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1 M IIIHO ,'".
Thoro nro also nervous disorders
that nro often termed love. A man or
11 woman gets run down, sees every
thing dnrk, hopes for nothing, alms
for nothing; then n person of the o
poslto sex approaches, sympathizes,
plays on all the overtaxed nerves
with n soothing Inlluence, which Is
studied ntnl deliberate, hut tho man
quafiB It blindly, as a BtifTerer drinks
brandy to ease pain without question
ing whether It bo Injurious or not.
We do not exnmlne the character of
the ono obtaining this power over us,
because wo are III, and our Illness con
trols us; wo seel: merely to ease the
Inward gnawing with ns little pain or
effort ns possible. Normal love tho
love of, a mentally and physically
Minnd person Is not half ho blind
as poets would have us believe. In
deed, at such a time I think the mind
Is actually critical. Characteristics
that tho world considers faults In tho
one we love may be particularly dear
to ns, they are nicks that correspond
to tho nfeks in our own nnture; but
iho individual is dissected ngnln and
again by tho unerring and ever bimy
blado of our passion. Evoiy quick
ened element in us pries and probes
to meaBiiro itself with the same ele
ment In the other; It Is the natural
mating of things of the many units
In the ono unit. This Is real love;
but tho other the other Is the cause
of nine-tenths of tho world's misery;
It Is tho creator of morbid genera
tions, the destroyer of correct deduc
tions, tho worst monnco to humanity.
Maude Uoosevelt, in l.lpplncott's
In ten years, said an English naval
expert n day or two ago, the control
of tho sea will pass from Great Brit
ain to tho United States. Uncle Sam,
It appears. Is building more battle
ships this year than John Hull.
Hence tho alarm of the English export
quoted nbovo. It Is impossible to be
lieve, however, that Ills fears nro gen
uine. Our Rrltish cousins have too
long n stnrt to be overhauled by Undo
Snm unless wo should Increase tho
number of our shipyards and spend
hundreds of millions of dollars In the
next decade turning out battle-ships
and cruisers. Tho truth Is thnt the
alarm expressed by our British cous
ins is part of their scheme to recon
cile King Edward'B subjects to heavy
taxation to maintain England's naval
supremacy. That is tho way tho Brit
on Is "bunkoed" into paying heavier
tribute to his government. Tho game
Is an old one, but tho British tax
payer has not yet seen through it.
Baltimore Sun.
Tho vacation season Is here. Ev
erybody who lnliors should tako a va
cation, hut many who seriously need
a rest of a week or more and can
well afford to pay handsomely for tho
diversion deny themselves of it year
after year. Tho man who takes a
-vacation is much moro vnluablo to his
employer than1 tho one who does not,
and tho average employer knows It to
be true. Ho who spends hla vacation
wisely returns to work greatly im
proved montnlly nnd physically and
both ho and his employer are ben
eficiaries. Keat and a chnnge of
scene work wonders. M this Is
especially truo of brain workers. If
tho brain Jb not given a rest it be
comes fagged and it soon requires n
stimulant, nnd very often tho use of
a stimulant becomes a habit nnd
wrecks tho UBor. Experienced alien
ists havo found that often when a mnn
takes to drink after years of sobriety,
or when ho turns suddenly dishonest,
he Is well along townrd positive In
sanity, tho result of fatigue. Con
stant grind has a serious effect on tho
brain, aud consequently on tho moral
Man, like tho ground, must He fal
low at Intcrvnls In ordor to be produc
tive. Tho vacation is n necessity to
persons In all vocations. It rolnvig
orates tho tired body and brain, wards
off Insanity and makes for the greater
health and strength of tho race. By
nil meanB tako a vacation.
"I can't bo second!" Tho mother n
Pittsburg who wrote this pathetic
farewell to her married son to explain
her sulcldo aBked him to forget her,
as sho "was only a crank."
"Only n crank?" No; only a wom
an, a raothor.
"You havo beeu very good to mo!"
What mother who has had such a son
and eccb him marry and replaco her
as tho doarest object of his nffectlons
with another woman hut whoso heart
achoa nt tho breaking of old ties?
Novermoro Is alio to know In tho old,
endearing wny tho hopes and aspira
tions of her boy, to share so Intimate
ly his Joys and sorrows. Her placo
has boon taken by another, nnd to
that other sho 1b only a mother-in-law,
an Incumbrance. She Is no long
er first. There Js another to bo con
sulted beforo her advlco Is asked.
