The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 27, 1905, Image 5

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v A Hay ntnl tfcd at 11 n tub'?.
rfi" i'liiml) lias Mod Cioud Hour.
'I'ry Unit calf meal at Caldwell's.
Next Thursday is ground-hoc; day.
Go to Fred I'lutnb'.s for Hour or feed
Dr. K. A. Thomasi, dontist, Diuneroll
Dr. Gardner 'whs up from Wymoro
fc. S. Gin bur wa.s iu Guido Hock
Siturday. -
At Rood as any roil in town at J .0.
M."fe. Marsh went to Grand Island
J V. Neville was down from Camp
II Monday.
V. II. Sawyer was up from Guido
ick Tuesday.
J. 11. Largcnt 0( Guido Hock was in
town Tuesday.
O. K. Vaughn was up from Guido
Hock Monday.
J. H. Hamilton was up from Guido
Hock Tuesday.
Try Ward Have for a first class
shave or hair-cut.
Will Soiivm-r was in Oxford this
wei k on business.
C W Lindgren was dowtt from
Campbell Monday.
V. A Jay of KeMiold", Neb , was
Hid Cloud Sunday.
Will Sullivan ha, moved into the
K. Penman properly.
CouniiN-ionor ! -hard was up from
Guido Hoek Monday.
Another light snow Monday night
to aid the wheat crop.
Nod (5i imes was down from Blue
Hill the first of the week.
1). l Loonaid was down from Kivor
ton the first of the week.
Hoy Garber was down from Frank
lin Sunday and Monday.
Sam Ti tuple came up from Kansas
City the first of the week.
Tnko your poultry and hides to
Plumb. Top prices paid.
Nellie Gilliam, dutighter of Charles
Gilham, is on the .-irk list.
Distiiot Cleik Hutchison and wife
woro in Lincoln this week.
Mrs. Heck and children returned to
Superior Monday morning.
J. W. Vouderfecht of Guide Hock
was in Hcd Cloud Monday.
Try Hall's new restaurant for
fresh ojsters. Now in season.
Mrs Walsh and Miss Delia Heid were
3 in Superior the of tho week.
E. M. Douglas was dowm from
Blooniuigton the lirsl of tho weok.
Tub Ciin'r and tho Kansas City
Weekly Star ono year for a dollar.
Dr. Manspeakt't- of Juniata was tho
"itest of his son, Victor M tnspoaker.
Mrs. Frank Cow den and children
woro in Superior tho lirst of tho week.
Mr. and Mrs Charley Grout arc tho
parents of u son, bom Tuesday morn
ing. Plumb tho feed man will pay you tho
highest prico for poultry, eggs and
Bort Garber tho Guido Hock, photo
grapher, was iu town tho lirst of tho
J. L. Miner is slowly recovering from
his recont severe at tick of liright's
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ward Hayes aro tho
parents of a boy, bom Monday
C. K. Gittings of Suporior, father of
IV'iss Myrlo Gittings, was in Red Cloud
Tho Weekly State Journal and Tub
Chii:pi91. This offer not 'good after
February 1.
Attorney Chafltn mado two trip's to
' Guide Hock or. legal business tho first
of tho week.
Mr. and Mrs. Mathcny have return
ed to Hastings after a visit at tbo taomo
of Mrs. Francis. rm
Georgo V. Ducker of Lobanilf Kan.,
was .in Red Cloud Sunday tW attend
his father's funeral. "
W. 11. Athow of Chicago, ormorly
of the firm of Athow & Youn was in
Hod Cloud Saturday. T
Fred Piel and Matido Clark, both of
Hidden, woro inatriod Tnbsdtiy by
County Judge Keuney. I
Good farms for rent tiro fcry scarce
in this section and somo of ho format
rente! s will be left out.
Dr. L. H. Beck, wifo aifd children
came up from Superior tonttond tho
funoral of George D.iokor.
John. George and John u. Ohmstcdo
nl (t'Mdo H mik pivciuct woro in IIm
Clomi t le 11 I'M ot tun week.
