.......... 1500 00
Deputes salary for the year 700 00
Extra help for tho year 265 00
AEsetsors' hooks.- pjo 00
Ofllco expenses for the year 1804 111 St
$2670 85 12070 85
I, E. S Garbor, county clerk of Web
ster county, Nebraska, do hereby cer
tify that tho abovo is a truo statement
of fees received aud disbursements
thoroof for tho year 1904, ending Do
cembor 81, 1001.
Wituess my hand and seal of my
olUeo at Rod Cloud, Nobraska.
E. S, Garher, County Clerk.
Approved February 8, 1905.
II. G. Sawyer,
W. R. Anderson,
Plumb tho feed man will pay you tho
highest piit-o for poultry, eggs and
Kansas Cltv Market.
Spt-fhil to l iik CiMKF.
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 11 Tho ship
pers who havo been able to got their
cattle 011 tho market yesterday and to
day havo been ropald partly In tho ad
vanco in prico from last week, for thoir
previous discouragements this soason,
bad weather and failure of cattlo mar
ket to ad vanco this mouth aud last as
expected. Railroads aro getting in
shape again, howovor, and tho cattlo
run today is 7,(XK) head, almost normal
for Wednesday. Run at all points yes
terday and latter part of last week was
insignilleanr, aud prices jumped up 1.1
to 25 cents ou all kinds of killing cat
tlo. Market hold nearly steady today,
closing easior. Cows aud helfors mado
thoir expected gain last weok aud aro
higher this weok, strong today, but
havo now reached a point whoro fur
ther gains will mako their position
unsafe, and subject to broaks.
Tilth tttiwllii.ti til......, !...- .........
. . ..u nvtiiiiiii I'lllll! OIUU-IO llllll. wure
'soiling last wook at 8125 now bring
81 15 to I 50, aud light runs lately have
not included very many droves of
steors good enough to bring 5. Best
helfors lately havo sold at 81 40. hoavy
cows $1 15, bulk of tho sho stuir 88 25
to 8 75, and market, is about 25 cents
j higher than a weok ago. Connors soil
at l 75 to 2 50, fat bulls 18 25 to 3 75,
j veals up to $7. Tho stockor and feodor
trado has boon quiet for several weeks
without much change in prices. 8om
heavy steors wero taken to feed lota
lately, 1200 to 1810 pounds, at $1 50 to
4 75, for a short fend, but salos of
stoekors and feedors run along at it
t to 4 15, somoliiuos a littlo higher.
Stock cows and heifers bring 82 to $3,
stock steer calves 88 21 to 4 25, heifer
50 to 75c lower thuti steors.
Tho hog market took a big drop last
wook, but it has climbed back up, and.
top both yesterday and today is $5 12.
Pigs soil at $1 20 to 4 80, modium light
hogs on up to 81 85. host under 200 Iba.
1 15. Bad weather has atfectod hog ship
ments moro than cattlo, aud big rutin
aro oxpectod aftor tho presOnt stato of
tho weather breaks up, and lowor
prices can also bo looked for when the
(Continued on Last Pago.)
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Baking Powder
Used in Millions of Homes.
40 Years the Standard. A
Pure Cream of Tartar Pow
der. Superior to every other
known. Makes finest cake
and pastry, light, flaky bis
cuit, delicious griddle cakes
palatable and wholesome.
4 p
Price Bakinq
Powder Co
Note. Avoidbakingnowdersmatlofrom
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cake, but alum
isa poison and no one can cat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
. M
uatt-tMifwirgtraf '" wwwwmmwtoi
St i' -itfmWmlB& YikJiftfMiW JR3Ui4X.' m
. - ni-).'i.a4.i .T ii t. ar - t 1 -- ,tm. Mijiais . .v,
( a. MM. I "II