There Is another whoso clnlms nro
stronger, whoso wishes, whoso feel
ings havo precedence.
'"! can't ho Bocond!" It Is an old
story as old as tho pathos of wom
an's heart, as old as tho tragedy n
life. Now York World.
Hundley Jones of Ooorglu was n sec
tion foreman In tho employ of the Son
Hoard Air line. One night last week
he was riding on a handcar nenr Ren
frees, Stewart county. On.. In the dis
charge of his dull duties. Three other
men were with him, climbing a heav
grade. Up to that moment, all four
graded together. Theie dnshed
around u curve nhead or them an ex
tra ft eight, heavily laden and rushing
down upon them, grade and steam to
gether. The other three men Jumped to
snfety. Thoy would no doubt defend
their action by quoting the old axiom
about self-preservation being the llrst
law of nature. But Jones did not de
pend upon axioms to Justify his law of
conduct; ho was the sort of mnn who
reckoned by nets. So he stayed where
he was.
It wns a time when the fraction of
n second was life. Jones saw this,
nnd saw also that to stop the train
was Impossible. Thoro was, In his
conception, only ono thing for him to
do, nnd thnt was to save the crew of
the freight at the probablo cost of his
own life. That he did. Calmly but
rapidly he stopped tho hnndenr and
threw It from the track and the train
rushed by unharmed over his dead
Jones left a widow and two llttlo
children. Some men would have
pleaded that they must remain alive,
at tho cost of the lives of others, lor
the sake of their families. But llend
ley Jones did his duty nnd left bin
wlfo and children a father's memory
of whoso end they could be proud.
"Ho only did his duty?" Is the per
formance of one's duty so common
place a thing that wo may regard It
lightly. One or tho most famous or
Hiishlnn authors once wrote a story in
tended to show how Russians die, anfl
he showed that they met death with
brute npathotlc courage.
Hendley Jones died llko an Ameri
can. Philadelphia Press.
Did the ancients smoke? It Is
strange that !,o slmplo a question hns
never been satisfactorily answered.
Herodltus mentions certain tribes thnt
became drunk from Inhaling the vnpor
of piles of burning fruit, but the only
evidences that we havo of smoking Is
found In the prehistoric pipes of wood
nnd clay that are occasionally un
earthed. But If the ancients smoked what, did
they smoke? It was certainly not to
bacco, which wo know Is a modern so
lace. Certain herbs wero Btnokod for
the euro of disease wo are Informed
by Pliny and other writers, but there
are doubts that smoking for pleasure
and conviviality wero ever Indulged In
extensively. If they had been we
should havo heard of It. Boston Her
How often In rending we run across
some such nhroso as this: "Old-fashioned
IdenB of morality." Or we hear
a person about to deliver an Im
promptu homily, say: "I may have
old-fashioned Ideas about tho sacred
ness of the marriage vow, but " Or
a mother say: "My children could
have moro money than I had when I
wns a girl, but I am going to bring
them up In tho old-fashioned way. My
girls shall know how to cook nnd do
housework If necessnry, nnd they will
make good housewives and mothers."
"Father has such old-faBhloned no
tions," said a high school boy. "Ho
has made ub nil promlso not to drink
wine or play cards until wo nro twenty-one.
And ho says It's tho boys who
havo old-rashloned pnrents who be
como tho succes8rul men."
There aro worso things man bolng
old-rnshloncd. Progress Is nil very
well, providing It progresses. But
why should wo reel it necessary to call
our IdeaB of right living old-fashioned
and to speak of them In a somi-apolo-gctlc
manner? If old-fashioned, bo
much tho better on that very account.
They hnvo tho backing of experience.
They hnvo been tried nnd tested by
our parents nnd our grandparents.
We hear of "old-fashioned polite
ness," nnd tho "gentlomnn of the old
school" who la bo raroly soon among
us. Why should thoso virtues bo
called old-fushlonod? Is It not a dis
creditable reflection upon us twentieth
century people?
A few moro old-fashioned people nro
needed In this know-it-all ago aud gen
'eratlon. Chicago Journal.