Toin',",v U the last duv for po'tlng
Tub Cmrr anil the Weekly State Jour
tial for :i d ilbii. Pay up now.
WAN'ii.n-Luuinliy girl at tho Bon
Ton Bakery tint Kcstiutrunt Easy
place. W S Hnsai:, Prop,
I) r Cook was culled over south Wed
nesday to the homo of Frank Smith,
whoso little child was seriously ill
I. B Hampton, and wife unci son Ted
arrived Sunday from Okuomah, Okla ,
for a voir, with rolatives nnd friends.
W. E. H'fo is considering tho advisa
bility of moving to Lincoln and engag
ing in tho meat and grocery business.
Mrs Ella McLean of Donver, who is
visiting with Walter Burke and family,
is suffering from an attack of rhouma
tism F M Rittonour and family left Sun
day morning for Ohio, whoro they
oxpect to mako their homo in tho
Wo wish to call tho attentirn of
farmers to tho advertisement of tho
Beatrice Cieamery Co. in another
Walter Burkn nnd family expect to
leave the first of next week fin Obetlin
Kan , whoro they will bo in charge of
a big ranch.
Tho streot light iu front of Peterson's
hardware storo is a big improvement
for the south end of tho the business
part of town.
New'phoms: 7, Geo. W LimNcy,
resi.-ei.o-. 12, W. H. Tiber, hilliaid
hall; ICil. W. 11 Tiber, resilience; Kil,
Geo. Newborn. sc, residence.
B -ft Ducker, who now resides m
California, accompanied by Dr. L. H.
Beck, took his father's remains to
Chicago the fust of tho week.
Frank Smith, the shoo man, is still
sciiuisly ill with a complication of
stiinrieh anil bowel troubles. Will
Rife is in chaige of tho shoo store.
Charley Wolfe shipped a car of hogs
to IvitiS'is City Monday. While bring
ing them to mArkct ho had the misfor
tune to lose four of the nicest ones.
I'll bravo tho s'orms of Cnilkoot Pass,
I'll cross the plains of fr Z'Jii glass,
I'd leave my wife and cross tho se-i,
Rather than bo without Hooky Moun
tain Tea. C I j Cotting.
W. W. Hitchey of C iwles, father of
Depuf County Attorney Hitchey, re
ceived word Monday of the death of
his brother, II L Hitchey, at Littleton,
The Kansas City D.iily Times and
Star and the Sunday Star, with Tub
Ciiibk, one year for 85. A .plendid op
poitunity to secure a lirst class daily tit
a low rate.
Edgar Cowdon was operated upon
for appendicitis last Monday at a hos
pital in Chicago. At last accounts he
was getting along nicely, although suf
fering considerable pain.
Low Perry, a young man living north
of Guide Hoik, accidentally shot him
self in the foot Sunday with a 22-cali-her
riilo. Tho doctors have so far been
unable to locato tho bullet.
To tho Public. From now until March
15 1 will take your order for a $30 suit
of clothes for $22; $D pair of pants for
$0. Repairing and pressing according
ly. Adolph Hoyde, Tho Tailor. 2t3
All holders of season tickets to tho
Ij coum entertainment course aro re
quested to reserve their seats nt Cod
ing's drug store. The next entertain
will be given by the lledding Male
Quartet, Feb. 3.
Constipation and piles aro twins.
They kill peoplo inch by inch, sap life
away every day. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will positively cure you.
No cure no pay .13 cents, tea or tab
lets. C. L. Cotting.
We wish to thank our correspondents
for their work, and urgo them to bo
regular and prompt with their com
munications iu tho future. Wo need
your help in making The Ciiibk tho
best paper in tho valley.
J. II. Bailey is now ready to mnko
farm loans in Webstor, Smith and
Jewell counties at tho lowest rates and
best terms ever givou in tlieso countios.
Oytional payments with all loans.
Call on or write to him.
Tho greatest system ronovntor. Re
stores vitality, regulates tho kidneys,
liver and stomach. If Ilollistor's Rocky
Mountain Tea fails to euro, get your
money back. That's fair. 35 coins, tea
or tablets. C. L. Cotting.
