The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 10, 1905, Image 1

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Home Print
3i a Year
in Advance
NUMltEll G
Miner Bros. 5 Miner Bros.
Advance Showing
New Spring Goods
"Magnificent showing new goods, lowest prices,"
and many such phrases are always heard at the be
ginning of the season. We might add, "Never
before have we been so well prepared." We take it
for granted that the buying public of Red Cloud ex
pect us to be better prepared with each succeeding
season, evidenced by something more than mere
words. We cordially invite an inspection.
o'& iflte
BE&HHIIflHlHiKxcxftIi3N Vi.uB
There'll bo very littlo
home hewing on Muslin
Underwear in Red Cloud
if you appreciate our as-
k, iwllygU$p -Jk m sorttnont as we do And
BWinWlWw'n'g''lgy there is littlo occasion for
WTSawwE-t'Vy homo sewing, too. When
cj&& " -r-JSf! .j. wag a cj,0ie0 0f buying
poorly mado, sweat-shop
goods, or making thorn yourselves, perhaps the homo wok was tho
cheapest; anyway, tho safest and best. In buying PEERLESS
Roods you take no risk nothing is loft to chanco. Those Under
muslinsaro crisp from tho hands of well paid workerr whoso busi
ness hours aro spont in America's brightest and cleanest factories.
All goods cut full and in good, generous sixes.
Now Effects In Ginghams for Spring 1908.
75 patterns Toilo do Nord Ginghams just placod ou sale. Stripes
Checks, broken Checks Fancies, a grea' rango of patterns For
Sh.rt Waist. Suits, Waists. Dresses, Men's Shirts, Boys' Waists. 12c.
s Interesting Items Gnthered
by Our County Reporters
MNs Pirkins vsilud in Campbell
over Sunday.
Finer Cox and wife aro visiting at
Sholtoti this 'veek.
Ht-v. Wilson In gun revival mooliugs
at Five Star this week.
Mr. Norris purchased tho Henderson
property and has m ved in.
Mrs H. C. Chevalier of Campbell
was in this city Wednesday.
Joe Chevalier and Mr. La I'orte of
C.impbell were in town Tuesday.
Mr. Henderson and family havo
moved out on their farm north of town.
Miss Frances Householder was a
passenger for Doweeso Monday morn
ing. Mrs Serls of Blue Hill came over
Saturday to make her son William a
Webster Wooddde, who was kicked
by a horse two weeks ago, is able to bo
up again.
Len Cnlley etimo up from Lawrence
Monday and expects to stay 'in Bladen
for awhile.
Herb MeC7 dtove down to Cowles
Tuesday and was accompanied homo
by his brother Bert.
dinigliler IV iir I took dinner at A. It
Saladen's Sutidiy.
The Union society met with Mrs. S.
Miller Saturdity.
Mr Frink hetiRht two cows at Oscar
Kniiek's mi In Saturdny.
lacnli ivlinger and wife took dinner
at J W Snliidt'nVJ'huisdny.
On TueHlay the big rabbit hunt was
held and quite a large crowd was out.
Homer iind Hue Boner were called
to Kiiiisas by the serious illness of their
The Pleasant hill school is enj ying
a vacation this not It on account of the
bud weather.
Oila Cnckrall is building a sleigh.
It's '(bunt limn for overjhoity to have
one, for ii lookuliko it is going tosnow.
Corset Covers, ISc to SI. 75
Night Robes, SOc to S2.23
Skirts, Sl.OOto S3. 75
Drawers, 25c to S175
Tho now Embroideries aro now ready
and comprise tho daintiest originations
wo havo over shown.
Wo have gathered them with lavish
hand, yet with a discriminating eye as to
their usefulness and prico worth.
Fiinbroidery dainties from
3c to $1.25
(hMlU K?P3 i:)n
Kansas Cltv Market.
Speciul to Tub Chikk.