Can sclenco explain why tho cotirso
or empire lies westward? Or the fact,
as a general proposition, thoro can bo
no question. Thoro Is nothing mora
evident in human history than the
westward tendency of tho great migra
tions of mankind, as well as of tho
spirit of conquest and tho genius of
civilization, which seem to flit from
race to iico and from nation to na
tion, kindling new fires as tho old dlo
out, almost invariably toward tho
west, ns If tho sparks woro homo by
a constant wind against tho direction
of tho earth's rotation on its axis, Tho
earth turns from west to east, but
man within the historic period hns
gone round tho earth from east to
west. Garret P. Servian, In Success.
Cleansing Public Reservoirs.
Tho department ot agriculture Is ex
perimenting with a process of treating
ptiblle water supply with a solution
of copper sulphates one part in 1.
000,000 purts. The purpose of this
la to destroy certain forms of tigla
or plant growths, which so frequently
render wnter foul appearing and III
smelling, although the sauttaiy quality
or tho water Is not affected. These
giowths llourlsh best In the purest
waters, pressed through, sand HI ten,
nnd for this reason large storage ot
filtered water Is not advisable unless
the reservoirs are covered. As to the
effect upon the consumers, a person
drinking three pints of water per d:t ,
with I part to 1,000,000 parts,
would In a year consume but
seven to eight grains of sul
phate. As a mater of fact, how
ever, the treatment would not be con
tinuous. Two or three applications a
year would piobnbly autllce, aud be
sides this the sulphate would enter
Into combination with the organic lire
and would then bo precipitated. Cor
tnln of tho nlgae nro killed by solu
tions of only 1 pnrt In .1,000.000. but
It la possible that others will require
much stronger solutions. In this ease,
which remains to bo determined by
test, the reservoir mny be bhut off
from us during treatment, or there
may bo a supplementary process to
precipitate any copper sulphate re
maining In solution.
Improved Chiffonier.
There has Just been patented a chif
fonier, or dresser, of decidedly useful
construction, and the honor belongs to
an Iudlnnn citizen. Tho accompanying
cut shows tho chlfTonler, with IIh new
fenturc, which Is nothing moro nor
lesB than a wnshstand extension.
It can be seeu that tho wnshstand
slides Into the end or tho chiffonier
and closes the end shelves or compart
ments when tho stnnd Is not hi use.
Tho whole arrangement 1b particularly
The New Chiffonier.
Ingenious and forum a compact and
useful article of furniture for milady's
Electric Switching Engines.
The grent weight of storugo bat
teries, which Is to serious nn objec
tion to their uso on passenger cars
and smaller carriages. Is an advan
tago on switching locomotives, as It
gives necessary adhesion. Such a lo
comotlvo Is being tested In tho ynrds
of tho Prussian stato railways. Among
Its special merits it claims thnt. of
being always ready and that of cost
ing less than steam for Irregular ser
vice. Tho battery of 200 cells is
charged once a day from a source of
constant current nt 110 volts. Tho
total weight of tho locomotive Is D9,
000 pounds, of which 22,000 pounds Is
tho weight of tho battery and 9,500
pounds that of tho other electric ap
paratus. What Lightning Ic.
It has generally been supposed that
tho luminous material forming tho
electric spark Is made tip of minute
particles torn from tho poles of tho
discharge aud heated to a whlto heat
by It. But a Russian experimenter,
Bcraenoff, reports to tho Paris Acad
emy of Sciences tho results of experi
ments which Bhow that tho poles suf
for no such dlsmembormont, nnd that
tho heated material comes solely from
tho air or gas through which' tho
apark paases. In a lightning flash tho
ah- Ib simply heated momentarily to
Incnndescence along tho path of tho
To Measure Fall of Dew.
Accurate measurement of dew hns
always been Impossible. A now Ger
man drosometer, reported to give ex
cellent reaults, Is u sheet of specially
propared pnper soaked In a chemical
solution, nnd tho amount of dew fall
ing in a night can bo closoly estimated
from tho degree of discoloration of
this paper. Experiment has given a
8calo of discoloration. Paper of 3 do
rtTcos of sensitiveness is provided, and
,t is advlsod that two kinds bo ex
ooBOd together, In order that when the
mount of dow Ib too great for ono It
may bo Indicated by tho other.
Powerful Japanese Explosives.
Tho Japanese explosive, shlmosc, Is
said to ho moro powerful thnn dyna-
alto or gun-cotton, does not oxplodo
on percussion or by firo, nnd Is not
Injured by wotting. When exploded
Sy a charge of fulmlnfii It exerts n
cico equal In all directions, another
'vantago over dynamite.