Wanted YOUNG MAN from Webs-
tor county to proparo for desirablo
position in Govt. Mail Sorvice. Salary
$800. Rapid promotion to $1500.
Spliiidid opportunity. Address Box
One, Cedar Rapids, la. fob .'
Evey Ftibscriber who renews nut
subscription to Tub Ciiibk and ovary
cow subscriber who pays in advance
will bo ontltlod to the WeoUy Stato
Join mil tree nf enme I tils ullo
holds good until the tKst ol February.
The elocutionary eiiteritituuinnt. at
Duinoreir.s hall lust Tliuisday evenii g.
given by M ss Luence Mnti-on, wis
ono of ilm in uis of tho scasoiOititl l
served u much larger audience than
was iu iitteiiilnne.'. The diameter im
personations were lirsi, ela-s. Mi
Mutnon was assisted by some rf our
local talent.
Guy Emory, a young min whose
limno is in Wisconsin, unif v to has
boon working for Stump R it brock
near Inavale, was brought to Red
Cloud last Sunday, suilVring from a
severoaitick of appendicitis. Ho wns
taken to Dr. Cook's room over tho ill ug
storo, where ho was given tho atten
tion ho needed. At last accounts ho
was very much improved and hopes
aro entertained of his speedy recovery.
Ono day last w ok a man was arrest-
od for procuring liquor for another
man who was burred from getting the
stuff for himsolf at tho saloons. Th.i
case came up for hearing Monday and
tho alleged olfnider was discharged,
there being strong doubts as to wheth
er tho law provided a penalty for the
olTonsc. It, would bu almost an im
possibility to secure u conviction upon
this charge, and ollicers realize tho
James Peterson deserves tho thanks
of tho people of the south end for the
splendid street light which bo hits
plicod in fn nt of hardwaro store.
A hulf di 'Mil of such lieh's nliiced
along tho business por
tion of Webster street would add much
to tho lot ks of the town. Now that
tho work of putting down peiinanenl
walks has been gotten well under way,
the matter of adiquato street lighting
should be given attention.
A. B. Hitchey, deputy county attor
ney, went to Franklin Mjnday even
ing It seems that when tho Hud
Cloud bojs went to Franklin to play
football last fall their expenses were
guaranteed by a committee of cilr.ius
of t. tit place. The oi'ininitteo refused
to settlo tho board bill of tho Red
Cloud boys at the Commercial hotel
in that city, and now tho proprietor of
the hotol has brought suit against the
boys to recover the amount due.
That Settle's It.
When a Coloiado stiiul stone walk is
laid that settles it. See Overing Bros
& Co. for prices.
Get ve Ne
I3y trading with us for
the year 1905.
We have the largest
and most complete as
sortmentment of hard
ware in the Republican
Come in and see for
Right Goods
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Our Harness stock is
complete in every re
spect and we have the
goods to prove it.
Our New Year offer
ing is a first-class ii
Work Harness
complete with collars,
Get Right. Trade with Us
Hardware Co.
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One-third off on all our Men's
and Boys'
Heavy Weight Suits
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and Boys'
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and Boys'
Don't let the unusual Bargains we. are offering at
this great sale get away from you.
It's just the same as offering you a ten dollar bill
for $6.67.
Jump for these bargains quick think later.
Goiudefi-Kaley Glothing Go.,
One Price Clothiers,
First 6)oor North of Postoffice, ied Cloud, Neb.
Deaths and Funerals.
Jane Davidson McMillan
Mrs Juno Daivdsoti McMillan died
very suddenly Saturday morning lit
her homo in this city, ftho had orison
ns usual anil took breakfast, but mil'-
fored an attack of heart failure nnd
oxpired in u few moment's Mrs. Mc
Millan hud boon in poor health for
several years, though hor condition
was not considered dangerous.
Funoral services woro hold at tho
family homo Monday afternoon ut .'I
oVloelc,eoiidtietod by Kov I) Ij Hutdi
itiw. pastor of llio M 10 church.