Kansas City. Mo., Fob. 7 The bad
weather which holds on so stoadily
has mado it hard to got'stuff in form
tho country, poor railroad service add
ing to tho discomforts of tho shipper,
but tho packors havo also been nlleot
ed, as they havo trouble in moving
thoir refrigerator cars, and in getting
them back. For this reason tho mod
erate cattle receipts wo havo boon hav
ing havo not met as strong a demand
as might bo expected. However, good
cattlo havo sold steady to strong all
tho timo for several weoks now.
Cattlo receipts both yesterday and
today havo been light. Pricos advanc
ed f to 10 cents on nearly ovorything
) yesterday, market is steady today.
Dressod boef aud export steors sell at
$5 23 to fi 70, for tho best, fair to good
ones $i 50 to fi 00, common and rough
f.1 75 to 1 23. Top today is $5 70 Sho
stuff after several breaks, and partial
recoveries lately, soils at 82 7fi to 3 23
for fairly good stuff, good to choico,
3 50 to 4 00 Veals havo not changed
in prico for sovoral weoks, at 83 00 to
(J fiO, bulls ?2 00 to 3 73. Stooki rs and
feokors havo roiuained cpiito for somo
time, and sell at 83 00 to 1 00 for
nearly everything, an occasional bunch
ybotwoon 81 00 and 4 23, and a few
1 droves of nearly (inishod cattlo up to
$4 CO and 1 73. Stock cows and heif
ers $1 7fi to 2 73, stock calves 82 7fi to
4 23 Ganoral soutimont is still bull
ish, and when tho winter breaks, a
sharp revival in all branches of tho
cattlo trade is expected.
Hog markots fluctuate mildly, but
gradual progress is mado upward.
Gain last weok amounted to 20 cents,
and 10 cents was added yesterday, but
is being takon off today, leaving tho
top at 85 05, against 85 12J yesterday.
Local pricos aro 5 to 15 cents above
tho other markets, for mixed packing
hogs, but tho demand still holds brisk,
and is uusatisllod. Bulk of sales to
day 81 80 to 5 00. Pigs aro sharply
lower this weok, and soil around 84 00,
light hogs up to 84 85
Extromo top pricos for shoop aud
lambs woro reached today. $7 05 was
paid for fed western lambs, and prac
tically all lambs now soil nbovo $7 25.
Yearling sold at 8(5 75 today, wethers
85 05, owes 85 10. Choico ewes would
bring 85' 25 easily. Nearly all the sales
in each class woro within 50 cents of
tho top pricos, as quality averages very
good. Tho market has ovory appear
anco of flrmnoss, is activo and snappy,
but broaks would not bo surprising.
J. A. Riokaht,
Live Stock Correspondent.
All are enjojing themselves sleighing
.1. J. Fra.icr visited Ben Bonrdsleo
Too much snow for tho box supper
Friday night.
BonlUihsnn's new sled is gone, but
not forgotten.
Dave Logan is visiting his puronts at
Oberlin, Kansas.
There will bo preaching at Pleasant
Grovo next Sunday.
Frank Slaby has been on tho sick
list for tho past week.
Prof Otis Fra.ier spent Monday
night at Fted WiltwerV.
Crow Hill school is having vacation
on account of bad roads and weather.
Lou Wittwer spent tho fust of thn
week near Inavah) at the homo of his
uncle, Stroup Bothrock.
Mrs Thomas Kraliek spent tho latter
part of last week in Bed Cloud visiting
her sister, Mrs. Slaby, who is sick.
Henry Nyberg and Win. Forgny
spi)t)t;Saturday at Bed Cloud looking
after tho interests of the Dutch Flat
Telephone Co.
Snow and more to follow.
Amos (Jo st is some bettor at this
Andrew Soderlin was the guest of J.
E. F x this week
Allen Carpenter will move to Bed
CI' ud in the near future.
S C Shuck has received word
his father is not expected to live.
Allen Ctirpenter sold his fat cattlo to
Win. Kueiin the lirsl of tho weok.
C W Kaloy has sold his Penny creek
fai in to Mr. Mayuard for 812 per acre.
John Davis'has lensed his farm to
Bojd Mtiiisoil for a cash rent of 875
per year
The Duvis brothers havo leased a
half seel ion ftoni Mr. Smith in Smith
county, Kansas, near Mt. H.ipo.