Plan Will Ensure a Commodious and
Comfortable Structure.
A ('. Mel.- I wish to letuodel a
burn. IS by 81 teet, the Hoot of which
runs thintigh the renter ftom end to
end. The ham slundsnnilh and south
ami tin duelling house staudH about
Ifin feel south or the south end. I
wish to i uii the floor across tho limn
and to at range a cow stable lo hold
foilvtlu' cows, convenient for feeding
and clouting out.
We do not Know how fur the bents
are apnit in jour biun, nor how many
l lioin mo. mo Unit some or thnui nuiy
come directly over the mangels or
gutters behind the cuttle. II" nil adopt
the plan shown and the bents come
over any or the gutters or inuugeis,
mi that the posts would Interfere with
our stable, two posts opposite ench
i-n Rfiin
- -. - ,
I ' 1 : T' '
' 1 , t ' , V 4
j z Z
1 -1 I I "
Jo o- iJ
Ground Floor Plan of Remodeled
Stock Darn.
A. row iiil!. it, impmiKCH liolilml cattle;
c fi-nd riuiiiiH D, Imiv Mttiii : i;, gum
in1 : !'. drive Moor; (i, windows.
other can be placed on each sldo ot
the sill, and u 10 by 10 or 12 by 12
Inch timber placed on top of posts to
carry the sill.
The plan shown provides for bents
or the following lengths, commencing
nt the south end; 14. II, 20, 12 and
21 feet, making in all SI feot.
There Is :iu over-shoot or six root
on Hie south side or the driveway to
reed the llrst row or cattlo from. Tho
windows on the west side are closo to
the doors and come directly over the
gutters In order to let In light. In
cleaning out the cow stable the doors
can be made wide enough to drlvo In
from the east sldo through the stable
and out of the west side. Tho stalls
aro single stnlls for swinging racks
foi mangers, but IT swinging racks aro
not used the stalls can be converted
Into double ones ir desired. There nro
thirty-nine cows atnlls and ono box
stall; K the box stall Is not required,
three single stalls can bo made or It.
Growing Rhubarb.
P. M. At what season of tho year
la it best to plant rhubarb roots? Is It
advisable to protect the roots In win
ter. Theie aie two wnB to start a rliu
bard bed: l-'lrst, by using roots which
may ho seemed from nn established
plantation. If these are ui.ed, they
may bo planted In spring or nny tlmo
from tlu llrst of September until tho
middle or 0 tuber. I prefer the early
autumn. Tho second method Is from
seeds. Il'ihubnrb seed Is sown In well
pulverized soil In early spring, tho
seedlings will bo large enough to trans
plant In tho autumn. Or they may ho
allowed to stand over until tho follow
ing spring. When the roots or seed
lings hnvo been set out in the autumn,
It Is altogether advisable to mulch
them heavily the first winter. Rhubarb
floes well on a variety of soils, but ono
which Ib deep, lalrly heavy aud moist
Is prorernble. If you want early rhu
barb, select a warm alto.
Roomy nnd Up-to-Date Stable.
A. McT. Please publish a plan for
tho basement of u bnrn 7i! feet by 40
feet, to hnvo C or 8 stalls for horses,
Ground Floor Plan of Handy Stable.
A, lioiw Hhiblt: ii, fppit rootiiH r cat
lle htnlik': U. iiiifwiKi) hclilml cuttlo;
10, lidx MnIIh, K, loom lor c-iullo to tun
4 or r. box stalls, stalls for IS or 20
heud of cattlo tied, und u place for
8 or 10 head to run loose.
The above plan provides tor six
horse stalls, ton double cattlo stalls,
tour box stalls and a loom for young
cattlo to run looso In. Tho box stalls
hnvo doors In from outside, so that
thoy may be cleaned from these. Tho
passage behind the cattle Is nine feet
wide, allowing room ror a wagon or
cart to be backed In to draw out tho
Cost of Four-Room Cottage.
J. E. I Intend to build a t'our-ionm
cottage, with bath room and pantry.
It would have an 8 foot basement nnd
colonial loof. It would be finished In
yellow pine. Whnt would such a build
ing cost, with lumber worth ?.').r to
$40 per thousand feet? The house
would be 21 by 30 feot. It would have
three bay wlndown and fiont porch.
Your basement walls mid floor would
cost, If built of concrete, about $135
provided tho walls nru one root thick
and tho concrete Is mmpoaod of ono
part of Portland cement to seven of
clean gravel.