Tho lied Cloud iiinlu quartet, con-;
sihting of Messrs Albright, Fulton,
Cotting utul Albright, rendered somo '
iippropriato selections. Tho leinains'
woro followed to tho cemetery by a I
large Uuuibor of sympathizing friends
Miss Juno Davidson was born at
Kntiiiiniiig, Ph., Octobor i'l, 18:i.'J, whoro
sho resided until her marriage, in 1810,
to C. M. McMillan, when sho removed
with her husband to I'arkorsbtirg,
Wi'st Virginia Tho family ciimo to
Hod Cloud in 1883, hero thoy huvo
binco rosided Mrs McMillan was 11
member of tho Methodist church,
having .joined in I'arkersburg, and was
tho mother of six chidrou, four
daughters utul two sous. Ono duught
died in West Virginia boforo tlioir re
moval to Nebraska, and her youngest
son, W. L McMillan, died in this oily
11 fow wcoks ago. Ilor husband died
about throo yours ngo. Four children
survivo hor. Thoy aro Misses Horthu
nnd Clara McMillan and Mrs. Mabel
Iludoll of this city, and Charles D.
Tho family hnvo tho heartfelt sym
pathy of tho entire community.
George Ducker
Georgo Ducker, who had boon a res
ident of this vicinity for moro than
twenty years, died Saturday evening
about C o'clock at his rooms in tho
Dontloy block, from a complication of
stomach troubles aiid old ago. Had
Mr. Ducker lived until tho Kith of
April next ho would havo been 73 years
of ugo.
Fuuoral sorvicos woro hold at tho
M. E. church, in Damoroll block, Sun
day afternoon at .'J o'clock, comducted
by Rov E. L Hutchius. Tho romaius
woro takon to Chicago for burial
Georgo Ducker was born in Burn
ham, England, April 10, 18IK). Ho
camo to America with his brothors
when a young man and located in Illi
nois For bovoral years ho held an
important position with Marshall
Fiold it Co,, but finally camo west and
ongaged In farming a fow milos south
of Hod Cloud. t Ho was a brother of
tho lato William Duckor of this city
A fow months ngo Mr. Ducker retirod
from farming and nmovod to Hod
Cloud to mako his homo. Mr. Duckor
was married four times. Two sons
survivo him, Bort Duckor of Culiforna,
who wus at his father's bedsido when
bo died ami Georgo V. Duckor of
Lebanon, Kau.
John Orniltiff
John Ornduir, aged 21 years and 4
mouths, died Saturday night at tho
honif of his mother, Mrs. .lorry Orn
duir, north of Inuvalo. Funoral ser
vices woro hold Monday aftornoon at
tho school house iu district 11, Rot.
W T. Taylor of Inuvalo preaching tho
sermon Besides his mother, one
brother and ono sister survivo him.
Deceased was a favorite among tho
young iolks of that neighborhood and
was known as a (pilot and homo loving
young man
Mildred May McAllister
Mildred May, the '2-nionths old
daiighforol Mr and Mrs Ed MoAl is
tor. died Monday morning and was
buried Tuesday afternoon. Rotr.
Davis, pastor of tho Christian church,
conducted brief services at tho house.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Takr Laxative Uromo Quinine tab'
lets. All druggists refund tho money
if it fails to euro. K. W. Grove's sigua
ourt is on each box. Uftc.
Good People !
I'm glad to be inter
viewed on the subject
of Alcoholism, its treat
ment by Rational Rem
edy any my own happy
experience as a result
of that treatment.
Consultation ftee.
Call on or write me
for for full particulars.
Rldgway Leggetti
Chas. L. Winfrey
The Auctioneer,
UED CL JUD, - - - NEB.
Will cry your sales and
guarantee satisfaction or
no pay.
I know the value of your
stock and your interest.
Stock and farm sales a
specialty. Will attend sales
on short notice, and make
the price reasonable. I pay
all telephone expenses.
against Firo, Lightning, Cy
clones and windstorms, seo
! ngont for tho Farmors Union Insur
ance Co., Lincoln, Nob., tho host in
suranco compauy In tho a) to.
- -- t --- w