N J Thomas wont to Campbell Wed
I'nisre very scarce (his week, as
miiht everybody is snowed in.
Dr Botiee, the new doctor, baa his
ofhVoin a room over tho ''Bight Place."
M. J. Tinner has recently purchased
the restauiant belonging to J K. Hut
l"r, and Arthur Colburn is now chief
On account of tho deep snow that
drifted into the roads Wednesday
night, our niral mail carrier did not go
over his route.
The Ladiis' Gjnuiasiuin club still
exists, and is ready to receive new
nit mbers any time. Begulnr meetings
are held on Wednesday evenings.
Mr. Shipman's baby was quite sick
the tirst of tho week.
B. F. Bead, wifo'and dnughter visited
with N. L. D. Smith Wednesday.
Tho rural mail his boon an uncertain
quantity during tho cold weather.
Frank Ailrs and wifo woro visiting
with N. L. .'). Smith last Wednesday.
,). V. Smith emtio down from Cowlos
last Sunday to spend tho night at homo.
Ivans Amack and family h-ivo come
hack from Idaho to lind a homo in
Mr. and Mis. Mungor and father
were the guests of N. L. D. Snii.h
The eldest daughter of John Thorn
ton is critically ill and no hopes are
entertained of her recovery.
Morton Smith, with his sister and
nieco, Miss Alios, called on James
Bitaucliamp Wednesday evening.
Tho 'phono mooting at tho school
houso in district 28 was postponed on
account of the storm and 'will bo hold
tomorrow ovoning.
Farm Loans
at 5 per cent interest, straight. No
commission or other charges. Money
reaily to pay over at once. If you
h ave land for sale, come and see mo
No chnrge if I do not get vou a buyer
Ph'H'0 write or call on C. F. Cathor,
Kid Cloud, Neb.
Items of News Found in The
Chief of Twenty Years Ago
This Week
A. A. Pope was in Omaha this weok.
C. Wiener has boon taking stock this
Win Crabill has rented tho poor
Charloy Romsberg has gono to Nov
Mrs J L Kaloy visited in Lincoln
this weok.
Kd Highland aud wife havo returned
from Denver
Morhart it Fulton havo patented
steam cooker.
John Shirey has let the contract for
a new dwelling.
S. V Ludlow is doing qulto n nice
grocery business.
D S. Helvern wont to New Orleans)
Sunday morning.
Kd Parkes has bought a now Wost
ern Cottago organ.
E. W. Miller now drives throo horses
abreast to his omnibus.
Ormsby it Dickers havo put
now safe in their office
Win (iates shipped two car loads oC
cattlo to Chicago this weok.
Briggs it ilummoll havo Mr. Do
Hart's residence under roof
Curt Evans is now prepared to fur
nish very best sand for plastering.
'I he masquorado at tho rink last
Wednesday night was a grand success.
F E. Goblo and wifo go to Now
Orleans this week no u ploasuro tour.
A. H. Kaloy is closing out his ontiro
stock of clothing at slaughter pricos.
About twenty Omaha Indians are
camped at tho river. Thoy are trap
ping. A J Moans has contracted to build
a flue new dwelling on his farm near
Fred Ilummoll sold his lots in Pat
mor's addition to Charles Bosso for
Ed Pulsiphor, formerly with Span
ogle it Funk, has takeii a position
with A. A Popo.
Stewart Albright, Mrs. Jno Garbor
and Betilah Strohm went to Pouusyl
vaina ou a vi-it
Row C. W. Springer has boon hold
ing a series of revival meetings at
Cloverton tho past few days.
Spauoglo it Son now havo thoir
branch agricultural implement houso
at McCook well established.
G. W Houghton, formerly of this
city, was married last week to Mrs.
(Continued on Pago Four.)
That Settle's It.
When a Colorado sand stono walk is
laid that settles it. Sue Ovoring Bros
& Co. for prices.
Tho Amhoy Milling Co. shipped hogs
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boner and
Absolutely Pure
q .
. -