It Is dlfllcult lo give n close estiroato
of the cost, and amount of matorlala
in the fin in o' work of your houso un
less ono has a detail of the class of
work required In finishing. Roughly
estimating, the plastering would
amount to sixty-six dollars; lumber
and other mateilals would amount to
about, five hundred dollars uot Includ
ing work.
J ii"..- .s-.. a .:. r , r ,r: '.W.irJ
New York Girls Have Organization to
Preserve Good Looks.
A Chicago girl Is said to bo respons
ible tor the organization of several
"mutual inuHsago clubs" In New York
dtj. The tad Is having quite a vogue
there. The girl In question makes the
solemn declaration that her Idea Is
uot a business enterprise, but Is pure
ly for the purpose or aiding wrinkled
nlr.teiH to have the seams smoothed
out or their own races mid to perform
the same office tor their friends. The
energetic Chicngoan Is only 22, but Ih
precocious beyond her years. Sho has
studied the art of lovlvlfylng mori
bund cuticle by pressure or tho fin
gers, with the aid of an emollent,
since sho wns Hi years old, nnd sho
says her six years' experience has con
vinced her that a party or, say twenty
young women, can be helpful to each
othet, and Keep themselves youthful
In appearance without expense, tur
thcr than Hie cost of n lew pounds of
ten, which will provide sutllclent men
tal exhilaration for a whole yenr.
Then the rubbing process will be no
end or run.
Durham White Stevens Selected for
Hluh Position.
Dm ham White Stevens, counselor
of the Japanese legation at the capi
tal, who has been selected lo direct
tin foielgn relations ot Coiea ror Ja
pan, will depart tor Corea the latter
part or September and will take up
Ills lesldcnce in the capital or tho
country. The Japanese legation at
Washington gives out the Inl'oi unit Ion
that the selection ol Mr. Stevens wns
rally known lo the minister beforn It
wns announced from Toklo and the
selection was not made until lifter
Mr Stevens had been consulted. Mr.
Stexens has been In the service or
Durham White Stevens.
Japan for twenty-two years and bis
standing Is high, he being esteemed
as a man of attainments and sound
Start Housekeeping Late In Life.
Sixty-three yeara married and Just
commencing to keep house is tho rec
ord of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Apger, who
hnvo been admitted to the county In
llrmmy at Bowling Green, Ohio,
where, contrary to the rules of tho in
stitution, they are permitted to Jointly
occupy a largo room and Indulge in
their limited housekeeping fanclos.
Mr. Apger Is 87 years old and hid
wlfo Is 83. They boarded when first
married, nnd In the subsequent years
dwelt with their children, hut havo
outlived them nil, and at last wero
forced to become n county charge tu
securo the nttcntlon their extreme. ago
They havo a little property, how
ever, and pny toward their own sup
port, which relieves them or that feel
ing of utter dependence. Superintend
ent Frank Brandeberry of tho Infirm
ary takes pleasure In looking after
their wnnts, nnd in nil probability
they will cud their dnjs at the county
Human Beings with Tails.
A German traveler claims to havo
discovered in tho forests of Borneo a
pooplo who still wear the tall of our
prlmltlvo ancestors. Ho does not
write from hearsay; he has seen tho
tall, snys tho London. Chronicle. It
belonged to a child about hx years
old, sprung from the tribe of Pocnans.
As uobody could speak tho Poennn
tonguo tho youngster could not bo
questioned, but there wns his tail suro
enough, not very long, but flexible,
hairless, nnd about the thickness of
oiio'h little finger. Tho Pocnans nro
icportcd to bo very simple, honest
folk, with a chlld-lllie system of bar
tor. Thoy deposit in public places tho
goodB thoy wish to exchange, and n
fow- days later they And there tho
equivalents they desire. Nobody
droams of stealing. This is nlmost as
romarkahlo as tho vestige of tho an
cestral tall.
How Great Novelist Works.
"My method of work?" said Jules
Verne. "Well, until recently I In
variably roso at C md mndo n nolnt
of doing throo hours of writing before
breakfast. Tho grent bulk of my
work wns ulvays done In this time.
My stories havo really nearly all been
written when most folk nro sleenlnc.
I havo nlwayn been a wldo reader,
especially of newspapers and period
icals, and It Ib my custom whenever
a paragrnph or artlclo strikes mo to
cut It out und preserve It for future
Earl Grey Selected by King Edward
to Succeed Lord Mlnto.
King Edward has approved the ap
pointment c,( Earl Grey as govomor
general or Cnhntla, in succession lo
the em I of Allnto.
Albeit Henry George, tho fonrlli
Emi Grey, has been lord lieutenant
of Northumberland since J 890. Ho
wan born In 1801 and wns mnrrlcd In
1877. Ho owns about 17,000 ncrcH of
lauded estates.
lie In ono of tho most notable men
in tho present British poerngc, ttiirt
has made himself known to tho world
In several ronsplciioua wnyn ns n
financier, n philanthropist und an In-
dustrlal promoter. Ho wns associated
with Hie luto Cecil Rhodes In tho de
velopment of South Africa, nnil Ih ex
ecutor of the will under which tho
Rhodes scholarships are assigned. Ho
wtu administrator of Rhodesia In 1800
and 1807. At various tJmoB ho bun
been concerned In tho river tunnels
of New York, having Interests In tho
Hudson river tunnel In ItH earlier
stage and with u tunnel thnt was
planned from the city hall, Manhaltnn,
to the Klathiish aveniio station, Brook
lyn, a project that apparently linn fall
en through.
Emi Grey Is also widely known
among temperance workers at homo
and iibio.ul as tho projector of tho
scheme known us the Public Hourio
Tinst company, by which It Is pro
posed to mitigate the evils of saloons
by turning them, so far as possible,
luto decent resorts, nnd making tho
U.Y 3'P K8?Z?r GPtf'
sale or strong drink n secondary fou
luru mid without profit. Tho oarl Ih
a brother-in-law to the earl of Mlnto
whom he succeeds.
Millions of Telegrams In 1903.
It Is Just sixty years ago tilnco tho
first telegraphic, message was sent by
the Morse system from Baltimore to
Washington, mid tho, first messago by
the Atlantic siihmmine cable was dis
patched six years alterward that Is
to say, in .June, 18C0. Slnco thon tho'
use of tho telegraph has dovoloped at.
a marvelous rate, until nt the present
time a million mcHsages arc sent over
tho vorld'u lines every twenty-four
hours. According to somo returns re
cently Issued tho number of tcle
grnms dlspntched In ull countries In
100.1 reached the enormous total or
3114,848,474. As u user of tho telegraph
Great Britain heads tho list with. 92.
471,000 dispatches, aud United States
If, second with 91,31)1,000, and Franco
conies third with 48,114,151. Germany,
Russia, Austria, Belgium and Italy
follow In tho ordur named.
Russian Talked Too Much.
Just uhout. a week ago n young
RtiBsian nobleman arrived In New
York under an assumed name. Ho
wns not allowed to land. On tho way
over he became somewhat hllarloun
In the smoking room ono evening.
While In this happy frame of mlij
his discretion broke away from ItH
moorings and ho confidentially In
formed a couple of fellow passengers
that ho wus coming to thio country
to study American fortifications and
pick up what Information ho could
regarding military affairs. Ho also
told them his real name. All of
which decided tho authorities that ho
was not a deslrablo visitor, bo ho re
turned by tho samo vcasol without
having set foot on American soil.
Spending the Gould Millions.
Howard Gould has u largo fortune,
nnd doubtless It la well Invested, but
thuro Is reaBon to believe It Is not
growing very fast, for hla expendi
tures arc enormotiB. Persona living
near hla country plnco, Sands Tolnt,
speak In awful tones of tho money
that Ib being expended thoro. Tho
sea wall, they swear, cost him ?1,
000,000. Hla cowhouse, built of Btono,
cost $2BO,000, and hla chichenhouso,
also of atone, $150,000. Tho Iron fonco
around tho poultry yard cost 110 a
running foot. The Klllarney cnatlo
duplicate Ib to represent an outlay
of at lonst 1,000,000.
Distress Signals for Autolste.
A correspondent of the Jondix
Globo mnkea tho suggestion that mo
torlstB Bhould carry rockets, which
might bo firod when u breakdown oc
curred, and ho adds: "Tho local
motor car repairers, If such a custom
becomes general, are sure to estab
lish 'lookout towers,' on top of each
of which thoy can station a small boy
to report motor shipwrecks. Of courso
the rockets should bo made to throw
ort colored lights for' night time W
well m n volumo of smoke for tiny-light."
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